The Water’s Shadow

I haven’t posted this story anywhere so far. I haven’t really thought to. But it seems right to post here.

I live on Long Island. I’m surrounded by ocean, so I know my marine animals. I have seen ducks, geese, swans, plovers, and gulls. I know the local fish species, and I’ve seen seals and sea lions. But this was… something different.

A chilly day last spring, my sister, Sophie and our younger neighbor, Henry, went down the street from our house. We live on the corner of two streets, and down that street was a small portion of beach. Our little spot was a cute place to be in the summer, but the cold spring fog made the place a little more eerie. But I was used to eerie.

As all three of us headed down the sloping road, the sand in sight and the pathway clear, we started to think of how many rocks we could find that day. It was a hobby of mine, and the kiddies had just wanted to be cool like their teenage role model. The sand dusted our shoes, and we knew we had to start our awkward trek down the rocky terrain to get to the beach. A harshly snappy wind hit us all at around that time. With your head down, looking intently at green and brown and blue rocks that could break under your feet at any time, you don’t notice much.

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Creature shot by my grandfather

Hello, first of all I’m sorry In advance for any spelling errors and gramer and punctuation marks, and over all mistakes. I really hope I can one day hear this story on your channel, not to seek attention or anything of that sort with that said thank you and feel free to do what you want with this story you can cut or delete any line add or take away phrases. you have my full authority And consent to do as you wish, this story will have 2 points of view mine writeing it and my my grandfather telling it again thank you and like always darkness prevails.

Ok The reason behind this story is to share what my grandfather Refugio Vera encountered and fought, In the mountain’s of Guanajuato Mexico. Because I feel a duty in me now that he has passed away to tell all of you what my old man told all of his kids and grand kids. He wasn’t a drunk or a crazy man I’ll from the mind, but in the contrary a respected hardworking well known man that worked from Sun rise to sun down. That is why when he told my family his friends and me what he saw, nobody had a single sense of doubt that he was liying in any way or making stuff up. He and my grandmother lived in the mountains of guanajuato by themselves, they were very poor Because they lived only of the land and animals they had and animals he hunted for food and fruit and vegetables grown by them around the house hold.

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Won’t be visiting Aunt Jane

This experience happened around 10 years ago when I was about 9 years old.

My parents had been fighting, and they were in the process of getting a divorce. They didn’t want me to have to be in that kind of environment, so they decided that I should stay with my aunt, who we’ll call Jane, for the summer. At that point, I had only met my Aunt Jane twice. I was a shy little girl, so I was really scared to have to leave my home behind for those few months. My mom convinced me by telling me all about the woods Aunt Jane lived in. Her house was isolated, and woods surrounded it for miles. I had always lived in the city, and I was dying to experience the outdoors. I quickly forgot about all my previous fears, and was now couldn’t wait to visit.

I started packing a week before I even left, and I couldn’t wait until the day I would leave.

Sometime in late June, Aunt Jane came to pick me up. Aunt Jane is a very petite woman. Probably about 5″1 and 120 lbs. Short black curly hair, and wearing at least 4 inch heels. She was younger than my mother, probably in her early 20s. She was amazing and easy to talk to. Funny, friendly, the whole package. It was a great change from the constant arguing of my parents. Aunt Jane lived about 400 miles away from my home and in another state, so it was a two day trip to her house. We stayed in a hotel after driving the entire day, and all was well. The next day, we finally arrived. What I heard about the place was true, In all directions, there were only trees and hills.

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That was not her brother

When I was younger, having sleepovers was a normal thing for me and my best friend. She lived in an old rundown house next to mine. After a night of fun, we crashed. Now, a bit of information on the situation, she shared a room with her mother with two beds. I got hers and she slept with her mom.

Every night, they locked the door to make things safer and never once did they unlock it at night. At almost sunrise, I woke up and looked around the room. Everything looked normal and as it should. I closed my eyes once again. But I suddenly got a bad feeling and opened them once again. The door was open.

And in the doorway was what looked like a 99¢ store ripoff of her older brother. He looked angry. His normal dark skin was now an odd pale green color. His wide, bloodshot eyes, looked me up and down without him moving his body.  When We finally made eye contact, I froze. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, other than a towel rapped around his lower half but he wasn’t wet. He just stood there…….looking at me……I tried to lay my head back down on the pillow but I couldn’t. I was in the weirdest trance. Finally, I broke this things gaze and shut my eyes and rolled over.

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Encounter with a Strange Creature

Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a small town with my brother and grandparents in southern Virginia, about an hour away from Richmond, Virginia’s capitol. Living in a rural area, you are bound to see or experiance weird things, but this encounter happened to me while I was staying at my mom’s house.

My mom lives in a suburb in Richmond. Behind her house is about 30 or so acres of woods. I don’t know who or if anyone owns it. This was during summer break. My mom works as a nurse for an elderly lady so she has to spend the night at work Sunday through Wednesday. This happened on a Tuesday night. Everyone had gone to bed so i decided to smoke some maijuana. It was a warm summer night and I sat at the bottom of the back deck stairs and packed my pipe.

For what ever reason, I looked up towards the wooded area. Standing just behind the chainlink fence, I saw what appeared to be a figure hunched over. I couldn’t tell if it was facing towards or away from me. I paused for a moment. At first I thought surely it’s just an oddly shaped stump. But at that moment I saw the figure stand up. Bear in mind, I hadn’t smoked yet, as this figure inturupted me so I was sitting absolutely still holding my pipe looking at the figure. We both stood still for about two minutes.

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Werewolf in Field

Me and my Friend Leo were staying at his house in New village,Macedonia.

We were staying up late at night.It was probably 11 o’clock.We were out side looking at the bright full moon.We were 13 years old and we were allowed to stay up late!Then from a field we saw a creature on all fours.We thought it was just a wild dog,but then the creature stood up on all fours.It had the torso and arms of a man,but it had the legs,tail and head of a wolf I can tell right away that what me and my friend Leo saw was a Werewolf!It was no ordinary wolf because it stood up on it’s two legs and it was at least 7 foot tall!

I pulled out my phone hoping to get a picture of it,but then it turned and saw us with it’s bright yellow eyes.It took 3 steeps closer to us,it wasn’t angry it seamed curios after words we slowly went in my friends house.But then the creature started growling like it was suddenly angry!I screamed ”Quick get inside!!!”after words the creature started to slowly walk to us growling,showing it long sharp teeth!After we closed the door the creature went down on all fours and turned and ran to the field!It was beyond human speed!After words we locked all the doors and windows.We didn’t sleep that night!

After several years we moved into City not far from the village!!I hope I never see that thing again!

Stalked by a Creature

This story is gonna be a little long, but I at least feel like it’s worth hearing. I live in Pennsylvania, and up here we have some really beautiful state parks. I’m into all things creepy and shit, so hanging out in the woods is something I do on the daily to relax and escape reality.

A couple of years ago, I had a really bad break up with my ex. I was super upset and hurt and didn’t wanna leave my house.

But my three best friends at the time were trying to cheer me up as best as they could, so they came and picked me up around 10pm. We went to one of my favorite state parks because they knew woodsy areas helped me relax and feel better. Let me explain quickly how the park is set up.

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What the hell was that?

I still have yet to figure out what I heard that night. At some point I thought it was Bigfoot after thinking about it for about a week. Sometime later I was listening to Darkness Prevails tell about some ones encounter with Bigfoot and how they usually smell really bad. I didn’t smell anything what so ever.

This happened in the middle of August, if I recall correctly it was the night of the 16th, 2016. I had gone up to Washington with two of my best friends. I’ll be calling them Jeff and Gary. It was Jeff’s grandparents lake house that we would be staying at for the week. An they would be there the second day. The first day we had gone hiking during the day nothing crazy happened other than Jeff losing his phone to a waterfall. Which was kind of funny. When we got back to the house we ate, watched some T.V. and then went for a swim in the lake. Again nothing major happened. The night was closing in on us. We wanted to go to bed so we go hike some more. I wanted to sleep outside under the stars. Jeff and Gary didn’t but, said they would leave the back door unlocked incase I wanted to come back in. I thanked them and gathered up my things. Which included my phone, a water bottle, two small pocket knives and my combat knife plus a flashlight and sleeping bag. I knew there was a hammock and a tent outside. I wanted to try sleeping on the hammock. So, I got my sleeping bag on it and opened it part way, took off my shoes and crawled in. It was an awesome night! Seeing all the stars in the sky, the crickets chirping, fish jumping in and out of the water. I fell asleep quick.

The next morning I woke up early just after the sun had fully risen. I had such a great sleep I wanted to do it again the next night. I had really enjoyed it. I was thinking that Jeff and Gary should come out tonight instead of staying inside when it was so nice and peaceful. Clearly they made the right choice in staying in that night an not following me. We had eggs an toast for breakfast and left to go hiking again around [10:00] Am. We didn’t return until 18:00 pm. It was a long day for us, we had dinner, watched more T.V. met Jeff’s grandparents and went swimming for 2 hours so by this time it was going for 23:00 pm. I asked Jeff and Gary if they wanted to sleep out in the tent. They both turned me down saying they would rather sleep inside. I said “Okay” feeling a bit bummed out but that didn’t stop me from getting my things and going out again. Jeff’s grandparents asked me where I was going? I said “To sleep out on the hammock.” Jeff’s grandma said to be careful and they would be up on the second floor. Jeff’s grandpa said have fun!

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What I Saw on a Thursday Night

I should probably let you know that I live in a heavily populated area on the border of mexico.

I was born of two Nicaraguan Immigrants, who came to the United States both in the late 90s. Now, being born of migrants from a Central American country, I was bound to hear about folklore, and things of the such. One of these happened to be, the ‘Duende’. As a child, My parents warned me about this ‘thing’. If I was bad, or left from their sight, the ‘Duende’ would find me. I guess it was just some sort of scare tactic, things that parents do to make them obey you.

This happened several weeks ago, at 10 o’clock or so at night. I had recently taken a shower, and I ate my dinner. I came to my room, to finally get my rest for the next day, which was a school day. I’m a pretty tall, lanky guy, and my feet usually hang a bit off the end of me bed.

As per usual, I got to my room, and my cat ran in after. My cat had loved to sleep next to me, as I was a warm person to sleep next to. I had my phone near my bed, and I had taken it, to text a couple of friends before I fell asleep. I was texting a close friend of mine, and I heard my floorboard creaking.

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Scratches Outside

I’ve been living in Cornwall for just over 5 years now, I’ve learnt about loads of different spirits and monsters in Cornish folk-law. Well, I have unfortunately had a few experiences and actually have stories to tell.

About 4 years ago, I learnt about the ‘beast of Bodmin’. It is supposedly a large, black wild cat who lives on the Moors of Bodmin. It’s been said to have killed masses of live-stock in the early 1900’s and has turned it’s attention to people every once in awhile. I’ve always been interested in Cryptozoology, so this kind of thing really grabbed my attention and I started doing my own research. After some time, I kind of got bored of the idea when the sighting of this creature dried up, so I lost interest in it for quiet a long time. Well, that was until I went on a camping trip with my family and some friends,

I spent a couple of nights in an open field near the home of these family friends. It was very fun, and we all were having a really good time, we just relaxed and shared a few stories by the campfire and had a few drinks, that was until one of my friends (I’ll call him Charlie) started telling us about how some of the tree’s in the neighboring woods had large scratches up to 6 feet up the trunks. We all threw theories back and forth, that’s when Charlie brought up the beast of Bodmin. Being the scaredy cat I am, I decided to go off to bed and ignore the conversation taking place outside my tent.

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