Never Trust The Internet

I was only 14 at the time and didn’t understand the danger of Internet relationships. For awhile I had been talking to this guy who we will call Jacob.

We met on Facebook and he seemed like a cool guy, we hit it off and after awhile he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I agreed and everything was fine, he was a year older and we shared similar interests.

After I let a friend of mine message him as well, he became furious. He didn’t know why I let such an idiot even talk to him. I was so upset.

Awhile after she loved to upset him, but it all started with him saying how he’d kill her and how bad he wanted to do it. I was scared not knowing what to do but of course I carried on.

A few months pass by and it’s only worsened, that friend tried to kiss me and with that he threatened to kill both of us. I let go of that friend after that.

Friends after friends left me over his constant behavior of saying he will kill them, my family and I because I’m such a problem and that its my fault he’s so mad.

It’s been years since those events but remember, never let anyone control you or trust anyone



Crazy Girlfriend

During my teenage years I was a a little girl crazy. One week dating one girl, another week a different girl; but one was different. During early senior year at my high school we were doing some a Pep rally when I saw this blonde girl who was stunning sitting alone. I climbed down the bleachers sitting next to her and ingaging in a conversation. After about 3 days dating It got intimate, When I look back on it I wish I would have eased her down but at that age I was young and stupid. So I decided that she was unworthy of being my girlfriend and she just became another EX. That’s when it started, one night when I was getting ready for bed I heard tapping on my window; I just played it off as a branch because it had been windy recently.. This same routine seemed to continue over and over, every night seeming to get louder and louder. I soon got fed up, jumping out of the bed and grabbing my bat on sure gut feeling. I slowly unlocked my door as to not wake up my dog or parents, I ran out of the house to my window where I saw her; rags for clothing, hair in a jumble. She had been tapping my window for a week straight; ALL NIGHT long. She screeched the most un-human like screech I’d ever heard before running away. The next morning I realize the scratches on my car and cracks on my window, I soon came to realization she was trying to get in; if I had let that continue I’m not sure what would have happened to me…

Never Leave

I am just a teenage girl dating a guy it all sounds normal but if you experienced what I have experienced it is not normal at all, I started seeing this boy, let’s call him Mike, I just hope this doesn’t reach him and he doesn’t come after me, I started seeing Mike on Valentine’s day and it was perfect at first it was coincidence and we met at my local Buffet,

we talked and talked until it was late and time to go home, we had already exchanged contacts on messaging and started messaging each other once  we got home, the conversation started like normal a simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ and things like that, and also sending love messages but he replied with ‘I will never ;eave and I know you will never leave me’

I didn’t know at that point so I sided ‘yeah of course with a laughing emoji’ but he replied with ‘when I say never I mean NEVER leave you’ this kind of creeped me out but he sent a apology and everything wet back to normal, this kind of event happened another 2 times or so, when I saw him again he wanted to take me somewhere, that’s why I knew for sure he was crazy he grabbed my hand roughly

so I jerked back and ran he ran after me, he caught my by the arm and held me back I kick him in the shin and I called the police when they arrived he ran and they couldn’t locate him wherever he is now I hope he doesn’t find me  and try to do whatever he was trying to do me that day.

My Creepy Ex Girlfriend Story

Hello this is the first time im doing this which i have a disclaimer, im no story teller. i dont view my self as a bad person, but people do bad things in times of stress and i bet most people can relate, but im 15 and live in Salina Kansas, i dont care if you use the name of my town, but i had a rough school year in my first year of high school, getting into fights, getting jumped by the week, and got myself into more trouble than im worth, but i pulled my head out of my ass recently but we will get into that soon.

But i had a good christmas break last year, year of 2016 into 2017 if there was any confusion. it wasnt alarmingly cold, so i went on midnight skates like i always do, and was talking to this girl, im not going to disclose her name for privacy reasons of course cause that would make me a prick. But this girl had no intrest in me and i could tell and i tried getting with her, but she shut me down. days later of not talking to her i got a snapchat. if you dont know what it is snapchat is a social media platform where you send pictures of video to another person to communicate.

but i got a notification from her and i was exited as any horny shit head my age is. but she sent me a simple hey, and of course i wrote hey back. and the picture of her was, odd.

she never sent me a picture of her in her bathroom and she looked naked, and wet. and i just said hey back. i said “hey whats up hot stuff”, she answered back within seconds with a simple picture of her tits. and i was shocked, i asked her what that was for and i thanked her, probably not the best thing to say at the time but i didn’t get a response. havent heard from her since that day 6 months ago exept here and there at school. but when the new semester started at school i was still fucking around in school, not listening or nothing.

but a girl caught my eye. new girl, long hair, i thought she was awesome. and she turned out to be the girl i lost my virginity to. weird thing to add. but 2 weeks or so later i found my self dating her. lasted about two months then i got kicked out of public school for my grades and bad antics. but she wanted to stay but her and me were growing apart due to drama among my buddies and her buddies. i was at my first day at alternative school and sent her a simple,”i dont think this will work out. i got to go. it was nice as it lasted. but yeah. i need to get my stuff gathered here. bye”. and she didnt like that one bit. through out my first day, i got dings out the ass coming from my pocket.

i got in trouble on the first day and was forced to put my phone and school supplied chromebook in the front office. yay. i thought in my mind. got home at 3 and by 10pm i was out of it. and crashed but got woke up by a text from her. “if you dont get back together with me im going to send my mom, my uncle with a gun, and my step dad to your house and theyre gonna beat you up and shoot you”. i ignored it and got to sleep. woke up, shower, went to school, got shit by the kids there, walked home and noticed at my house there was a familiar car and truck in front of my house.

i went to by friend lorens after trying to stay out of sight which he lives around the corner, thank god, and asked if i can jump the fence to get into my house.

loren bless his heart walked his sister to my front yard and scoped out the situation. and i cut his back yard to my back yard, my dogs barking at him and his sister. my ex’s posse was on my porch, no one has a gun he sent me via text. hell yes so i went in inside and loren went home, they left a bit later cause my parents were working at their jobs. normal day after.

but the next week i was with a new girl i met at the new school, we went to the park and sat on the bench. and at the corner of my eye i caught my ex, staring at me and her. the other girl and me got up and left in my car and noticed my phone was going off again. it was my buddy and he was pissy. and i think i knew why.

SHE HAS MY MESSENGER INFO! i told him to hold on and changed my password fast. and i mean fast. my buddy was mad cause i apperently called him a “N word faggot kill yourself” and i explained the situation and he understood. i drove the new girl home then went to my house. later that night i heard a door bell. my mom was working and my dad at my grandmas. i didnt answer it and waited. i heard rustling in the back and woke up the next morning to what looked to key scratches on my brothers old rust bucket Buick car.

I notified the cops and sent them to my ex girlfriends house and let them know that while i was dating her, she mentioned hard drugs in the back room. the cops found meth in the back room and my ex was adopted and sent a few towns over to Hutchinson. i didnt hear from her again. no more bad happenings and me and Loren recently started a lawn mowing business and we work and i pulled my head out of my ass and now im making money. im happy i dont see her anymore and happy where im at now. so crazy ex girlfriend.

lets never run into eachother again.

please and piss off.

He Drove Me Off the Road

I was a young and naive 19 year old girl working at Circuit City back in 2004. I was the gaming specialist which I loved, I got to test out new games, and often got free swag from the manufacturers.

I loved the job and my coworkers, but some of the customers I could do without. My department was in the back corner of the store, the most secluded spot. I had everything from creepy older married men with sons my age asking me out for coffee and “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” type of situations, to drunk idiots straight up asking me if I put out. But all of those will never be as bad as Kenneth.

He was around my age and would come into the store nearly every day, or at least every day that I worked. He was taller than me, broad shoulders with dark hair and wore glasses. It started out inoccently enough he would ask my advice on games and controllers, and soon he was asking me out on dates. I would politely turn him down and go about my business. There was something off with him that I just couldn’t put my finger on. He made my skin crawl, but I was always polite and helpful.

I soon started dashing to the warehouse if I spotted him entering the store. But I realized he knew I was at work because he would recognize my truck. It stood out like a sore thumb, it was a 1983 Ford Ranger my Dad and I had painted bright yellow with black racing stripes up the hood. He would ask for me and most of my coworkers knew about the situation so they would say I was on lunch or had gotten a ride home.

One female coworker I didn’t get along with knew I didn’t want him to have my phone numbers. She helped him out one day and gave him both my house and cell phone numbers, She was later fired for doing this. He started calling me at all hours, at both home which I still lived with my folks and on my cell. I finally gave in and agreed to ONE date.

I only agreed if we could meet in a public place as I didn’t want him to know where I lived. We met at the movie theater, we watched a movie and had ice cream after. He tried to kiss me and I pushed him away and said I didn’t want to pursue a relationship with him.

I went back to my truck, relieved it was finally over. I drove straight home I just wanted to go home and shower. As I pulled up in front of my house I hadn’t noticed the car that pulled into my neighborhood. I almost make it to the front door when I see his truck driving by slowly… he had followed me!

I rushed inside and my cell phone was ringing as I ran up the stairs to my room. It was him. I shut my phone off and resolved that I would go change number in the morning. The next morning I told my folks about the date. My Dad was repulsed and my Mom said I needed to give him a chance as he sounded nice. Nice? He’s stalking and harassing me! But I agreed with my Mom after she was badgering me about it for a few days.

I went on a second date with him. He took me to meet his family, they were overly excited to meet me. His mom blurted out “we finally get to meet the famous girlfriend you’ve been dating these 5 months!” Big NOPE! She asked when we were planning on getting married, I just sat in shock. He was living in a fantasy all his own and his family was believing him.

The ride home was an awkward 45 minutes. I again told him I didn’t wish to pursue a relationship with him. He blew up in rage! His face went red and he was yelling at the top of his lungs that he would make me love him, that he deserved a woman like me and nothing less, and that his mom was dead set on planning our wedding. I told him to drop me off at the next gas station,  he refused. I told him I would call my Dad and the cops if he didn’t.

He stopped on the side of the highway and told me to get out. I jumped out and he peeled out leaving me in the dust. I called my Dad crying and told him where I was. He and my 3 older brothers showed up about 20 minutes later. I was a blubbering mess. I wish this is where the story ends. But it gets worse much much worse.

I changed my cell phone number, as a result he would call the house repeatedly. Dad took the phone off the hook. Then we would see him drive by the house multiple times a day. He would come to my work, they would escort him out. I finally moved out of my families home in hopes that this would help.

This worked for about a month. I had moved into a coworkers basement and I could walk to work. There was a tall wooden fenced in yard I could park my truck in. I felt safe, my family said the phone calls stopped when I wasn’t home visiting. So I was hopeful that this was coming to an end. He found me. My safe space was no longer safe. So back home I moved to the safety of  my family and 3 big older brothers.

We sold our home, and moved to a rental home as we were building a new house. We shut off the family home phone as there was no point to it being active at the rental for 4 months. He came into my work one day and stormed up to me demanding to be told where I was living because he needed to keep tabs on his future wife. And he was furious that the family phone was off and demanded that it be activated. I told him he needed to leave now, he had no clame to me. He slapped me and said “if I can’t have you no one can, you’re mine if you want to be or not. Remember that!” And he left.

I was so shaken up by this, my coworkers offered to take me home. I wanted to finish my shift as my family was out of town and I felt safer at work. My shift finished and I hesitated to leave but I knew the dogs needed to be let out to do their business and I had to take care of them.

I walked out to my truck and there was a destroyed red roses on the hood. I didn’t bother knocking it off I just got in and started the engine. I was leaving the parking lot and there was a big truck right behind me so close I couldn’t see the headlights over my tale gate. My stomach sunk to the pit of me and my heart started racing. I knew I couldn’t go home because then he would know where I was living! I continued down the main road in town and he followed right behind. A space next to me opened up and he went for it. He pulled up next to me and stared me down, his face was expressionless his eyes cold. He jearked his wheel towards me and I went up onto the curb to avoid being hit by the much larger and heavier truck. I made a sudden right turn and he cut off traffic to follow me.

I was turning up and down random streets and alleyways as my truck maneuvered much better than his big f350. I found a driveway I had been looking for I knew it had a wooden gate I could close. I backed in and dashed to close the gate to conceal my truck. I waited, I could hear his truck trying to find me, the diesel motor racing and then idle driving slowly down the road. I held my breath just wished it to be over. I kept my foot on the klutch so I could start my truck and go when it was safe. I waited until I wouldn’t hear him and opened the gate and sped out of there back home. I called my dad as I was driving now that I could since my truck was a standard and I wasn’t trying to run for my life. He told me to go straight home and pull Moms car out of the garage and pull my truck in. He would call the cops and have them meet me there.

I did as he said and sat in the living room with the dogs and the lights off until an officer showed up. I told him everything that had happened over the last 8 months. The two officers told me we should have called them months ago as they take stalking very seriously. They could confirm my story of that evening as they had several traffic calls about his truck and mine when he tried to run me off the road and he cut off traffic to follow me.

They were searching for him and issued a no contact order against him for me. He tried several more times to come into my work, but the cops were called as soon as we saw him. He gradually stopped coming around. I hope he wasn’t stalking another girl! I hope he learned that we get to choose who we date and don’t just follow blindly what we are told to do by some controlling jerk!