Demonic Wild Animal Attack

I will start off by saying I was 12 when this happened, and I was in the 5th grade. I lived in Central Texas, and was on a ”camping” trip with my school. I now live in Arkansas, but that isn’t important to this story. My school group was at the camp for 6 days, Monday through Saturday, the first encounter took place on Tuesday night, myself and 2 of my friends, for privacy reasons, we’ll call them Nick and Jack, were playing with a kickball.

I should mention that the cabins the boys stayed in were arranged in a semicircle around a large bluff that lead up to the border of the property. When we were playing, Jack kicked the ball up onto one of the lower ledges of the cliff, since I was closest to the bluff, I shouted “I’ll get it!” Climbing up the bluff, I had the strange feeling of dread creeping down my spine, My instincts told me to look up, that was possibly the worst mistake I’ve ever made. About 300 yards up the bluff… were…. were eyes, when most people report eyes, they tend to be red or gold… but… these eyes were a sickening orange-yellow color, I was practically frozen when Nick walked up to me.

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