Disturbing funeral

I was not in contact with my biological father’s extended family when I was a kid due to my parents’ divorce and living kind of far away. It was long before email or social media existed, too.

I reconnected with them when I was a young adult, around the age of 21.

Unfortunately, my grandfather, great aunt and her husband were all very elderly and on the decline with their health. My grandfather was in a horrid care facility and one by one, they passed away at nearly 90 years of age. My great aunt’s husband passed first and I went to his (fortunately closed casket) funeral. It was the first funeral I had ever attended, as well.

It was held at a funeral home and I sat in one of the pews at the front, kind of nervous and apprehensive. Someone sat down nearby so I glanced in their direction to see who it was and I got the worst shock of my life!

IT WAS MY GREAT AUNT’S HUSBAND SITTING THERE! I swear I nearly fainted from horror and shock; everything kind of went white for a second. I couldn’t even make a sound!

I can’t remember who noticed the look of absolute horror on my face but someone said “Oh, that’s Uncle Tom’s identical twin brother!” I think they kind of laughed at me, too. No one had told me he had a twin brother before, I had NO idea. They really WERE identical!

I managed to endure the rest of the funeral with some composure.


Mom’s Ghost Story

My mom used to work in an office bulding as a janitor along with several other employees. On this night she agreed to work the late shift and cover for a friend. She usually worked in the mornings and was almost always done by mid day. She was assigned the job of cleaning the top floor after which she would work her way down until about halfway.

Before my mom had taken the job some of her co workers, who had been there way before she had, told her that the 8th floor of the bulding was haunted by a ghost that cries horribly at around 12:00 a.m. Startled but not to phased by it my mom just thought it was her new co workers trying to scare her. After all she was new and had only been there for a couple weeks.

She had also told me that each floor had a dial that controlled the lights and you had to set it to a certain time after which it would reset and all the lights would turn of one by one.  She usually took about an hour on each floor after which she would continue on to the next.  Once she had finished up on the 9th floor she made her way down to the 8th floor. There she set the timer for an hour and started cleaning.

About fifty five minutes in she told me that all of a sudden she heard one of the most horiffic spine chilling screams she had ever heard in her life coming from outside the hallways from one of the offices she was cleaning. Out of fear she paniced and dropped all of her things and ran for the elevator. From behind her she could hear loud crying from a women, something you would only imagine you would hear in a horror movie.

Desperately trying to reach the elevator the lights she had set for an hour started to one by one switch off  leaving a trace of darkness from behind.When she finally made it out she made a phone call and quit the next day.

Creepy Feeling at Grandma’s

My name’s is Bethany and this happened when I was babysitting my cousin after he had got home from Florida. He had went for Christmas with his dad. Our parents and my grandmother went out for dinner and my sister was sick so it was just me and my cousin. That night was very bazaar and I think about it often.

My grandpa died about a month or two ago and about a week after he passed I babysat my cousin. Now when I arrived everything was normal the cat was being crazy and my cousin was playing with him. Then everyone left.

I had turned on the television and sat at the kitchen table with my cousin and went over his spelling words. It was normal till after when I sat on the couch and watch t.v with my cousin when my phone started going off and I picked up. It was a 911 operator, she said that she had gotten a call from my phone and asked if I was okay. I hadn’t touched my phone. Suddenly the cat started to meow and rolling on the ground in the kitchen except no one was in there..

The rest of the night nothing happened but it was so cold no matter how many times I turned up the heat. When everyone got home I wanted to leave as fast as I could. I know it was my grandpa he died in that house and I can still feel him..

Close Call

This isn’t all that scary or action packed like all your other stories but I’ll tell it anyway.

I was 14 at the time and not small and scared of anyone or anything and was seen to be one of the most fearless people anyone has met. But after this story it has really creeped me the fuck out.

Anyway here’s my story… So me and my friend went out together and we went to some place to eat whilst I waited for my girlfriend. So we ended up going to McDonald’s and getting some food .

We went in and we spoke with some friends who were already in there. After we ate and spoke with our friends we ended up going to meet my girlfriend where I always meet her. This time I took a friend so it was a little awkward when they both met.

We meet in this park which is full of trees (like every park) and we start to talk and walk back to my place. We all make it to my place and I let my friend use my computer whilst me and my girlfriend chill out on the bed watching a film. My friend had to be in for 10 pm. So it was around 9:30 and I get my friend and girlfriend and then start to walk my friend home.

We get about half way to his place and I say good bye to him and tell him to be safe. My girlfriend lives in the opposite direction so I had to only walk h him half way. After this me and my girlfriend begin to walk towards where her mum picks her up. (There is a large park in the way , like I said before where I always meet her) so we begin to walk through it and we walk , talk and all that stuff.

I get to the other side of the park and say my good byes , followed by a kiss then turn around and start to head home. My mum has already phoned me at this point and told me to hurry home because it was like 11 pm. So I begin to jog home and put my ear buds in.

About halfway through the park I feel like someone is watching me , I just get that eerie feeling. I stop my music and stop jogging. By this time I’m dead center of the park so there are no nearby lights or sounds of cars. I stand there for about 2 minutes before making out a figure in the distance. (I know cliche) but before I could call out from the same direction of where I saw that figure (by this point I was froze in fear and gazing at this figure) I hear the most unwanted noise I ever wanted to hear at that moment … the sound of footsteps and they were fast.

I turn the fuck around and run as fast as I can not looking behind me. I get to the entrance of the park where there is a busy road and I sigh a sigh of relief. After this I go the way I normally go home and check that that person or what ever the fuck it was hasn’t followed me. When I get in my mum is asleep so I didn’t tell her in fear of she wouldn’t let me see my girlfriend.

Anyway about 2 months later (the same day I am writing this to you) I was sitting downstairs with my mum and we were watching the news , then it comes on about the police had arrested a man in the local park near my house and found that he has pictures of beaten boys and girls around the same age.

After seeing the news came on and explained that my blood went cold and my mum said I went white as a ghost. She asked what was wrong and I explained everything. After that night I didn’t walk my girlfriend home again , she was ether picked up by her mum or my mum dropped her off.



The Goat With Red Eyes in Mexico

This story happened to my mom when she was around eight or nine years old. She used to live in a small town or a pueblo in Mexico called Vista Hermosa.

My mom, her two older sisters, and my abuelita had gone to go visit my great grandma. At around eight p.m. they headed back home which was about a mile walk. My mom said she remembers running ahead and my abuelita telling her to stop because she could fall and get hurt since it was pretty dark. My mom being a little kid still kept on running ahead and ended up arriving at the house before everyone else.

Before I go any further let me explain the layout of the house. Basically what my mom said was that the front door wasn’t like the doors we have here. At the bottom there was about a four inch gap and if you bent down you could look inside the house. Once you were inside the front door the hallway went all the way to the back of the house. It’s important to note that there wasn’t a back door. So you could just look out into the backyard.

So anyway, my mom was waiting for the rest to arrive and for some reason she decided to bend down and look through the gap under the door. When she did she saw that in the backyard where there was unusually a big tree with a swing on it there was a big white goat with huge red eyes the size of two dinner plates. My mom stood up a bit taken aback and then peaked through the gap again and the goat was still staring at her.

“I didn’t really feel scared. More like shocked at what I was seeing. What creeped me out the most was the red eyes.” She said when I asked her.

My mom ended up running back to my abuelita and my aunts, but she didn’t say anything about what she saw. She thought that if she did my abuelita would’ve told her that she saw things because she hadn’t listened to her earlier.

It wasn’t until my mom was married that she told her older sister the story one night. My aunt remembered and told my mom that she saw the goat once too. But she had gotten scared because the goat made creepy faces at her. She too didn’t tell anyone because she was afraid nobody would believe her.

Apparently there’s this story that if you were brave enough to take down the goat or throw a cloth over it. The goat would disappear and you would find gold in it’s place. Who knows if anyone has tried it before though.