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Something In The Woods

When my father passed away I inherited the family farm in the more rural area of Ohio just as he did when my grandfather passed. I was raised on this farm and spent the better parts of my childhood on this farm. Since I was child, and even still today, I feel uneasy being all alone on the property.

I consider myself an outdoorsman, growing up on a farm with my father we were either working on the daily chores or we would be hunting, fishing, and camping.

A true Sasquatch sighting

This happened when I was 11 years old. I used to have this old little electric mini bike that went about 20 or so miles per hour and had a small little light on the front of it so I could see in the dark. I used it to get to and back from my friends’ house. On one particular summer night, I drove over to a friends house on my mini bike at around 5 or 6 pm to play with him on his Xbox 360, I believe we played Call of Duty 4, or World at War, I’m not sure which one we played. All I know, is that I stayed there till around 9:00 at night, and since my parents were easy going parents and we lived about 2 miles away from this friend, they didn’t mind that I’d come home late or drive to my friends house on the little mini bike, since it went at a decent speed.

When I went outside of my friends house after I said goodbye to him, I went to go on my mini bike to drive back home. Keep in mind the whole way there, around his house and mine, too, is are largely wooded area, so we would always hear creatures moving around and always hear crickets. When I hopped on my mini bike, I heard nothing at all, not even any crickets. It was just silence. This was very odd because we always hear them and there are thousands of them in the woods. There was something that made them quiet. Take note that the mini bike was electric and didn’t make much sound when it accelerated.

Bigfoot camping storie

My storie takes place in Canada.

It was the summer of 2015 and I was in 12 grade.

me and two other friends went on the camping trip in Alberta Canada the drive up was normal. We got to the campsite. And oh yeah one of my friends who

The Monster In the Woods

This Story is in every way true.

One day as my family and I were heading up into the Colorado mountains for a fun Sunday trip, we stopped at a small inlet called Sleepy Hallow. My parents decided it would be fun to stop and have a picnic.

My nine siblings and I agreed to play a game of hide and seek up in the trees on the hills above the picnic tables and cars. My sister and I had stayed back while our siblings had gone up into the woods, as soon as we decided we were ready to head up we went the wrong direction.

Bigfoot story

To start out my name is Doug and my father and I are what you call avid hunters and we know what is in the woods were we hunt. Well we took a trip to west Virginia to go black bear hunting well one day I was back at the camper resting from a early morning bear hunt.

And my father went out to go hunting for the afternoon and I knew were he would be incase of emergence. Well he gets to his spot and stays till the sun sets and he starts to head back to the side by side he took out to get to his spot. And on his way back he heard foot steps and remember this is in the mountains were only hunters and rare locals know we’re there at he heard foot steps of nothing Human or bear and he stopped for a second and kept walking then the most blood curdling and powerful yell came behind him and he thought “so this is how it ends well it will be a hell of a race” if he gets to the side by side and a soon as he got in something came running up at him and threw a giant rock at him.

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