The Jackal Man

This happened to me when I was about ten, and it has remained in the back of my mind and in my dreams for years. I honestly don’t even know what the creature was, just that he seemed particularly interest in me. Here’s the story.

When I was ten I often spent time in my bedroom, reading, setting toys up in different things, usually all in front of the window that looked out onto our front lawn. I liked keeping it open because let’s face it, I was a nosy kid. I liked watching the neighbors and even the animals like squirrels and birds go about their daily routines. It was a pretty big window, there was a screen between the glass and outside I guess to keep people from breaking in or in our case the cats from jumping outside. This particular day I was sitting in front of it, reading and every once in awhile being a little people watcher.

Then I felt something looking back.

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Creature in the woods

this happened about ten years ago i lived in a small town in sweden during this time and one night i got into a argument with my father i dont remember exactly why we where arguing but it ended with him sending me into the woods in the middle of the night and remember i was only ten years old at this time and he told me that i was not allowed into the house for the next 3 days and i tell you those 3 days where the scarriest of my life not because it was dark no i have never been afraid of the dark and not because i was alone no not that either i like to be alone no this was on the second night i was completly lost in the woods i did not know where i was or how i had gotten there but there are things i will never foget i will never forget the glowing red eyes that stared at me from the shadows and the hissing sound this creature made and i know that it was not a ghost it was too humane to be a spirit too fysical and that is not all no this crature looked like a human even spole like a human and i will neverforget the words this creature spoke to me that day it said that there would be a time when humans no longer lived only creatures of darkness ten it said that soon there would be a time of vampires and that was when i ran as fast as i good back towards the house and litterly cried for my father to open the door and when he finely did i told him about the creature but he never beleved me he said that it was my imagination but i know what i saw and that will scare me forever

the scariest night of my life

For a bit of background. I am a 24 year old male who lives in Northern Canada. this experience happened to me two years ago. I was out at my friends place which was a few hours away from where I lived. I joined my friends in throwing him a surprise going away party because he was moving the next day. we had fun till it started to get dark and I decided I’d better head home. so I said my goodbyes and started my long journey back into town. I walked down the road till I got to the highway and I realised that it was already dusk. so I put my coat on and kept walking. I’m an outdoors kind of person so I was accustomed to walking in the wilderness when its dark. I followed the highway to the turn off to head into town and nothing had really happened aside from hearing wolves or the odd coyote in the darkness surrounding the wilderness. I was halfway into town when I heard a loud noise off in the ditch a ways away from the highway. it startled me and I froze for a second to hear if the noise continued. sure enough I heard it again. it was a splashing kind of sound like when a beaver slaps its tail in water. I called out to see if it was a person but no answer. I thought that’s weird. so I turned my flashlight on and pointed the beam towards where I heard the noise. then form out of nowhere a rock flew towards my direction which made me jump out of the way to avoid it from hitting me. as I looked back to where my flashlight was shining I saw a set of eyes with a color I can only describe as crimson were focused right on my flashlight. as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see a figure that would haunt my dreams to this day. it looked like a wolf but emaciated and a deer’s head and long human like arms with long razor sharp claws. just when I thought it was terrifying enough it stood up and made a cry that sent cold shivers down my was like hearing a woman shrieking mixed with the roar of a bear. my fight or flight instinct kicked in and I ran as fast as I could down the road. I could hear trees rustling and branches snapping as i ran for my life. my lungs were burning and i knew it was only a matter of time before I ran out of adrenaline. luckily a car came down the highway and I flagged them down as quick as possible and explained the situation. the people in the car didn’t believe me, but then the creature let out a loud cry behind me and the people told me to get in quick. as we sped away I swore I could see the creature still in pursuit of me near the treeline. then i blinked and it had disappeared. I can tell you this much. since that day I feel less comfortable in the wilderness at night and when i am going out there I make sure i have my friends with me.

Is That A Werewolf?

My name is Yona and I live in Delhi, India. A couple of months ago, my best friend, Varuna and I were sitting in our room studying for our upcoming finals. With only a couple of weeks left, we were super stressed and stayed up for hours at night to prepare. This was our college graduation exam and we both were pursuing the same subject, living in the same apartment complex and going to the same college.

I’ve known her since we were kids, we met during our kindergarten years so we are very close.

So it’s yet another night of preparation and we are sitting in our living room, studying. Our apartment is on the 5th floor which faces a huge empty land.

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The Thing on the Harborne Trail

I am a 21 year old male, I live in the West Midlands which is in England. I have been into studying and photographing old railway stations and lines which closed during the infamous Beeching Cuts or were just closed by British Rail. Anyway on with the story, I had decided to photograph an old railway line in Harborne which is in the Edgbaston district of Birmingham City, England and because it was not far away from where I lived.

When I got to Birmingham, I had to walk over a mile through the large city to find my bus stop, just to add a little knowledge to the story. Birmingham is classed as the second largest city in the United Kingdom outside of London due to its high population. It was at first only a medium-sized market town but in size and numbers after the start of the 18th Century by being in the middle of the Midlands Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution with the population expanding rapidly over the last three centuries.


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Creature By The Truck

This story takes place in Alberta, Canada. I’m an 18 year old female now, but this took place back when I was 16 years old.

My friend and I, let’s call her Bea, were out at my farm here in Alberta. A beautiful rural setting with forest and field.

To give some brief details of the setting, the farmhouse is at the end of a very long driveway. Behind the farmhouse, there is a barn and a wide trail that leads back to a wide open field where we keep cows and horses. Along that trail were two, run down trailers that my mom and her family used to live in while her dad (my grandfather) built the farmhouse.

Bea and I were out there with my mom, her (now ex) boyfriend, and my younger brother. Nothing was out of the usual. The snow was sparkling, it was fluffy and light, easy to sink into with every step. Our truck was parked up by the farmhouse. All five of us were out back in search of a Christmas tree. We were pushing through the trees, but Bea and I decided to turn back as the sun started to disappear behind the trees. As my mom, her partner and my brother continued on, Bea and I started heading back to the trail that would take us back to the truck.

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