Creep Gamer

First I’m going to change all names that partake in this story. I’ve tried to forget about these events but whatever I do I just can’t. The following events that happened to my brother, one of our friends and I back in 2014 and 2015. All of these events happened in December 2014 to February 2015

I would like to say most of the time all 3 of us got online on the PlayStation 3, we got on black ops and black ops 2 zombies.  At the time of the first events we were playing hardcore team death match or hardcore domination one of the two I cant remember. A player ended up joining by the name of Ben ( I don’t remember his psn name). My brother’s name is Jake and our friends name is Luke.

He sent us all a friend invite and all of us were not thinking at all about the situation and the message I got the message with the friend invite I’m not for sure if Jake and Luke got the same message but the message said. “I would like to play zombies with you”. I’m pretty sure they did though cause all 4 of us got out of the game and played zombies together. We were playing the map on black ops 2 that has the witches house.

At times, every time Jake, Luke and I were playing a different game, he kept sending us invites to play zombies, or to play team death match. Jake and Luke ended up blocking him because they said that he got to annoying for them. I decided not to think to much about the situation. What I was thinking was that he probably didn’t have anyone else to play with or he only had the one game to play.

I got to say about a week after Jake and Luke blocked him, Ben started to send me random messages asking where have Jake and Luke been. I thought he would have gotten the hint from them not being on his friends list. I just told him that they got rid of their ps3 accounts.

About 3-4 days later, I got a message from him and he asked me if I was single and if i wanted to be in a relationship with him. At the time of this situation I didn’t have a headset so he could never hear my voice at all and I’m not for sure if he looked at my profile saying I was a male. I told him I was a guy and I don’t like guys at all. About a week later, he sent me another message asking if i wanted to be in a relationship with him and I told him the same thing again.

I started to get a random phone call about 3-4 times a day with just silence on the other hand for about 3 days. Then Ben started to talk when he called and it was kind of weird because I was confused about it and was wondering how he got my number. I asked him how he got it and he told me that I should not be worried about it at all. These phone calls ended about mid January and they started back up about a week later.

The messages stopped getting sent when the phone calls started. When the phone calls started back up the 2nd time the messages came in also. The first message I got back from him he sent me information from one of my old houses. I honestly don’t know how he got this information at all. Until mid February, Ben sent me the same information. Then he sent me the address to Jake’s old house.

I ended up reporting him to the PlayStation Network people and I asked my mom if i could get a new phone number so I would never get another phone call from him. Just in case PlayStation didn’t do anything at all about it I just blocked him which now I think I should of just done that from the get go. Since I had to use my phone until my new one came in I still got the phone numbers but the day before I got my phone he called and he said ” I’ve had fun making you feel scared I hope you have a fun life ahead of you and a fun time gaming.”