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The Monster In the Woods

This Story is in every way true.

One day as my family and I were heading up into the Colorado mountains for a fun Sunday trip, we stopped at a small inlet called Sleepy Hallow. My parents decided it would be fun to stop and have a picnic.

My nine siblings and I agreed to play a game of hide and seek up in the trees on the hills above the picnic tables and cars. My sister and I had stayed back while our siblings had gone up into the woods, as soon as we decided we were ready to head up we went the wrong direction.

Bigfoot story

To start out my name is Doug and my father and I are what you call avid hunters and we know what is in the woods were we hunt. Well we took a trip to west Virginia to go black bear hunting well one day I was back at the camper resting from a early morning bear hunt.

And my father went out to go hunting for the afternoon and I knew were he would be incase of emergence. Well he gets to his spot and stays till the sun sets and he starts to head back to the side by side he took out to get to his spot. And on his way back he heard foot steps and remember this is in the mountains were only hunters and rare locals know we’re there at he heard foot steps of nothing Human or bear and he stopped for a second and kept walking then the most blood curdling and powerful yell came behind him and he thought “so this is how it ends well it will be a hell of a race” if he gets to the side by side and a soon as he got in something came running up at him and threw a giant rock at him.

Bigfoot Encounter while Hunting

Let me start off with a few disclaimers. This isn’t my story, it’s a friend of my grandfather and it’s been a few years since I was told it so the memory might be a bit hazy, and it may not be scary to most people, but I thought I would share it. Also, if there are any mistakes in this story, I apologize.

At the time of writing this, I was getting over a concussion. This story happened in upstate New York. My grandfathers friend was hunting with one other person. For privacy reasons, I won’t use any names of the people in this story.

Signs of Sasquatch in Maine

This isn’t a long story and it’s one that happened to my dad when he was in his twenties. He told this story to my sister and I when we were kids and ever since we’ve enjoyed listening to creepy encounter stories and the like, especially concerning Bigfoot.

To give a setting, this story took place in central Maine on a back dirt road on the outskirts of my small hometown. It was in the middle of winter during a light snow storm. If any of you are from Maine you’ll understand that the snow does not stop people from going out and living their lives. We’re all very experience and prepared driving through bad snowy weather. My dad and a few friends of his were at another friend’s house very late. Now at the time this old dirt road didn’t have many houses on it and it certainly doesn’t have street lights or anything like that. Today there are more houses but even today you can drive miles before seeing another house so it’s quite secluded. There are lots of thick forests all throughout Maine and here was no exception. My dad and two of his friends finally left their friend’s house around 2am. Snow was freshly fallen on the road and being so late in a secluded place the snow wasn’t very disturbed by other cars. As they drove my dad noticed odd tracks in the road. They looked like human tracks. He and his friends got out of the car to examine them. They did look like human tracks but they were very large, larger than a normal man’s foot print and they were barefoot. The tracks came from one side of the road, followed the road for a little ways, then continued up and over a snowbank and into the woods on the opposite side of which they had emerged. Now no one in their right mind would be out here in a snow storm bare footed at 2 in the morning. All three of the men saw the tracks and my dad swears this to be true. Nothing else happened, it was just a bizarre occurrence that makes him believe not only does Bigfoot likely exists, they’re also close to home.

The Big Man

I’ve gone through the woods many times in many different places throughout Pennsylvania. One afternoon, some friends of mine dared me to walk with them through an area that was a favorite haunt of Bigfoot, according to the locals. I’ve been a Bigfoot buff since the age of 6, and am very respectful of the legends that I had been told by Native Americans about the creature. Despite feeling uneasy, I took them up on their challenge. It was about 5:30 when we entered the woods. It was public land, so anyone could be there besides just us.

We had been walking for about an hour when I started to smell something bad. I’ve smelled skunks, spoiled milk, rotten eggs, and a wet dog. It was worse than all of those together. I looked at my friends and all 4 of them were standing as still as statues with eyes as wide as possible, staring to my left. I slowly turned to where they were looking and saw what I never thought I would see in my life. It was an honest-to-God Bigfoot. He/She was about 8 feet tall, covered in brownish-red fur, and was staring at us with yellow eyes. It was only about 50 yards away. In other words, too close for comfort! One of my friends said “That guy is huge.” My girlfriend, who was with us said “That isn’t a guy!”

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