Screaming hills

I am a marine stationed in the United States. Me and several friends decided to go camping at a local Indian reservation camp ground for a three days to get away from the base and relax. We drove about 2 hours to this place and were greeted by very friendly native Americans.

One of them walked up to us and right away we noticed the man had an eye patch on his left eye. He asked if we were military and we said yes. He told us that he was in the army during Vietnam. After short conversation with him we proceeded and found a camping spot a little off the side of the road.

Only way to get up the step hill was with 4 wheel drive which we had.

The spot was like most, trees and an open area for a fire and all. It had a row of bushes on the side that went up a mountain and it had an opening to go through to the side.

The first night was like any normal camping trip. The next day we were all hanging around and I decided to go look for some branches for the fire that night. I went through the bushes with the opening in it and I found an open area with small bushes here and there all the way up this this small mountain. Almost immediately I felt something was off but I couldn’t figure it out. It almost felt like I went through a portal or something.

Nothing looked off it was just a gut feeling.

Like I was being watched from one of the bushes. So I kept front towards them just in case and had my hunting knife in hand. As I stood there I heard…. something.

I’ve been face to face with bears and mountain lions and all but I’ve never heard this? It was similar to a mountain lion but it was much lower tone. My blood ran cold like I just heard something demonic in nature. I looked around but saw nothing.

Then I heard it again louder and for what seemed like several seconds when i realized. It wasn’t coming from in front of me, behind me, to the left or right.

It was coming from all directions at one time.

I kept looking around desperate to find what direction it was coming from. As I looked up the mountain I saw something move. I didn’t get a good look but I remember it was larger then a bear yet it walked like a human. It was covered in dark fur. I stood there completely confused and then all of a sudden I hear one of my friends call for me.

I turn around and see him standing near the opening I came through.

He asked me where the hell I was and I told him I’ve been right here. Then asked why. He said dude you’ve been gone for an hour. We tried calling out for u. I looked at him puzzled. It couldn’t have been more then 2 minutes.

He assured me and showed his watch. Sure enough a whole hour passed.

He then asked me if I was sure I’ve been over here the whole time. I said yeah man.

I’ve been standing right here the whole time. He gave me a confused look and said he checked up here three times and I was not here.

I looked back up the mountain and noticed that the area was darker then I remember from the setting sun.

We walked back to the others and when I told them what happens they all thought I was joking around. Later that night the guy with eye patch stopped by with his son and we talked for a bit. One of my friends told me to tell him about what happened as a joke. The man looked at me with curiosity and asked what happened.

So I told him.

He looked at his son and they both looked back at me asked me if I saw it. I told him I only saw a glimpse. Did u see the eyes? He asked. No just the body. He sighed and told me I was lucky. He said he couldn’t tell me what it was but just told me I was lucky I didn’t see it’s eyes. That night I didn’t sleep and I was glad when we left.

I plan on going back there again just on the other side of the camp. Just thinking about this story makes me tear up from fear.

I don’t know what that was and DON’T want to know.

The Friendly Campers

So, this happened about a year ago, and I only witnessed about a portion of what occurred. The rest is from accounts by my friends. The asinine and illegal things we did in this story, I will not take accountability for. God, I love anonymity. Anyway, we’re a bunch of college students that have always had an affinity for road-trips. I like to think it’s a mode of escapism. As college goes, our bank accounts stopped accommodating trips around the east coast, so we took up camping instead. My best friend owns this land a few hours east of Scranton, Pennsylvania. We all elected to take this big camping trip by the end of the summer, and spent it preparing. We divided ourselves into two cars, split tents, food, drinks, ect among us. As we neared the spot, our GPS went out, so we relied on physical maps we brought with us. After an hour, we arrived at the site just about at dusk. We all unloaded our stuff, set up our tents, and built a nice bonfire: we delegated bonfire duty to one person and by God, he kept it lit the whole stay. The first night was fun. I got over the creepy ambiance of being in the middle of nowhere after 5 or 6 beers. We exchanged stories, pranked each other, and went to sleep. The second day, a group of my friends decided they were going to make the two hour drive to some hick town in order to get more firewood and snacks. I was in the group that stayed behind. According to them, they got lost in the morning fog, and ended up at the local store sometime after sunrise. After purchasing their stuff, they encountered a raggedy old man in the parking lot. Archetypal hillbilly: as hick as you can get on the eastern seaboard. He asks for a cigarette, they oblige, and then begins to berate them with questions. Stuff like, “What’s your name,” “Where are you from,” “What’re you doing here?” To the latter question, he is very interested. He asks where we’re camping and if he can stop by. They laugh it off, but he continues pushing. He says he’ll “hang out” with us, and doesn’t drop the subject, even as they’re reentering the car. By this point, they’re all too high to notice the guy hopping into his beaten-up, white pickup. In fact, they don’t think they’re being followed until they leave the paved roads and see him follow them onto the dirt trails leading back to the campsite. I attribute this to the drugs they were on, but they kept going back to the campsite. They said that they had no room to turn around and nowhere to go, but hey. Leading this guy back wasn’t good. Anyway, this whole time, I’m sitting at the fire, smoking, and have no idea what’s going on because of the absence of cell service. So, I see them rush back, hours late, and I say, “Where are the snacks, man? C’mon, where’s my breakfast?” They make a jumbled recounting of this guy that followed them miles back. At first, I think it’s another prank, but the fear plastered on their faces is palpable. They say he parked the car about forty feet behind theirs and watched them get out. I get the rest of us together, and we all decide to confront this guy. So, it turns out, he was coming first. We’re walking the twenty minute walk to the cars, and we see this dirty, old man in the clearing: holding a hunting rifle. We weren’t going to try and make a break for it or see what the guy wanted, so we decided to loop back around to the camp, and then try and make a wide arc to avoid him. So, we get back to the camp in half the time it took us to walk to the clearing and begin frantically packing our essentials in a high stupor. As we’re about to turn around and go, my friend points at that the bonfire is giving off a lot of smoke on account of all the leaves we used for kindling. So, it’s assumed that the guy can figure out exactly where we are. We stop our packing process immediately, and dip into the trees, running with reckless abandon to cover as much ground as possible. As we’re reaching the car, we hear gunshots in the direction of the camp. We get into our cars and floor it out of there. We reach a police station in the same town after making the same 2 hour drive to that town. We submit our report, even though we were clearly under the influence. They hold us at the station and send a car out to investigate. We’re sitting around, freaking out – more over the consequences of going to the cops high than the maniac, honestly. It’s late in the afternoon before the car returns and tell us what they found. The tents were both torn down and had shell casings and bullet holes in them. Aside from the food wrappers, they said barely anything was left behind. From our own accounting, the guy took our weed, our keg of beer, but also my friend’s wallet. We tell the police the latter, and he says they’ll continue to search around, but they didn’t find any cars around. We end up going home early, and my friend cancels his debit, gets a new ID, and we all haven’t heard anything since. Of course, the knowledge is still haunting that this psychopath knows who he is and, roughly, where he lives. I’m sure nothing will come of it. Nothing has, and it’s been a year. But I have no idea what this guy’s intentions with us were. What if he did catch us out there in the woods? What would he have done? We haven’t been back to that camping site since, but we do plan on returning this summer. It’s June, we’re going back in August: no drugs this time. We’re going to see what came of this, if the case is even still open. Regardless, I’ll update this as soon as we do.

The Camping Creep and His Friends

It was a random weekend in 2016. Two of my friends and I decided to go camping. We were all 16-17 at the time. I’m from a small town in Iowa so there’s really not much to do. So, camping was our best option to have some fun without our parents.

We got to the campsite around 3:00 in the afternoon and we were all set up by 3:30 or 4:00 pm.

A little background about this place there’s a pretty decent sized body of water and then it’s surrounded by 60 feet of rock around the whole thing. When you climb the rock on the over side of the trail there is a wooded area it’s actually really pretty and a lot of young couples would go up to the top of the cliff and do their thing because it was “romantic” up there. it was a popular place to go but this weekend there wasn’t as many people as normal.

We had made a fire and we are all sitting around it. To the left of us, there was a camper full of about five people they looked like your typical drug addicts we didn’t think anything of it because we had a lot of those kinds of people around this Area.

I would glance over occasionally because I would feel eyes on me and there would be a man who seemed to be about in his mid-30s staring at me and not a friendly stare.

I felt like he was undressing me with my eyes and it made me very uncomfortable.

Mind you I was only 16 at the time and this guy was way older than me so it was very creepy and unsettling. My two friends were boyfriend-girlfriend I’ll call them Lilly and Will for privacy reasons. They decided to take a “walk” for some alone time.

So I was left by the tent alone with five weirdos to the left of me. Not really wanting to stay at the tent by myself I decided to grab my fishing pole and go fishing. I walked down to the water. I was down there for about 10 minutes and then I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around and there was that weird creepy guy who had been staring at me earlier.

I figured he probably wanted to go fishing or something but then I noticed he didn’t have a pole and his eyes were crazy looking and I could tell that his intentions were not pure. I became very uneasy and I tried to think quickly.

He randomly said, “What’s your name?”

I hesitated not really sure if I should give this man my name but not wanting to have him get mad at me and attack me I told him “Hannah” I said quietly continuing to try to mind my business and fish.

He kept trying to talk to me and I kept giving him one-word answers like, “yeah” “ok” “cool” the conversation lasted about five minutes and then he started getting really weird.He was asking me if I was a virgin if I liked it rough and if I like being choked.

At this point I knew I had to get out of there so I said loud and clear “Piss Off!” and I grabbed my fishing pole and my tackle box and I started walking back to the tent.

The guy followed me up there and went back to his camper and sat down outside with all of his friends. I set my stuff in the tent and looked over at the camper because I felt like I was being watched and I was right.

They were all staring at me. Two waved so I gave them all the finger they all laughed and continued stare at me. So, I decided to walk in the same direction Lilly and Will went. I didn’t care if I interrupted their fun time I was really freaked out I didn’t know what this guy or his friends would do.

They all gave me a bad vibe.

I heard footsteps behind me after a couple minutes of walking I knew exactly who it was and I knew that if I ran that he could probably catch me I wasn’t the fastest or the most in shape.

I walked faster until I got to a point where there was two ways that I could go. I went right hoping my friends did too. I started to speed up more. I was hoping that Lilly and Will were at the “romantic” spot on the top of the cliff. On the way up there is a lot of holes and big rocks on the trail so it’s hard to keep a quick pace.

I looked behind me and he was about 10 feet away. I decided just call him out, “Why the hell are you following me” He looked up at me and smiled with his crooked teeth he didn’t say anything but he began to move quicker towards me so I booked it. it was all uphill and my legs were killing me but I could hear him gaining on me. I was going as fast as I could and I tripped over a fucking tree root that was coming through the ground.

I know typical horror movie. I got up quickly and continued to run but not quick enough because he grabbed me by my ponytail and pulled me backward making me fall right on my back and hitting my head hard on the ground. I was pretty dizzy.

I got up slowly and he was in front of me. “Move or there’s going to be hell to pay.” Honestly don’t know why I did that it was definitely not the best idea but I wanted him to know that I wasn’t scared even though I was basically shitting myself. His smile faded and he got in my face wide-eyed he looked insane and he said, “who do you think you’re talking to little girl” he grabbed me by the throat and put me up against a tree. I was so scared but luckily Fight or flight kicked in and I decided that it was best to fight. I kneed him in the crotch and then pushed him over into what looked like a ditch of poison ivy.

I really hope it was. I continued to run and I could see Will standing up I called his name he looked over to me confused. I finally reached them and I was so out of breath and sobbing. Finally I managed to tell them what happened. Will decided to go confront the guy. Will was a pretty big guy, He was about 6’2 and he was a farm boy so I knew he had muscle.

Lily and I stayed up on the cliff For a while and then we eventually went back down after I chilled out.

When we got back to the tent the camper, the creep. and his creepy friends were gone.

I asked Will what he did and he just told him and his buddies that he had a shotgun in the tent and he had enough ammo so he didn’t have a problem using it on each and every one of them. He didn’t really have a shotgun in the tent but they seem to believe it and they got the hell out of Dodge. We didn’t call the cops because I didn’t even know any of their names so I knew nothing would come of it.I tried to forget about it but it was in the back of my head all weekend.

I haven’t been back to the campsite since.

The Girl in the Mirror: A Campfire Story

I was at a camp out with my youth group once, and we sat around a campfire and some of the others told scary stories. I remember one, but I don’t recall it word for word. But I do remember the basic idea.

Went something like this…..

A young boy was given the task to house sit for a couple who were going away on their honey moon. He had nothing better to do in his spare time, as it was in the Summer, and he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, or things to do.

Also, he could really use the extra cash, so he was more than happy to accept this job.

They gave him a list of all the chores that needed to be done each day. He assured them he would look after the place well. They thanked him, and went on their merry way. He made sure all the chores were done that were on the list.

Take out the trash, check. Sweep and vacuum, check.

He went down the list, checking everything after he did them. There was one last thing he had to do…the laundry in the basement. (The couple hadn’t had time to do it all) He sighed and just decided to get it over with.

He never liked basements much. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house without one.

He mentally prepared himself, and walked down into the dusty, cold, dim room. He couldn’t find a light, but there was a tiny bit of sunlight coming from the basement window, just enough to see his way around.

He got to work on the laundry, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

After folding the dried clothes and switching the wet ones to the dryer, he carried the now clean and folded laundry with him on his way to the stairs.

Then he noticed something…..a mirror sat on the wall. He stopped for a second to take in its beauty.

It was an antique mirror, with artistic designs in the rusty metal frame. In the reflection, he could make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a little girl with a knife in her hand in the backround. It spooked him at first. Then he realized, it might just be the way the stuff back there is stacked, the shape “coming alive” as a result of his imagination.

He shrugged it off and continued upstairs to complete his task. He would do this every day for a week or so, and each time, he would glance in the mirror, and the silhouette of the girl stood behind him. Each time, however, he noticed it seemed as though each day, it was getting closer…..and closer….and closer. He was kind of unnerved by this, but still just assumed it was a bunch of stuff.

Perhaps it was his perception getting the better of him, his eyes playing tricks in the darkness. He decided to look behind him to check it out, but didn’t see anything at all.

Just the washer and the dryer, and some other items here or there, but nothing to make the shape that he saw in the mirror.

Somewhat creeped out, he sped upstairs and closed the door behind him. After pondering on it for a few minutes, he decided he was just seeing things.

Curse his over active imagination! The last day finally came at last. The homeowners came back home, paying him for his service, and thanking him for a job well done. He decided to ask them about the odd situation with the mirror.

They looked at him, puzzled. They looked at each other, confused. What they said next sent chills down the boys spine. “Um…..we don’t have a mirror in the basement…..”

Banshee in the creek

Hey, its me again, the woodsman, i saw that darkness is looking for campfire stories so guess i could share the story that keeps me from camping out in my woods anymore. This is one of many, many odd things that has happened on this property of mine. I really didn’t realize what i was getting into when i bought this new house in the middle of the woods.

But hey, I’m surviving i guess.

By the time that the events in this story took place, i had already experienced quite a few things on this property. And this was easily the third freakiest thing to happen up to that point, right behind the naked stab victim that cried like a newborn baby and cartwheeled our into the woods, but that’s another tale.

This time i had decided that i wanted to go camping. Despite all the stuff that had happened, i had never been seriously injured in those woods, SO WHY NOT GO SLEEP IN THEM.

Bad choice i know. Anyways, the first few hours when i get into the woods go fine, i set up camp, build a fire, burn myself trying to cook a hot dog, pee on fire that burnt me. Then i started to realize… camping is pretty boring when you’re all alone. So i decided to go to sleep.

Next thing i know i wake up to the sound of a young girls voice down in the creek, sounds like she’s college type age.

She’s saying, “help i need some help down here, I’m lost, dad? Help!” And i can hear her down in the creek, from my tent.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been lured into the woods by a voice pleading for help. But this voice was a lot more convincing that the others. Non the less i still brought my newly purchased .45 caliber hand gun that i had bought for dealing with, the things, on the land.

I made my way into the creek, flashlight in hand and headed down to the voice. Soon i find the source. Now i didn’t put the flashlight beam on her right away because i didn’t want to blind her.

But i could clearly see the outline of a small girl sitting on the bank of the creek, i got about fifteen feet away and she stopped me, stating that “you really don’t need that flashlight with the moon out like this”. It wasn’t even a full moon so that confused me a little, i replied with, “i don’t know bout you but i can’t see a thing out here, lemme me help you though, are you hurt?”

Then i started to shine the flashlight on her but she screamed “STOP” before i got to her face. This time her voice wasn’t as convincing, i could tell she wasn’t human.

Now, what you guys need to realize is that I’m not a badass, and I’m not trying to sound cool or tough. But ever since something happened three years ago.

The same event that caused me to move out here. I don’t respond to situations the same anymore. Maybe I’m not scared of death anymore. Maybe I’m mentally unstable.

Maybe I’m weird.

But when i establishes that this thing wasn’t human, i started to smile, it fooled me, got me out here in the woods, in it’s domain, and was probably going to make an attempt on my life. But i might as well piss it off a little. So i flicked my flashlight up and revealed its face.

It actually was a girl, sort of, she was super pale and had abnormally large eyes, that were completely black. When the light hit her face her head snapped forward and made eye contact with me and here jaw dropped open 3 times larger than any human could, and then she screamed.

It was LOUD.

Like in human loud. It sounded like a girls scream but as if it were being played through massive speakers to make it ear splitting. Then i felt something closing around my neck. She hadn’t moved but was somehow choking me. Still screaming.

I have realized while living here that the entities that can hurt you, can also get hurt themselves, now most of them are tough as nails, but they can be hurt.

This memory went through my head just as i felt something warm dripping onto my neck and my left ear went quiet. Busted ear drum.

I aggressively threw my flashlight at the bitch and it connected with what i assume was her eye, i couldn’t tell for sure because i didn’t have a flashlight. And yes i forgot to use the gun. It was new and in the current life or death situation i forgot i had it. Luckily this girl wasn’t one of the tough ones and i felt the grip on my neck loosen and her scream stopped.

No sooner had i taken my first breath when she bent over backwards possession style and sprinted into the woods in reverse. When i finally caught my breath i slowly walked by to my campsite and went to sleep in the tent.

I You may be asking why i didn’t go back home after that but it was a 20 minute hike and my flashlight was broken so i had to wait till morning. Slept pretty good though. No noises woke me up.

I woke up then next morning expecting me ear to be killing me but miraculously it was completely back to normal.

I later figured out that it was the lady in the tree who fixed my ear but once again that’s a story for another time. That morning i just packed up everything and headed back home.

Only thing that got messed up was my flashlight so i wasn’t even that disappointed in the trip. I still don’t camp out there anymore because no matter how weirdly wired i am, that girl really did freak me out a good bit, and I’m sure she’s still out there. That’s pretty much it for this story though, see y’all next time.

Woodsman signing off.