Creeper at Starbucks

I used to work at a Starbucks that was inside of a popular grocery store chain. I must say, looking back now, it has to be probably one of the best jobs I ever had. Besides putting up with the occasional cranky morning person, it was actually quite enjoyable.
This story takes place about 2 years ago around March. I was 19 at the time and the morning shift had just left. This wasn’t unusual, I was used to working alone in the afternoon until my evening help showed up. I did my daily deeds such as restock the pastries, brew fresh tea, and make sure all the sauces and syrups were restocked. Anyway, as the day progressed normally, I started having friendly conversation with the day’s “Self Serve” attendant. As I said, were inside a large grocery store, and self checkout was located right in front of the Starbucks I was working in. To the right of us was the main exit(where they keep the carts and baskets)which was mostly just made of glass. So the only thing between me and the “vestibule” as we called it, was a glass wall.
The attendant and I were talking small talk as the level of customers slowed down, when I felt that something was off. Nothing bad was happening, no one was giving me a hard time, so i brushed it off.
As the attendant went back to help a customer, I just happened to turn and look to my right. There, in the vestibule, right behind my wall of glass, was a woman. She was turned facing directly toward me, arms at her sides, and just stared at me. I looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed. Maybe she was just checking to see who was working the coffee shop that day. A moment later, I snuck another quick look.
She was still there.
Not just staring at me, but her whole body facing toward my side of the glass wall. Just standing there like someone not quite in their right mind. I looked away again. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I was hoping she was maybe just tired or trying to see inside the store. I went back to my chores and continued manning the coffee shop, but she never moved. As I kept peeking over my shoulder to get a look, I got a better image of her.
She had to be on her late 40’s, and her distressed face did her no justice. She had a tattered yellow shirt, that looked like it either hadn’t been washed or she did some light yardwork that day. She had unkempt hair like she just woke up, and dark circles under her eyes like she hadn’t sleep in a week. Her stare was so blank, I had to guess that maybe she was on drugs or maybe just stoned drunk. But this went on with her standing there for 20 minutes. The worst part of it was, customers would pass right by her and not give her a look or a nudge or asked if she was alright. At first I was questioning my sanity. Was she even there at all? Had my caffeine high from working at this blessed coffee shop finally be getting to me?
I waved over the self serve attendant and nonchalantly asked her if she saw the woman in the exit. She nodded. Good, so I wasn’t seeing things. Then, that means she’s either crazy or full of some unknown substance. Or both. At this point I was too freaked out to care. I told the attendant that if she remained there for much longer, to just quietly grab a manager to check on her. As we both went back to our posts, the woman continued to stare through the window. That half-inch of glass was the only thing keeping me and this lunatic from being side by side. I can tell you right now, that feeling alone was enough to deal with. Not knowing what she wanted was even worse.
Finally, to my relief, a manager finally marched over to the vestibule and went inside. I could feel my whole body loosen up, and a breath I’d been holding half this time could at last escape my quivering lungs. I looked over from my post, expecting to see something dramatic go down between this nut and our manager.
But she was gone.
I hadn’t even seen her leave! She just.. vanished.
Perhaps seeing my manager closeby was enough to knock her back to her senses and she left. But I’ll never know for sure. All I can warn you with is this: Be aware of your surroundings. And if you feel a situation is too dangerous to handle by yourself, find someone else to come to your aid. Don’t go it alone Even IF scalding hot coffee is the ultimate defense.

The Starbucks Creep

The Starbucks Creep

I’m a fourteen year old girl from a small town in Northern California. To give you an idea of how small, we don’t have a mall and only have two seemingly nice restaurants. Suffice to say if you’re walking down a street, it’s unlikely for there to be more than three other people walking on it as well. I hope that gave you an idea of the setting this story takes place in because it comes into play with the behavior of my friend.

Yesterday we went to Starbucks, a daily routine for us since we’re AP students and like to get our studying and homework done there but instead of our normal 4:30 am to 6:30 am, we decided to go at 5:00 pm after school. This meant more people, an unknown staff, and too many distractions. We were sitting at our usual table after waiting for it to open for ten minutes when I saw a man park his bike next to ours outside. I would’ve deemed this as normal but he kept looking at our bikes and then back to us several times despite the fact that we were in the back of the store.
“That guy keeps looking at us,”
I say to my friend who mind you, is a freshman but looks like a fifth grader and was raised to assume all people are good.
“He’s just locking up his bike,”
She says and rolls her eyes at me. I say “ok” and then excuse myself to go to the washroom. Two minutes later I come out and see that this man is talking to my friend. I try to give her a subtle “wtf” look and sit back down.
“So what math classes are you both in?” He asks us. He’s tall, gangly, has glasses, lots of acne with slouchy posture.
“Integrated 1.” My friend, Allison we’ll call her, says.
“Integrated 2+” I say sarcastically as I try to do my homework to show that I’m busy and not to bother us.
He then proceeds to tell us about how he was 18 and had just graduated from our high school and how he’d failed high school math but was now very successful in math. (High school math is the low of the low math class at our school) My friend made slight conversation about having some struggle in math and I muttered an agreement since my math class is the highest one a freshman can take. His eyes then lit up at he said, “Oh, maybe you two can be my first clients! I’m starting a tutoring business!”

These off putting comments continued until his drink was called out so when he left to get it, I took a breath and figured that was the end of it. But no. He then came back and asked if he could sit down with us. My friend said sure and he continued talking to my dismay. The way he sat was even weird. He sat between Allison and I but was facing me the whole time with his hands on his crotch area. Fuck this, I thought as I tried to form a plan so my friend and I could leave as soon as possible. “Oh I’m so sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Dominic and I’m eighteen. What are your names?”
“Laurel.” I said coldly. My name isn’t really Laurel but that’s what I said to answer the question.
I then looked at my friend, hoping she’d catch on and she replied with Allison. Close to her real name but not quite. Good enough.
“Oh, cool. And you’re freshman, right?”
We both nodded slowly.
“Well when I was in high school I only talked to freshman. They make better friends. Do either of you have Mr. Jay?”
“I do.” I replied slowly as I kept my eyes on my book.
“He’s a great teacher, isn’t he? I really liked his class but I sat in the back. Is he sill in room 6A? I’d really like to go see him and tell him about my progress sometime,”
Dominic said excitedly.
“He’s usually there after school,” I say.
“Yeah…but I can’t quite get on campus without going through the attendance office,” he said, sounding a bit nervous. I noticed him look over me and I’d had enough. I went on my phone subtly and set an alarm for promptly 5:41. Four minutes from now.
I began picking up my stuff and gestured for Allison to do the same and then the man gets up and puts his empty drink in the garbage just as my alarm goes off.
“Allison, it’s time for us to go over to Tyler’s to help him study for the AP exam.” I say,slinging my backpack over my shoulder. She nods and Dominic looks at his phone only to say “Oh, turns out my friend couldn’t make it” he says because apparently he’d been waiting for a friend this whole time – not that I bought that BS. We begin to walk towards the door and he says, “See you guys later! I’m here every Tuesday and Thursday at this exact time!”
I pull Allison out the door and begin to unlock our bikes. Once we got on our bike to leave, he came outside. “I forgot I had to go to my grandparents.” He laughed creepily. I ignored him. “I like you’re bikes. They’re very cool. Where’d you get them?” Dominic asks as he mounts his own bike but I’d already muttered to Ally to follow me. Instead of going down the street we needed to, I rode down several side streets until I was sure he was gone.

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