Guy in the drive-thru

My 3 out of 4 of my sister in laws have all worked at Chick-fil-a, so tonight I asked them if anything creepy had ever happened, I gave a few examples and they all agreed they had creepy people all the time, but then one lit up and said “What about the guy in the drive thru?”

The other two looked a little shifty but then the oldest agreed and nodded. At their stores here they have 2 people that stand outside walking along the line taking orders and payments because the lines get so long and it helps move the cars quicker than just having one people taking the orders at the sign and taking payment at the window.

They were walking back along the line of cars, most people have their window down and ready, but as they approached this one car the window was still up. It was dark and they leaned forward to look in the window. The driver was slumped over the steering wheel, they waited for a minute hoping he’d notice them.

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Fast Food Isn’t Fun Food

This story happened on my little brother’s birthday. My mother was going through a rough patch of a divorce, so we had to rely on fast food a lot. We were actually going after his party, to Chick Fil A whenever this happened, and we had just got in when it got creepy.

The first major creepy thing that happened, was this man coming up behind my mom and I. We thought at first that he would just get in line, so my mom and I kept looking forward.

Then the man began to speak to us, nothing really creepy at first, just a casual hello.

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