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Camping Horror

So me and my girlfriend were gonna go on a camping trip in a local forest near us.

We freed up our schedules just for this trip.

We had gotten all packed up and ready to go hiking in the woods for 3 days.

My Uncles Bad Experience Camping

My uncles bad camping experience

In the summer of 1978, My uncle was 16 years of age my grandparents had sent him to a church champ. when he arrived at the camp he felt like someone was always watching him.

The camp had a very creepy vibe to it.It was a low budget camp so everything was either broken or old.

Something Lurking in the Water

There was the time when I decided to go camping with a bunch of friends. We all planed this trip a week before and were all excited to go camping. When we got to the camp ground we got set up.

This is the type of camp ground where you can go where ever you want and it’s kinda hard to find other people camping around you since its all very evenly spaced out.

Terrifying camping trip

One time when I was on vacation with my wife. We had decided to go camping in Redwing Minnesota. We set up camp next to the forest which was about 200 ft away from the lake.

Everything was fine until that night. When Michelle and I were about to go to bed I heard a sound down by the lake. It sounded really large since the rocks were crunching beneath it. I thought it was perhaps an Elk or something.

Grandma’s Story

This is a story told to me by my mother, and later grandmother. It’s an incident that my grandmother normally refuses to talk about, and my grandfather will flat out ignore any questions about it. Not a scary story per say, but I also didn’t experience it firsthand.

Now back in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s my grandparents were avid travelers. My grandfather worked all the time due to the nature of his job. So when he had even two days off of work it was used as vacation time. It wasn’t unusual for them to pack up their kids in a camper and drive out from their home just East of Chicago and out all the way to the Grand Canyon for a couple days (and all without air conditioning!). Driving down south to camp beside lakes or hiking in swamps was nothing unusual for them, and even now I’m always hearing stories of places they ‘just now’ remembered they camped at back in the ‘60s. Social, they had huge parties on holidays at their house and would often take big group trips to go water skiing with just the ‘grown ups’ in the summer. It was on a trip with a couple they were friends with that they would experience something very strange, something that still haunts them.

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