Creepy neighbor from across the street

This is from the perspective of my younger sister.

I was around ten at the time this all took place, And I still remember this story like it was only yesterday. To give a little context to this story across the street from where I lived was a middle aged woman with long black hair and pale skin, I always remembered that she was so reclusive and rarely (if ever) came out of her house I remember calling her “the vampire lady” since none of us knew her name.

This woman was very weird and creepy, she would always stare at anyone who walked near the curb to her house, it was always dark inside the house, like the the lights were never on, even if it was dark outside. But some nights my mom or older brothers would notice some strange activities that occur in that house.

We were never sure what was going on, we would just see some random light flickering, like something out of a Frankenstein movie.

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I was about 7 years old at this time, I moved into a new house, a farm. There were a few houses around the area but one of my neighbors just gave me the chill. I was playing soccer with my cousin until they had to go home so I just kicked the ball around, alone. I looked to my neighbors house and he was sitting on a lawn chair and smoking.

I said hello and went inside, I was home alone.

I heard a small knock on the door but I wasn’t allowed to answer the door to anyone, so I just played with my toys. The knocking grew louder and louder each minute, I got really annoyed so I went upstairs to my bedroom but as I was walking upstairs I heard scratches on the door, like a knife or someone’s fingernails scraping on the door.

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