Targeted at Target

This happened to me just a few days ago. I am a 23 year-old female with 2 adopted daughters: Alice, age 6 amd Lisa, age 10. One night, Lisa was having a sleepover with some friends and asked if we could go to Target to get some snacks. Target was the nearest grocery store so I decided “what the heck?” I loaded the girls in the car and drove off.

It was not very late at night but there were only a few cars in the parking lot. I assumed they belonged to the employees. We walked inside and headed towards the snack aisle. We walked through Girl’s clothing so I could look at some stuff for my daughters. That’s when I noticed an older-looking man near the girl’s underpants. I thought in my head: “What the hell?” but did not say anything out loud.

We started towards the food aisles and I noticed the man was following us, staring at my younger daughter with a very disturbing ear-to-ear grin. I turned around. Trying to hide my nerves, I stammered: c–can I help you, Sir?” No response. I picked up the pace into the snack aisle. Lisa started for the smartfood popcorn since that stuff is her life.

I heard what sounded like cans falling over. I turned around and saw this creepy man staring at me and Alice. I stepped up and asked why he was following me, but he did not respond. He just kept staring at Alice with a creepy grin on his face. Alice, being a curious 6 year-old, asked: “Mommy who is that?” I timidly said: “sweety, that’s a man shopping.” The man walked away and I thought it was safe.

Lisa came back loaded down with junk food and dropped it all into my cart. I looked at what Lisa had picked out and did not notice that Alice wandered off. I noticed when I heard a child scream that she was gone. I ran towards the source of the noise and what I saw made me want to throw up. That creepy man was squeezing Alice by the arm. When he looked up and saw me, he had that “Oh crap I got caught” look and ran off. I have advice for you, NEVER leave your children unattended. Creepy man, let’s never cross paths.

Post Office Stalker

I wished to submit my own true scary story for your Scary Strangers and Creepy Stalkers request.  I unfortunately have a terminal case of “nice” thanks to the way I was raised so I do sometimes give people more patience than they need.  I’m not one to make waves unless provoked.  This has sometimes been beneficial to me and a hindrance at other times.

Where I live is a very small town so everyone knows the latest news on everyone else.  I frequently see the same people when running my errands so avoiding someone can be very difficult.

When my Dad was ill with terminal lung cancer it was my job to go to the post office and mail the bills and anything else that may need to go out.  This often meant that I would stand in line before the post office opened and mail everything out as quickly as possible.  One time while doing this this old man who liked to wear leather and clothing from the 1970’s would sometimes show up.  On occasion he would strike up a few word conversation such as asking what time it was or if the post office was open yet.  At first he only struck me as a little eccentric but otherwise harmless.

I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  From then on I would call him “Creepy Guy”.

After Dad died the clerk at the post office asked me how he was doing and I told her what had happened.  I didn’t know Creepy Guy was behind me and listening to what I was telling the clerk.  He had been waiting for the news that my Dad was dead so he could strike.

A week later I’m walking to a dentist appointment when he comes around the corner and says he needs help.  He claimed he had found a dog and needed help getting the dog into his truck.  Something in the back of my mind told me not to go near him.  I also knew the area where he had parked there weren’t any cameras and it would be very easy for him to assault or abduct me.  It also struck me odd that as there were other people around, including a few men, why didn’t he ask one of them?  Why not ask someone that he knew instead of a complete stranger?  I told him “No” and that I had a dentist appointment I was running late for.  The running late part wasn’t true but I thought it might help me with an escape.

“Oh, come on!”  He protested in a whiny and angry voice.

“I can’t, I have to go to the dentist’s office!”  I protested again.

I began to worry as he walked across the street.  I was about ready to run the risk of being rude and making a run for it when a police officer came out.  I went to the police officer and said that Creepy Guy had a dog that he needed help with getting into his truck.  I also added that I had an appointment I needed to get to.  The police officer told me to go and he’d help Creepy Guy.

I never did find out if there was a dog or not.

About a few weeks passed incident free.

My cousin was getting married and I went to the drug store to find her a nice card.  On the way back home Creepy Guy shouted, “Hey, girl!”

I turned to look and he was walking across the street and motioning me to come to him.  When I didn’t respond he beat his chest and said, “Your summer outfit makes my heart beat fast!”

I was wearing shorts that went to my knees, a loose fitting shirt, a hat, and tennis shoes.  Hardly heart pounding or even that thrilling.

I gave him an odd look before turning to leave when he shouted for me again asking something that I couldn’t make out.

“I have a boyfriend!” I lied.  I know I should have ignored him but I had hoped the idea that I somehow “belonged” to another person would stop him.

Unfortunately this didn’t as he demanded to see my hand for a ring.  After that he would not leave me alone asking if I lived alone, did I rent or own my home, if he could attend the wedding.

There was no one around to hear me if I said to leave me alone.  I decided that leaving was probably the safest option for me and announced I had to leave.  I told the police what had happened but they said unless he did something to me or threatened me there was nothing they could do.

I told people in town what had happened and used the buddy system as many times as possible when I had to go out.

If Creepy Guy saw me alone he would try to approach me and make explicit comments.  If that happened I would find a clerk or someone to go to to ask for help.

Again, all was quiet for about a month and I began to worry less about Creepy Guy.  No one had mentioned seeing him so they thought maybe he had left or died.

I do online crafts and had to ship a package to our neighbors to the North.  I was at the post office filling out the customs forms when Creepy Guy walked in and gave me the most predatory look I had ever seen on a human.  He did this sing-song “Found you!”, checked his PO box, and then came up close to me.  He tried to look over my information and asked if I was filling out a bill.

Finally I had enough!  I placed my hands over any sensitive information and screamed, “God dammit!  Leave me alone!  Stop making sexual comments at me!”

“Jesus Christ!  Jesus Christ!  You bitch!” He screamed at me, clearly enraged.  “You bitch!”  He turned to the clerk while pointing at me and continuing to scream, “She’s crazy!  She needs to be raped to teach her a lesson!  She needs to go to the funny farm, put in a straight jacket, and given pills!  She’s crazy!  Bitch!  You deserve to be raped!”

I do have an explosive temper when provoked and having a witness gave me courage.  “You can’t say any sexual comments to me anymore!”  I shouted.  “I am a human being and I deserve to be treated with respect!”

“I won’t talk to you but I hope you are raped!” He snapped.

The clerk kept her cool and told him to “stop.”

As if flipping a light switch on he immediately regained his composure and said in a perfectly calm voice, “Yeah, I need some stamps.”

He then went to talk to his friends as if nothing had happened.

We did go to the police and told them what happened but all they could do was speak to him and tell him not to behave in such a way again.

Ever since then I try to use the buddy system as much as possible.  If he sees me he’ll say “Oh, Jesus.  Crazy bitch!” if he sees me.  If there are witnesses he won’t say anything but will stop what he’s doing and glare at me.

I’ve taken to wearing a fake engagement ring to help with the idea that my “fiancée” might be around.

I also keep a note book recording anytime that I see him.  Unfortunately this is a small town so completely avoiding him is next to impossible.  All I can really do is do my errands early in the morning or late in the afternoon when I know he’s not around.

I make sure always to stay within someone’s sight and use code words with people I know so they know if I’m in danger.

I am currently saving up to leave this place.  I have taken self defense classes and have studied up what sort of things I can legally carry with me for protection.  The rules here are a bit strange but I can at least carry a big walking stick with me.

In the meantime, Creepy Guy, let’s never, ever meet again.

Shadow Thing Under the Bridge

A little backstory before I get into things, back when I was in year 10 of secondary school, our Religious Studies class got taken on a trip to the Holocaust centre, we had to go around writing down any information that might come in handy for our upcoming exams. The trip was actually very interesting, our class even got to sit with a real concentration camp survivor, listening to his story from all those years a go was certainly a very moving experience. At the end of the trip we all got to go and have a quick look in the gift shop, I decided to buy a rubber red wrist band, the kind of thing you might see people who work for charity’s giving out, they usually have the name of the charity or their website on them to help raise awareness for whatever it is they’re raising money for. Anyway this wrist band had the words ‘Genocide- never again’ written on it, I figured it’s a nice, fitting souvenir. I put it on my wrist as we walked out and that was that.

About a year and a half or so later, that red wrist band had never left my wrist, it wasn’t hugely sentimental or anything, I just never really saw the need to take it off, after all it was water proof and I just kind of forgot it was even there. The reason for me telling you about this wrist band will make sense later on.

Now at the time this event took place, it was winter, me and my friend lets call her Lucy, we were meant to be going to a theme park early on a Saturday morning, it was a trip we’d been awarded by our school for over achieving in our grades. Coaches would be transporting us there, we had to be at the school 9:00am sharp, no later, or the coaches would be leaving without us. Lucy suggested as it was pretty early in the morning and she lived closer to our school, that I stop at hers the for night so we could make our way together, I happily agreed. I brought my sleeping stuff and change of clothes to school, so we could just go straight back to hers when the day was over. Now like I said, it was winter out, it had reached below freezing temperatures, however there was no snow or anything like that forecast for the next day so we never thought the weather would be an issue for this trip. We just needed to make sure we dressed appropriately.

Well we wake up the next day and low and behold a clear 6 inches of snow had fallen during the night and it was still coming down. Needless to say our trip was cancelled. A little bummed we decided to make the best of it and have a fun snow day. We were up early enough to get a McDonald’s breakfast. The roads were horrendous so instead of getting Lucy’s mom to drive us, we rolled us a few smokes, wrapped up and set off to get our hash brown’s. As we walked there I couldn’t get over how heavy it was coming down, we hadn’t seen snow like it for years. On the way back Lucy suggested we go sledging and that there was a place near by she knew it would be perfect for. Sounded fun to me, plus giving the fact I thought I’d be riding around on roller-coasters by now, it seemed like the next best thing. So we went, grabbed her sledge, I put on some mittens, which  I would just quickly  like to point out, covered up my red wrist band, again why I’m telling you this will make sense later on. Off we went on our journey.

The place she was taking me to was about a ten minuet walk from hers. We arrived at a bunch of field’s. Now I’m going to roughly explain the layout of this place which is kind of important to the story. Basically we had walk over one big field, at the end of it is a steep slope that leads onto the next field, at the end of this one there is another slightly steeper slope leading onto what I could see was a small football field with a couple of goal posts. I could see at the end of this field there was fencing surrounded by a load of vine and general greenery. I could also see a built up train track, separating the football field from the field on the other side, now that field I was actually familiar with as it was a short walk from my house. I’d never actually walked in the field, but I’d explored the church graveyard that resided right by it as a kid. Graveyards kind of interested me as a kid for some reason. Anyway because I’d never actually walked into that field, I didn’t know that under the built up train track, hiding along the fence, there was a creepy little bridge that lead you to the field’s we were now in.

The slopes at the end of each of the fields were ideal for sledging, so we started going up and down them both. It was no roller-coaster but I was still having fun. It started snowing really heavily again and so Lucy suggested we go and take shelter under the bridge at the bottom of the football field.

Now like I said, I didn’t know this bridge even existed and so obviously I had never been there before. To get the bridge, we had to go down a pretty steep pathway which kind of curved slightly and had all kinds of shrubbery more or less taking over its course. Once we reached the bottom I could see a small gravel pathway which lead us underneath the bridge. Looking ahead, straight away something caught my eye. There lying perfectly in the middle underneath the bridge there was what looked like a red wrist band. I pointed it out to my friend Lucy and jokingly said “Imagine if I picked that up and it was my wrist band”. She laughed and said that’d be kinda creepy. We walked up to it, finally sheltered from the cold wind and heavy snow. Curious I picked it up to see what it said. A chill ran down by spine when I read, you guessed it, ‘Genocide- never again’. I thought to myself, now that’s either one hell of a coincidence and someone who has also visited the Holocaust centre came to this exact bridge and dropped this here. Or it was mine. “But that’s impossible” I said. I rolled up the sleeves of all the layers I had on, took off the mittens that had been covering the band and… it wasn’t there. Now this wrist band hadn’t fallen off me since the day I put it on 1 and a half years ago, any time it had come close I’d always noticed. It was impossible not to as it was made of rubber, so I could always feel if it was rolling over my hand. But still, being the logical person I am, my mind started searching for answers for how it could have possibly ended up here. There were none, it wasn’t possible. Lets say I got caught up in all the fun of sledging and it did some how fall off my wrist without me noticing, (baring in mind I had multiple layers covering it), the ground was covered with a fresh layer of white snow, so surely I would have noticed a bright red wrist band lying on the ground. Again though for arguments sake lets say I didn’t notice the red wrist band against the white snow and that the wind was strong enough to carry it across two large fields, it still would have had to taken a very specific route to end up exactly where it was, it would have had to travel specifically into the corner of the small football field, down the small steep path, without getting caught up in all the vines growing across it, along the gravel pathway, then once under the bridge where there was little to no wind to carry it into the middle.

We couldn’t believe it, we lit a few smokes, and started raking our brains. The whole time we sat there, something just felt off. We decided to call it a day and make our way back, as we approached the bottom of the steep path, Lucy was already half way up when I decided to take one last look back at the bridge, only to see a dark shadowy figure just standing there in the middle where the wrist band had been. I bolted up that path faster than I thought possible giving the fact the snow had made it kinda slippery. I decided not to tell my friend what I had just seen as I didn’t want to freak her out. She’d of probably thought I was just trying to scare her after what had happened anyway. In fact when ever I re-tell the story to my friends I always leave out that part, partly because I don’t think they’ll believe me and partly because the thought of even mentioning that shadowy figure gives me a sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’ve never personally been one to believe in the paranormal, though I’ve always been opened minded to the idea. But after exhausting all logical explanations for what me and my friend experienced, I’m left believing that what I saw that day under the bridge was as real as it gets.

I’ve since been back there by myself and all I can say is I definitely didn’t feel alone.

The Darkness That Appeared

The days were dark and gloomy, clouds were no longer white and fluffy; since that day. Especially that day. Every civilian in the town of Mender hid themselves in their homes, 24/7. Shadows roamed the streets, day by day, looking for their next human victim. I buried myself in the sheets that laid upon my bed, never leaving the warmth. The only times I left was for food, water, and to use the bathroom.

I am short on supply, I need to stock up again. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: my name is Max Cage, I am a 24-year-old-male. I live on my own. I had a family, but The Darkness took them away from me. OH! That wretched, disgusting, evil Darkness, ate my family! I was 20 years old when this happened…you heard right. The Darkness has been here for four years straight. No one knows how it came to be. It just appeared and took the town in complete darkness. People began to be eaten by these ‘shadows.’

I had already almost been eaten before, that’s when I was first out of stock. It was utterly terrifying. The way they slithered with their feet was enough to make me gag. I wish I had died that day. I miss everyone, but soon, I’ll have to go back out and scavenge. I’ll need a flashlight and matches, which I likely have.

I crawled out of my king mattress and slowly walked to the window, slightly pulling over the curtains. I see nothing. Good. I sighed in relief. “Perfect.” A small smile curled against my cheeks. I fixed the curtains and grabbed my backpack, a flashlight and matches. As I was heading down my steps, I see the family photo. I heaved in a tiny breath and continue my small journey down the staircase.

I fixed the straps and tied my shoelaces. No shadows still to be seen, anywhere, but it was storming. No one wonder, they hate the rain. For some reason though..if you splash water on them, nothing happens, but if its rain, they are gone until the rain has stopped. The reason why everyone is afraid of these so called monsters, is because they either mangle you alive, eat you, or turn you into one if them. That pain is excruciating, I’ve heard and seen it. It is gross, I actually threw up that time.

My mom was the first to die in my family, she was protecting me and my little brother, but one of the shadows had mangled her. It was my turn to protect my brother, I was able to until week seventeen of The Darkness; he ran out of the house and stood there, allowing them to swarm him. He died! In front of me! He was only five years old at the time. Poor, poor, Carson..I do miss him. He was a fool, but he was my brother and I loved him so much. Now, my father, being the coward he is, he tried to leave us, but he actually fell off the bridge, don’t know how but he did.

I shook the memories away and carried on my mini mission of survival. When I stepped outside, the streets were deserted, papers and trash lying on the ground. I stepped forward in search of supplies. My bomber jacket keeping me warm from the almost ice cold air. I saw the perfect shop, it was also deserted but still in tact. The windows were still holding together, the doors weren’t broken.

I entered the abandoned yet organized store cautiously. Papers were surprisingly on the ground, scattered. Not many though.

Once I had gathered my supplies, I ran out behind a barrel. A low ear piercing growl was heard behind me.

I turned around slowly.

There it stood, a tall dark shadow standing there, as if it were judging me with its non existent eyes! I took a swing at it with my flashlight.

I missed.

I swung again, whacking it in the head.

It shrieked and disappeared. I took this as an opportunity and ran for my home that hid in a dark, clean ally.

When the door was shut, my body slid down it and onto the floor. My knees were pulled up to my chest. This day has been good to an extent. I was almost eaten, again.

By this point, my stomach had growled. I guess I should eat before I head to a slumber. I don’t know how much longer I can last in the apocalypse, I am trying to stay alive.

I’ve been alive for four years, I can make it longer, right? I hope so. I am just talking to no one in particular, just my imagination, of course.

I mean, I haven’t seen anyone else alive in three days. No one has come out since then.

My stomach had growled once more.

After the normal basis of eating my lunch, I sat on my small loveseat couch.

My family used to sit on this couch all the time!

A smile was painted onto my cheeks as the memories played through my brain. What wonderful days those were.

I heard crying, sounded like a child though. Curious, I stood up from my couch and opened my door.

I saw a young child being cornered by these Shadows.

My eyes widened in horror as I grabbed the flashlight that laid on a small table; by the front door.

My long legs ran as fast they could. I switched on the light and shone it at the Shadows.

They screeched and disappeared. The child thanked me by wrapping their small arms around my left leg.

“Thank you, thank you, sir!” The child smiled and then ran off to what I presumed their home; but before they disappeared, the child waved goodbye.

I chuckled and turned around, only to be faced by several shadows.

I gasped.

“Oh hell, why..”

I flashed them the light, they were still here!

“Why isn’t this working!” I said with frustration.

A Shadow attacked my left shoulder with a painful bite, its teeth gnawing through my skin.

I screamed in agony as I pushed it off with force.

It hissed and lunged towards me.

I ran in fear. Another latched onto my leg but I somehow kicked it off.

I ran into my home and shut the door as fast as possible. “Oh my god, oh my god.” I panted heavily.

With one rip, my shirt was off.

Black veins covered my shoulder. My instinct told me to cut these black veins.

I thought it was a good idea so, I ran into the kitchen for a surgery knife, gauze, stitching tools, and rubbing alcohol, as well a towel.

As soon as I sat on my couch, with the towel sitting under me to prevent blood going everywhere.

I clenched my teeth as I cut my shoulder open, allowing me to access the black veins.

My head slowly turned to look as I began to cut the veins. I whimpered with each cut. The cold air slapping against my open shoulder.

Blood gushed out as I finished the last black vein.

I quickly cleaned the wound while the pain kept increasing.

I relaxed my muscles and began to stitch the wound.

The gauze was wrapped around my arm and shoulder.

A small yawn escaped my lips. Why was I so tired? It is far too early.

The next morning I walked to my mirror and pulled off the gauze, my left arm was healed? My arm was just black, except some of my fingertips; how did my arm heal?!

I slipped on a new clean shirt and ran outside. The Shadows looked at me and approached me, they weren’t attacking?


“Master.” They all said in unison.

I raised up my black arm with my brows raised.

Out of some feeling, I thought of the Shadows disappearing, all of them.

Somehow, they were gone, all of them.

My heart beat quickened. “Do I really have control of these shadows?!” I said aloud, especially to nothing but myself.

Soon families and kids ran out, “They are gone! Gone for good!” They shouted with glee, “Yes! Haha!” Another person smiled and kids ran to me with a bounce in their steps

All the sudden, I smirked evilly.

Shadow-like arms ripped out from my upper back. They slithered and shadows appeared by my side, cackling with hunger.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop you’re scaring us!”

A feeling in me didn’t care.

I mauled everyone into pieces..

Fresh blood stained the dark streets.

I am the Shadow Controller, I am Max Cage.

Skinwalker, werewolf, and a ghost?

I have two stories. This first story did not happen to me but to my little sister. It is a very short story yet creepy. Also this is the ghost part of the story.

This happened about a year ago. My sister was playing with our gerbils. If you don’t know what they are they are similar to hamsters. Anyway I was not home at the time, I had been at a friend’s house. So my little sister was playing with the gerbils when all of a sudden she had heard a soft quiet voice. In fact the voice sounded like me. The voice had said “Mama.”. My sister then shushed my mom for her to be quiet because she thought I was trying to sleep and I was telling my mom to be quiet. The only thing though is that I was not home.

My second story happened not to long ago. My sister and I decided to sleep in a tent in our backyard. Now to set a picture we have a big forest in our backyard but we have a black fence Dividing the garden from the forest and to keep my digs from going in the forest. The first incident was that I possibly saw a werewolf. I was lying on the matress we had set up in the tent. I was facing a big window but the window was covered by a sheet because it was to protect my sister and J from the cold. I saw this figure. It looked to be a human figure but very deformed. It had sharp teeth. And its mouth was so big. I told my sister about the figure that I saw and in her mind she thought it was a great idea to hit the wall. But when she did the figure moved. I then hid under my blanket and my sister rolled her eyes because she could not see what I was seeing.

Now this is the part where the skinwalker comes in. It was later that same night and I had fall in a sleep but my sister stayed up for another hour or two. She began to hear human footsteps close to our tent. Now reminding you we have 3 dogs bit we keep them all inside at night. Now these footsteps would go and then stop. Go and then stop and then eventually they stopped. When she woke up in the morning around 5am she began to hear the same footsteps again .