Creepy Phill

I am a 27 year old female but this took place is 2010 when I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I grew up in western New York and also went to school in the same city that I grew up in. At this time, I was starting a 6 month internship for my degree program. This internship basically required us to track our walks around town, observe our surroundings, work on our communication skills. It wasn’t particularly difficult but it had challenges.

At this time, my on-and-off again college boyfriend Bobby and I were broken up. This internship required us to work a large group of people that rotated, so that we had to work with everyone in this program at least once. I am usually a friendly person and will chit chat or make conversation with someone if they initiate with me. This was only a few weeks into this program and I was assigned to work with a bunch of guys that I really didn’t know or recognize from any of my classes. In this degree program, it is generally a male dominated field, so the ratio of men to women is at least 5 to 1.

My group got our gear ready and began our walk. Almost immediately, one of the guys approached started talking to me. At this time, I realized how tall he was. I am of average height – about 5’6″ tall. He had to have been 6’6″ or 6’7″, easily. He was pleasant enough and I myself was always taught to be polite, engaged in chit chat because I had a long day ahead and it helped passed the time.

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The House I Live In

This story has about three parts in it all related to each other over time that lead me to think my house is haunted. So for a back story I live on the coast in the middle of about 13 acres of woods we own and about 27 more acres surround us all around our property as well with few people live close by. Ever since I was a kid, I liked spells and magic so I would play with that type of thing. Nothing happened I think but these stories make me question that.

So this first part is from when I was about 5 or so and I still remember it so well it scares even me. On night I had gotten in trouble with my parents for sassing off to them and sent me to my room. It was dark out when I was tossing a clear, sparkly plastic Cinderella shoe around the room. I accidentally tossed it onto the floor and it toppled to the floor of my closet.

I got up out of bed and picked the shoe up but when I stood back up my eyes locked with a young woman with shoulder length fawn-colored hair and green eyes. As for what she wore, I forgot; but I do know it was shorts and a top with a jacket tossed carelessly across her shoulders and she was pale and had a burn marks on her left arm and right leg. She looked at me and I looked at her.

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Scrying got wrong

I am a 24 year old German YouTube-User that likes to check on the newest Horror Stories. Just as an Information im not easily scared because I saw a lot of creepy and horrifying shit in my short life so far.
Just as an example: I found at the age of 9 a corpse in the woods, that was half rotten and brutally humilated.

When i was checking out a YouTube Live-Stream at night. It was probably 3am. I picked up a Conversation about Scrying, something i’ve never heard of before. Following this topic I got curious about it. The Conversation went fluent: They told each other what to do and what you need. The items needed were a Mirror, a Candle and a Chair in a dark room. They said that you only need to look into the mirror a while and if you are lucky: your face may morph into something different. Sadly I didnt follow the conversation long enough because i was to hyped to try it at least once (that was a big mistake.. as i realized about one hour later.)

So I went into my living room, searched for some candles and brought the mirror into the room too. Everything was set up as written before. The candle was lit, the roomlight lowered and I sat infront of the mirror looking in it. The first ten Minutes basically nothing happened and felt like half an hour. I wasnt sleeping for over two days at that point – so time went slower in my head.

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Locked out of the bathroom

To get you started on my story I need to explain a few things. For starters my roommate and I live in a small farmhouse and we also have no curtains on any of our windows. We’ve only been living together for about one month and we’ve never had an experience like this before.

It was late one night when Dan and I were coming home from work, we were both really tired and we just wanted to take showers before going to bed.

I decided to go first because I knew he’d want to take one right before sleep so he was preparing his clothes for in the morning. I went to the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. Now our bathroom can only be locked from inside the bathroom and it doesn’t have a key hole from the outside.

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Whats happens in cemetery stays in the cemetery

So the following story actually happened, and it happened in a small rural church in the Low Country of South Carolina. It was one of my first paranormal experiences and I have not been back since, and this happened 4 years ago.

My friends and I were at a family friend’s farm, it was me, P, A, and my sister T. We were driven their by P’s mom, and to help out the friend we agreed to all go to the church she helped run so P’s mom and her could help set up for the church the next day.

Now, if you’ve never been in old churches, sometimes they’re in the middle of a cemetery, and this cemetery had stones from the civil war era, and some even older so it was a very big and creepy area.

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I don’t know what it wasNarrated! 

To begin, I live in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and was raised here. My best friend, who I’ll call B, was born and raised here as well, and we’ve been close since we were barely thirteen. We are still like sisters and spent most of our time together until we both got married and had families of our own. Now that you have a little background, I’ll share a short, but creepy two-part story about what we saw one night by the river on highway 129.

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The Weird Voicemail

So today after school I was in my mom’s car and my friend was there too. My mom went to stop somewhere and I was just bored so I decided to look at my voicemails. I saw one from California and decided to listen, what I heard was really odd. It was this siri generated voice that was of a woman. She said that there was an investigation and I have a law suit and that I must call her back or they will proceed forward. The voice kept on cutting out and echoing to the point it sounded demonic. After I heard it me and my friend were surprised and thought the worst. But after we got that off our minds we went to get food and the weirdest thing happened. I tried to listen to the voicemail again but it was a different person, it was a male talking about something. I remember seeing this voicemail from this guy before but kept it because I didn’t have time to hear it. And then later when I we dropped my friend off I listened again and I noticed it changed from saying in California to Unknown. I was very freaked out about this and my mom brought to my attention that they were saying something about arresting someone. So I believe whoever owned my phone before me did something that will get themselves arrested. Yes this all makes sense expect for the fact that, how is the voicemail able to change. If any of you know please tell me so I can have a peace of mind.


There is a superstition in my town. Of the big man in the forest. He likes to roam around after midnight. Watching children in there rooms at night sleeping. But you dare not be awake as for he will devour your soul and trap you in an endless loop of darkness. Is what my parents used to tell me. honestly i don’t care if you believe me… No one does. Not until you have seen IT. IT the guy that will look at you with its hollow eyes. His very slender figure Almost like it hasn’t eaten for years. You can see every rib move. Long black nails supposedly for opening its victims. To be honest it sounds like your classic horror story. But.. it isn’t. ones that thing stands in front of you, you will see every last thing IT has done. You see every horrible thing it has done. Why i call it IT you may wonder. Because when i saw him take my brother. IT looked at me.. not a single thing that i could do. Every helpless scream my brother laid out. Still rings in the back of my mind. That night.. that night was the night i lost myself.
Even now it is right in front of me not doing a single thing. But just staring at me. IT says every night ”sti ton emit tey tub i lliw emoc rof uoy” over and over and over again. Repeating it in its low demonic manner. Filling my ears… Filling my head. Filing the room with darkness. this night it said something different. ”dlihc em ot emoc”
i know what it said. ” COME TO ME CHILD” its time for me to go.
I slowly stand up and walk towards him i can now see my brother again…

The Creepy Stalker

one day i got the app instagram, i begged my parents if i was allowed to, they said as long as i have it on a private account and i only accept the people i know, so i got the app, i was browsing through instagram at about 12am until i got a request from Sally 570 i didnt reconise this person, it was a girl she had blonde hair, blue eyes, she was so perfect, i accepted it.

I got a message from Sally570. saying hi there cutie :).

i said hey, she seemed so nice. we talked until about in the morning, until i said im gonna go.

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I was followed into the woods

As children, we are all taught to trust adults. Whether it be our parents or guardians, relatives or teachers, we always have been told we could trust these people. However, not every family friend you meet can be trusted.

I’d like to say that I am a female, fourteen years of age, as of me writing this. When the story happened, I was around five or six years old.

When I was little, I always went to work with my father on Sundays for many reasons. A few of them being because I didn’t want to be bored at home and only hearing the whirring of my mother’s sewing machine, as that’s what she did on Sundays. Sew, sew, sew. Another reason was because behind my father’s work, there was this wide expanse of forest. Trees for miles and miles.

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