Something in the Woods

This story takes place in Pictou county Nova Scotia Canada. This happened when i was 11, i am 15 now. This whole ordeal took place in the woods right next to the graveyard in my old neighborhood.

My friend and i were exploring like 11 years old do, when we came across what we thought were fresh deer tracks. Curious, we followed the tracks to an abrupt stop, we were on a well established animal trail and they just cut off. so me and my friend who well will call David for his privacy kept on. we walked for about 15 more minutes then came across the same track but.. almost more human, they just seemed to be growing and getting toes or toe like appendages, getting kinda of spooked but not showing it, both of pushed on.

It wasn’t 30 seconds later until we seen white tufts on fur all over the branches to our left and right, that was it me and David turned around, and when we did what me and him seen stuck with us for while, i think he dropped it but it still lays in my stomach.

When we turned all we seen was the forest and what looked like somebody hunched over behind a thorn bush, then all of a sudden like it didn’t even move it just stood up. there was like no animation for it standing up, one second it was hunched over the next it was standing up.

The worst part was the dark brown goat or deer legs it had and the face of a goat with the darkest eyes you could imagine. After standing up it looked at us for about 4-5 seconds but it felt like forever then this abomination ran straight in between us the way.. we came in. so me and David turn around trembling and take off in the same direction as the thing, and after about 25 seconds of pure sprinting we hear the rapid clops of hooves behind us.

lets just say we made a 20 minute walk a 10 minute sprint. after getting back to Davids house it was much closer than mine. When we got back to his house his mom instantly noticed the panic on our faces. and after we told her what we say she said it was just a deer, but as cliche as it sounds, i know what i saw. 4 years later and i still do not walk the paved path next to those woods for fear of whats in there.

Just know your never alone in the woods