Two in One Night

I’ve had a lot of crappy jobs in the past from being a janitor that cleans up after massive arena shows, gas station jobs, to a total of 4 delivery jobs. Each had their fair share of horror stories of just how awful and crazy people can be. None though can compare to the time I worked at a pizza hut in my home city of Wichita. I worked there for over a year and a half, and at that time I had to deal with high levels of stress on a daily basis.

It seemed that these problems were split into two categories.

Either the higher-ups had terrible rules to follow that lead to low staff numbers, and low pizza delivery time promises even if we were super busy.

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A Creepy Night in a Cincinnati Motel

So this happened about three years ago during the last weeks I lived in Cincinnati. I was staying in this cheap little motel right of the interstate in one of the suburbs (not going to name the township for privacy reasons). It wasn’t as bad as some of the motels in the area but it was still shady. It was one of those places that was laid out kind of like a complex, about 7 or 8 single story buildings broken up where you could smoke in the rooms and the others were smoke free.

I was dating an amazing girl at this time who was a few years younger than me, and drop dead gorgeous. I only emphasize this as its relevent to the story, but anytime we were out in public she was turning heads. She also always had a lot of admirerers of both sexes. Well one evening we decided we needed to make a run to the closest station to grab munchies, some tall boys and cigarettes before a night of anime binging (I had her into the show RWBY at the time)

It was a good little ten minute walk down to the closest station and to get there we basically just walked across a sea of connected parking lots that started at a Wendy’s and included a huge hardware store, two strip malls, a Chinese resteraunt and the Shell station that was our destination. So we sit out on our little mini adventure, still giddy from the bowl we had just smoked. My girlfriend was dressed to kill this night wearing a corset, short skirt and black leggings with her favorite boots (yeah she was a goth girl and she wore it very well) and she was skipping along just being silly when I became aware that a car was creeping along behind us.

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