A Weird Night

So I was about 6 years old when this happened. My mother and I were playing “Store” Since I just got a huge bag of clothing. All of a sudden, we heard a huge bang. We didn’t know what it was or who it was, and then all of a sudden we heard my brother screaming.

My brother never screamed, so we knew something was up. (Also, the house was a cabin-like house with 3 bedrooms and a basement, my brother was in the living room playing on his computer.) All of a sudden, we saw a huge shadow in the hall, wearing a suit and a fedora. A few years prior a man committed suicide and slit his throat on the green rug in our front yard, which we didn’t know until we looked it up.

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The Creepy UPS man

I was 4 years old when this happened. Im now 13))

Okay, so my family and I were at church. We met this very nice couple, they were about 68 years old. The woman was very nice, but the man was very creepy.

He said I looked beautiful, which was weird to a 4 year old. My mother said thank you, and he invited us over for lunch. We said yes, and we went to lunch at their house. He gave me this beautiful doll and said “You would love this.” My mother said thank you, and we took it home. Next week at church, he asked if he could come over and see how we were doing, since we had just moved. We agreed.

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My backyard

I live in a decently large town just outside of Niagara Falls. Crime isn’t very common on my side of town, but the east side has seen murder and rape. I used to live on the east side of town. It wasn’t pretty, so my family and I moved out to a nice suburban area on the west side.

I was home alone on a warm summer day, maybe 75 degrees. Anyways, I was outside doing some housework as I was instructed the previous night. Just as I was finishing up cutting the grass, a man walked on to my driveway. I looked at him, and asked him if he needed anything. He paused, and just.. jogged away. I brushed it off as nothing and went inside.

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The Man in the Harlequin Mask

This happened maybe two years ago.

I live in Massachusetts and I enjoy an activity called Live Action Roleplaying. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine spending a weekend immersed in a made-up universe, playing a character you invented. It’s like long term improv or theater if you think about it. It’s really just amazing.

The place I go to is a medieval fantasy themed universe. That being said, we were in the forest with no electronics and the only lights came from candles or the two large campfires which were on opposite sides of the grounds. At that time, I played a noble who had a lot of functions in game.

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Nanny’s Campfire Story

Once when I was young, my grandma, who I called Nanny, told my friends a creepy story one dark July night. It was a story she said her neighbor, and one of my friend’s moms, had told her and she claimed it to be true. Real quick, to give you an idea of how close this neighborhood was in my childhood I’ll give a brief layout. My dad’s parents lived in a dumbbell shaped cul-de-sac in my extremely tiny hometown. All the houses are set up a few feet apart lining the entire road and we all greeted each other by name. It was that kind of town. There were no strangers in my Kentucky place of birth growing up which is why this tale was, and still is, so chilling.

I was 7 or 8 back in the mid nineties and part of the last few generations to remember a time before home computers and cell phones were a staple. Swimming, biking, and telling scary stories on my Nanny’s front porch under the eerie glow of an orange street lamp was some of our favorite things to do when I visited. This was one I never forgot. After begging her to tell us another, Nanny obliged lighting up a cigarette. She exhaled and said: Rosie told me something weird the other day. She told me she was up late one night watching TV in the living room when she heard a knock at the door. It was about midnight or somewhere in there, so she went to the door thinking one of us might be in trouble.

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My creepy concert experience

About two years ago, while I was attending university in Virginia, my roommate and I got tickets to go see Skillet in Richmond, 2 hours from campus.

The concert was on a Sunday night, so after the amazing time that left our voices so hoarse we sounded like the chipmunks, we had to start the 2 hour drive back to campus. Mind you, this was during the height of those killer clown psychos, and we had been warned there were a few spotted in Richmond during the time we’d be there, but we didnt care.

It was skillet, the tickets were $30, and it was skillet.

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Dead Doppelganger

Okay so might not be scary per-say but I thought it was bizarre and kind of creepy. It was probably just a very odd coincidence, but let me tell you it was one hell of a coincidence. So I should probably start with a little background.

I didn’t start going to concerts until in college which is really weird because I’ve always been obsessed with music.

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The man at The M.C.R.’s concert.

Hello Darkness, I’m big fan of the show on Youtube. I love scary stories.

So, I heard you looking for Creepy Concert stories. Well, my story might not be creepy. But it did give me a chill. I’m 26 years old and female. This happen when I was about 13 or 14 I want to say. I am a rocker and my mother was taking me to see my favorite rock band My Chemical Romance aka M.C.R..

My friend went with me. I got her loving the band as much as I did. This was in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m from South Carolina. I can’t remember the name of the place.

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The creepiest zoo experience ever

This story took place about two years ago. I come from a small town in Virginia so my family and I decided that we would take a small road trip to northern Virginia. On our way to our hotel Harrisonburg, we seen a sign for a zoo nearby. I had never been to a zoo so I begged my mom to take me back the next day.

She agreed and the next day I woke up and my family drove me to the zoo.

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My Horrifying Facebook Friend

I always wanted to share this experience, but I was afraid of being called a liar, or laughed at saying I “made it up.” To this day, my parents don’t even know this happened. What I’m about to tell you is as true as I can state it, and an experience that still haunts my mind to this very day. I was a 16 year old girl at the time, but not a very happy one. I was bullied in school, and had my heart broken several times by guys who often manipulated me.

I had one best friend, whom I’m still friends with to this very day.

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