The Girl in the Apartment

Alright. So this is a story about from when I was around 14 or 15, I’d say 9th grade or so.

I was moving into a new city at the time, in this old apartment; this was before I moved to California which is where I live now.

As we were walking in the lobby of this new building something didn’t feel right. I tried to ignore the feeling and continued on to the elevator once my parents got finished reserving our room.

My mother pressed the elevator button and the elevator arrived to where we were, I stepped in and so did the rest of my family.

The elevator went up, but as it was going up I could’ve SWORN I saw a black figure just fall from the top of this building (The elevator is see through) when I turned my head to look completely, I saw nothing. I decided to ignore the feeling and once the elevator arrived on the top level, I stepped out with my family.

It was an 8th floor building, which means the top floor was just the 8th floor. It wasn’t a skyscraper, but it wasn’t too short of a building either. I had never really been this high up before, so as I looked out the window the view kind of frightened me.

We entered our apartment room and laid down our stuff to get settled in, this was one HUGE apartment space. It looked like a big family had once owned this apartment space, I only had 2 other siblings so it didn’t really make sense to me as to why we were given such a big ass apartment space.

There were 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, and 5 bathrooms. I thought to myself “This is one big ass building for only 8 floors up”.

At around 11 PM at night, I was getting ready to go to sleep…after all the rest of my family was sound asleep and I was the only one still up on my phone.

As I was about to shut off my phone, I started hearing soft crying coming from what sounded like a little right by the kitchen, I thought it might’ve been some little girl walking down the hallways outside of the apartment rooms and I shrugged it off. But here’s where things get scary. The crying suddenly stopped, and I began feeling a little bit relieved. I decided to go out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and an apple, I walked out of my room and as soon as I opened the fridge, I noticed…..a KNIFE covered in blood on the top rack of the fridge…I was shocked and confused.

I shut the fridge and ran out to the balcony to slow down my breathing, after all we got a beautiful street view and the air was hot and humid, usually the kind of surroundings that tend to calm me down.

I sat out there for a few minutes, and managed to fall asleep. I had a weird dream that some girl….with curly brown hair was standing in front of me, screaming at me “Get out! Get out of here! Get out Get out!” then she ran off and I heard loud breathing beside me in the dream. I woke up, and from the corner of my eye I saw a girl….maybe around 11 or 12, with the SAME brown curly hair and pajamas from the dream standing against the railing of the balcony, breathing hard and loud….!

I turned around and she was gone. I thought I was going crazy at this point. I slowly got up and walked back inside.

The MINUTE I walked back inside, I heard a scream, I turned around and that girl was plummeting down the building to HER DEATH. I thought “WHAT THE FUCK?” I just checked to see if she was there and she WASN’T.

Then I saw her fall down. I called 911 and explained to them what happened, an ambulance had shown up and they searched around, but couldn’t find this alleged girl anywhere on the pavement. After them searching ALL NIGHT, they decided to call it quits and go back because they couldn’t find this girl I was talking about. I went to the front desk the next morning, and explained to them what had happened. One lady in particular told me, several years ago an 11 year old girl had jumped to her death from that same balcony due to cyberbullying and other family troubles.

Something weird is happening

I have been constantly seeing this creature in my dreams, hearing voices hearing unexplained noises and seeing shadowy figures.

This all started about a month ago when I came back from school and fell asleep, then I saw this creature in my dream. Since then I have been hearing and seeing things like hearing people talking sounding like they are next to me when I am home alone, weird noises and seeing tall shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye.

I can’t really explain some of these things but I do believe in the paranormal and am religious, I pray these are not signs of some sort of demon or thing like that.

One thing is I have NEVER experienced anything paranormal in my life until now and I don’t know what to do. If you can help me I would appreciate it to is if it’s just me of something else more malicious

(P.S I also drew a picture of the creature in my dreams which I will upload the picture with this)

The man at the bus stop

this only happened acouple days ago,well only about 9. you see i’m a 16 year old girl that the guys would call very pretty and i have a very nice body. for I do work out and try to keep my face clear.

I’m only 5’4 with dark blood red hair with bright blue eyes, and my hair goes past my butt. i’m not every strong so its pretty easy to take me down if your a male. but before i go more into the story i have to say i’m a sassy little thing and don’t take nothing for anyone.

and i have a natrul bitch face so alot of people don’t mess with me.

But for some reason nun of this worked on this was man i seen at my bus stop one day. I live in a small town and everyone knows me andi know everyone but i have never in my life seen this man.

i was walking to the bus stop looking down at my phone scrolling on instagram when i bumpped into someone. it was the man he looked to be in about his 20’s and he was very handsome man. he had large muscles and a very sharpe jaw line his eyes where green and his hair was black.

I told him i was sorry but all he did was raise his hand and say “It’s nothing its my fault for standing in a pretty little gems way” his eyes just sharpened at me and he looked at me the way he said it sent a chill up and down my spine.

i just stepped away and put my earbuds in and waited for the bus.

when it came we both got on and out of all the seats that where empty he sat right next to me . his shoulder touching mine and everytime i moved over so did he. the day past and i didn’t see him i kinda forgot all about him and he wasn’t on the bus for the ride home. but on my way home there was a man in all black standing by the corner of my street not moving. i had my pepper spray ready just incase. but when he seen me getting closer he left. later that night i got a friends request on my instagram and you could tell that this user just made there pf and i was the first person and only person they followed. so i accepted and then they started liking all my post and putting hearts under my post.

i had no idea who it was till they commented what a pretty little gem under one. and i knew who it was i blocked him because i dont do the stalking stuff. the next day i got a ride to school form my boyfriend that i have been with for two years. later that day while i was at my locker i heard my name come out of a mouth and said by a voice that sounded angry but was trying not to show it.

i turned and seen him he was standing there with the look of hate in his eyes. he kinda pushed me up to my locker and said”who is that man you where with” he started getting louder and more rough “who is he why was you with him” he started pushing my head to my locker but i said before i dont take nothing from no one.

so i punched him in the face and his nose started to bleed.

all i did was say fuck off and i shut my locker and left. looking at my hand i had some of his nose blood on it and went to the bathroom and washed my hands. i came out to see my boyfriend lets call him max.

Max was pissed and was yelling at me saying”so your cheating now yeah i found out aboout him” i just looked at him with a bumd face on what the hell are you talking about max is what i said back he then explained that a biy he never seen before came up and told him everything about the sex and the nudes and him staying over at night. i was shocked and at this point crying i thought i was gonna losse him untill i told him everything about that new guy i didn;t even know his name. and now max was even more pissed and hugged me and said he was so sorry and kissed my forhead. when i layed my head on max’s chest i turned my head to see that guy looking around the lockers. i spent the night with max and i didnt see him at school the next day. and boy was i glad but later i had to go to work and he was there. he was at my work and noone else but another girl was there. he looked at me and never stopped so being the little sassy thing i am i gave him the two fuck you fingers and all he did was lick his lips. you fucking perv is all i said but what he said was the most creepest thing out of this how story “you and max had a fun night last night” now me and max didn’t do anything lastnight all we did was watch a movie and fall asleep but how did he know i was at max’s place.

I texted max to come pick me up for my shift was almost over “Stop texting him he don’t love you ” is what this man said but i said nothing and acted like i didn’t hear him he then stood up and came over to the counter. can i help you sir is all i said as he opened his mouth “i dont see your number on the menu” i rolled my eyes and looked at the other girl that was working she could tell how i felt and just took over his order. max then pulled up and as i got ready to go out to him. that man was out there talking to max. and max just looked at me and the girl pulled me back “he has a pocketknife” is all she said wheni seen max get out of the car and stood in front of the man. i ran outside and pushed him and told him to leave me alone that he was a creep. thats when he pulled out the knife. thats when max picked me up and put me in the car which kinda made me mad because he knows it makes me feel small when he does it. the girl i was working with called the cops and he tried to stab max but max grabbed his arm and punched him in the face knocking him out. i left and me and max moved in together and i have no idea what happened to him and i quit my job and got a new one. i guess all i could say is that i never even got his name and i hope i never see him again because if i do i’m gonna kick him where the sun don’t shine

The blocked room

Couple of years ago I was visiting my best friend who studied in another city. I stayed at her dorms and when we got hungry and decided to go buy some groceries, it was already dark outside. The store was pretty far away but we headed out anyways.

On our way to there we saw an abandoned building and since we are both passionate horror fans, it intrigued us and we said ‘Screw it! The groceries can come later.’ We went to check it out and when we got closer to the fence that was surrounding it, we saw a sign that said that the place was abandoned ward of a hospital that is currently deteriorating and dangerous. After a brief check we found a hole in the fence that wasn’t too far away from the sign. It was enough for a person to fit through so we decided to explore the building anyway.

I opened up my phone and started taking a video when we got in. That was our only source of light in the pitch black darkness. When I shined my phone light on the floor, it was full of trash and broken glass and scattered around we saw couple of wheelchairs. On the other side there was a staircase to the second floor and we thought that would be more interesting to check out. So we did. We climbed the stairs slowly with my phone lighting the way.

When we reached the second floor the light showed more of the broken glass on the ground. I started thinking that the whole experience is getting pretty boring and disappointing, but for the sake of my friend I decided to keep exploring anyways. We kept walking on the corridor for a bit more until a room in our left caught my eye. Instantly I wanted to see what is inside so I quickly turned my phone in that direction. In a split second my phone completely shut off… as everybody knows when a smartphone shuts off, it shows the logo and what not but not in this case. It just stopped responding. So now we were left in the dark and we started hearing creepy sounds down the hallway. While all of this was going on I was constantly trying to turn on my phone but with no success. At this point we were really fucking scared so we ran out of there as quick as we could in the darkness.

As soon as we left the building my phone lights turned on. The first thing I did was to check if the video is saved but as you can guess, it wasn’t there. At that point the last thing we wanted to do was to go back in there again so we called it a night and headed straight back to her dorms.

Couple of days passed and the fear was replaced by curiosity so me and my best friend persuaded her boyfriend to join us this time. And of course we had to do it during the night again. We got in the same way and headed straight for the room at the second floor. What really shocked us was that the whole doorway was bricked out. That stopped us from accessing that room that we so badly wanted to check.

That did not stop us from exploring the hospital and we kept walking down that hallway. The third floor staircase was blocked and next to it were the emergency stairs for the first floor so that’s where we headed to. My bestie was leading the way as me and her boyfriend held the lights. While walking down the stairs, about to step on the first floor she told us to quickly shut off the lights and stay silent as she peeked from the corner. She kept peeking for minutes which felt like way more than they were as I stared at the empty rooms and the wheelchairs in front of us, which made it much creepier. She then whispered to us to check the fence next to us for another possible exit or entrance, so we did but saw nothing. We waited for some more time while she stayed like that, when out of the sudden she yells at us to run as quick as we could toward the exit. We ran not stopping or looking back till we reached the dorms.

When we reached the stairs of the dorms we were out of breath and we just collapsed there. We demanded an explanation from her and what she said truly horrified us all. She had seen a tall black figure of what seemed like a very large man standing still in the middle our exit. It did not move a single bit, it just stared our way. We tried to explain what the fuck just happened for hours.

It could not be a guard of the nearby hospital or he would have looked around or flashed a light or did something except just stand and stare, it could have been the person who bricked out the door on the second floor which creeped us out even more because that would mean he saw us the first time we entered and knew we would come back. Why else would somebody block out a door of an abandoned building that you’re not supposed to go inside anyway. What could he be hiding to be so important to brick a full door in couple of days.

We also considered that the question isn’t who but what, after all we still can not explain what happened to my phone as I was just about to light up that same room.

We are considering going back there to check it out again to see if the door is still blocked, but this time it sure as hell will be during the daytime.




A Weird Night

So I was about 6 years old when this happened. My mother and I were playing “Store” Since I just got a huge bag of clothing. All of a sudden, we heard a huge bang. We didn’t know what it was or who it was, and then all of a sudden we heard my brother screaming.

My brother never screamed, so we knew something was up. (Also, the house was a cabin-like house with 3 bedrooms and a basement, my brother was in the living room playing on his computer.) All of a sudden, we saw a huge shadow in the hall, wearing a suit and a fedora. A few years prior a man committed suicide and slit his throat on the green rug in our front yard, which we didn’t know until we looked it up.

We’ve had a lot more paranormal sightings since then, even after we’ve moved from that place. I don’t mind if you don’t believe this, but it happened and it was terrifying.