Creepy Encounter Near my University

I am a 24 year old female from Romania. At the time this event took place, I was 22 and attending a pretty big university in western Romania to get my masters degree.
Because it’s a masters program, the lectures take place in the afternoon to late at night.

So on this particular day, my lecture finished at 9pm, on a january night. I lived on campus, pretty close to the university building, about a 10 minute walk. My boyfriend also lived close. So after the lecture finished, I said good bye to my classmates and off I went.

I decided to take a shorter route, through a small park that was situated between the university main building and a church. After that day, i would never walk through that park alone at night…

There’s a main path that cuts through the park directly to the main road. That path is surrounded by trees and no street lights. The only light that barely illuminates that path was coming from the church nearby. Usually, it’s walked by a lot of students day and night so i never thought i was at any risk. Just my luck, on this night there was no one walking the path but me.

I am a very paranoid person so i was a little anxious being there alone in the dark. I saw him behind a tree. I froze inside but my legs continued walking.

As soon as i made eye contact with him, he emerged from the tree he was hiding behind, literally 3 feet from me. He didn’t really look threatening, from what I remember, he was a short balding man, maybe in his 40s, with a trench coat on and his hands in his pockets. I wasn’t imediatelly scared by him, although it was definitelly suspicious. He waited until i passed him and he grabbed my arm and swung me around to face him.

My blood went cold and i got a sinking feeling that something horrible is about to happen. He said “hey honey, where are you going?” with a sadstic smirk on his face and one hand still in his pocket.

I said something like “what the hell do you want? Let me go!” And yanked my arm away from him. I looked around to see if someone else was there, any other student or person that could possibly see this scene and save me, but nope. We were alone.

Seeing me panic probably made him happy. He pulled me in a disgusting embrace and led me closer to the trees and tried to touch my ass. I has a long jacket on, but i still felt his disgusting hand. I had tears in my eyes and i shakily said “you better get the fuck away from me or i’m calling the police!”. I doubt he took my half-assed threat seriously.

He smiled and said something like “we both know you won’t have the chance to do that.” He never took his left hand out of his pocket, and now I was sure I was getting kidnapped, raped and then killed.

By some holy miracle, I heard footsteps coming from the main path. He heard them too. We both looked in the direction where the path joins with the main sidewalk out of the park, and there was a couple, holding hands and walking in our direction.
The second he saw them, the man took off running in the darnkess between the trees. As the couple got closer and saw the man running off, they just shot me a worried look, but I didn’t feel like sticking around to explain what happened so I just ran out of that damn park.

As soon as I got out on the main sidewalk and near people, I called my boyfriend crying to come meet me and walk me home.

I was determined to go to the police but after thinking it through, I didn’t. The man was gone by now anyway, there was nothing the police could or want to do.

After that day, whenever I had classes until late at night, my boyfriend would come wait for me outside the building and walk me home. I carry pepper spray with me ever since.

I still wonder what that disgusting pervert had in his pocket and what he intended to do with me.. but I’m grateful for that couple because they saved me.

Creepy Dog Thing

Before I start this story, I’d just like to say that I’m not positive that this was a monster and I’m kind of a critic when it comes to believing these kinds of things like monsters. But til this day I still have no idea what I saw. And it creeps me out.

One night, my friends and I wanted to buy some snacks from the corner store down the street. We often stayed up all night together at one of our houses because we were neighbors. There are 2 ways to get home from the corner store, the long way and the short way. I don’t remember why but that night we decided to take the long way.

The long way was a normal street that ended in a dirt road. The part where the dirt road is lead to our street. The dirt road was pretty scary at night. It was full of trees and not one street light. Since we were all together I guess we just felt safer going this way at night.

We joked around about being scared but we weren’t really all that scared. We’d walk this road a lot during the day so I guess we just thought it wasn’t that serious.

But as we started to approach the dirt end of the road, we all stopped. The dirt part of the road isn’t long at all and at the end we could see a dog like figure. But it didn’t really look like a dog. It had 4 legs and fur like a dog but it’s ears were too pointy and it was pretty huge for a dog. It honestly looked like it was about to eat us.

We walked a little closer to it just to see if it was a stray dog or something but it definitely wasn’t. I live in a city so we don’t have wolves or really any coyotes. Plus it was too big to be a coyote . It stood up on its back legs and that’s when my friend & I really got scared. We turned around and started to run back to the corner store. To my surprise, It didn’t follow us. It didn’t even make any noise.

After that we pretty much speed walked to my friends house in silence . We talked about it when we got there and we all agreed that we had no idea what that creature was. And we never want to see it again!

My Grandma’s Visitor

I am 20 years old and live in a more secluded area of Austria, so please excuse some of my language and grammar mistakes, since English is not my first language.

This story took place about 10 years ago, when I was about 10 or 11. My family and I live in a 3 story farmhouse. My grandma, and back in the days my grandpa, lives on the ground floor. The bedrooms are all located on the first floor and there is an extra flat on the top floor which our family (my mom, dad, brother, sister and I) use.

Our house is over 300 years old, so you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I’d tell you about ghost sightings or paranormal activity happening here.  To be honest we never had many of these except the occasional wood creaking or the feeling of being watched from a dark corner, while you’re lying in bed, but we are all quite used to those. My dad and grandpa even found a skeleton, when they were rebuilding the ground floor bathroom.

I forgot about this story for many, many years, but after a long night of talking to my mother and my boyfriend about urban myths in Austria and real life ghost sightings I remembered my very own glitch in the Matrix experience. Well at least I want to think it was a glitch in the Matrix.

As you can guess my story has nothing to do with the ghosts probably living in/haunting our house, but more with a strange sighting which I cannot explain to this day. My grandma is quite a popular person and has a huge extended family, because she alone had about 12 siblings, same goes to my grandpa.

It was nothing strange or unfamiliar to see a car in our driveway which my siblings and I couldn’t recognize. On that particular day, it must have been spring or summer,I came home from my best friends place around midday. I noticed a car in the driveway and I was almost sure that my grandma had visitors.

My siblings and I were raised pretty strict by our parents, meaning we greeted elderly people first, said please and thank you, and which is important to this story,  always had to go and talk to our grandmas friends/ family when they visited.

So I opened the ground floor front door, preparing myself for getting my cheeks pinched and walked into the downstairs living room. On the small table, next to the stove, sat a good friend of my grandma and next to her her husband, let’s call them Mr. and Mrs. Camper. I shook both of their hands, at first the woman’s, who was in a deep conversation with my grandma, and then the man’s.

Mr. Camper didn’t say anything, which struck me as unusual, because normally he was a really friendly older man and talked to me about school and stuff. I excused myself, because it was almost lunch time and went upstairs, without thinking about the incident any further.

A week later, my grandma told my parents about how Mr. Camper had died after being in the ICU for such a long time. I looked at her puzzled, because I didn’t understand. He was here just a week ago. I tried explaining the situation to my mother, but she just told me that I must have imagined it but I knew that he was there.

I can still remember the exact spot where he sat. Even though I tried to bring up the subject once or twice again, my parents would always tell me that I must have imagined it and not to talk about it any further.

Now, nearly 10 years later, I look back on this ‘meeting’ and don’t know what to make of it. I want to believe it was ‘just’ a glitch in the Matrix, but still I can’t find an answer to what I saw.

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