Night Call

This story is not from my point of view, but from my uncle’s, who has shared this story and many like it with over many years.

I guess it is best, I tell you my uncle lived and worked in a rural town in Texas. He worked as a paramedic for 33 years and has many weird stories and experiences. I will share one with you today.

My uncle got a call over the radio from the operator telling him a man was complaining that his heart felt like it was going burst. My uncle and his friend Ronny loaded into the truck and drove for almost an hour at to the location of the caller. Might I add, it was 2:00 in the morning and they drove an hour away from the small town they were stationed at.

When arriving on scene, they realized the place seemed vacant. Bushes and shrubs were overgrown and the house looked like it was rotting away. They got out and shined their flashlights through the broken windows. They were hesitant to go and had ad feelings about the whole situation. Finally, they went in and smelt a decaying smell. Like animal had been rotting away in the house.

They decided to split up. Ronny checked the upstairs and my uncle stayed at ground level. Every so often my uncle or Ronny would call out for the caller. When my uncle finished looking through the kitchen Ronny ran in and pulled my uncle out of the house. Ronny had a nervous and scared look on his face as they got into the truck and locked the doors.

Ronny called the operator and told her to send a few sheriff officers over to their location. My uncle asked what had happened, what Ronny had seen.

Ronny looked at the house and spoke, “I was checking the last room. It was dimly lit and at the small gap in the door, I was a man crouched down with a smile on his face. It whole thing didn’t seem right and I didn’t want to go in alone. So I turned around and walked downstairs to where I say your light in the kitchen. As I passed the open basement door…I…I saw three yellow, gold eyes staring as I walked. I stopped and looked back, without tuning my flashlight on it, I saw a clawed hand reach out.”

My uncle was always a believer in the paranormal, but after hearing what is partner said, he truly believed in good and evil. My uncle told me when the officers searched the house, they found no person or animals. Just a bunch of meth and weed. The officers even said that dust was still on all the surfaces and the only dust that was disturbed was from my uncle and Ronny’s shoes.

After that story and many others my uncle has shared, it makes me nervous and paranoid to start my carer as a firefighter/paramedic. I will always wonder if I too, will have stories to tell.

Night bike ride

Growing up I always wanted to go on a bike ride at night, something aboyt it just seemed so cool to me. It wasnt until i was 13 that my mom finally let me do it.
She told me to wear a helmet,take a flashlight,and my phone, after that she set my perimeters which was around 4 miles. And that was a lot for me,as you couldve guessed, as soon as the sun set I was out.

I love it.There were no people out walking their dogs, No kids running around, and the temperature was perfect,ect…It was really fun, so fun,that I completely ignored the limits my mom set.You see where I was biking was all walking paths.It was one of those grassy areas between two neighborhoods.Theres this long path that went about 600ft at a 25 degree angle.I was flying down a hill, having an absolute blast. And I darted right through my limits.

My Mom set these limits for a reason.Everything on the inside was close to houses and people.The outside,more specifically,The place I was on lead to,was barren.I rode along this path for 10 minutes before I could only see some of the lights of the houses inside the limits.

After about 15 minutes of riding along the dirt path,I hear singing.It sounded about 30-40 feet infront of me. I stop riding to hear it better. It was a womans voice.She was singing Eleanor Rigby by the beetles.But she wasnt singing the words,Just the melody of the vocals.Her voice was strange.You know how u get phlegm in your throat, your voice gets scratchy? Well, thats what she sounded like.

I inch forward to try and see her.I get close enough to see the silhouette of hair bouncing up and down,like she was head banging.I decide to get my flashlight out. Im thinking maybe this person is in need of help or something. Or maybe shes an insane person,and if i point my flashlight at her she will be scared away.So I take out my flashlight, point it at her, and turn it on.The moment the light hit her, she stoped moving completely.She was facing away from me.She had disgusting hair that seemed to be sticking together in clumps.Some of her hair was ripped off,too.She was wearing a very over-sized bright red hoodie. I was almost to scared to move.I think she was,too.I conjured up as much bravery as I could,and said “Sorry” in a very, oops-this-is-the-wrong-room,kind of way.She didnt respond.

I turned off the flashlight and put it back in my pocket.Just as I was turning my bike around,She screams in an awful,awful high pitched voice.I damn near shit myself as I was getting back onto my bike.I hear her voice getting closer to me,I book it as fast as I can.I dont look behind me,and I definitely dont stop pedaling.Her screaming grew quieter and quieter, until it desolved into the howling wind.As soon as I got home I told my mom, she immediately called the police and explained everything that happened.They checked out the area where I said it happened.And you guessed it,they didn’t find her.

Im 16 now, and even still to this day I get creeped out just thinking about that night.So even though it might seem cool to test the limits and all, you never know who or what is lurking out there waiting for you.

The Back Watch

Before I start, you need to know that I’ve been in the military for 12 years. I have seen my fare share of creepy shit. Most of the buildings and ships are down right haunted as fuck.  I have been seeing ghost on and off since I was a kid, well more when I was a kid, not as much now, thank fuck.

This story takes place miles off the coast of South America. We were on deployment, so I’m not going to say what ship I was on, or when this took place. Now the ship that I was on wasn’t a stranger to ghost stories, and most my shipmates would gossip about their own, encounters. I didn’t believe it, at first. Cause even though I saw shit when I was young, it never bother me, and most of the stories were repeats from other ships.

Before I get into my encounter, left me put something in perspective for you, so you can understand what makes these, encounters, more creepy and unnerving then it would be on land. You’re on a ship, in the middle of the ocean, with no place to run, hide, or escape. You are trapped in a metal tin can, with nothing but the dark waters as your, “escape”.

So a ship works on watches, basically shift work. I’m not going to get to much into that, because it will take too lone. Just know, I was on the mids watch, or what we call the back watch. I was standing on the back of the ship, life boy sentry, (I think that explains itself). I was 20 minutes into my shift, it was quite, the sounds form props wash and the ocean wavs were lulling me into a relaxing state.  I was leaning on the bullworks(railing, but it’s fully inclosed), watching the stars and just thinking about life.

Somewhere in my trance like state, I felt unnerved, cold and just genially creeped out. I don’t  know why, but my body went right into fright or flight. I turned around and froze. There standing by the hatch leading into the ship, was a shadow. It was shaped like a man, but it was distorted. And no, it wasn’t because it was dark. There was red lighting back there, because where I stood, doubled as the smoking area.

At that time of nigh and knowing how other department run the shifts, no one should have been back there. That and, I didn’t hear the hatch open. It’s not a quiet entrance way, it’s heavy metal door, banging on metal.

I stared at it, I couldn’t move, my heart was racing. I took a step back, my foot hitting the bullworks. I was trapped. Freaking out, panic nearly had me over the side.

This shadow man, or whatever it was, didn’t move. We were in a stand off, and if that thing charged at me, I would meet a watery end. For what felt like a life time, the thing shift, like it was raising a hand. My heart stopped, my vision when black; I was going to die. But, the thing, slid, not walked, slip being a big rope reel. That reel was huge, and held our housers (lines use to secure the ship to the jetty).

I was still frozen, it was sound of a wave crashing that snapped me out of it. I took a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and, forced myself away from the railing. I don’t know what possessed me, but I quickly went to the houser reel. To this day I don’t know why I did it, but I freaking look behind it. There, was, nothing. I remember pulling away, backing away until I was back agents the railing. My eyes stayed the reel, heart pounding and fear like I’ve never felt before chocking me. The sense of being watch  suffocated me, and again, I was trapped.

I stayed like that until my relief showed up. I quickly turned over my gear to him and practically ran towards the hatch leading into the ship, into the light. I wish that was the end of it. But over the years I was on the ship, I seen that shadow in different parts of the ship. One night as I slept alone in the mess (sleeping quarters) I awoke. My heart was racing, fear had me shaking. Through my curtain I saw it, that thing, that shadow man. I surpassed a scream and closed my eyes, and just chanted. Go away, go away, go away!

Seconds, minutes passed and I opened my eyes. It was gone. I curled into a ball, in my small bunk, still shaking. I didn’t get back to sleep, and that wasn’t the only time it happened, nor was I the only one to seen… it.

That ship is now decommissioned, and I hope the shadow man went down with it.

There are things out there. This is but one, encounter. The ocean is a dangerous place……


I was home alone at my house. my parents went to florida to visit my grandma. So i decided to download an instagram. I didn’t really know how it works. And the instagram was uploaded. So ones i sign up to instagram i got no followers. So i decided to follow 25 random person. A couple minutes ago a random person sent me a massage saying i will kill u. And i replyed back saying who is this do i know u. A couple of minutes ago. He or she. Sent me a massage saying what ur addrees. And i told him why! And i ask him are u a boy or a girl. She or he replyed back saying im a boy. And i relyed saying ok. So i ask y he want my addres and his said his gonna kill me. And i froze for a second. But i decided to block him. And i didn’t get any massages for an 1hour. But some random person followed  me he or she named kingofhell and i decided to follow back. And my phone  vibrates it says kingofhell sent u a massage. And she or he sent me a pic of my house. And i was like who is this and how do u know where i live. And i told him are u a boy a girl. And she or he told me his a boy. And he told me im the guy that text u earlyier. And he told me to open the door or he’ll   kill me. And i decided to open the door. I know its sound dumb but i dont want to die. And then is saw him with the chain saw and i told him i will call the cops and he said too late you’ll die. And i quickly close the door and i call the cops. And the cops is coming for like  5 min. and i heard a bang lucily i was on my parents room and trying to find a gun and thank god i found it and i sent him a massage saying i have a gun i will shoot the heck out of u then the cops came and i heard i gun shot  maybe the guy is dead. And i heard a voice saying hello im the cop your safe now. And the guy is not dead but he got arrested. DO NOT EVEN FOLLOW A PERSON U DO NOT KNOW AND KEEP YOUR INTAGRAM PRAVITE

My True Lake District Story

Before I start talking about the event that happened, there might be many sceptics that do not believe me and I do not care, this is a warning and a story. Another disclaimer before I begin is that I am not very good at storytelling but I’ll try my best here. And the other thing is that I am a Muslim in the UK, this means that I believe in another creation by Allah (God), so this is my thought on what happened to me:

My wife and I were going to Lake District with 8 other friends. This was not the first time that I have gone and it is the last time that I will ever go to Lake District- for those of you who do not know what Lake District is, it is a beautiful area in Scotland that is all mountains, caves and lake. My group consisting of my wife and I and my 8 companions have successfully arrived at Lake District with no difficulty.

As we all settled we were fine and two of my friends (I will be calling them Raj and Ahmad for privacy reasons, and these two people have a huge part in what happen) and I went to the kitchen, as we were the designated cooks for the trip. In the kitchen, everything was fine and neat except there was one of those stereotypical knives that butchers are shown with left on the counter top. We did not say much as we just thought someone went to the kitchen before us and misplaced the knife, so we left the knife as we saw it. After an hour of settling in, we decided to go out on a 2-hour hike.

As we left the villa we saw a herd of white goats, which was not abnormal to see, however in the herd of white goats we saw one black goat. This black goat we had never seen before in all the times we have been to Lake District before- so this was the thing we found as out of the ordinary.

However knowing our group we were all chilled and we all had faith in Allah to protect us and we just ignored it. We came back from our hike just before a sunset prayer Muslims need to perform. And on our way back, just over a hundred yards or so, we all see the black goat roaming free again but this time it was by itself and we were sure it was the same goat as before as in this area there are only a handful of goats.

To understand the next part you need to know that everyone in our group is all-religious, from the wives to the husband. After praying our prayers that we all prayed together, some of the group decided to read the Quran, and one of the people were Ahmad, while the rest of the group were just sitting and relaxing peacefully on our phones. Following dinner, we decided to play pool, as there was a pool board that we saw earlier in the lounge room, which no one entered ever since we settled in.

The main problems that started worrying us as a group was from this moment onwards. The pool table came with a full set of balls, 1 to 8, but when we went to play pool we did not see a single ball for playing. Everyone believed that Raj was playing a prank on everyone as he was the joker of our group, so we all accused him of hiding it and after a couple minutes went by and Raj continually denied the claims, we started to believe him and we searched the whole room. The table of the pool board was made so that pieces can be pulled apart and broken down with a screwdriver, so I decided to check the table and we eventually found the ball inside the table somehow. This is what we found most weird about our trip at the time.

Later on, at around 1 am we decided to call it a night and go to sleep, the villa only had two bedrooms so we split the rooms to be four in one room and 6 in the other room. The room that I stayed in was with my wife and both Raj and his wife and Ahmad and his wife. Ahmad is usually a fast and heavy sleeper, as soon as he gets tired he falls asleep. But that night was different as Ahmad could not fall asleep and he kept everyone awake that night. Everyone thought this was strange as he would never do that and for this reason, we didn’t say anything to him in case he got offended.

The next day was our last, so we only stayed there for two days. On the last day, everyone was tired due to Ahmad the night before so we did not do anything and we just packed and chilled in the main room till around 6 pm.

The trip from where we come from in London from Lake District is about five hours long and we had two drivers, who did not get any sleep due to Ahmad so it was a risky journey this way anyway.

On the way out from leaving from the villa, the group for the last time saw the black goat, which just looked directly at us this time. We again thought nothing of it and just left in our cars. I was in a car with my wife, Ahmad and his wife and Raj, who were the driver.

The rest of the group were in the other car. The last odd occurrence we had been on the journey back, where Ahmad started to act all weird and it seemed as if he was having a seizure. On the journey to Lake District, this had never happened it was only on the way back. Ahmad after having a couple of fits commanded Raj to stop the car on the side of the motorway about half way from Lake District to home, this would have been around Liverpool.

The other car following us also came to a halt to see what the matter was and everyone was spooked out (to say the least) about Ahmad’s behaviour throughout the trip since he is usually quite and not as active as the rest of us. Once we got back everyone went back to his or her own homes, while Ahmad went to his mother’s house and his wife went to her mother’s house.

This was as we agreed that Ahmad had obtained Jinn that followed him and this possessed him. I know this seems far-fetched but in Islam, this is totally possible. While dropping Ahmad off we were all worried and anxious that his parent would shout at us as they are extremely religious and they already dislike the idea of him going to stay at places like Lake District.

A couple of days later, we all met up again we decided to go see Ahmad as we have not seen him for quite some time now and he had not talked to us since the trip. Once we went to his house we saw that he was completely fine, and we didn’t how to approach him to ask what happened to him, so I unhesitatingly asked upfront how he was now and what happened to him before hand in Lake District.

He explained to us that his mother knew exactly what has happened and took him to a Ruqya (a Jinn capturer), and this Ruqya found that a strong Jinn had attached to him and the Ruqya eventually managed to convert the Jinn to Islam (this is part of Jinn capturing). Ahmad then told us that he was acting all weird at Lake District, as the Jinn had come to him from the black goat. And without agreeing with what the Jinn were telling him to do, the jinn caused pain within his body, which were the reasons for his seizures.

He also told us that the Jinn and the Jinn told him to kill everyone with it while they were sleeping, so this was why he kept everyone awake during the night at Lake District put out the knife that we first saw in the kitchen.

Not only that but the jinn told Ahmad to cause a car accident to kill our group, but Ahmad was resisting the will of the Jinn and the jinn caused, even more, pain in Ahmad’s body which was the cause of Ahmad fitting in the car. Ahmad told us that the time when the jinn contacted him and told him to do this was always when we saw the black goat. As a group conclusion, we all decided to never visit Lake District ever again. I write this for real encounters with the paranormal and also to inform travellers and seasonal holiday visitors to never go to Lake District. When I booked the villa online I never actually noticed or considered who I was renting it from, and the owner never shows himself, and those wondering where I got the keys from, was from under the flower pots as I always do, this is the usual method of renting in Lake District.

As a Muslim I believe in the only rational belief to me, and that is that a jinn has done and caused all of this. I am sure I am talking for the whole of my group when I say we are glad to have gotten out from there alive and well and that Ahmad is all fine. Please take this warning seriously and do not dismiss this warning if you ever do end up going to Lake District.

P.S the uploaded photo is the house/cottage that I stayed in