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Grandma’s Story

This is a story told to me by my mother, and later grandmother. It’s an incident that my grandmother normally refuses to talk about, and my grandfather will flat out ignore any questions about it. Not a scary story per say, but I also didn’t experience it firsthand.

Now back in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s my grandparents were avid travelers. My grandfather worked all the time due to the nature of his job. So when he had even two days off of work it was used as vacation time. It wasn’t unusual for them to pack up their kids in a camper and drive out from their home just East of Chicago and out all the way to the Grand Canyon for a couple days (and all without air conditioning!). Driving down south to camp beside lakes or hiking in swamps was nothing unusual for them, and even now I’m always hearing stories of places they ‘just now’ remembered they camped at back in the ‘60s. Social, they had huge parties on holidays at their house and would often take big group trips to go water skiing with just the ‘grown ups’ in the summer. It was on a trip with a couple they were friends with that they would experience something very strange, something that still haunts them.

Mysteries of the Woods

*all names have been changed for privacy reasons*

So this happened to me a few years back. My friends and I decided we would go on a camping trip when most of our friend group was finally graduated. There was a wide range of us from 19 – 16 years of age. We decided to go for a week on our trip. We live in Newfoundland, Canada. Here we have decently dense wooded areas within our city limits. So we decided to camp in the city, I know its not the typical out of city away from everything camping ideal but we did what we could as only one or two of us could drive and more than 10 people in tiny cars doesn’t work.

We went about 15 minutes into the woods, basically where we could see the city but not hear it or be affected by its bright lights at night. It was a nice area, a hill though but we worked with it. The fire pit we made was in a dense bit of woods that was about 10 feet deep, nothing big. (the fire place is important) Around us was trees, and ATV paths. Occasionally a few people going for hikes but no one ever bothered us.

The Creepy Camping Trip

So my sister and I always go on a camping trip with a really nice family but this years camping trip was the worst.

We had a camping spot with a big field and then a bathroom across from it. The weird thing was that nobody in my campsite was awake when this happened. Me and my friend, we’ll call Jessie in this story, were up late at night. It was just the typical talk about what were gonna do. Jessie wanted to tell scary stories and we did so.

Creepy Man Encounter While Camping

First I want to say that I was not for sure to put this as a scary stranger encounter or scary camping story. Also I have a problem writing things so if it seems a little weird sorry about it.

Over this past summer I was camping with a couple long time family friends. For safety purposes I will call them Bill and Lauren. But thru out the whole previous summer Bill, Lauren, their kids, and I went camping at their camp site. Also with us were Lauren’s twin sister Ashley and her husband Tom and their kids. We usually went there for every weekend that it was nice outside but I’m just going to talk about the day I had the scary encounter. To start from the beginning of the day we all arrived at the camp site about noon we had some fun while swimming in the pond that the camp grounds had but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was being watched from the distance beyond the tree lines. I ended up not trying to think too much about it at all because I was having some fun while swimming in the hot Ohio weather. If you live in Ohio or ever spent a full summer day in it you will understand on how the weather patterns can be real stupid at times but it doesn’t get as hot as it does in other states that get it real bad thou.