My creepy concert experience

About two years ago, while I was attending university in Virginia, my roommate and I got tickets to go see Skillet in Richmond, 2 hours from campus.

The concert was on a Sunday night, so after the amazing time that left our voices so hoarse we sounded like the chipmunks, we had to start the 2 hour drive back to campus. Mind you, this was during the height of those killer clown psychos, and we had been warned there were a few spotted in Richmond during the time we’d be there, but we didnt care.

It was skillet, the tickets were $30, and it was skillet.

The concert had let out a little after midnight, the streets were deserted, foggy, and we had to walk 4 blocks to the garage where my car was parked.

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Dead Doppelganger

Okay so might not be scary per-say but I thought it was bizarre and kind of creepy. It was probably just a very odd coincidence, but let me tell you it was one hell of a coincidence. So I should probably start with a little background.

I didn’t start going to concerts until in college which is really weird because I’ve always been obsessed with music.

I love all genres and really don’t have any bands that I outright hate. But then again back in high school I was very bad around crowds.

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The man at The M.C.R.’s concert.

Hello Darkness, I’m big fan of the show on Youtube. I love scary stories.

So, I heard you looking for Creepy Concert stories. Well, my story might not be creepy. But it did give me a chill. I’m 26 years old and female. This happen when I was about 13 or 14 I want to say. I am a rocker and my mother was taking me to see my favorite rock band My Chemical Romance aka M.C.R..

My friend went with me. I got her loving the band as much as I did. This was in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m from South Carolina. I can’t remember the name of the place.

I’m bad with names. Haha. Anyways my friend and I was on the floor. My mother was there but she hang back at the doors. Letting the two teen girls have their fun.

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Darkness at the concert

(Forward) this part isn’t part of the story, i submitted this story yesterday but accidentally left out a very important detail. In this version that is fixed so if you decide to use it in a video use this version. Now onto the actual story

I AM NOT RACIST. I know that is an odd way to begin a story but i swear it’s true, i feel like i have to say that after what happened. Oh yea, and this narrative is a little. Graphic. It all happened at a concert. The concert was being held to celebrate a new museum that celebrates black history. I was thinking, “wow dude that’s pretty friggin cool” then i looked at the list of artists. Now i live in a small tow that borders a larger, still smallish town. This larger town is Montgomery Alabama, where Martin Luther king jr. did all those marches and protests, like the famous bus boycott. Back to the list of performers, the bigger names were Usher, Dave Matthews, and the roots from the tonight show. Stevie wonder even showed up as a surprise guest at the end which was neat from what my friend had told me.

We had never had this many famous people in my town at the same time… ever. So i was absolutely going. We got to the grassy, outdoor amphitheater right as the sun was going down and set up our chairs. Nice spot, right in the front the chair area that was right behind the standing area. And hourish later some AMAZING gospel singers started singing and the show was on. The first few performances were great. And in between each one they played a short video about the dark history of slavery and a practice called, razing i think? I wasn’t really paying attention to those, growing up near where so much of the civil right movement took place you end up hearing most of this stuff 100 times over.

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