toys r us

I was only 14 when this happend but as a 14 year old i look like im 16 im a guy and i do have a temper and im a boxer but me and my friend who i will call caswell were walking around in the store being the city assholes we normally are but we do stand for the rights of others but this one man who looked to be 20 was following me and caswell be being the guy to find it funny i said you might as well follow me home if your gonna follow me around but his response was not what i would of thought i would have gotten he had said that was my plan so i stopped walking and asked my friend caswell if he had heard the same thing which he did so i told the man to fuck off or get hurt which he found funny so my friend being the goofy person he is grabbed a toy and whipped it at him he missed but it was worth a try i could not help my self but bust out laughing but the guy gave his a look ill never forget so we said fuck you and we left the store but he followed behind and we kept moving but he out of n where grabbed my caswell so i punched the man is his jaw then his temple but he laughed when he let caswell go we booked it as fast as we could we went into the woods and hid in a bush he ran past us deep into the woods and we never seen him again

Psycho ex

First, I’m gonna give a little background. I’m 19, female. My ex is a year younger, we had an on and off relationship since middle school. I moved away for about 5 years to finish my education in a more stable environment then I moved back to be with him again.

All was alright at first, we had problems like a normal couple. I left twice by force over a pathetic fight but we made amends and came back together. All was good until about the last month of living together, he was mentally abusive. Calling me names but still I chose to stay and work things out..well try.

So, living there you’re always drinking or something to make life more interesting. On this property there’s two houses, one his parents lived on, the other one that’s where we stayed. Not rather livable and you almost die in heat or cold every year.

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Customer is always right.

Okay so little bit of background, I am 23, female and from New Zealand I’m a dirty hippy and very spiritual. I was managing a handbag store in my town and had the odd weirdo come in which is fine because I feel that normal people are boring anyway. So one day I had this older lady who had very long grey hair come right up to my counter and she told me “you are very spiritual aren’t you, somethings telling me that you and your mum aren’t getting along but you should leave wherever you are living at the moment it’s very toxic for you.” I literally lost it I had never seen this lady in my life and she was bloody spot on, me and my mum are always bickering because I’m exactly like my dad and apparently “one Gary is enough” and I was living with a flat mate that was stealing my stuff spending my money and being a all round creep (she would cut my toenails for me and had a stash of them but that’s a story for another day) ANYWAY the grey lady and I had a decently long conversation about HER mum who she wasn’t close with who was dying and she got very emotional and I felt so sorry for her I gave her a hug and politely told her I really should get back to work. I would see her walking around the mall every day that I worked and I just thought maybe she had nothing else to do. She came in another day and pointed at my left hip. I had my exs initials tattooed there, and was three days away from getting it covered up. She pointed it and said whatever you are gonna put there , it can’t be what you are thinking it needs to be a rose. This was a bit weird cus I was kinda ashamed of the initial tattoo so none of my staff knew not even my parents or flatmate. She winked at me and left. The day came that I was going to get my tattoo I hadn’t really put much thought into what she said I just wanted a black heart to cover it and the tattoo artist brought a paper over to me that had a black heart and a black silhouette of a rose. I jumped back. And I said did someone ring you to change this? He was so confused he said nah I just had a funny feeling that this would be better than the heart. I got the rose tattoo. It was definitely weird but I’m very spur of the moment kind of gal and it was either meant to be or a crazy coincidence. The next time I saw grey lady I showed her my tattoo and she said “we thought you’d do it, we did think that you weren’t gonna listen” YES SHE SAID WE BUT SHE WAS ALWAYS ALONE I AM SPOOKED. There was quite a few instances when she’d come in and tell me little things that always ended up true , one day I had very very bad period cramps and I asked my staff if she could stay on so I could go home and die quietly in bed and she was happy too. I walked home cus it wasn’t far and sat on the couch with a blanket and dozed off. I woke up to my phone ringing and it was work of course I answered it straight away because I was the manager and I had to but it wasn’t my staff it was grey lady. She said she “ran here from her house because she knew I was in pain” I assured her that I’m okay and that I just have tummy cramps and she didn’t believe that was all that was wrong but again I assured her and said I’ll be back at work the next day and then we hung up. About half an hour later I rung work and said has she left and my staff said no she’s talking about how special and beautiful you are , I said do you think she can hear you and she said nah she’s at the other end of the store and I said “this is feking weird what even is happening” I ended up leaving the job and started studying thinking that was all over with grey lady and that she was either a stalker or just could read straight thru me. One of the days when I had finished class I walked out the door and nearly bumped into a lady … you guess it it was her. She “had a feeling I was gonna be here” she told me that her mum died and that her own health was on its way out too I haven’t seen her in a long while so I’m not sure if she’s alive but I’m sure if she is she will hunt me down no matter what.

Smile guy

Okay this story was pieced together and some of the details might be off but, I am certain it happened. I apologize in advance is this sounds like some stale spooky spaghetti.
In High Desert State prison. It’s a prison North of Las Vegas Nevada, They have a prison boot camp program. It’s basically like the military only with no guns and graduation means a reduced sentence.

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