What’s Downstairs?

Please note that this is my first story written, so it might not be as good as some others. This story happened in Southern Ontario in Canada. Actually, at the time of writing this, it has only occurred two hours ago. I live in a small suburban home in a pretty nice neighbourhood, nice neighbours, great area.

Over the four years my family lived here, nothing has ever happened here vaguely crime like. The fact that this happened here is…nerve wracking to say the least.

Before I get into the story, I have to explain a couple things about my family and how my house was arranged.

My family is composed of: a black four year old cat named Gru, my older sister, my older brother, my dad, my mom, and my grandma who lives in the basement. My house once you enter, has a small entrance area with a mat with a small wall to the left separating this area from my dad’s office.

Beside the office is a small area with a bunch of cabinets and a large table. Opposite is the closet and the stairs leading upstairs and to the basement, which directly above the closet and the stairs was two lights.

Following down that hallway is the kitchen and the dining room on the left with the laundry room and the living room to the left. Going down the stairs is my grandma’s apartment and up the stairs was directly to the left my tiny room, with just adjacent is my cat’s tower and my parent’s room.

At the time, my mom and sister were off at a dance competition, so the house was very quiet, mainly because my brother, grandma, and dad usually kept to themselves. I woke up at 5:14 after a really bad nightmare about kidnapping or something along the lines of that, and now that I’m awake,

I couldn’t go back to sleep. I left my room fully alert, and I realised it was really dark, especially for the fact that the sun was meant to rise very soon.

I was going to go around to see if anyone was awake but then…I heard something. Everything was quiet except for this.

A scratching sound…coming from downstairs. I was right next to the stairs so I could tell it was coming from down there, and then the second anomaly, the staircase light was on, shining very brightly, and then the third, a mumbling sound, like someone was talking to themselves. 

What in the world?’ I thought. ‘It’s probably just mom’, I caught eye of my cat sitting down at the top step like he always does, and I went into my dad’s room, he was sleeping soundly.

I closed the door and hid in his room for a while. I would’ve gotten my flashlight, phone, wallet and epipen (I have allergies) but the bag they were in was directly in the sight of the kitchen.

I ended up just falling asleep after about 2 hours of just crouching in the corner.

I woke up at about 8:07 am with the light pouring into the room through the curtains. ‘Crap, forgot to tell dad about it last night.’ I said, which woke up my dad. I told him about what happened, and how I thought it was mom but how I’m still a little nervous, he then told me she wasn’t meant to come home until that night. I stared at him with serious shock.

I then gulped, built up my courage, and said I was gonna check it out downstairs, see the situation. I went downstairs.


The light was off, nothing. I went through every cupboard and fridge and nothing, I checked the last one and it looked like it was ransacked, food and other contents were spilled and toppled over. I checked every single window and door to see if they were locked,

I even checked the closet, every thing was locked. I then rummaged through my little bag and pulled out my flashlight, I interrogated everyone from my grandma to older brother, no one was even up at 5 other then me and Gru.

My grandma even showed proof she was only up at 8, her kettle was cold where she makes tea which she uses to wake up and how she was groggy and tired.

My dad said it might have just been my vivid nightmares I’ve been having recently, it was true, I’ve been having quite a few of those recently, but the thing is, can you have two nightmares in the same night, at the same time?

What in the world was downstairs at 5 am? Was it there for any longer?

And the thing that really is getting me worried is, what if I went down to check, or what would have happened if I called out ‘Mom’? A part of me wants to know what it was, but another part of me says some questions are best left unanswered.

The Break-In

NOTICE: English is not my primary language, so I apologize for my bad grammar, but I wanted to really share this story as I am still shaken by the encounter.

For this story you will need a little background information: I am 6 foot tall, 16 years old, I live in a very small country named Latvia, probably some of you know it.

I have shared this story only with close friends, other family members and my parents.We live in a two story house, my room is at the second floor. My parents often leave me home alone, because they travel a lot for work things. This happened on valentine’s day 2015, it was a cold winter night and I had just broken up with my girlfriend so I was completely alone to watch the house. It was around 8pm. I was downstairs watching TV shows on netflix when I heard light knocking on my livingrooms window. I got up and looked outside, noone was there.

After an hour I heard the tapping again, I peeked outside and I saw someone running by the bush where the road leads to another street. I thought someone was pranking me, so I didn’t really care. After like 30 minutes of watching TV shows I got bored so I asked my friend to come over, he lived 5 minutes away from where I live. For safety purposes I’ll call him Jake. Jake was shorter than Me and 1 year younger than Me. He came over and we played some video games. After a while I had a sudden urge to pee, so I went upstairs to use the bathroom.

When I got back to living room Jake told me he heard tapping on the window, I wasn’t surprised and I told him before he got here, I heard the tapping too. 1 hour passed and the we heard the tapping again and we ignored it, after like 3 minutes we heard footsteps upstairs and muted the game. The footsteps had stopped, we thought the footsteps were in-game so we continued to play. We heard something heavy fall upstairs in my parents bedroom, I paused the game and Me and Jake went upstairs and checked all the rooms. My parents bedroom was the last one to check. I peeked inside the room and saw nothing, It was pitch black, I turned on the light and I went in the room with Jake behind me. Jake checked the closet and I checked everywhere else.

As we were leaving I forgot that, we didn’t check under the bed, so I asked Jake if he could just quickly look. He looked under the bed, and he got up faster than I have seen him ever get up. He bolted out the room without saying a word, I quickly turned off the light and slammed the door shut. Jake was already downstairs, I rushed downstairs and he was pale as snow. I asked him what’s wrong, his answer made my heart drop. He said there was someone under the bed, smiling and with wide open eyes. We rushed outside and I called the police. We hid behind a bush that was in front of my house. As I was on the line with the police officer, me and Jake saw my parents bedroom light switch on. I asked them to be quick and rush over as quickly as possible.

We watched the house for like 10 minutes but saw no movement in the house. When police finally arrived, two police officers went to search the house and the third police officer asked a couple of questions. The two police officers came out of the house with a middle aged man with a long beard and wide, red eyes. His face was full of scars and bruises. Now I get it why Jake looked so pale. One of the police officers told us that the man had a knife hidden in one of his pockets. He had broken in by an unlocked bedroom window and how he got up to the second floor?

Don’t ask me, I have no idea. Eventually the police said they will patrol the neighborhood once an hour and left. Nothing has happened since the day but I still get goosebumps thinking and writing about this.

A Midnight Break In

My name is Sonny, but my nickname is Seth. I am in my 20s now, but this story takes place when I was 17 years of age. So a little background on my location: My house was in a neighborhood in Ohio. The neighborhood has one long road with houses on either side and with trees behind the house.

My best friend Tom came over for a sleepover. We made plans to have the best sleepover ever on this very night. He brought his dirt bike over because we planned on riding our dirt bikes in the morning. We played video games, computer games, ate pizza, the usual. At about 10:45 PM, we started to hit the hay when we both heard bumps in the walls.

I just thought it was some kind of rat because my house had a history of rats. It kept getting louder and louder. Trying to be funny, I yelled at the “rat” to shut up. It actually shut up. I was surprised. We went to sleep afterwards. I woke up when I noticed a big hand on my mouth.

It was leathery and gross smelling. A voice suddenly said to me “Don’t move, don’t yell, don’t do anything.” I looked over to the source of the voice, and there was a 35 looking year old man. I was desperate to get out, so I licked the hand over my mouth. “Ah. Disgusting!” the man said. I pushed the man down and woke up Tom as quick as I could. He automatically noticed the man and we bolted it out the door. I heard a gunshot behind us ricochet off the wall.

We didn’t have cars, so we got on our dirt bikes and drove down the road. I looked behind us, and the man was after us. He was on a motorcycle. When we got about a few minutes from my house, the man pulled up next to me. He tried shooting me and one of my tires. I pulled out my pocket knife I always carry and jabbed it into the man. He swerved down. I wasn’t paying attention, and I swerved off the street too. I was now laying on the road. I could barely see, but I did make out the man bashing my dirt bike with some long pole of some sort. I finally got up, but the man was gone. I don’t know where Tom went, but I called the cops, but unfortunately they couldn’t find him. Right then, my dirt bike was completely useless.

It was practically snapped in half.