Is That A Werewolf?

My name is Yona and I live in Delhi, India. A couple of months ago, my best friend, Varuna and I were sitting in our room studying for our upcoming finals. With only a couple of weeks left, we were super stressed and stayed up for hours at night to prepare. This was our college graduation exam and we both were pursuing the same subject, living in the same apartment complex and going to the same college.

I’ve known her since we were kids, we met during our kindergarten years so we are very close.

So it’s yet another night of preparation and we are sitting in our living room, studying. Our apartment is on the 5th floor which faces a huge empty land.

The only trees present in that land are big coconut trees. The ground is full of tall grasses which cover up the land. There is a huge pond in the middle as well. When we first moved in, that piece of land was seriously spooky because there were no houses and foxes lived there.

Every night, they’d start barking and howling which was scary at first but with time, we both grew used to it. To separate the land from our complex, there is a huge 6ft tall wall which prevents the foxes from coming in. From our living room terrace, we can see the foxes running around looking for food.

It was around 2:30 am and Varuna and I were chugging coffee and quizzing each other. The foxes started howling and barking and we didn’t pay them any attention. They did that at intervals every night so it was nothing new.

However, this time, they didn’t stop barking.

Usually, they’d stop after maybe a couple of minutes but they were at it for a really long time. The complex is new and not many people live here, so there is no noise and the street is far away so no noise from the vehicles can be heard either.

So this night their continuous barking really irked us because we were trying to concentrate.

To make matters worse, the stray dogs that lived in our complex started barking as well. Our complex is full of them because it is still under construction and they get a lot of food from the workers and a few people that live here.

We have two Labrador retrievers as well, Dany and Drogo, yes we named them that because we love Daenerys and her Khal. They rushed to the terrace and their back hair was standing up. We didn’t pay them any attention but after a while, we went to the terrace to bring them back in before they started barking like crazy. Varuna went with me and we could hear the rustling of the grass which made us look out towards the field.

At first, we saw a few foxes running around and then suddenly, a huge shape got up from the ground. Honestly, I thought that was a person but then it stood up and it was holding, what looked like a dead fox in its mouth. We stood there looking at it without making any sound and that’s when our dogs decided to empty their lungs at this thing.

The thing turned at glanced at us and I could see it had a long snout, shabby rusty-grey hair and pointed ears.

Its eyes held such a malicious look and looked almost silvery in colour. It looked like it was breathing heavily and growling at the same time as it now held the dead fox in one really long clawed hand.

“Is—Is that a werewolf?!” Varuna screeched beside me and dugs her nails into my arms, breaking my shock. The thing then turned, got down on the ground and started running. We could see it going farther away as it broke the grass and trampled on it, running at full speed. We stood there still and staring into the now empty field.

The dogs had stopped barking and were now nuzzling my leg to get my attention.

Slowly I turned and went in, Varuna following behind me and locking the terrace door. We went to the rooms and started closing the windows and pulling the curtains. I have never been so scared in my life. Even though we saw it run away, we were sure it would come and back. We switched off the lights and sat on our sofa, not saying anything.

We could still hear the distant barking and howling of the foxes but it faded away after a while.

We fell asleep on the couch that night and woke up late. Varuna was still shaken up and wanted to go investigate and I shot down that idea. That was suicide! What if that thing came back. We waited for two weeks to see if it would come back but it never did. I am glad it never did.

The Thing on the Harborne Trail

I am a 21 year old male, I live in the West Midlands which is in England. I have been into studying and photographing old railway stations and lines which closed during the infamous Beeching Cuts or were just closed by British Rail. Anyway on with the story, I had decided to photograph an old railway line in Harborne which is in the Edgbaston district of Birmingham City, England and because it was not far away from where I lived.

When I got to Birmingham, I had to walk over a mile through the large city to find my bus stop, just to add a little knowledge to the story. Birmingham is classed as the second largest city in the United Kingdom outside of London due to its high population. It was at first only a medium-sized market town but in size and numbers after the start of the 18th Century by being in the middle of the Midlands Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution with the population expanding rapidly over the last three centuries.


Back to the story and Birmingham had many railways that closed, reopened or were closed than reopened for other uses. Birmingham Snow Hill railway station to Wolverhampton Low Level railway station is the only old railway to be used by trams in the city but that is just to clarify anything I missed. I researched another line that closed and I have been very intent on covering. That being the Harborne Branch Line which was opened in 1866 but closed to passengers in 1934 and to all other traffic in 1963. It has since been converted into a public footpath and is quite popular among dog walkers and nature watchers.

I arrived there around 10.30am and began my walk to the end of the trail. It was quite hard to find at first due to the fact it had been snowing and was cold. I managed to find it and photograph my stations I wanted to photograph. During this walk I had Google Maps guiding me to the station sites and while that was happening I listening to Deezer and I must admit I am a fan of the old 70s-90s music over todays. I walked down to an old station site which during its heyday was known as Rotten Park Road railway station, a very appropriate name for an old station.

I then carried on walking towards the last railway station on my walk and passed a nice old lady with a German Shepard, She was the only one I saw and this is important because you will soon hear why. I walked down more and felt like I was being watched even though it was a bright day in the middle of a lovely nature walk and with rural housing all ends of the trail on embankments.

I turned to look behind me and nobody was there, I kept feeling eyes on me and looked again just a few seconds later and behind me was a dark mass that formed a human shape but with nothing to it. I was shocked at the site and it was gaining speed on me. I quickly got under the bridge expecting him or it to emerge from the bridge but nothing. I was alone other than two people just a few hundred yards away from where I was standing.

I looked at the under part of the bridge at least five times and nothing. Just an empty dark area. I wanted to double check it was my imagination but what freaked me out was. You could only get onto the trail from a path leading down and to the road near the former Rotten Park Road station site or by going under the bridge I went under. The only people on that trail was the lady with the Shepard but they were heading back towards the road and a jogger heading the same way. I was freaked out and the fact you could not even see eyes or even hands freaked me out. I could have sworn I saw ears on the creature or thing.

I took my final photos and left the park. After telling my dad and mom when I got home. They were skeptical about my story due to it being possibly the average trail robber or thief but I swore I saw no eyes or even hands. It had a body just like a body builder and was nothing more than a black mass. I uploaded my encounter on Facebook to a Birmingham Railway Group. A man who I will not give his real name so lets call him Trevor for protection.

Trevor told me in a comment and I will quote the comment he made to my post below.

It’s haunted. It’s well noted in books. The haunted Birmingham book by Rachel Bannister has a piece in it about it and it’s on various web pages. Apparently it’s haunted by a large black cat/dog like creature it’s been spotted at various points along there up to the over bridge in Harborne. People also get a immense feeling of dread at certain points and feelings that they are being watched especially between Portland Road and Hagley Road under bridges. Hope this helps”

I got goosebumps that it was documented and happened near to where I was when I encountered it. I replied what I saw and he told me he used to work at strange hours near the old railway track and could have sworn when he was the last one on site. He heard howling and although it could be just animals. They came from off the trail and if he and the comment he made including my sighting are anything to go off. The Harborne Trail is haunted by an unknown thing maybe a creature of unknown origins or even another creature already documented like the Dogman or a Skinwalker.

Either way all I know is for sure, I better keep an ear out on my surroundings when next venturing on a railway line in the middle of nature. This world is definitely not fully discovered. Whether your an avid nature walker or just the type that walks these with friends. Keep an eye out on your surroundings and don’t ignore your instinct.

I will provide an image of near where it happened but I have not got a great camera on my phone. Thanks for reading and always remember that somethings are unexplained and do your research into your sightings. Others may have experienced it or it could be documented in a local newspaper but do not reject others honesty unless you know it is just make believe.

Credit to Wikipedia for the photo: This was the bridge I saw the thing and went under to other side where the fence is and gate.

Creature By The Truck

This story takes place in Alberta, Canada. I’m an 18 year old female now, but this took place back when I was 16 years old.

My friend and I, let’s call her Bea, were out at my farm here in Alberta. A beautiful rural setting with forest and field.

To give some brief details of the setting, the farmhouse is at the end of a very long driveway. Behind the farmhouse, there is a barn and a wide trail that leads back to a wide open field where we keep cows and horses. Along that trail were two, run down trailers that my mom and her family used to live in while her dad (my grandfather) built the farmhouse.

Bea and I were out there with my mom, her (now ex) boyfriend, and my younger brother. Nothing was out of the usual. The snow was sparkling, it was fluffy and light, easy to sink into with every step. Our truck was parked up by the farmhouse. All five of us were out back in search of a Christmas tree. We were pushing through the trees, but Bea and I decided to turn back as the sun started to disappear behind the trees. As my mom, her partner and my brother continued on, Bea and I started heading back to the trail that would take us back to the truck.

That was where everything went downhill.

Talking mindlessly, we passed the two trailers and rounded the corner. Freezing in our tracks, I swear in that moment my heart dropped right into my stomach.

There, standing on two legs right next to our truck was this… thing. It was huge. It had a pair of antlers, it’s fur was thin, dark and matted. It’s back was hunched over and it’s long, bony hands were pressed up against the window of the vehicle. Bea was grabbing onto my arm, trying to pull my backwards. I slowly started to walk backwards, praying that the 7 foot horror in front of us hadn’t noticed our presence. It stood tall and I knew that if it saw us, we wouldn’t be able to out run it. Not in the depth of snow we were standing in.

I still remember the sound of it’s breathing. It was heavy and staggered. It’s eyes seemed to disappear in it’s head. We were a good 14 feet away from this thing, (thank god), and I was 99% sure it hadn’t spotted us.

The first think Bea and I thought to do was go into one of the trailers. The one that was unlocked was rotting from the inside, the floor practically gone, but with four walls and one tiny, dirty window, it shielded us from whatever that thing was. We waited in there together for what seemed like hours.

We didn’t hear anything, we couldn’t see anything, but both of us were too terrified to leave. The only thing that got us out of there was the sounds of my family’s voices coming back.

We stepped out of the trailer and were greeted with confused glances. We just made up that we were exploring and that I was showing Bea around different areas. I wasn’t about to tell my mom what we had seen. She would think I was crazy.

We don’t live out there anymore. I avoid that place as much as possible now. It’s a beautiful place, but the peaceful atmosphere it used to give off was gone. For me anyways. Bea and I are still friends, but we don’t talk about it. I can tell she still thinks about it from time to time. I can’t blame her. I do too.

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