The Creepy Stalker

one day i got the app instagram, i begged my parents if i was allowed to, they said as long as i have it on a private account and i only accept the people i know, so i got the app, i was browsing through instagram at about 12am until i got a request from Sally 570 i didnt reconise this person, it was a girl she had blonde hair, blue eyes, she was so perfect, i accepted it.

I got a message from Sally570. saying hi there cutie :).

i said hey, she seemed so nice. we talked until about in the morning, until i said im gonna go.

thats when things got weird, when i said im gonna go she told me no stay. fucking stay, i ignored her and went to bed, i woke up at 3 in the morning, i didnt know if something woke me up or i just woke up cassualy, i checked my phone and got about 60 texts from Sally 570.

They said HELLO DONT LEAVE ME, STAY. DONT FUCKING GO ANYWHERE, all the rest where pictures, my mouth dropped, my heart raced, it was a photo of me sleeping, a photo of my house, i was so scared, then..

i heard a sudden bang on the window. I looked and i seen nothing but a flash.

Then I got another text from her it was a photo of me looking out the window. I ran to my parents room but my door was locked. i couldnt go anywhere.

I went under my blankets and heard a whisper saying, be… careful. I called the cops they said they would take about 10 to 15 minutes. Until.. my legs got pulled from the bottom of my bed. I seen a face…. it was a man. I screamed. my parents came rushing there but they couldnt get in the room since the door was locked.

The cops came, he jumped out of the window. the cops couldnt get him, they didnt know who it was but i hadednt seen him for 2 years, but im still scared to death.

now im not accepting anyone i dont know, you should to.

I was followed into the woods

As children, we are all taught to trust adults. Whether it be our parents or guardians, relatives or teachers, we always have been told we could trust these people. However, not every family friend you meet can be trusted.

I’d like to say that I am a female, fourteen years of age, as of me writing this. When the story happened, I was around five or six years old.

When I was little, I always went to work with my father on Sundays for many reasons. A few of them being because I didn’t want to be bored at home and only hearing the whirring of my mother’s sewing machine, as that’s what she did on Sundays. Sew, sew, sew. Another reason was because behind my father’s work, there was this wide expanse of forest. Trees for miles and miles.

I lived in a town where nothing really ever went sour. Everyone sort of knew everyone around and people let their kids play outside after four by themselves. It was quite peaceful and I enjoyed it as a kid. I mean, I still do now, but I am more cautious than I was a long time ago.

This particular Sunday really didn’t seem off, until I asked my father if I can go back into the trails in the woods. You see, there was this paintball park right next to my father’s workplace and all these long trails were being built so that when the park was opened and everything was finished, players can go back into the woods to do some shooting with the paint balls. However, since they were closed on Sunday, my father let me go back there. Honestly I sort of wish he didn’t.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was five or six years old at the time. So little me was skipping down the trail, landing in puddles where it rained the night before. I never went too far, since I knew where to stop when in started getting a little too dark under the canopy of tall tree leaves.

I was passing a small clearing to the right side where a log was, when I noticed I heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, as I was a curious little child, I saw it was one of my father’s friend’s brother. Now, what I did not know was that the man that stood behind me was very messed up in the head.

I went from staring at him in confusion to greeting him politely. For this story, I’ll call him Bob.

“Hi Bob! Why are you back here? Did you want to look at the trees to?” I asked him, still a little unsure. He shook is head and walked ahead of me, sitting against this fallen over log in the clearing. Bob turned to me and asked; “It must have been a long walk. Would you like to sit on something?” His face had a small grin on it.

Now, as a child, I was very, very innocent. Back then I thought magic did exist and, well, thought he brought along a chair or something. So, being the naive child I was, I asked him; “What?”

He looked down to the jeans he was wearing and unzipped the zipper in the front and his private part was out. Even as a child, I knew something was terribly wrong here. “Nevermind.” I said, quite weirded out. I then started walking quickly the other way back to my dad’s work.

He shouted behind me; “Come back here!” and before I knew it, I was being chased.

This man, Bob, was quite overweight. Not to be rude, but it was true. I ran like a bat straight out of hell away from him as he jogged about 20 or so feet behind me. In his right hand he held one of those Swiss Army pocket knives, I believe they are called. You know, the one that the blade goes into the handle and such. He threw it behind him and gave up trying to get to me.

I made it to the treeline behind my dad’s work, and he wasn’t up there. He was at the paintball trail entrance. thinking that’s the way it led out. Instead of meeting me, he met Bob. He then asked Bob what he was doing, but my father told me he said nothing.

I only remembered this story recently and have told both of my parents. My father pointed out that he also always went into the room where I’d watch some cartoons and lay on the bed with me in strange, inappropriate positions. Not only that, but he always felt up my cousin’s arm whenever they were around.

We haven’t seen Bob in a while, but I’d rather not meet him again.


Ladies Can Be Pedos Too

Let me just preface this by saying I was around five or six when this happened. I was an extremely friendly child, naive with a deep love for animals. These were both horrible traits for me to have in the situation I was in. I loved the park and my father took me to one nearby, he did as he usually did and took me to the swingset, he got me started on those and walked to a nearby bench to talk on the phone. I was still visible to him from where I was, so he felt okay with it. I was happily doing my thing on the swingset when my young eyes caught the glimpse of a puppy. A Saint Bernard puppy which was my favorite breed. I instantly got excited and the person walking it seemed normal enough. It was a woman, she looked middle aged. I had been schooled on stranger danger, but I had never heard stories about women being bad strangers. So, I thought it was okay and I got off the swings, running to her. I was excited as I ran over and I asked to play with the puppy. Looking back on it, there were plenty of things that should have been red flags; she seemed nervous, she called me

I was happily doing my thing on the swingset when my young eyes caught the glimpse of a puppy. A Saint Bernard puppy which was my favorite breed. I instantly got excited and the person walking it seemed normal enough. It was a woman, she looked middle aged. I had been schooled on stranger danger, but I had never heard stories about women being bad strangers. So, I thought it was okay and I got off the swings, running to her. I was excited as I ran over and I asked to play with the puppy. Looking back on it, there were plenty of things that should have been red flags; she seemed nervous, she called me

Looking back on it, there were plenty of things that should have been red flags; she seemed nervous, she called me pretty and was very touchy with me. Brushing over my hair or touching my shoulder, she even rubbed a hand over my thigh, claiming to be “feeling your pretty flowered dress, it looks so soft”. A lot of my mom’s friend’s said similar things, though not as creepily, so I brushed it off. I was rambling on and on about how much I loved dogs and animals in general, I was a very talkative child. She just smiled at me and it made me feel uncomfortable, it reminded me of how the Big, Bad Wolf smiled at Little Red when he was posing as her grandmother.

She happily told me, “He’s one puppy out of a litter of five, you can come see the other puppies if you like, they are over there with my friend” she nodded over to the more woodland section of the park. It was close by and my mind said she had one puppy, so there was no possible way she could be lying. I was a dumb child. I went with her without a second thought. We walked for a couple of minutes over to the other side of the park. She led me up the hill and I looked around.

All I saw was a group of teenagers playing frisbee and an older man sat alone on a bench a few yards away from them. I saw no puppies and I got even more nervous when the man got up and started walking towards us. I didn’t know what to do and I did the only thing that came to my mind, I screamed as loudly as I could and felt tears well in my eyes. I don’t remember much after this, just that two of the boys were running over and asking if they were my parents, they tried to lie and say yes, but I shook my head.

I remember the boy best by his hair, it was green. He was pulling me away from the pair and I remember a lot of yelling. He asked where my parents were and had me show him to them. So, I took him to my dad who was freaking out and yelling at me when I got there. I don’t know exactly what happened to them. So…Creepy couple at the park, let’s not meet again.

Security guard creepy story

“The night I saw an unknown creature(Bigfoot?)”, I’m an unarmed security guard in the state of Utah, this experience took place about 1 month ago. I work graveyard shifts at a 14 building, 90 acre office park near forest and a very large mountain range(which will be relevant to the experience. To start off I would like to provide some details, on the very far west side of the property there is a line of trees and forest separating a neighborhood and the office parks property, and to the north of it is a bike trail with forest on both the east and west sides, at night the parking lots are very dark with street lights set up about 60 feet apart. that being said, it makes this forest area extremely dark during the night. Well one night I was out on my patrol and I was shining my flashlight into this thick wooded area, as I was scanning the tree line for any trespassers or teenagers having sex/smoking weed (i catch teens nearly every night) my light happened upon a set of blueish white eyes, I should note that this is a very popular place for deer to roam, at first I thought it was a deer(due to them being common) so I drove a little closer and discovered this thing was not a deer, it was crouched down almost in a kneeling position, then it stood up on two legs, This creature had to have been 8 feet tall with thick dark brown hair, it was not fur, it was hair and it had a deformed almost human like face, I could see a nose and massive jawline, it had massive shoulders and a very muscular build, I sat in my security car just staring in awe at what I was looking at, slightly curious and frozen with fear. After about 2 minutes of glaring at each other this thing let out the most bone chilling scream, then turned and ran off into the forest. I don’t know what I saw that night but ever since I’m very aware of my surroundings, I’m a true believer of the unknown and unexplained things in this world. This world is indeed a strange one.

The Girl in the Apartment

Alright. So this is a story about from when I was around 14 or 15, I’d say 9th grade or so.

I was moving into a new city at the time, in this old apartment; this was before I moved to California which is where I live now.

As we were walking in the lobby of this new building something didn’t feel right. I tried to ignore the feeling and continued on to the elevator once my parents got finished reserving our room.

My mother pressed the elevator button and the elevator arrived to where we were, I stepped in and so did the rest of my family.

The elevator went up, but as it was going up I could’ve SWORN I saw a black figure just fall from the top of this building (The elevator is see through) when I turned my head to look completely, I saw nothing. I decided to ignore the feeling and once the elevator arrived on the top level, I stepped out with my family.

It was an 8th floor building, which means the top floor was just the 8th floor. It wasn’t a skyscraper, but it wasn’t too short of a building either. I had never really been this high up before, so as I looked out the window the view kind of frightened me.

We entered our apartment room and laid down our stuff to get settled in, this was one HUGE apartment space. It looked like a big family had once owned this apartment space, I only had 2 other siblings so it didn’t really make sense to me as to why we were given such a big ass apartment space.

There were 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, and 5 bathrooms. I thought to myself “This is one big ass building for only 8 floors up”.

At around 11 PM at night, I was getting ready to go to sleep…after all the rest of my family was sound asleep and I was the only one still up on my phone.

As I was about to shut off my phone, I started hearing soft crying coming from what sounded like a little right by the kitchen, I thought it might’ve been some little girl walking down the hallways outside of the apartment rooms and I shrugged it off. But here’s where things get scary. The crying suddenly stopped, and I began feeling a little bit relieved. I decided to go out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and an apple, I walked out of my room and as soon as I opened the fridge, I noticed…..a KNIFE covered in blood on the top rack of the fridge…I was shocked and confused.

I shut the fridge and ran out to the balcony to slow down my breathing, after all we got a beautiful street view and the air was hot and humid, usually the kind of surroundings that tend to calm me down.

I sat out there for a few minutes, and managed to fall asleep. I had a weird dream that some girl….with curly brown hair was standing in front of me, screaming at me “Get out! Get out of here! Get out Get out!” then she ran off and I heard loud breathing beside me in the dream. I woke up, and from the corner of my eye I saw a girl….maybe around 11 or 12, with the SAME brown curly hair and pajamas from the dream standing against the railing of the balcony, breathing hard and loud….!

I turned around and she was gone. I thought I was going crazy at this point. I slowly got up and walked back inside.

The MINUTE I walked back inside, I heard a scream, I turned around and that girl was plummeting down the building to HER DEATH. I thought “WHAT THE FUCK?” I just checked to see if she was there and she WASN’T.

Then I saw her fall down. I called 911 and explained to them what happened, an ambulance had shown up and they searched around, but couldn’t find this alleged girl anywhere on the pavement. After them searching ALL NIGHT, they decided to call it quits and go back because they couldn’t find this girl I was talking about. I went to the front desk the next morning, and explained to them what had happened. One lady in particular told me, several years ago an 11 year old girl had jumped to her death from that same balcony due to cyberbullying and other family troubles.