Firefighter and His Only Child

My uncle is a registered firefighter with all certificates for everything possible. He always told us that it was hard for him to help save people that couldn’t respond to his voice such as babies but he would save anyone because it was his job. We never thought that this advice would soon about to kill him inside.

This is something sort of a sad story but it includes a very creepy person. Names have been changed because even after five years it still haunts my dreams. I will start off at the birth of my Uncle (lets name him Logan) first child (name is Steve). As teen parents we all knew that it would be rough but with everyone’s help they would make it. Steve was born healthy and his mother stayed the normal amount of time in the hospital after his birth.

After Steve’s birth everything went on as normal but everyone but myself had taken many pictures with him something that I now regret.  The little family Logan, Lilly and,(Steve’s mother) had even had professional pictures done. We are all thankful for the pictures now that we look back. (This is the part of the story that gets sad but introduces the creepy person). Lilly’s mother was a very unhappy person about the fact that her teenage daughter had gotten pregnant. After the baby’s birth she acted as if she was happy but everyone knew she was faking. She hated the child and had even told Lilly that she wished that Lilly told her about sleeping without the condom so she could have got the morning after pill.

After eighteen days after Steve’s birth something terrible happened. The reports say that the Steve died from SIDs (Sudden Infant Death). This might break your heart but this is two types of stories combined Firefighter and Creepy Person. My uncle had tried to revive the baby with everything in him. He even tried until the coroner, police, and ambulance arrived. They was staying at Lilly’s mothers house. Yes, the women who hated the baby. As a firefighter my uncle said that he wished he had died in a house fire than see the death of his child.

Logan and everyone in the family to this day still believe that it was her mother. She has been cleared from the case and as I said the report called it SIDs. My Uncle and Lilly had another child named Stephanie. Her mother was yet again disappointed but took more interest in Stephanie. Lilly’s mother had wanted a son because she had three girls Lilly being the oldest. After Steve passed away she had a son and tried to reconnect with Lilly. I don’t know what ever happen to their realationship becasue Lilly and Logan have long split.

Sometimes being a firefighter is a hard job with saving people from fires, save people from drowning, etc. As a firefighter you never suspect that one day you would have to save your own new born child. Even before Steve had passed away I always had a bad feeling about Lilly’s mother. As far as I can tell no one in my family liked or likes Lilly’s mother. Always keep an eye on people who are jealous of a baby because you never know what will happen. I don’t know for sure what happen to Steve but I know being the firefighter that Logan is not being able to save his own child has about killed him even after all of these years.

Beneath the Lake and Behind the Truth

My mom and whole family has always bought and sold items on Craigslist for as long as I can remember. Since I was little, I always found that the whole dealing with a stranger on the middle of nowhere deal was the unsafest thing you could do but, free stuff right? This story proved me wrong. A few years back, My family was in search of a bed frame for cheap. With little to no luck, my mom began to search craigslist and found one. It seemed to be in decent condition so she messaged the seller. He seemed off even by his messages. He wanted to meet at his home in the middle of nowhere. My mother felt unsafe. In her gut feeling she knew she could not meet up with this man.  She declined his offer even though we went down on the price to coax her into coming. Soon after the fact, an older couple from a few cities over went missing. They had went on a road trip to purchase something they found on Craigslist. In a small Georgia town,  the same one that my Mother almost traveled to to meet the man with the Bed frame, the couples bodies and car was found in a lake near to the mans address, weeks after they went missing. The man was found and arrested but it’s unnerving to think that this seller and murderer was the same man that tried to coax my mom into coming to his house in the woods. This stranger off craigslist could have made me a motherless child. I have not been on the site in search of things since but, if you have to meet to purchase something make sure it’s in a public place with witnesses and you always follow your gut feeling

Creepy Delivery Man

So my aunts were out of town for a couple a weeks and trusted me to be home alone (since I’m 20 years old) they didn’t have a thing to worry about. I’m not the major party type, I just like to go to work at a local store in my hometown, go out to eat, get cleaned up, go to bed, and repeat.

I decided to stay in one night and ordered pizza. I didn’t think this much trouble would come from something so simple.

I called and ordered, it didn’t take too long for them to get to my house. I looked to make sure it was the delivery guy. I was thankfully correct, he was kinda creepy.

I went out and signed for it, the man looked at me and asked me creepy questions like “how old are you?” and asking “Do you live alone?”

I used to live around creepy guys when I was a child so I knew how to answer them. I told him to have a good night,

Stepped in backward but the sentence gave me chills “by the way, you look really good in your work uniform.” I just pretended to smile and walked into my house, locked the door, and have an anxiety attack.

I didn’t see him for a week after that incident. I was walking home and I seen him looking around the store, I hurried out of the store.

He slowly walked and said hi to me. I smiled and waved and kept walking. He kept following me so I kept looking behind and he was casually following me. So I walked into a gas station that I always stopped into after work so the boss and I know each other very well that we are fairly good friends.

I told him about the situation, he told this man to leave me alone or he would have a problem with him and other people, the man was angry and said “I’ll see her alone soon” he stormed out of the gas station.

I haven’t seen this person since then, now I have my guard up even more.

The Man at the Door

Hi My name is Tory and this is about one of my scariest sleep overs. I was 10 when this happened. Ok lets start!

It was 5:00 pm and I was getting ready to have sleepover with a few friends. The sleepover starts at 5:30 and I had to get snacks,games,and movies ready. It was time to start the sleepover. The first two girls that got there were Lizeth and Haley. They both had their bags and some games. I said “hey guys come in yall can go and put the games on the table” then lizeth said “ok this is going to be so much fun!!” The girls went in and headed in the kitchen to put the games on the table. T

hen I said “yall can get a little bit of the snacks we have to save some for the other girls.” The lizeth got some of the apples and grapes. The apples were as red as a red ball and the grapes tasted like a candy. Hailey got some of the chips.

The chips where doritos,potato chips,and cheetos. Then I heard the doorbell and it was paris and angelina. Paris said “hey are we here late or early?” I said “no yall are on time yall can go in and get some snacks and relax” The girls went in and got some snacks. After 2 minutes the last girl was at the door. Shayenne was at the door I went to the door and said “hey and welcome you can go and get some snacks and relax i’ll be in there in a minute” She said “ok hurry SO WE CAN GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!”

She went in and I went to her room to make sure all the games and things were in the right places. After that I

Went in the living room where the girls were. “Ok girls what do y’all what to do first games,or watch a movie?” The girls all said “games” so they played truth or dare. I was up first paris asked her “truth or dare” I said “truth.” Then paris said “ok um.. Is it true that you have NEVER been on a rollercoaster before?” I said “yes that is true” Then it was My turn to pick. The game went on for almost an hour. After the game the girls had more snacks and played another game then had a singing contest. Me and paris won.

Then the girls watched a movie. My parents where out of town so the girls were home alone. After the first movie was over i put on another. It was 8:30 when lizeth looked out the window and saw someone standing across the road and said “g-girls do yall see that person…!!”

All the girls looked out the window and saw the person standing on the other side of the road and freaked out! I said “girls did we lock the door?!?!?” All the girls said “oh no” The girls rushed out the room and went in the living room and sat on the floor to talk. I said “ok i’m going to lock the front door and who wants to lock the backdoor?” Angelina said “i will” I told the other girls to stay there. I went and locked the front door and looked out the window and saw the man outside still. After she did that she went over to the girls and said “that man is still out there!” I and the girls got some snacks and went in my room.

Paris locked the door and windows. Hailey said “i’m really scared are yall?” All the girls said “yes!” After 20 min or longer payton looked outside the window and saw a car stop at the her house and screamed. All the girls said “WHAT!!” I said “a car stopped in front of the house!!” The girls looked and saw the car drive away. “Yay they are leaving!!” After like 5 min they hear a knock on the door and freak out. I said “should we all go or just me?” The girls said “all of us!” All the girls went to the door. The door has a screen door that I locked. I looks out the window and sees a man at the door. I tells the girls it’s a man. The girls started to get very scared. Then lizeth says “why is he here?” The man sees me at the door and walks of. So when I looks again I sees that the man is gone and said “he’s gone!”

The girls don’t know what to do so I says “let’s just go back to my room and watch that movie” the girls all said yes so they go back to my room and continued to watch the movie. All the girls were to scared to go to sleep so they stayed up until it was midnight and all the girl started to fall asleep. In the morning the girls talked about what happened last night.

After that the girls ate breakfast and all the girls got their stuff ready to go. While the girls waited for their parents the girls watched a movie and talked. Paris was the first to go, then shannan. After they left more girls left lizeth was the last. My parents got home and she told them what happened.


Please kids be careful.

Targeted at Target

This happened to me just a few days ago. I am a 23 year-old female with 2 adopted daughters: Alice, age 6 amd Lisa, age 10. One night, Lisa was having a sleepover with some friends and asked if we could go to Target to get some snacks. Target was the nearest grocery store so I decided “what the heck?” I loaded the girls in the car and drove off.

It was not very late at night but there were only a few cars in the parking lot. I assumed they belonged to the employees. We walked inside and headed towards the snack aisle. We walked through Girl’s clothing so I could look at some stuff for my daughters. That’s when I noticed an older-looking man near the girl’s underpants. I thought in my head: “What the hell?” but did not say anything out loud.

We started towards the food aisles and I noticed the man was following us, staring at my younger daughter with a very disturbing ear-to-ear grin. I turned around. Trying to hide my nerves, I stammered: c–can I help you, Sir?” No response. I picked up the pace into the snack aisle. Lisa started for the smartfood popcorn since that stuff is her life.

I heard what sounded like cans falling over. I turned around and saw this creepy man staring at me and Alice. I stepped up and asked why he was following me, but he did not respond. He just kept staring at Alice with a creepy grin on his face. Alice, being a curious 6 year-old, asked: “Mommy who is that?” I timidly said: “sweety, that’s a man shopping.” The man walked away and I thought it was safe.

Lisa came back loaded down with junk food and dropped it all into my cart. I looked at what Lisa had picked out and did not notice that Alice wandered off. I noticed when I heard a child scream that she was gone. I ran towards the source of the noise and what I saw made me want to throw up. That creepy man was squeezing Alice by the arm. When he looked up and saw me, he had that “Oh crap I got caught” look and ran off. I have advice for you, NEVER leave your children unattended. Creepy man, let’s never cross paths.