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Beneath the Lake and Behind the Truth

My mom and whole family has always bought and sold items on Craigslist for as long as I can remember. Since I was little, I always found that the whole dealing with a stranger on the middle of nowhere deal was the unsafest thing you could do but, free stuff right? This story proved me wrong. A few years back, My family was in search of a bed frame for cheap. With little to no luck, my mom began to search craigslist and found one. It seemed to be in decent condition so she messaged the seller. He seemed off even by his messages. He wanted to meet at his home in the middle of nowhere. My mother felt unsafe. In her gut feeling she knew she could not meet up with this man.  She declined his offer even though we went down on the price to coax her into coming. Soon after the fact, an older couple from a few cities over went missing. They had went on a road trip to purchase something they found on Craigslist. In a small Georgia town,  the same one that my Mother almost traveled to to meet the man with the Bed frame, the couples bodies and car was found in a lake near to the mans address, weeks after they went missing. The man was found and arrested but it’s unnerving to think that this seller and murderer was the same man that tried to coax my mom into coming to his house in the woods. This stranger off craigslist could have made me a motherless child. I have not been on the site in search of things since but, if you have to meet to purchase something make sure it’s in a public place with witnesses and you always follow your gut feeling

Creepy Delivery Man

So my aunts were out of town for a couple a weeks and trusted me to be home alone (since I’m 20 years old) they didn’t have a thing to worry about. I’m not the major party type, I just like to go to work at a local store in my hometown, go out to eat, get cleaned up, go to bed, and repeat.

I decided to stay in one night and ordered pizza. I didn’t think this much trouble would come from something so simple.

The Man at the Door

Hi My name is Tory and this is about one of my scariest sleep overs. I was 10 when this happened. Ok lets start!

It was 5:00 pm and I was getting ready to have sleepover with a few friends. The sleepover starts at 5:30 and I had to get snacks,games,and movies ready. It was time to start the sleepover. The first two girls that got there were Lizeth and Haley. They both had their bags and some games. I said “hey guys come in yall can go and put the games on the table” then lizeth said “ok this is going to be so much fun!!” The girls went in and headed in the kitchen to put the games on the table. T

Targeted at Target

This happened to me just a few days ago. I am a 23 year-old female with 2 adopted daughters: Alice, age 6 amd Lisa, age 10. One night, Lisa was having a sleepover with some friends and asked if we could go to Target to get some snacks. Target was the nearest grocery store so I decided “what the heck?” I loaded the girls in the car and drove off.

It was not very late at night but there were only a few cars in the parking lot. I assumed they belonged to the employees. We walked inside and headed towards the snack aisle. We walked through Girl’s clothing so I could look at some stuff for my daughters. That’s when I noticed an older-looking man near the girl’s underpants. I thought in my head: “What the hell?” but did not say anything out loud.

Fake friends

I’m alex I used to be a pretty laid back person but after this happened I normally stay inside

I was about 15 when this happened I was on the way back from my girlfriends party it was probably about 1 am I wasn’t drunk so I was in my car driving home and I started this car behind and I didn’t think anything of it until it started taking every single turn I took.

Its the next day now and i’m fixing the front door for my dad and as I am this woman comes up to me claiming she was my girlfriends friend and she was at the party last night and asked me if I could help her with something at her house I said yes so I followed her back to this weird looking abandoned house but I still go inside I turn around to see if she’s still following me but she was gone so I started thinking to myself to get out of there bit when I tried the door it was jammed

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