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My Creepy Ex Girlfriend Story

Hello this is the first time im doing this which i have a disclaimer, im no story teller. i dont view my self as a bad person, but people do bad things in times of stress and i bet most people can relate, but im 15 and live in Salina Kansas, i dont care if you use the name of my town, but i had a rough school year in my first year of high school, getting into fights, getting jumped by the week, and got myself into more trouble than im worth, but i pulled my head out of my ass recently but we will get into that soon.

But i had a good christmas break last year, year of 2016 into 2017 if there was any confusion. it wasnt alarmingly cold, so i went on midnight skates like i always do, and was talking to this girl, im not going to disclose her name for privacy reasons of course cause that would make me a prick. But this girl had no intrest in me and i could tell and i tried getting with her, but she shut me down. days later of not talking to her i got a snapchat. if you dont know what it is snapchat is a social media platform where you send pictures of video to another person to communicate.

He Drove Me Off the Road

I was a young and naive 19 year old girl working at Circuit City back in 2004. I was the gaming specialist which I loved, I got to test out new games, and often got free swag from the manufacturers.

I loved the job and my coworkers, but some of the customers I could do without. My department was in the back corner of the store, the most secluded spot. I had everything from creepy older married men with sons my age asking me out for coffee and “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” type of situations, to drunk idiots straight up asking me if I put out. But all of those will never be as bad as Kenneth.