The Bridge Ghost

This is not my story but my friends who wishes to remain anonymous so the details may be a bit wonky. So be for we start here is some background info. This takes place on a bridge going over a manmade lake in our county. Now this lake is a known place that the Russian mod dumps bodies. I know it sound crazy but it’s true I swear. The bodies are found with there hands and heads cut of to keep them from being identified. Now that the background info is out of the way it’s time for the story.

This takes place about a week after my friend, who I will call Q, lost and Uncle who he was very close to. In Q’s family there’s a tradition were when someone die in the family the other family members would drop a rock of the bridge at night to honor the deceased. But the thing is that not many people in the family liked that uncle other than Q. So after a week of trying to get the others to the bridge with he gave up and went alone

When he arrived at the bridge is was about 10 o’clock at night. After he parked and got out of his car he could tell that there was an errie feeling in the air but decided that it was just his imagination. After  he walked what he thought was far enough out he pulled a rock that he had taken from his own backyard and slowly dropped it of the bridge and waited to her the plop of it hitting the water but instead he heard the crack of the rock hitting the rocks the had been exposed due to a drought during the last couple of years. This was disappointing because he could have sworn that he was far enough out were the rock would hit the water. But it didn’t matter much to him because he was shure that his uncle wouldn’t have cared ether.

After standing and thinking about his uncle for a bit While went to leave but when he went to walk a way he hears the crack of the rock hitting again. Confused and a bit startled he looked over the edge and tried to see what made the noise. Now this bride is very high and at night it becomes very hard to see the water or it’s edge. When he turns to leave again he only makes it a free steps when out of nowhere he feels hands pushing his back he turns to see nothing but an empty road. A feeling starts to rise in that he needs to get off this bridge or something bad was going to happen so he starts to run back to his car. The hole time he felt hands trying to push Him closer to the edge.  When he gets to end of the bridge he tries to see what looks like a man with no hands or head disappearing.

He drove away from that bride so fast and home were he immediately went to sleep. The next day he read on a local news website that a body with no hands or head was found the day before right below were he dropped the rock. He thinks that the man was anger that no one came to honor his death band took his anger out on Q. This spooked my fried so bad that he won’t even drive that bridge past 6 at night out of fear.

A Wild Ride

There are a lot of scary bridges in Maryland.  I mean, you can actually pay someone 30 dollars to drive you across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge if you can’t stomach the howling winds and the sharp turn on the western side. But hands down,  the scariest bridge is Decoursey Bridge over a small river in Greenbriar Swamp.

Being the paranormal junkie that I am, I had convinced a friend, let’s call him Jack, to finally take me to the Seven Gates of Hell. Located on a barely there dirt road that would sometimes be flooded out by the tides, the Gates are a local legend. Now I know a bunch of states have their own version, but ours has the particular distinction of also being a favorite haunt of Big Liz, the Ghost of a decapitated slave, and to even reach the Gates you have to travel a few miles along a road haunted by ghost lights. Spooky, right? Well this summed up our itinerary for that particular summer night. But we had one issue, neither of us had a car at the time.

So we contacted a mutual friend, Mary for the sake of her anonymity, and convinced her to take us to the Gates. I was a little nervous about asking Mary to take us as she’d always been sensitive to emotions and spirits in a way that made my own sensitivity pale in comparison. But she and Jack said that she would be fine. So off we went into the night.

As we neared the road leading towards the Gates, Jack mentioned that he wanted to see if he could summon Big Liz.  To do so, we’d get onto the road, stop on the small bridge over the river, honk our horn three times, flash our lights twice, and shut off the car. We waited for nearly a half hour,  but no Liz holding onto her head with glowing red eyes came from the mist. Feeling a bit disappointed, we decided to press on. We looked to Mary to tell her to drive and I’ll never forget the look on her face.

Mary stared ahead with eyes that had rolled completely back into her head. “M-Mary?” I called out softly. As if a switch flipped, her eyes snapped forward and she started the car, revving her engine as if it were a manual and not an automatic. I was surprised that her poor little Fiesta survived when she slammed on the gas and we took off. Jack and I yelled in horror as we looked down the stretch of road. I glanced at the rapidly climbing speedometer and then back at Mary. Her eyes locked onto mine. They were glazed over as she smiled at me, not looking at the road at all. I swore that I was going to die that night when suddenly she slammed on her brakes. I felt whatever had possessed her leave thought the windshield and continue down the road. Mary somehow kept control of her screeching, slightly fishtailing, car and we came to a stop.

With tears in her now normal looking eyes, she threw the car into reverse, pulled the fastest three-point turn I’ve ever seen, and sped back up the road. Suddenly Jack cried out.  I glanced in the rearview to see two pinpoints of light that hadn’t been there before following us. Mary’s tiny car sped along the road with the ghostly car tailing us. Once we passed the bridge, the lights faded away into nothingness and she continued to speed back the way we’d come. Jack, Mary, and I sat in silence all the way back to Cambridge, the nearest town.

Only once we were back along familiar roads did Jack and I begin to ask Mary what had happened. And we were met with stony silence. I worriedly asked Jack about other spirits along the road. That’s when he told me about the origins of the ghost lights. Apparently a man had taken his car out to that road to practice racing. Unfortunately, he hit a wet patch of road near the bridge and hydroplaned off the asphalt, hitting a tree and dying instantly. I can’t say for certain that the ghost driver possessed my friend, but I do know that I won’t be taking Mary back there in a hurry.

Shadow Thing Under the Bridge

A little backstory before I get into things, back when I was in year 10 of secondary school, our Religious Studies class got taken on a trip to the Holocaust centre, we had to go around writing down any information that might come in handy for our upcoming exams. The trip was actually very interesting, our class even got to sit with a real concentration camp survivor, listening to his story from all those years a go was certainly a very moving experience. At the end of the trip we all got to go and have a quick look in the gift shop, I decided to buy a rubber red wrist band, the kind of thing you might see people who work for charity’s giving out, they usually have the name of the charity or their website on them to help raise awareness for whatever it is they’re raising money for. Anyway this wrist band had the words ‘Genocide- never again’ written on it, I figured it’s a nice, fitting souvenir. I put it on my wrist as we walked out and that was that.

About a year and a half or so later, that red wrist band had never left my wrist, it wasn’t hugely sentimental or anything, I just never really saw the need to take it off, after all it was water proof and I just kind of forgot it was even there. The reason for me telling you about this wrist band will make sense later on.

Now at the time this event took place, it was winter, me and my friend lets call her Lucy, we were meant to be going to a theme park early on a Saturday morning, it was a trip we’d been awarded by our school for over achieving in our grades. Coaches would be transporting us there, we had to be at the school 9:00am sharp, no later, or the coaches would be leaving without us. Lucy suggested as it was pretty early in the morning and she lived closer to our school, that I stop at hers the for night so we could make our way together, I happily agreed. I brought my sleeping stuff and change of clothes to school, so we could just go straight back to hers when the day was over. Now like I said, it was winter out, it had reached below freezing temperatures, however there was no snow or anything like that forecast for the next day so we never thought the weather would be an issue for this trip. We just needed to make sure we dressed appropriately.

Well we wake up the next day and low and behold a clear 6 inches of snow had fallen during the night and it was still coming down. Needless to say our trip was cancelled. A little bummed we decided to make the best of it and have a fun snow day. We were up early enough to get a McDonald’s breakfast. The roads were horrendous so instead of getting Lucy’s mom to drive us, we rolled us a few smokes, wrapped up and set off to get our hash brown’s. As we walked there I couldn’t get over how heavy it was coming down, we hadn’t seen snow like it for years. On the way back Lucy suggested we go sledging and that there was a place near by she knew it would be perfect for. Sounded fun to me, plus giving the fact I thought I’d be riding around on roller-coasters by now, it seemed like the next best thing. So we went, grabbed her sledge, I put on some mittens, which  I would just quickly  like to point out, covered up my red wrist band, again why I’m telling you this will make sense later on. Off we went on our journey.

The place she was taking me to was about a ten minuet walk from hers. We arrived at a bunch of field’s. Now I’m going to roughly explain the layout of this place which is kind of important to the story. Basically we had walk over one big field, at the end of it is a steep slope that leads onto the next field, at the end of this one there is another slightly steeper slope leading onto what I could see was a small football field with a couple of goal posts. I could see at the end of this field there was fencing surrounded by a load of vine and general greenery. I could also see a built up train track, separating the football field from the field on the other side, now that field I was actually familiar with as it was a short walk from my house. I’d never actually walked in the field, but I’d explored the church graveyard that resided right by it as a kid. Graveyards kind of interested me as a kid for some reason. Anyway because I’d never actually walked into that field, I didn’t know that under the built up train track, hiding along the fence, there was a creepy little bridge that lead you to the field’s we were now in.

The slopes at the end of each of the fields were ideal for sledging, so we started going up and down them both. It was no roller-coaster but I was still having fun. It started snowing really heavily again and so Lucy suggested we go and take shelter under the bridge at the bottom of the football field.

Now like I said, I didn’t know this bridge even existed and so obviously I had never been there before. To get the bridge, we had to go down a pretty steep pathway which kind of curved slightly and had all kinds of shrubbery more or less taking over its course. Once we reached the bottom I could see a small gravel pathway which lead us underneath the bridge. Looking ahead, straight away something caught my eye. There lying perfectly in the middle underneath the bridge there was what looked like a red wrist band. I pointed it out to my friend Lucy and jokingly said “Imagine if I picked that up and it was my wrist band”. She laughed and said that’d be kinda creepy. We walked up to it, finally sheltered from the cold wind and heavy snow. Curious I picked it up to see what it said. A chill ran down by spine when I read, you guessed it, ‘Genocide- never again’. I thought to myself, now that’s either one hell of a coincidence and someone who has also visited the Holocaust centre came to this exact bridge and dropped this here. Or it was mine. “But that’s impossible” I said. I rolled up the sleeves of all the layers I had on, took off the mittens that had been covering the band and… it wasn’t there. Now this wrist band hadn’t fallen off me since the day I put it on 1 and a half years ago, any time it had come close I’d always noticed. It was impossible not to as it was made of rubber, so I could always feel if it was rolling over my hand. But still, being the logical person I am, my mind started searching for answers for how it could have possibly ended up here. There were none, it wasn’t possible. Lets say I got caught up in all the fun of sledging and it did some how fall off my wrist without me noticing, (baring in mind I had multiple layers covering it), the ground was covered with a fresh layer of white snow, so surely I would have noticed a bright red wrist band lying on the ground. Again though for arguments sake lets say I didn’t notice the red wrist band against the white snow and that the wind was strong enough to carry it across two large fields, it still would have had to taken a very specific route to end up exactly where it was, it would have had to travel specifically into the corner of the small football field, down the small steep path, without getting caught up in all the vines growing across it, along the gravel pathway, then once under the bridge where there was little to no wind to carry it into the middle.

We couldn’t believe it, we lit a few smokes, and started raking our brains. The whole time we sat there, something just felt off. We decided to call it a day and make our way back, as we approached the bottom of the steep path, Lucy was already half way up when I decided to take one last look back at the bridge, only to see a dark shadowy figure just standing there in the middle where the wrist band had been. I bolted up that path faster than I thought possible giving the fact the snow had made it kinda slippery. I decided not to tell my friend what I had just seen as I didn’t want to freak her out. She’d of probably thought I was just trying to scare her after what had happened anyway. In fact when ever I re-tell the story to my friends I always leave out that part, partly because I don’t think they’ll believe me and partly because the thought of even mentioning that shadowy figure gives me a sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’ve never personally been one to believe in the paranormal, though I’ve always been opened minded to the idea. But after exhausting all logical explanations for what me and my friend experienced, I’m left believing that what I saw that day under the bridge was as real as it gets.

I’ve since been back there by myself and all I can say is I definitely didn’t feel alone.

Ghost Bridge

“Hurry up slow poke!” I said laughing, talking to my cousin Zoe. We were walking to the bridge in South Haven from my great grandmas house. As we started talking about god knows what, when I noticed that the wildlife stopped being noisy.

Zoe was procrastinating because she had a “bad feeling” honestly I always trust my gut, and I felt fine. So I just kept walking, because I knew she would follow eventually. As I was looking at the bridge, I saw my old best friend, Conner. He was my OLD best friend because when we were 9 he died in a train accident, so it was weird seeing his spirit. He looked like we could be twins! Fraternal of course ’cause he is a boy and I’m a girl. Blonde hair, and blue eyes, although he had no glasses.

He said in the same voice that I knew when we were little, “It’s ok Livy, don’t worry, I’ll always watch out for you, like you did me.” Then he vanished, but before he gave me a necklace that I wear every day from that day on. I am a firm believer in the paranormal so I knew it was real.

If you’re wondering, that whole thing “I’ll always watch out for you, like you did me.” He was once being bullied so bad he was crying. He told me who did it, and I went up to them with him by my side, and said something along the lines of “You want him? Huh?! Then you’ll have to go through me ya dingus!!” As I was feared in my old school, heck even now when I’m 11 and in a new school, I’m still feared.

I asked Zoe if she had seen that and she replied no but that she liked my necklace. As she said that the animals resumed all their chatter. That memory will never ever leave my mind, and I don’t mind because it makes me very, very, very happy.

Goatmans Bridge

Hello, I’m a huge fan of your Channel and I’ve always wanted to submit something to you but until now nothing I’ve had was long enough.

There’s a Ghost Story a friend of mine told me about called Goatmans Bridge. The long and short of a story is way back when there was a Goat Farmer who had a wife and children, but due to him being Black and his wife White the others didn’t take to kindly to their family due to the Racial issues at the time. They lived a normal life and never bothered anyone but one night they were taken out to the bridge by angry Farmers and were hung; the man was forced to watch as his beloved wife and children were murdered before being hung himself. Though he didn’t die right away; those who had hung them made sure the Noose was tied in such a way that caused a slow death.

Naturally as a huge Paranormal fan me and a couple of my friends had decided to go check the place out. It’s said at night if you go and stand on his bridge one of many things might happen: you might hear the rope swaying with a body clearly still attached to it, you might see him hanging off of the bridge, the sound of voices or the urge to jump off into the river below. The bridge itself was near a wooded area, naturally of course these things seem to always happen near a wooded or abandoned area, and was a good ways above a river with fallen trees and rocks scattered about in the dark water. The bridge had Graffiti on it clearly showing others had been there before who thought it would be a good idea to leave their mark on the place where a family lost their lives.

Someone even drew an Ouija Board in Pink Chalk for goodness sake!

It was around early morning when we arrived and there were a few other Cars parked, one empty and the other with an adult and their small Dog. Getting out we all made out way down the path to get to the bridge chatting as we shown out Flashlights on the ground in front of us so we didn’t trip over anything and get hurt. Now I’m not an idiot, someone foolish or insane enough to go hunt for the Paranormal yes but an idiot no, and I had my Pocket Knife in my hand just incase something should go wrong while a friend had my Pepper Spray. We weren’t about to get caught in a situation we didn’t want to be in without a way to defend ourselves.

Getting up on the bridge it seemed colder than the rest of the are we had been at, though it was turning into those colder Months so it wasn’t that surprising. My friends began to try and talk to the Spirits of those who had been wrongfully killed on the bridge while I walked off to be on my own. Why I did I’m still not sure. Zoning out I stopped in one spot and looked out over the bridge with the oddest urge to jump off. I didn’t, but the feeling continued the entire time we were on that bridge. Looking at the water below there was a splash but once we went to see what it was it turned out to be nothing more than a Fish with a great sense of timing.

Going back to my stand I tuned out the others whispering voices as I thought I had heard something. Now at first I was sure it was just some trees swaying in the wind or it could be the old bridge with the weight of Six people standing on it, it was run down after all but still safe to be on, but soon I realized neither of those things were right. Looking down once more at where I was sure this sound was coming from there wasn’t anything there I could see with my eyes but I knew what it was. Me and my friends have always been more in tune with the Paranormal and have had many other experiences so we know these things are real. I know I wasn’t imagining things.

It was the sound of someone hanging.

Now I didn’t say anything at the time seeing as how I was still trying to process if what I was hearing was what I thought it was; we might believe in these things but we try to rationalize them before assuming it’s something Paranormal. One of our friends, whom were not friends with anymore, wanted to go into the woods near by. Being the Horror fan I am my first thought was ‘that’s how you get stabbed’ but eventually after some talking half of the group had decided to stay where they were on the bridge while me and the other two began to walk into the woods. Yes I know this is something that could easily have gotten me killed but I was curious and wanted something more to happen. Depending on what it was that might’ve been in those woods I regret my choice.

After a few feet inside the trees someone screamed. Not scared or in pain but like they were talking with friends and being far to loud for the secluded area we were in, and it was clear they were drunk. Pausing for a moment we heard more people, all Men if I remember right, laughing and chatting with one another though I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Now of course my blood ran cold at the realization there were others out there that sounded like they were leaving.

And the way we went in was the only way in or out of those woods.

The Male with us, for some reason or another, yelled at them. Not angry but almost like he was joining in on the fun. And he got a response. Listening closer we soon realized that whom ever, or what ever, those voices belong to was now running at us. And I swear, we heard the sound of hooves. Deciding it was time to go we bolted out of the woods and back over the bridge. Once there one of our friends, and my best friend, asked what was going on and I only said one word.


A walk that took about Fifteen minutes took about Five on the way back as we sprinted to the Car and got in not about to be mugged or attacked by who ever those Men were, or whatever creature had been chasing after us. It’s almost funny because right as we got back into the Car and started it up the usual Tow-Truck pulled into the area to tow away any Cars left unattended. We laughed nervously to ourselves as we joked about how lucky that was and maybe it was a sign to get back to the Car so it wouldn’t have been towed and how the other Car left unattended might’ve gotten towed; but we didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

Only about Ten minutes into the drive back did I pipe up about what I had heard; turns out I wasn’t the only one who had heard it.

Typing this out I do still believe that those drunken idiots out in the woods who had rushed at us were the owners of the empty Car or maybe they were with the adult and their Dog; but there also was a change that the abandoned Car was actually abandoned. That the person with the Dog wasn’t waiting on anyone. That those Men we heard weren’t alive. That something with hooves was out there, too. I now know why they might call it Goatman’s Bridge.

I know for sure is I’m glad we didn’t stick around to find out what was sprinting towards us.