The Girl in the Mirror: A Campfire Story

I was at a camp out with my youth group once, and we sat around a campfire and some of the others told scary stories. I remember one, but I don’t recall it word for word. But I do remember the basic idea.

Went something like this…..

A young boy was given the task to house sit for a couple who were going away on their honey moon. He had nothing better to do in his spare time, as it was in the Summer, and he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, or things to do.

Also, he could really use the extra cash, so he was more than happy to accept this job.

They gave him a list of all the chores that needed to be done each day. He assured them he would look after the place well. They thanked him, and went on their merry way. He made sure all the chores were done that were on the list.

Take out the trash, check. Sweep and vacuum, check.

He went down the list, checking everything after he did them. There was one last thing he had to do…the laundry in the basement. (The couple hadn’t had time to do it all) He sighed and just decided to get it over with.

He never liked basements much. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house without one.

He mentally prepared himself, and walked down into the dusty, cold, dim room. He couldn’t find a light, but there was a tiny bit of sunlight coming from the basement window, just enough to see his way around.

He got to work on the laundry, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

After folding the dried clothes and switching the wet ones to the dryer, he carried the now clean and folded laundry with him on his way to the stairs.

Then he noticed something…..a mirror sat on the wall. He stopped for a second to take in its beauty.

It was an antique mirror, with artistic designs in the rusty metal frame. In the reflection, he could make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a little girl with a knife in her hand in the backround. It spooked him at first. Then he realized, it might just be the way the stuff back there is stacked, the shape “coming alive” as a result of his imagination.

He shrugged it off and continued upstairs to complete his task. He would do this every day for a week or so, and each time, he would glance in the mirror, and the silhouette of the girl stood behind him. Each time, however, he noticed it seemed as though each day, it was getting closer…..and closer….and closer. He was kind of unnerved by this, but still just assumed it was a bunch of stuff.

Perhaps it was his perception getting the better of him, his eyes playing tricks in the darkness. He decided to look behind him to check it out, but didn’t see anything at all.

Just the washer and the dryer, and some other items here or there, but nothing to make the shape that he saw in the mirror.

Somewhat creeped out, he sped upstairs and closed the door behind him. After pondering on it for a few minutes, he decided he was just seeing things.

Curse his over active imagination! The last day finally came at last. The homeowners came back home, paying him for his service, and thanking him for a job well done. He decided to ask them about the odd situation with the mirror.

They looked at him, puzzled. They looked at each other, confused. What they said next sent chills down the boys spine. “Um…..we don’t have a mirror in the basement…..”

Banshee in the creek

Hey, its me again, the woodsman, i saw that darkness is looking for campfire stories so guess i could share the story that keeps me from camping out in my woods anymore. This is one of many, many odd things that has happened on this property of mine. I really didn’t realize what i was getting into when i bought this new house in the middle of the woods.

But hey, I’m surviving i guess.

By the time that the events in this story took place, i had already experienced quite a few things on this property. And this was easily the third freakiest thing to happen up to that point, right behind the naked stab victim that cried like a newborn baby and cartwheeled our into the woods, but that’s another tale.

This time i had decided that i wanted to go camping. Despite all the stuff that had happened, i had never been seriously injured in those woods, SO WHY NOT GO SLEEP IN THEM.

Bad choice i know. Anyways, the first few hours when i get into the woods go fine, i set up camp, build a fire, burn myself trying to cook a hot dog, pee on fire that burnt me. Then i started to realize… camping is pretty boring when you’re all alone. So i decided to go to sleep.

Next thing i know i wake up to the sound of a young girls voice down in the creek, sounds like she’s college type age.

She’s saying, “help i need some help down here, I’m lost, dad? Help!” And i can hear her down in the creek, from my tent.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been lured into the woods by a voice pleading for help. But this voice was a lot more convincing that the others. Non the less i still brought my newly purchased .45 caliber hand gun that i had bought for dealing with, the things, on the land.

I made my way into the creek, flashlight in hand and headed down to the voice. Soon i find the source. Now i didn’t put the flashlight beam on her right away because i didn’t want to blind her.

But i could clearly see the outline of a small girl sitting on the bank of the creek, i got about fifteen feet away and she stopped me, stating that “you really don’t need that flashlight with the moon out like this”. It wasn’t even a full moon so that confused me a little, i replied with, “i don’t know bout you but i can’t see a thing out here, lemme me help you though, are you hurt?”

Then i started to shine the flashlight on her but she screamed “STOP” before i got to her face. This time her voice wasn’t as convincing, i could tell she wasn’t human.

Now, what you guys need to realize is that I’m not a badass, and I’m not trying to sound cool or tough. But ever since something happened three years ago.

The same event that caused me to move out here. I don’t respond to situations the same anymore. Maybe I’m not scared of death anymore. Maybe I’m mentally unstable.

Maybe I’m weird.

But when i establishes that this thing wasn’t human, i started to smile, it fooled me, got me out here in the woods, in it’s domain, and was probably going to make an attempt on my life. But i might as well piss it off a little. So i flicked my flashlight up and revealed its face.

It actually was a girl, sort of, she was super pale and had abnormally large eyes, that were completely black. When the light hit her face her head snapped forward and made eye contact with me and here jaw dropped open 3 times larger than any human could, and then she screamed.

It was LOUD.

Like in human loud. It sounded like a girls scream but as if it were being played through massive speakers to make it ear splitting. Then i felt something closing around my neck. She hadn’t moved but was somehow choking me. Still screaming.

I have realized while living here that the entities that can hurt you, can also get hurt themselves, now most of them are tough as nails, but they can be hurt.

This memory went through my head just as i felt something warm dripping onto my neck and my left ear went quiet. Busted ear drum.

I aggressively threw my flashlight at the bitch and it connected with what i assume was her eye, i couldn’t tell for sure because i didn’t have a flashlight. And yes i forgot to use the gun. It was new and in the current life or death situation i forgot i had it. Luckily this girl wasn’t one of the tough ones and i felt the grip on my neck loosen and her scream stopped.

No sooner had i taken my first breath when she bent over backwards possession style and sprinted into the woods in reverse. When i finally caught my breath i slowly walked by to my campsite and went to sleep in the tent.

I You may be asking why i didn’t go back home after that but it was a 20 minute hike and my flashlight was broken so i had to wait till morning. Slept pretty good though. No noises woke me up.

I woke up then next morning expecting me ear to be killing me but miraculously it was completely back to normal.

I later figured out that it was the lady in the tree who fixed my ear but once again that’s a story for another time. That morning i just packed up everything and headed back home.

Only thing that got messed up was my flashlight so i wasn’t even that disappointed in the trip. I still don’t camp out there anymore because no matter how weirdly wired i am, that girl really did freak me out a good bit, and I’m sure she’s still out there. That’s pretty much it for this story though, see y’all next time.

Woodsman signing off.

Something Wasn’t Right

I’m going to start by saying that I’m not exactly sure what me and a few friends experienced fully, but there was definitely something strange with us that night. This story takes place in Fall of 2017 and I was 16. Me and a few friends went to a cabin campout with our Boy Scout Troop. The first night we got there it was the normal routine of unpacking and setting up our things, making sure you set up near one of the power outlets which me and a friend got and shared one of the two in the room. The next morning was fairly normal. Hanging out, talking, playing card games and on the GameCube someone brought with and we played via a projector we brought with.

By the time lunch came around we were out of the water we brought with so I and a few others were tasked with walking approximately a mile maybe a little less to a water pump to fill up the three 5 gallon jugs we had. Now me, being the biggest one out of the group that was sent carried them but I knew that there was no possible way I could carry these things all that back. One sure but physically impossible to do all three or two for that matter. So we looked for something to help us on the way and found a sort of cart by some wooden building on the path there. It had two big wheels, a wooden body and a bar that stuck out the front enough for me to fit in it and push it with the box like thing behind me to pull the water jugs. (It looked like the one I shared in the picture but a little longer and more worn down). We used this and filled up the water which took longer than it should have due to the other kids messing around with the pump. The pump was in front of a shower house with a lone light and near a lake (this will be relevant later). So after that we used this cart to bring the heavy jugs back and went on with our day.

Well by the time might cane around they needed to be filled AGAIN and of course instead of waking up early when it was light, my friend and I were sent to go. So I threw on my coat and some gloves to go out since it was cold and we each took a flashlight. We started walking, me with the cart again to make it easy on us. From the moment I stepped out the door I had the sketchiest feeling ever about being out there. I couldn’t describe it. Like the feeling of being watched and that you know something is going to happen. I tried to calm myself but I kept hearing noises in the distance and seeing movement out of the corners of my eyes.

When we reached an spot in the path not to far from the cabin where there was a little fenced area with canoes, kayaks, and things like that. My body froze and this feeling tripled. I told my friend about the feeling before but he kept saying it was nothing. I finally said at that point “I can’t do this. This shit is way too weird. We’ll get up at first light.” He wasn’t having it but went back anyway to get someone to go. I felt bad but I truly had the feeling I was going to die there. We went in and I told one of the leaders but they said it was probably just animals. We had heard and seen coyote the noght before and during the day. I was completely planning on staying but then my friend said something along the lines of “I’m going to get some real men to go with me.” Well right then and there I knew I couldn’t let him insult me like that but we figured a couple more people wouldn’t hurt supposing something did try anything we’d team up on it.

So with a couple more people and an extra powerful headband flashlight loaned to me, we went back out and the feeling came back. We started walking and again by that fenced area I got the feeling tripled but just walked faster past it. Now everyone started sharing my feeling but not as bad so we all kept an eye out and noticed animal tracks that weren’t there before. We reached the pump and filled the water while me and my friend loomed around. The lone yellowish light from the shower house left huge areas of creepy shadow and noises coming from the lake, bullfrogs most likely.

The feeling never left but wasn’t as strong as by those canoes. I kept seeing things lurking in the shadows and didn’t trust it at all. As we head back we kept observing strange things all around and as we were walking we would stop occasionally to hear distant footsteps. As we neared the canoe area I hear my friend, the one originally with me alone yell “What the hell? Oh fuck that RUN!!” so we all bolted. I, the biggest one there nearly 6 foot, about 220 punds with a jacked up knee and an additional 30-40 pines of the cart and water jugs with me ran the fastest and we all made it back to the cabin.

After we set the water down me and my friend went just outside to get some air and I asked what he saw that made him react like that. He said when we reached the building I found the cart at with was right by the canoe area, in the dim bluish light attached to the building, he saw a man in his peripheral vision sprinting at us full speed but when he blinked the man had dissapeared. I believed him since I thought I heard the running and when I looked back as I ran I swore I saw the resemblance of a silhouetted man. The next morning we checked it out but saw nothing but a few worn out looking footprints. As we drove off that morning though, I got that feeling again as we drove past the fenced area.

To this day I’m not sure what happened that night. Of all these things were a strange coinsidence or is this shadowy man was stalking us. I don’t remember the name of the place so I can’t even look into it but I’m a little curious. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back there again but if we do I want to try being around there again to see if this man appears again or not. I’ll try and update if I ever find out more. I hope you all enjoyed I know it isn’t the scariest story ever but it was creepy for me and the others that witnessed it. Stay safe out there. You never know what or who is lurking in the shadows…

My True Lake District Story

Before I start talking about the event that happened, there might be many sceptics that do not believe me and I do not care, this is a warning and a story. Another disclaimer before I begin is that I am not very good at storytelling but I’ll try my best here. And the other thing is that I am a Muslim in the UK, this means that I believe in another creation by Allah (God), so this is my thought on what happened to me:

My wife and I were going to Lake District with 8 other friends. This was not the first time that I have gone and it is the last time that I will ever go to Lake District- for those of you who do not know what Lake District is, it is a beautiful area in Scotland that is all mountains, caves and lake. My group consisting of my wife and I and my 8 companions have successfully arrived at Lake District with no difficulty.

As we all settled we were fine and two of my friends (I will be calling them Raj and Ahmad for privacy reasons, and these two people have a huge part in what happen) and I went to the kitchen, as we were the designated cooks for the trip. In the kitchen, everything was fine and neat except there was one of those stereotypical knives that butchers are shown with left on the counter top. We did not say much as we just thought someone went to the kitchen before us and misplaced the knife, so we left the knife as we saw it. After an hour of settling in, we decided to go out on a 2-hour hike.

As we left the villa we saw a herd of white goats, which was not abnormal to see, however in the herd of white goats we saw one black goat. This black goat we had never seen before in all the times we have been to Lake District before- so this was the thing we found as out of the ordinary.

However knowing our group we were all chilled and we all had faith in Allah to protect us and we just ignored it. We came back from our hike just before a sunset prayer Muslims need to perform. And on our way back, just over a hundred yards or so, we all see the black goat roaming free again but this time it was by itself and we were sure it was the same goat as before as in this area there are only a handful of goats.

To understand the next part you need to know that everyone in our group is all-religious, from the wives to the husband. After praying our prayers that we all prayed together, some of the group decided to read the Quran, and one of the people were Ahmad, while the rest of the group were just sitting and relaxing peacefully on our phones. Following dinner, we decided to play pool, as there was a pool board that we saw earlier in the lounge room, which no one entered ever since we settled in.

The main problems that started worrying us as a group was from this moment onwards. The pool table came with a full set of balls, 1 to 8, but when we went to play pool we did not see a single ball for playing. Everyone believed that Raj was playing a prank on everyone as he was the joker of our group, so we all accused him of hiding it and after a couple minutes went by and Raj continually denied the claims, we started to believe him and we searched the whole room. The table of the pool board was made so that pieces can be pulled apart and broken down with a screwdriver, so I decided to check the table and we eventually found the ball inside the table somehow. This is what we found most weird about our trip at the time.

Later on, at around 1 am we decided to call it a night and go to sleep, the villa only had two bedrooms so we split the rooms to be four in one room and 6 in the other room. The room that I stayed in was with my wife and both Raj and his wife and Ahmad and his wife. Ahmad is usually a fast and heavy sleeper, as soon as he gets tired he falls asleep. But that night was different as Ahmad could not fall asleep and he kept everyone awake that night. Everyone thought this was strange as he would never do that and for this reason, we didn’t say anything to him in case he got offended.

The next day was our last, so we only stayed there for two days. On the last day, everyone was tired due to Ahmad the night before so we did not do anything and we just packed and chilled in the main room till around 6 pm.

The trip from where we come from in London from Lake District is about five hours long and we had two drivers, who did not get any sleep due to Ahmad so it was a risky journey this way anyway.

On the way out from leaving from the villa, the group for the last time saw the black goat, which just looked directly at us this time. We again thought nothing of it and just left in our cars. I was in a car with my wife, Ahmad and his wife and Raj, who were the driver.

The rest of the group were in the other car. The last odd occurrence we had been on the journey back, where Ahmad started to act all weird and it seemed as if he was having a seizure. On the journey to Lake District, this had never happened it was only on the way back. Ahmad after having a couple of fits commanded Raj to stop the car on the side of the motorway about half way from Lake District to home, this would have been around Liverpool.

The other car following us also came to a halt to see what the matter was and everyone was spooked out (to say the least) about Ahmad’s behaviour throughout the trip since he is usually quite and not as active as the rest of us. Once we got back everyone went back to his or her own homes, while Ahmad went to his mother’s house and his wife went to her mother’s house.

This was as we agreed that Ahmad had obtained Jinn that followed him and this possessed him. I know this seems far-fetched but in Islam, this is totally possible. While dropping Ahmad off we were all worried and anxious that his parent would shout at us as they are extremely religious and they already dislike the idea of him going to stay at places like Lake District.

A couple of days later, we all met up again we decided to go see Ahmad as we have not seen him for quite some time now and he had not talked to us since the trip. Once we went to his house we saw that he was completely fine, and we didn’t how to approach him to ask what happened to him, so I unhesitatingly asked upfront how he was now and what happened to him before hand in Lake District.

He explained to us that his mother knew exactly what has happened and took him to a Ruqya (a Jinn capturer), and this Ruqya found that a strong Jinn had attached to him and the Ruqya eventually managed to convert the Jinn to Islam (this is part of Jinn capturing). Ahmad then told us that he was acting all weird at Lake District, as the Jinn had come to him from the black goat. And without agreeing with what the Jinn were telling him to do, the jinn caused pain within his body, which were the reasons for his seizures.

He also told us that the Jinn and the Jinn told him to kill everyone with it while they were sleeping, so this was why he kept everyone awake during the night at Lake District put out the knife that we first saw in the kitchen.

Not only that but the jinn told Ahmad to cause a car accident to kill our group, but Ahmad was resisting the will of the Jinn and the jinn caused, even more, pain in Ahmad’s body which was the cause of Ahmad fitting in the car. Ahmad told us that the time when the jinn contacted him and told him to do this was always when we saw the black goat. As a group conclusion, we all decided to never visit Lake District ever again. I write this for real encounters with the paranormal and also to inform travellers and seasonal holiday visitors to never go to Lake District. When I booked the villa online I never actually noticed or considered who I was renting it from, and the owner never shows himself, and those wondering where I got the keys from, was from under the flower pots as I always do, this is the usual method of renting in Lake District.

As a Muslim I believe in the only rational belief to me, and that is that a jinn has done and caused all of this. I am sure I am talking for the whole of my group when I say we are glad to have gotten out from there alive and well and that Ahmad is all fine. Please take this warning seriously and do not dismiss this warning if you ever do end up going to Lake District.

P.S the uploaded photo is the house/cottage that I stayed in

Camping Horror

So me and my girlfriend were gonna go on a camping trip in a local forest near us.

We freed up our schedules just for this trip.

We had gotten all packed up and ready to go hiking in the woods for 3 days.

We drove for about 30 minutes to get to where we would start hiking.

When we arrived it was about 5 o clock at night and the sun was just starting to set so we didnt go very far until we set up a campsite.

Now remember the woods we were going into were far away from any towns.

As we were setting up camp my girlfriend would say she heard leaves crackling in the distance.

I would tell her it was just an animal and not to worry about anything.

We got a fire going and had drank a few beers before getting in our tent to get some shut eye.

I was just dozing off and suddenly i heard a stick crack i would have to say 15 yards away.

I dismissed it as being an animal and rolled over in my sleeping bag.

My girlfriend was sound asleep so i didnt want to disturb her.

It was only a matter of 5 minutes before i heard a stick break now just a couple feet from my tent.

I didnt want to move not knowing what it was.

The thing making the noise then slowly made its way away from our campsite.

I finally forgot about it and fell asleep.

The next morning i woke up and my girlfriend was already up packing up her stuff to go on another hike.

We packed up our things and started walking.

We were talking and having a good conversation until she asked “Did you hear those noises outside our tent last night”

I told her i did here it but whatever it was, wouldnt be bothering us any longer since we were moving in the oppsoite direction of our campsite.

We stopped and ate lunch at a small creek.

We finished eating and suddenly heard the same noises we had heard last night.

I picked up a rock and threw it in the direction it was coming from and we heard it scurry off quickly.

We stopped to set up camp for the second night.

We started a fire and ate some dinner we had packed.

We finally settled into our tent and we fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night.

I got up to go pee and stopped dead in my tracks.

My heart sank as i saw what looked like a human hunched over by the coals of the fire.

It couldnt have been a human by the way its body was shaped.

I laid back down and sat as still as possible.

I had to have layed there for one hour without moving.

I finally stood up and looked outside.

My heart dropped.

The creature jerked to look at me as i stood up.

I stood still, but i knew it had seen me.

The creature let out a hissing noise that i will never forget.

After it had made the noise it had ran away.

My girlfriend awoke to the horrifying screech of the creature and was now terrified.

I told her to lay down and not to move until the sun rose in the morning.

I somehow fell asleep after what had happened.

We quickly packed up our things and hurried off towards my car.

I started up my car and looked into the woods one last time.

I got chills as i saw the same creature i had seen last night .

I floored it home.

All i know is im never going in those woods again.