This is a story about me. I have never really fared well with men I am not super attractive at least in my opinion I’m 28 years old short maybe about 5’2 and weight about 130lbs.

But I had managed a relationship with someone, but at some point something went wrong and we went our separate ways but not in a very typical way. You see at some point in my life I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that caused me great pain and due to this I had to stop working and was forced to go on disability.

While i waited for disability to approve of me I had to rely on others to take care of me I only had some money I had put in a 401K from my 10+ years of working, so having no other option I lived with the ex-boyfriend who said he would help out until the lease on the apt.

we rented expired. During this time I had been close friends with a few people I played and online game with called Final Fantasy XIV and from there I met someone who wanted to date me. I should of said no to it due to it being an online game but I had heard of others having success with finding love online.

He said he was 23 years old Spanish/Italian and worked as an architect named Irwin Acevideo, he loved to talk about his work and even told me what place he worked at in California.

We had been friends before we started dating and in the past he had been sad because he couldn’t find a girlfriend who he got along with and would share his life with. He told me about how he was cheated on and how it made him feel when he found out that I had been cheated on as well. We seemed to have a lot in common and would watch movies together through skype calls, though because my disease and waiting on disability to go through I had no income so I was not able to afford a cell phone to call him and he said that he had been taking care of his brother so he had no money to spare for anything fancy.

We were both not able to get a cell phone or computer with a camera, I guess at the time I honestly didn’t think much of it he still sent me pictures and called me on skype everyday I on my old lap top that barely ran and him on his old phone that wasn’t able to do video or pictures.

He would send me pictures that his friends would take on there phones so that I wouldn’t forget what he looked like.

I thought it was going good but then the living situation got really bad, I needed to get out of this situation and after talking to Irwin he said it would be best for me to move out as soon as possible. My ex-boyfriend and I agreed to let a friend stay with us on the condition he would pay half the rent when I went on disability up until I got it, this guy was fired from his job and kicked out of his apt and had no place left to go so we thought we were being kind. However 4 months after living with us he got really violent with me but my ex-needed someone to help with bills so he looked the other way.

After I had stopped our roommate from strangling our cat he started throwing chairs and even raised his fists to me. Irwin said that he would help me get a place out were I lived I lived in the mid-west while he lived in Cali. Irwin told me that he would take care of me and to take some of my 401K and prepare for his arrival that he can easily find a job out were I live and decided to move.

I used some of my 401K and got my car fixed bought some furniture got boxes and started packing.

During this time people told me stories about him and I thought them to be nothing more than high school drama BS but I could feel some truth to it, Irwin flirted with a lot of girls, I just thought that it must of happened before he met me.

3 months passed and Irwin finally decided to move he said he had a friend who was gonna help him move his stuff with him and he would bring his car while his friend drove a truck with his things in it. So in mid November he took to his quest to come to me in the mid-west and I happily waited for him all the while skyping and txting each other on skype.

On the second day I messaged him and he didn’t respond I just thought he was driving and maybe I shouldn’t bother him but on the 3rd day when he didn’t respond I got worried and tried calling him over and over and over. Finally i got a txt on skype from his friend who told me that he got into a car accident but is stable in the hospital, I demanded to talk to him but was told that they didn’t want him to talk to anyone because the phone can cause problems with the machines.

I think a few days went by and finally I was able to talk to him and he told me that he had a few bruised ribs but other than that he was fine.

I thanked the lord so many times I was so worried about him I was in tears for days. I finally calmed down and we talked about his family and how his mother didn’t want him to move so she was going to get him and bring him home I guess claiming I was only after his money.

Though after a conversation with him we both agreed that he was old enough to make his own decisions and that we both had no money to spend.

I believed him when he said he wanted to be there for me and that he wanted to live with me and be with me forever. We also discussed when he can leave and when he would be arriving in my home town, we decided that it would be best for him not to drive and opt out for a flight to my home town. His friend said he would bring his belonging still but wanted to help take care of Irwin for awhile since he had some hurt ribs. When finally that day came a week after being in the hospital he boarded a flight out to my home town with a lay over in another city.

He had said that he had never been on a plane and wasn’t sure how to navigate through the airport. On the flight over to my hometown I anxiously waited for him to call so I could come pick him up but the call came a day later than normal and it was now Christmas or the eve of. He said that all the flights were done and he couldn’t get out of the place he was at, I guess he had gotten off at the lay over and then didn’t know what one to get on and missed his flight somehow.

But the good news was that he was in my state and I knew were he was I told him to either stay in the hotel or take a bus to my home. So he chose to take a bus and he would tefxt me here and there and tell me about the bus he was on and the people that were on it. Then the txt stop for 3 days and my heart was aching I thought the worst and called the police and hospitals.

But after that 3 day he finally messaged me and told me, the bus stopped and he decided to get some snacks and use the rest room and while in the restroom he was mugged and stabbed.

I think at first I believed his story but after a short talk with some of my friends they told me it sounded odd that he has so many bad things happen to him in such a short time.

I was told that either he has the worst luck known to man or he is lying and so I decided to keep talking to him to help him, but also to do research on the events that happened to see if there was any mention of a car accident and even went as far as calling the bus lines and asking them if someone was missing from a bus.

While doing that I talked to Irwin and he said that an old man found him in the restroom and took him to his house he wanted payment for saving his life but Irwin didn’t have any money and what little he did have was stolen.

So he called his brother who came in and helped get him to a safe place this all took a week or more to do.

During this time Irwin’s friend and his brother met up and went to get him and they started to drive him to my home town. The places they passed and he told me about were places I knew and remember visiting as a child, I couldn’t understand why he was lying to me about all this it didn’t make any sense to me if he was lying why would he keep making things up? was it really happening? Either way I just wanted everyone to be safe and at this point i stopped eating and sleeping out of stress as well as my disease that got a lot worse under stress the pain was getting bad.

But I had to know what was really going on and I had to hear it from him. While I was home I couldn’t really think straight and actually went and got pizza in hopes that everything was real and my friends and I were wrong.

I guess I might of been unsure of him and of myself because his stories he told me seem to add up and I had known him for a while now I had no reason to doubt Irwin.

But again he was only but a few hours away and I didn’t hear from him for 3 or 4 days, I think by this time I was tired of being messed with and I wanted the truth he sent me a message saying that he loved me and that he wanted to talk to me on skype. I knew it was gonna be something big but I needed to know so I messaged him back, sure what did you want to talk about? He said that there were some things that he had to tell me and he was afraid to tell me before. He sent me a message on skype:

Crystal the person I showed in the pictures isn’t me.the job i said I had I don’t have I’m not Italian either.the reason it took me long in telling you this was because wen I first showed you the person in the pic was because I wanted you to think I’m cool but I started to developed feelings for you. And I knew if I told you the truth you would never talk to me or trust me. Okay I’m still in my place in California.I just can’t keep hurting you anymore or putting you threw this stress anymore. I really do love you and want to be with you.I’m very sorry I never told you this earlier. I will understand if you don’t want to talk to me or want to be with me.I’m sorry crystal I’m very sorry.

If you don’t to have anything to do with me I understand.

The entire time he wasn’t who he said he was he told me lies to get money from me and whats scary he knew were I lived and what I looked like. I read this time and time again and at first I felt bad for him and wanted to stay his friend but I found out that he has done this to many girls. He has gotten away with it every time and plays a sad roll at the end to make it seem like he was not being a bad person. I seriously worried about giving his information away and a lot of things have happened since then but I worry that he is gonna take advantage of another person like he did me so I give his name freely on social outlets he is known as Raiden Sakurai (ff14), Darkness Knight(skype), Irwin Acevido(real name), Sub_Zero_Lord(PSN) Don’t let him prey on you!

I have already posted all this to reddit so if you don’t post it in the story it will be other places!

Middle School Catfish

Just a foreword, this whole story takes place within the span of about a year. I’ve used fake names to protect those involved. This is by far the creepiest thing to have ever happened to me, and I’ve had a lot of creepy stuff happen to me.

My friends and I were entering our 7th grade year in middle school (we’re all currently Sophomores in high school). We were what you would call ‘Emo’. At least, we thought we were. We were known as the Emo group of the school, anyways. There was Sasha, my best friend, she and I had been best friends since 2nd grade, and still are. Neither of us had many friends, until one of my friends, Annie, introduced us to a girl that she had went to elementary with who was attending our middle school, and was also ‘Emo’. Her name was Michie, and we all quickly became friends right away. She was in Band class with us, and her and I had world history together, so it was great.

Michie, Sasha, Annie, and I all became best friends, along with two other ‘Emo’ girls we’d met named Emie and Katherine. We sat at lunch together everyday at the same table. A couple of months into the school year and we were all as close as could be. Well, for the most part. I had the feeling that Michie didn’t like me that much, but just kind of brushed it off because she seemed really nice. Anyways, since we were ’emo’, we all were depressed (most of us were just pretending, excluding Michie and I), and self harmed because we thought it was cool.

One day, Michie comes into lunch and tells everyone she has a new boyfriend. We all thought it was awesome, because you know, 13 year olds could totally be in serious relationships. She started telling us about him. His name was Trev, and he seemed alright I guess. She told us about his band, and that he was emo and cool just like us. She even told us about his family, and that his mom was a Wiccan and she would go to his house and do black magic with her. I thought she was just stupid and brushed her off, not really caring.

Flash forward to December. She’d talked non-stop about this guy. I mean, she showed us pictures of him everyday and told us every small detail of their relationship. I was happy for her at first, but after a while it just got annoying. None of us wanted to say anything though, she seemed happy and glad to have a boyfriend.

One day, I got a friend request on Facebook from a guy named Trev. I accepted it, as it had the same profile picture as the guy Michie had shown us all. I didn’t think twice about it. The next day at school, Michie came to lunch crying. She said that Trev had broken up with her. This was a weekly occurrence. He’d break up with her every week and by that weekend they’d be back together again. Once again, all of us just sort of brushed this off.

A couple of weeks later and Sasha and I are staying at Katherine’s house. The rest of them had also gotten friend requests from Trev and his best friend Drake. While Sasha and I were hanging out in Katherine’s room, Katherine got a Facebook message from Drake. He was flirting with her. It started off as just normal comments, talking about how pretty she was, but soon the conversation turned into something weird. Drake was saying awful things about all of us, excluding Katherine and Michie. I guess he didn’t know that we were there with Katherine. He mostly focused on me though, calling me mean names and talking about how bad my make-up was. It kind of upset me, but at the same time I’d never even met this guy, so I just tried to ignore it.

The school year was nearing an end, and Michie and Trev had broken up numerous times. One time she came to school and told us she was pregnant, and then the next day came in crying and said she had a miscarriage. By this point, Sasha and I were really creeped out by Michie. There was something about her that wasn’t quite right. Everyone else in the group seemed to believe her, but Sasha seemed wary, as did I. But as good friends do, we tried to comfort her. My naive middle school self just wanted to be there for a friend in need, regardless of the bs lie she’d just told us.

At the end of April, Michie missed an entire week of school. We were all confused, as she never ever skipped school. She didn’t come back at all, not even at the end of the year. She finally came back at the start of 8th grade. She told us she’d tried to kill herself and had been put in our local mental health facility for a few weeks. We all felt bad and tried to comfort her. She never told us why she tried to do it though, I just figured she was far more depressed than she had originally let on. Halfway through 8th grade, and all of us were still best friends. She never mentioned this Trev guy to us again, so we’d just assumed she’d broken up with him for the last time. Michie’s guardian that she was living with passed away, and she ended up moving back to the state she was from with her dad, but we all still kept in close contact.

Flash forward to the summer of Freshman going into Sophmore year. I had an entirely new group of friends, excluding Sasha, who is still to this day my closest friend. My new friend Gwen was Michie’s best friend. They’d grown up together and knew each other for 10 years. I’d heard of Gwen when I was in middle school, but she was two grades ahead of us and went to high school, so I never actually got to meet her until I started high school as well. I’d grown out of my emo phase, thankfully, and so had all of my old friends. That’s besides the point though.

Last summer (the summer before Sophomore year), Sasha, Gwen, and our other friend Clara were all having a sleepover at Clara’s house. She had a pool, so we’d always go swimming when we went over. We were all sitting on the edge of the pool and talking about drama that was going on. I brought up Gracie and made some joke about her old boyfriend, knowing Sasha and Gwen would remember it. Gwen’s eyes widened slightly.

“You do know that she made Trev up, right?”

“Uhm, what?”

“Yeah, she made him up. He wasn’t real.”

“Oh, well Uhm, that’s nice?”

I say uncomfortably, not really knowing how to take that information. The conversation continued on, but Sasha and I kept sneaking each other uncomfortable glances. The next morning we all forgot completely about it.

(One last flash forward) To last weekend:. Once again, Sasha, Gwen, and I were all staying at Clara’s house. We were all laying in her room, having a deep late night conversation as it was around 1 am. We were all ready to go to bed, when Gwen rolls over and speaks in the dead silence.

“I need to tell you all something. Especially you and Sasha.”

She says to me, clearly bothered. I raise an eyebrow and Clara gets up to turn the lights in her room back on. Sasha sat up from her sleeping bag on the floor.

“It’s about the whole Trev thing. I never told you all the whole story. I was thinking about it when we were talking about Michie earlier, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

Well, she went on to explain that Michie had been catfishing not just us, but her and 7 other people as well. And apparently, she’d been catfishing them for months before she’d even mentioned this ‘Trev’ to us. All the other people she’d been messing with were in high school though, so that’s why we’d never heard about it until now.

Michie had made fake Facebook and Instagram accounts for not only Trev and Drake, but his supposed ex-girlfriend and Trev’s mom too. I was shocked. I’d known about the Facebooks but I’d just assumed she showed us some guys’ Facebook page and said it was her boyfriend. No, this psycho bitch had been running FOUR Facebook pages all by herself. She’d even put Trev in a group chat with herself, Gwen, and her two other friends Travis and Emma. Gwen showed us all the old chat messages she had. Michie was literally talking to herself in them, because Trev was talking to everyone in the chat. Apparently, Gwen explained, her and this ‘Drake’ person had gotten so close that they even started dating. Gwen told us her and Travis had gotten really close with Trev and Drake over social media, telling them their darkest secrets.

Turns out this nut job had been behind the accounts the entire time. She was the one insulting me to Katherine over Facebook in 7th grade. When Gwen had tried to break it off with Drake, he’d snapped on her, calling her a worthless piece of trash and telling her she was a bad person and insulting her. It was actually just Michie behind the account, insulting her best friend. How could you even do that?

Well, when Travis and Gwen had suspected that something was up, they confronted her about it. This was the last week in April when she missed all that school. Yes, she tried to kill herself because her entire plan was foiled. She was locked up in our mental institution for a week, according to Gwen, as she’d been the one to pick her up along with Michie’s mom and little sister. She admitted to making everything up. There are more insane stories about what ‘Trev’ did to her, including telling Gwen that he raped her on his bed and that’s how she got ‘pregnant’. Also, she once told Gwen and Travis that Trev had tried to kill himself and that caused them both to freak, because he was their apparent friend and they were worried.

Meanwhile, Michie was just manipulating her friends. This lasted an entire year. I still can’t believe I never found any of this out until last weekend. I always suspected that Michie was unstable, but I never guess that it was this bad. Gwen later told me that Michie did in fact hate my guts, and would trash talk me any chance she got. I knew there was something off about her, so did Sasha.

None of us are in contact with Michie anymore. She ended her 12 year friendship with Gwen over text a couple of months back, but that’s a story for another time. She told us all on Instagram that she wanted 0 ties back to her old hometown, which still confuses us. ┬áNow that I think about it, this girl was smart. I mean, she pulled some Moriarty-Sherlock Holmes shit. She manipulated everyone for an entire year, and then attempted to kill herself when her plan was ruined. I still don’t know what would’ve happened had Travis and Gwen not confronted her. This girl is sociopathic. I’m serious, she actually scares me. I’m just glad I never messaged Trev on Facebook that day..