Man in the campsite

This story happened just a year ago, in summer. I am now 14.

Some backstory on this –
My older sister has a part-time job as a camp counselor, in Lithuania (where we live), and she invited me to visit it, at least once. I didn’t really want to go there, since it was a camp for vegetarians, but I wanted to spend some time with my sister and few other friends that were going there too.

And now the camp’s area’s plan to not get confused –
The tent site was around 200-150 meters away from the entrance, so it wasn’t actually inside the camping area. The tent site was divided into 2 zones – girl’s zone and boy’s zone. Right at the entrance were toilets, sinks and showers. Turning left will lead you to fireplace, game area, food station and etc.; which were around 100 meters far from entrance. With all this, you can see that action happened pretty far from where people were in the day time usually.

Now the story-
First 2 days nothing really much happened. At night I only heard few branches snapping or leaves rustling, but I think that those were caused by squirrels or some other small animals. At the third day, I got really bored and pissed because I didn’t have anything to do and got hungry for meat dishes, so I went back to tent site. It’s actually not good to go there, since all counselors wants kids to stay at game area or go to help in the kitchen with lunch. But, being the edgy and angry girl I was at the time, I didn’t listen to them and went back to my tent.

I lied down and started to read a book I took there, but then I got distracted by someone rustling in another tent, further from me. At first I thought that it might’ve been a female counselor searching for something, but the rustling continued for around 5 more minutes. I got eager to peek at someone who was there for some reason, so I zipped down the tent entrance and poked my head out to look at the direction of the person. It was a clear daytime, so I saw who was actually there. It was a man.

Well, maybe he’s a male counselor too? But no. All counselors have these colorful uniforms and boots to be recognized with, but this man wore camo pants with a leather jacket. I think that he heard me zipping the tent, because he stopped rustling and crawled backwards out of the tent. I quickly got back into mine and zipped up the entrance. I was breathing pretty heavy, s I covered my mouth with my hand. Then I heard footsteps. They were coming right at my direction. But I think that he didn’t know where I was, since between the man and my tent, were 2 other tents too.

Then I saw a shadow walking right past my tent too, and it carried a fucking axe. I mean, not even a hatchet, but a big axe dedicated for tree cutting. Thanks to the gods, he went past my tent too. I waited few more minutes and zipped the entrance just a little bit, just enough to see some surroundings. There were only trees and tents left, so I quietly zipped the rest of the entrance, and stepped out. I didn’t see anyone around, so I went to check the path the man walked. There were some boot prints on moss. They were male, since they were really big. I checked the tent he was in and all the clothes of a girl that owned this tent were scattered inside. Her backpack was unzipped and the entrance was left open too. I don’t think that the girl left her clothes like this by herself…

I ran to the fireplace as fast as I could and told the councelors of what I saw. We hurried there and I showed them the boot prints and the tent. The owner of the tent said that few of her underwear clothes were missing. Even after what happened, councelors still wanted for us to stay in the camp and asked us not to call parents yet. They also made sure that every kid was now in their sight.

I didn’t leave my sister that week anymore, because I was scared shitless of a possible pedophile or even worse that was walking in this camp.

Gladly, we all left safe, nobody saw the man again and nobody had their personal stuff missing.

I’m never going back to that camp again, and even my sister said that they changed the campsite’s location, closer to the forest exit.

Camp auburn

It happened in 2013 when I was 10 years old in the 5th grade, Im 15 now. At my school, every 5th grader got to experiences what camp would be like. I was lucky enough to have my best friends sleep in the same cabin as me, which was nice because she was my only friends at the time that was a 5th grader. So I was a pretty lonely kid besides that I had my 8 dogs, so I was pretty much obsessed with animals at the time. I even decide to become a veterinarian at that age but going to that camp made me want to find a new career.

All the camp counselor were highschoolers that went to my high school they were my age that I’m in right now. I remember that I had a sucky camp counselor, she would get me in trouble for things I never did, I like the time I got separated from the group and she blamed me for walking out when I never did, but everything else wasn’t that bad.

The night before I left camp we had our the last bonfire and we would singing and dancing, and the way the camp was set up so that the forest was right behind us and the lake was in front. I was in the back sitting and singing along like the loner im, when I hear a noise right behind me, almost like a twig snapping in half. I immediately turned around to see the head of a dog. I thought it was a stray dog but this one looked different, I could only see the head and not the body.

For some reason, my 10-year-old brain thought it would be okay to go pet the dog, so I get up and started walking towards the dog. I guess since I was so quiet no one notice that I had got up and left. As I get farther for the camp and closer to the dog, I notice that there where no sound expects of the fire. No birds, no insects, and not even a cricket. At this point, I’m wanting to just turn back when I see the head if the dog starts moving up. I immediately stop in my tracks, I got a weird feeling that I shouldn’t have even left the camp. The eyes of the dogs started to glow a dark yellow and as it starts to rise up higher, I see that it was standing on its hind legs. I felt a warm liquid run down my legs and my eyes, I was frozen in place as I watch the 6 ft thing tower above me.

I hear my name being called for behind me to see the counselors running towards me with a worried look and I immediately start running to them, crying even harder. It was the scariest thing I ever experienced for a 10-year-old. I wouldn’t stop crying to the point where when I tried to explain what happened they couldn’t understand me and when I finally stopped no one believed me. The worst part was that I had to stay because it was still the last night of camp, so I stayed awake most of the night scared that it would come back for me. whatever I saw, it disappeared before the counselors got there. I went the rest of the school year with only my best friends because she believed me no matter what I said. I’m glad that I don’t ever to go back there.

Camp Creeper

I’m going to start with some background info about myself. I was an 11 year old girl when this happened. I was going camping with my girl guiding troop for the weekend. I had missed my drama club and a singing audition so I hoped it would be worth the trip.

Because I was the one of the oldest of the youngest (being 11 and everyone else under 11) I was fuming when I was told we were in a tent meant for 4 but I was sharing it with 7 other people. After I set up my sleeping bag me and my best friend there decided to go to the disco our troop had. No one else just OUR troop.

It was just me my best friend and two other of my friends from there- and the DJ… Now; me and my friends didn’t pay much attention to him until my best friend pulled me aside and whispered “Hey- I think the DJ’s checking one of us out…” At the time I believed every single conspiracy theory on the internet- so I started to get sucspicous.

I remember *twerking* with my friend and from that point I made eye contact with him. Like any pre-teen girl I was kind of embarrassed. But when he looked at me in the eye with a smirk- I knew he was watching us. When we got back to the tent we joked around about him with the other girls but it still creeped me out.

The next day (or should I say night) there was a huge disco. There were about 25 other guide districts there and it was now only three of us- including my best friend. We ran in there and my friends just started dancing. It was still the same DJ so I felt a little uncomfortable. He was still looking at me and my friends. I left early to go to the toilet and I left my friends there. They were fine.

And the next day (you thought I was finished didn’t you) we done this fitness thing- 5 sessions in a row to be exact. And you probably guessed by now the dj was also there. While we were being the kids we were wanting to lose weight the DJ was packing up his stuff because it was the last day of camp. I almost didn’t notice him until we turned around as part of the fitness and- he was there.

The weird thing was he stayed all of five sessions. Each session we done five fitness routines (so we did 25 fitness routines). After we finished we got our stuff and left the camp. I never mentioned this to my parents and I’m never planning to. Me and my best friend still joke about it even now.

I wish I went to the audition instead.

But it creeped me out…