The Pedo Stranger Guy

This story took place back when I was still a little girl in the 2nd grade. This story isn’t really scary is kinda funny but a little freaky. Forgive me if I can’t recall all of the minor details since its been about 10 years since this incident.

To set the scene, i’ve grown up in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood in southern california, so the threats of weirdos and crimes going on was nearly non- existent. Everyone was sheltered and to be honest we (as in the kids) thought everyone was nice and bad guys were just something that happened in movies. Anyways, both my parents work, so each day I have to stay at an after school program called Kids Care where basically they monitor you until your parents pick you up.

I usually got picked up at 6 pm so my friends and I used our time up by playing soccer out on the field.

The field is set up as a giant rectangle but the right side of the edge of the field is a short slope with lots of greenery and on top there are a line of houses over looking the field and the school in general. Everyday me and about 10 other people or so would go out to the field where we were supposed to be monitored by an adult but since all the so called “teachers” were all in the main building no one was watching us.

This was their fault cause they are supposed to watch us all the time especially when the sun would set early from daylight savings.

On one particular day it was 5 in the evening and the sun was starting to go down. We went out to the field and none of the teachers followed us.

We started playing soccer as usual until by best friend got hurt and began bleeding a bit so most of us ran to get a bandaid or two from the classroom that was half way across the school. I however, stayed with my friend and sat down beside her.

I got a eerie feeling as we were alone in the middle of an empty field and by now the sun was just a thin line on the horizon. I’ve always been a real paranoid person and the whole time they were gone I kept looking behind my back and doing 360s because I could feel that nasty feeling in my stomach grow. When they finally came back we went back to playing soccer like usual.

The feeling still wasn’t gone.

My friend was running towards the goal and we were all cheering her on until she stopped mid way and her expression blanked as she stared at the top of the small slope to the right.

I thought she had seen a dog or something so i looked over but didn’t see anything.

I stood and asked “what? whats going on?” She whispered just to the point where i could hear it “there’s a man watching from the bushes” I spun around and surely there was a man probably in his 40s wearing a red shirt with a big ol’ beard holding a big camera smiling and watching us from a freaking bush.

WhAt tHe hEll.

I nearly screamed, we saw the flash from the camera go off and he suddenly jumped up and ran in the direction of the houses.

The last thing I saw him do was jump the fence in to someone’s backyard. By now, we were all screaming like banshees as we frantically looked around for a teacher. nopity nope nope no teacher.

We continued our banshee screams as we ran to the main building.

When we got there all the teachers were already out of the classrooms trying to find the source of the screaming. my friend and I were the most shaken and we soon figured out that none of the other kids saw the man and they were just freaked out that we were freaked out.

It wasn’t until recently I realized that this man was obviously planning to do something with those photos.

The police were called immediately and the best part is that we got pulled out of the pathetic excuse for an art class and got to talk to the police which was so cool for a second grader at the time. We both gave him a description of the man. We later found out that they never caught the creeper pedo man. Thankfully he never showed up again, or rather, we never saw him.

One Headlight

I often travel between cities in Southern California. My best friend lives 70 miles away from my hometown, but thanks to freeways, it’s usually only an hour drive. Since traffic is insane in the LA area, I fell into the habit of only making the commute in the middle of the night. At 3am, the only people on the road are usually truckers, and a sparse few cars. I don’t have to concentrate too hard, and I can catch up on podcasts. My parents were always uncomfortable with me driving such a distance alone in the wee hours of the morning, but I always shrugged it off as the usual parental paranoia, until one night.

I had told my parents I was going to be home by midnight that night. I had work in the morning, so I my fun-filled weekend with my best friend had to come to an end. But, I pushed it. 11, 12, 1 in the morning all passed me by as we shoveled chips into our faces and watched funny youtube videos together. When it was about 2:15 am, I finally decided it was time to head out. My parents were probably asleep anyways and didn’t even know I was coming home so late. My friend was getting really tired, and instead of walking me out to my car like she usually did, she decided to go to sleep. We said our goodbyes and I stepped out of the door onto the porch.

My friend lives in a nice and relatively safe suburb, and I had walked around it at this hour of the night plenty of times, so I wasn’t the least bit frightened. I threw my bag into the back of my little sedan parked on the street and climbed into the drivers seat. After buckling up, turning on the engine, and picking a fitting podcast for my journey home, I looked up from my phone to find I was suddenly blocked in.

Next to my car, a truck had pulled in close, trapping me in my parking spot. It was a white pickup with racks over the bed like a work truck of some kind. It wasn’t beat up per se, but it showed its age, looking to be from the late 90’s. The thing that caught my eye about the vehicle was the fact that its right headlight was burned out.

Before I could take in more of the car, the passenger window rolled down and I could see the driver lean out from the darkness in the cab, into the orange streetlight. He looked to be in his 40’s, short, fat, and very greasy. He was balding, but what was left on his head was messy locks of oily black hair. He gave me a yellowed smile and motioned for me to roll my window down. Like an idiot, I did.

“Do you know how to get to Victory Blvd from here?” he asked in a voice accented with phlegm. I thought it was kind of a silly question, since Victory is one of the easiest streets to find in the area, but I was nice and pointed the way down the street.

“Yeah, it’s just about 3 blocks down the road, you can’t miss it,” I replied. He seemed satisfied, but before rolling his window up and driving off, he said something that unsettled me.

“Stay safe, it’s dangerous late at night for pretty girls.”

With that, he drove off, and I figured he was gone for good. I took that moment to lock my doors and text my friend about the weird guy before leaving. I finally got on the road, but before it was even out of the neighborhood, I looked into my rear view mirror to see that a car was following me out. My blood went icy. It was a white work truck, with one headlight.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my mind. Maybe he didn’t follow my directions, got turned around, and was just following me out of the neighborhood in the hope that I would lead him to the street he was looking for. I glanced in the mirror again. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew they were on me.

Luckily, I had to pass over Victory to get to the freeway home. with a little bit of luck, I would get him to the street he needed, then he would turn off into the night. Tensely, I pulled up to Victory Blvd. Even in at 2:30 in the morning, it was a red light. The truck was still behind me. When I got the green light, I laid on the gas and continued down the road, past the intersection. To my horror, there was that one headlight, right at my bumper, leaving the road he had supposedly been looking for behind him.

My stomach was down by my feet at this point, but my only option now was to get on the freeway and try to lose him in the next 70 miles. I pulled up the on ramp, and he was still right behind me. I floored it once I hit the freeway proper, hoping there would be enough traffic for me to shake him off. Unfortunately, it was my ideal conditions on the road. There were only a couple big mac trucks making late night long hauls and less than a handful of other private vehicles. There was no where to hide.

I spent the next 30 minutes weaving in and out of what little traffic there was, but it was no use. every time I looked back, there was that one headlight, staring right back at me. On a sign for upcoming off ramps, I saw a name I recognized. It was the same off ramp that another friend of mine’s ex boyfriend had lived off of. I had taken her back and fourth a bunch of times, so I knew one thing that was there; lots of twisty and confusing suburban streets. I started to form a plan.

At the last minute possible, I veered off the freeway and onto the off ramp. The truck screeched after me. I ran a traffic light and that gave me enough time to quickly turn a corner and into a neighborhood. I spent 5 minutes whipping around the sleepy house-lined streets and getting myself as lost as possible. I parked on the side of the road and caught my breath for a moment. Minutes passed, and there was no sign of him. The feeling of relief was like no other. I started the car again and pulled out of the neighborhood, back toward the freeway to finish my journey home.

I was sitting at a light, waiting to turn onto the on ramp, when I looked across the road. My whole body froze. On the other side of the intersection was a white truck, with one headlight. How did he know I was trying to trick him? Then I remembered the license plate frame on the back of my car, with the name of my hometown in huge white letters. He knew exactly where I was going. The light changed and I pulled back onto the freeway, one headlight shining in my rear view mirror.

I had to formulate a new plan if I was going to get away from him. I figured I would take my usual exit to get home, but instead drive to the local police station. No one in their right mind would try anything in a police station parking lot. If he was still following me, I could tell the cops no problem.

I gripped the steering wheel, resolved in my plan and drove. The traffic had grown a little thicker than before, so I continued my weaving in and out of lanes, which I’m sure all the other drivers hated. I glanced back in my mirror and noticed the truck was a distance back now, behind some other cars. As minutes went on, he was further and further back, until I couldn’t see him at all.

By the time I got to my home exit, he was no where in sight. I pulled down a side street after getting off the freeway and parked just to see. Nothing. My only guess was that his old truck didn’t have the gas to make it the full way. Whatever happened, I’m relieved it did. Anyone determined enough to stalk a girl for almost 70 miles is not someone I want to encounter without a car around me.

I drove home, and the first thing I did was fling myself into my mother’s arms. She had been awake and worried sick. She was going to give me an earful for being so late, but when she saw I was crying, she just hugged me and let me tell her what happened. After hearing my story, she figured the terror I experienced was enough punishment.

Be wary of the night. I still make my 3am drives, but now there’s an edge of caution in my stomach. Sometimes I swear, in the middle of the night on the freeway, just a few cars behind me, I see that one headlight.

Disneyland creeper

This happened to me when I was 16!n visiting my dad in California with his gf I wish I could say going there was fun but then this wouldn’t be on here it was in March 2010 we all started getting ready to go to Disney unfortunately him n his gf my dad started there shit with my eyeliner so wasn’t off to a good day after all that we finally made it to Disney we started going on roller coasters,the Indiana Jones ride, as we were walking I could feel someone watching me I turned around it there was some homeless looking guy just starring honestly just giving me the creeps the guy looked like he was in his 40s with shaggy hair dirty ass clothes honestly he just looked like he hadn’t bathe in a while I just turned around trying to just ignore him an hour later I decided to look around by myself while my dad n his gf went on the Farris wheel I went into one of the little shops as I was looking at the jack skeleton toys I saw the man creeping closer I started getting more scared so I just ran out of there trying to find a security guard as I kept walking I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around as white as a ghost seeing him in front of me so I did any logic person would do n just screamed why tf u following me for n it seemed to attract attention enough to make him go away I went to find my dad just to get out of here I told him what happened but he didn’t believe me not till we where out of the theme park n I saw him behind some cars we went to get the security guard then finally he left n we just drove home

Creeper at Starbucks

I used to work at a Starbucks that was inside of a popular grocery store chain. I must say, looking back now, it has to be probably one of the best jobs I ever had. Besides putting up with the occasional cranky morning person, it was actually quite enjoyable.
This story takes place about 2 years ago around March. I was 19 at the time and the morning shift had just left. This wasn’t unusual, I was used to working alone in the afternoon until my evening help showed up. I did my daily deeds such as restock the pastries, brew fresh tea, and make sure all the sauces and syrups were restocked. Anyway, as the day progressed normally, I started having friendly conversation with the day’s “Self Serve” attendant. As I said, were inside a large grocery store, and self checkout was located right in front of the Starbucks I was working in. To the right of us was the main exit(where they keep the carts and baskets)which was mostly just made of glass. So the only thing between me and the “vestibule” as we called it, was a glass wall.
The attendant and I were talking small talk as the level of customers slowed down, when I felt that something was off. Nothing bad was happening, no one was giving me a hard time, so i brushed it off.
As the attendant went back to help a customer, I just happened to turn and look to my right. There, in the vestibule, right behind my wall of glass, was a woman. She was turned facing directly toward me, arms at her sides, and just stared at me. I looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed. Maybe she was just checking to see who was working the coffee shop that day. A moment later, I snuck another quick look.
She was still there.
Not just staring at me, but her whole body facing toward my side of the glass wall. Just standing there like someone not quite in their right mind. I looked away again. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I was hoping she was maybe just tired or trying to see inside the store. I went back to my chores and continued manning the coffee shop, but she never moved. As I kept peeking over my shoulder to get a look, I got a better image of her.
She had to be on her late 40’s, and her distressed face did her no justice. She had a tattered yellow shirt, that looked like it either hadn’t been washed or she did some light yardwork that day. She had unkempt hair like she just woke up, and dark circles under her eyes like she hadn’t sleep in a week. Her stare was so blank, I had to guess that maybe she was on drugs or maybe just stoned drunk. But this went on with her standing there for 20 minutes. The worst part of it was, customers would pass right by her and not give her a look or a nudge or asked if she was alright. At first I was questioning my sanity. Was she even there at all? Had my caffeine high from working at this blessed coffee shop finally be getting to me?
I waved over the self serve attendant and nonchalantly asked her if she saw the woman in the exit. She nodded. Good, so I wasn’t seeing things. Then, that means she’s either crazy or full of some unknown substance. Or both. At this point I was too freaked out to care. I told the attendant that if she remained there for much longer, to just quietly grab a manager to check on her. As we both went back to our posts, the woman continued to stare through the window. That half-inch of glass was the only thing keeping me and this lunatic from being side by side. I can tell you right now, that feeling alone was enough to deal with. Not knowing what she wanted was even worse.
Finally, to my relief, a manager finally marched over to the vestibule and went inside. I could feel my whole body loosen up, and a breath I’d been holding half this time could at last escape my quivering lungs. I looked over from my post, expecting to see something dramatic go down between this nut and our manager.
But she was gone.
I hadn’t even seen her leave! She just.. vanished.
Perhaps seeing my manager closeby was enough to knock her back to her senses and she left. But I’ll never know for sure. All I can warn you with is this: Be aware of your surroundings. And if you feel a situation is too dangerous to handle by yourself, find someone else to come to your aid. Don’t go it alone Even IF scalding hot coffee is the ultimate defense.

McDonald’s Bathroom Creeper

Just some information, I’m a 15 year old from Scotland and this experience has really shaken me for the past year. This guy was never caught.

My friends and I were having a great day out for my best friend, let’s call him Kyle, for his birthday. A day filled with getting kicked out of multiple stores for silly behaviour, like Primark and Paperchase. So, after an evening of mostly drinking Red Bull and Rock Star, we got really hungry and decided to go to a McDonald’s not to far away from the mall we were in.

It was around 11 pm when we entered the restaurant and the first thing we noticed is that it was extremely empty, apart from this one guy sitting in a booth in the far right corner, just staring. It was freaking me out but no one else in my group seemed to have the same red flags as I did, so I just ignored him. The man had long, black, greasy hair and was wearing clothing I could only describe as tramp like.

Me and my friends ordered our food and claimed the both closest to the entrance of the McDonald’s, I was really regretting drinking all those energy drinks and I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I told Kyle were I was going and went to the bathroom.

I identify as gender-fluid even though I was born a girl, I was feeling very masculine that day so I went into the men’s rest room and went inside a cubicle.

After about a minute I hear the door to the bathroom open, it was opened very quietly I noticed so I definitely knew it wasn’t any of my mates as they would slam open the door like it was nobody’s business. I remained quiet as I heard this person walk up to my stall and just stand there. I was finding it difficult to breathe as I was panicking. Then they did something I didn’t expect.

They leaned down to the floor and LOOKED INTO MY STALL.

I screamed and he gave me this creepy smile and said, “Nice body you have there, I would-” I din’t let him say anything else as I threw open the stall door causing him to fall back onto his side and grunt. I pulled up my jeans and ran.

My friends looked at me concerned and asked me if I was the one that screamed, then I saw the man sprint out the exit to McDonald’s and down the street. I explained what happened and they thought I should tell the police or something, but I have a terrible memory and couldn’t remember the guy’s face.

I still can’t believe this happened to me, it just proves that nowhere is safe. So by writing this I’m explaining to everyone why you have to be alert and DON’T IGNORE RED FLAGS.