Something’s wrongs with my girlfriend

Hi my name is nick, Valentine’s Day was the worst day of my life, my girlfriend Emily had been at her house, she had texted me to come over,

we weren’t supposed to meet up until later like 7 pm, it was about 2 in the afternoon, well she kept texting me sayin COME TO MY HOUSE NOW PLEASE, I was getting worried she was very urgent with her text I felt worried that something had been wrong wen I called she would hang up immediately is was unusual for Emily to act like this we have been dating for 4 years An never once had this happened I was on my way to her house I lived about 20 mntes away l, I got on my bike An headed there fast, I got there in about 10 mintes ,

I stepped up onto her porch I was at her front door I texted her An told her I was here she said come upstairs but be very QUIET I set my phone in my pocket

An continued , I got to the top of her stairs I was standing right in front of her bedroom door I opened it , I seen my girlfriend on her bed crying she had pointed to under her bed but she said stay quiet so I did I looked in horror as I seen some guy under her bed he was facing towards the opposite wall so he couldn’t see me I told Emily to hold on, I called the police, when the police arrived they had taken the man, Emily gave me a hug An wouldn’t let go the police officer came over to us

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