The Girl in the Mirror: A Campfire Story

I was at a camp out with my youth group once, and we sat around a campfire and some of the others told scary stories. I remember one, but I don’t recall it word for word. But I do remember the basic idea.

Went something like this…..

A young boy was given the task to house sit for a couple who were going away on their honey moon. He had nothing better to do in his spare time, as it was in the Summer, and he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, or things to do.

Also, he could really use the extra cash, so he was more than happy to accept this job.

They gave him a list of all the chores that needed to be done each day. He assured them he would look after the place well. They thanked him, and went on their merry way. He made sure all the chores were done that were on the list.

Take out the trash, check. Sweep and vacuum, check.

He went down the list, checking everything after he did them. There was one last thing he had to do…the laundry in the basement. (The couple hadn’t had time to do it all) He sighed and just decided to get it over with.

He never liked basements much. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house without one.

He mentally prepared himself, and walked down into the dusty, cold, dim room. He couldn’t find a light, but there was a tiny bit of sunlight coming from the basement window, just enough to see his way around.

He got to work on the laundry, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

After folding the dried clothes and switching the wet ones to the dryer, he carried the now clean and folded laundry with him on his way to the stairs.

Then he noticed something…..a mirror sat on the wall. He stopped for a second to take in its beauty.

It was an antique mirror, with artistic designs in the rusty metal frame. In the reflection, he could make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a little girl with a knife in her hand in the backround. It spooked him at first. Then he realized, it might just be the way the stuff back there is stacked, the shape “coming alive” as a result of his imagination.

He shrugged it off and continued upstairs to complete his task. He would do this every day for a week or so, and each time, he would glance in the mirror, and the silhouette of the girl stood behind him. Each time, however, he noticed it seemed as though each day, it was getting closer…..and closer….and closer. He was kind of unnerved by this, but still just assumed it was a bunch of stuff.

Perhaps it was his perception getting the better of him, his eyes playing tricks in the darkness. He decided to look behind him to check it out, but didn’t see anything at all.

Just the washer and the dryer, and some other items here or there, but nothing to make the shape that he saw in the mirror.

Somewhat creeped out, he sped upstairs and closed the door behind him. After pondering on it for a few minutes, he decided he was just seeing things.

Curse his over active imagination! The last day finally came at last. The homeowners came back home, paying him for his service, and thanking him for a job well done. He decided to ask them about the odd situation with the mirror.

They looked at him, puzzled. They looked at each other, confused. What they said next sent chills down the boys spine. “Um…..we don’t have a mirror in the basement…..”

Midnight Ghost of Church

It all happened roughly 3 years ago. Before I get started, I’d just like to say that if you see I have a lot of stories submitted, that is because I have experienced almost everything. I travel a lot you see, and I’ve been all over the world.

Let’s actually start with the story now shall we. My name is Marina and it all happened as said earlier, 3 weeks ago. So this was actually really recent. I am a 10 year old still attending a church. My church runs something called “Sunday school” and it’s basically where young Christian people go and learn about the Old Testament, New Testament and a lot more than that.

One time, Sunday school was being held in the church, not all the time it was ran in the church because we had places that were purposely meant for a kitchen, though next door to that was where we’d usually stay because mass was usually held at the same time as Sunday school so it can give the parents something to do. That’s how it originally worked out, but mass was cancelled that particular day for some reason. After learning all the usual stuff we learnt, the servants admitted that the reason why we were in the church today was because there was a sleepover that was happening here later for us. Usually, churches wouldn’t really have sleepovers, because most churches have at least 50 or more students attending, but mine only had approximately 15 people attending. As for that, our church allowed sleepovers. Once all the lesson ended, we said our prayers. Just after that, a servant started handing out a form that read:

“Dear student or carer, we are having a sleepover tonight beginning from 7:30. Tomorrow you can pick up your child then or there between the period before noon or bang on noon. We will be doing many activities and be having plenty of fun. Please ensure your child has brought these stuff listed below…”

The rest of the note is unnecessary for me to type down, so as you see, the basic idea is we were having a sleepover. I gave my mother the note once I got out of the church and their gates. She was waiting in her car, and watched me walk up to her. I gave it to her through the open window and hopped along with her into the passenger seat of her car.

Eventually we got home and started packing all the supplies for the sleepover into one of my maroon coloured and black backpack. Soon after, we started heading back to the church at 7:15. We arrived to the church, and we did all the activities the note informed us about.

It got to the point where we started playing console games. I was a girl, so all the girls were crowded playing some card games, while the boys enjoyed playing video games. We had our fun and realised that it was close to midnight. Our servant yelled out “please pack up, we need to sleep soon, it’s almost midnight!” As she said that, we did what we were told and packed up. Midnight came and that’s when we finished. The servant ordered us to line up in pairs and we did so. After, we all went trailing our servant, heading for the door that led us to the room we were spending in for the night. As soon as we got there, the servant heard the door lock. “Dang it!” she says. “The door is locked, but…” She stopped, and thought more, turning her mighty angry face into darn scared one. We asked her what was wrong, and she said the most chilling sentence I had ever heard.

“If everybody is here, then who locked it, because I know I locked the door previous. How could anyone have gone in there with… no key? So, if everyone is here, then who locked it?”

I bet you, this whole thing was creeping me out. We then decided to split us in half. Half outside and the other in. We did so, and we SAW the most terrifying thing ever. What we saw, was an old man, though, it wasn’t of a human, it seemed more… ghost like. It wasn’t in colour, nor was it in detail, but it was a brightly coloured green, mixed in with a bright blue. Not exactly teal, but something brighter than that. We ran back inside, and we told the servant what we had encountered.

5 minutes went by, and she called all of us to sit down in a bland area of the church. She told us that a ghost haunted the church. She told the story, and here it is…

“Half of the class encountered an old man spirit, and that’s because… an old man always attended the mass, and he suddenly collapsed all of the sudden, and died. Nobody noticed him because at that very moment, the music that the priest and deacons were doing overlapped the sound of that instant fall. He was not heard, nor seen so nobody noticed and he unfortunately died within 20 minutes. He died at the time: 12:00am. Midnight.” She stopped, wondering if she should continue. 5 seconds and she began blabbering again. “He has since been haunting the church at all hours, but would only show himself at sharp midnight. And that’s what you guys saw.” I was so horrified, I just didn’t talk for the entire rest of the time.

We still didn’t succeed to open the door, so we spent the night inside the church instead of the room reserved for it. I got my night worth rest, but when my mother picked me up, I didn’t speak of it, because she’d just say they’re folklore or whatever. The church is beautiful inside and out, but also has some dark secrets. Be careful about your surroundings, and make sure you always believe in what your guts tell you.

Midnight service

This story took place when about a year ago, I’m 15 now and I’m not religious at all, nor was I back then.

About a year ago on Christmas Eve my father wanted to go to the midnight Christmas service at a church near our house. My father isn’t religious either but his new wife was and he thought it would be nice to do something with the family for Christmas. The church was a few blocks from our house and it was one of those buildings that look old and kind of creepy. It had that steeple at the top which looked like a death trap for potential falling objects.

I remember it was about 11: when we got there, it was cold and dark out, and I honestly really didn’t want to be there, the whole religious aspect of this just didn’t interest me. We walked in and sat in one of the benches and it took about 20 minutes for the service to start. I was already very tired and honestly I just wanted to be home in my bed.

Let me note that this church is very popular, it’s in the middle of town so everyone knows about it. But let me also say I don’t know how these services go. All I know is there’s lots of singing and candle lighting. But once the service started, I got this weird feeling that what was happening was not what would “normally” happen in a church service.

A man walked in through a side door and asked everyone to stand, the lights were lowered and he began slowly lighting all the candles that sat up in the front. The room had a reddish glow to it, (I was thinking it was a bit ironic since satanic/demonic things are often shown in a dark red lighting) The man turned around and raised his hands, and at this moment everyone around us started singing. I don’t remember the song but I do remember that it didn’t sound very…. uplifting? Or christmas-y? My father, his wife, and my brother and so just stood there silently. Assuming we just didn’t know this song since we had never been to this church.

When everyone went silent, more people came through the side door that the first man came from, they were all wearing the same black outfit. It almost looked like graduation robes but they had hoods. They weren’t wearing the hoods yet but when the first man walked up to the front of the “stage” area, he lit the last candle. They all pulled their hoods up and at this point I was scared. I knew this wasn’t normal at all, my family seemed to think it was some joke, like they were pretending to be in a fake cult or something. All the hooded people in the front all turned and blew out the candles all at once. The room went pitch black except for the moonlight shining through the little window on the back wall.

I was done and I was ready to go home, half an hour into this service and I was never coming back here. I tapped my dad’s shoulder and we both looked at eachother with the same “let’s go” kind of look. We all quietly stood up and got the fuck out of there. On the car ride home we could barely say a word. Finally my dad’s wife said quietly “that wasn’t right”

we all agreed that something was up with that church. Not only were the practices strange and scary, but we all said it gave off a creepy vibe to it. We all got the same uneasy feeling during the service.

Nobody talks about the church and yet it’s still open to this day. It honestly scares me that what’s going on in there might be more sinister than just candle lit midnight services..

Blood on the Walls

So..Before I begin I’d like to catch you up on my story. I was around 5-6 when this started happening and well I’d like to say that as I grew up that this stopped and went away but sadly it never did. When I was young my Mom, Sister and I would always go to church. But when we sat down and listened I would always see blood drip down the walls.

Now of course no one else saw this but It scared the shit out of little me, So much that I would hold my eyes shut. During the service the Pastor would always ask the kids to come to the front for a mini lesson, At this time was the worst. I would squirm, keep myself away from the walls I would look over my shoulder hearing my name being called. Recently my family moved to Florida..and that’s where it started again. I thought it had left me alone because even before we moved my mom had gotten married and even though we didn’t go to church often I never saw the blood..not once. But no doubt it has come back..Because I keep seeing the blood on my chapels walls and this time it’s not just spells out in big bold letters “FUN”.