I Was the Target

In the five years that I have worked retail, this story sticks out for me the most.

Three years ago, I worked a closing shift. Now, I was a cashier, so it was just me, my shift supervisor and the security guard at the registers. The store itself was dead, so I decided to clean around our dollar section. This dollar section sits behind our little island of a service desk, which is where my supervisor was working. About half an hour before we finally closed up shop, a couple came in looking to return some items. No big deal. People come in to return their crap around this time a lot.

Since my supervisor was working the desk, my tired 19 year old bum continued to fix the displays around the desk and dollar section. That is, until I heard the telling click of a camera. I nervously glanced at my surroundings through my hair. Can you guess what I found? Yup. The man that came in with his other half had his fricking phone pointed right at me! The click I heard was from him taking my photo.

Again, I heard the clicking sound. Over and over, this freak wasn’t even trying to hide the fact he’s creeping on me! I booked it to the other side of the desk, now pretty much hiding behind my supervisor. The security guard was nowhere to be found. I desperately hoped he was back in his office and calling the damn sheriff on this freak.

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