Big foot sees me

This was when I was about 12 years old. I’m in my room playing my video games and messing around. We live out near a farm so there is a bunch of wildlife near by.

As I’m playing my game I can hear something outside but I thought nothing of it. It seems to be big but I thought it was a cow being we’re we lived.

So I move the blinds and faintly see something about 50 feet away. It was almost dark so I couldn’t tell what it was but it was really y’all.

At first I thought it was my nieghbor because he was pretty tall but this thing had no clothes on just patches of fading fur and or hair. I remember as I’m watching it my phone rang. This creature looks over his neck almost like a dogs the way it looked over. It stared at me and my heart began beating fast. Then as I close my eyes to blink it’s gone…..

I thought just a figment of my imagination. As I’m about to turn away it smacks my window and gives out a blood hurdling scream. I immediately got under the sheets of my bed not wanting to move. I waited about 30 minutes and it’s still out side I could hear it.

Then my nieghbor lets his dog out and I hear it barking the creature run into the woods . I told my dad but he doesn’t believe me. I never got over that night.

The Dusk Man

This story happened to me a little over 2 years ago. First let me give you some background. Almost every summer me and my Grandparents go to Missouri to visit my Aunt and Uncle, who live in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Also the nearest neighbor is a little over 6-5 miles away. Now that you know some background let me continue the story.

It was the Summer of 2015 and the time came to visit family in Nebraska and Missouri. I was 13 then and loved to see my family, even if it meant spending 2 days in a car. Nebraska was nice and I had a lot of fun with my cousins, so after staying there a few days we left for Missouri. Now for those of you who don’t know, Missouri is very very hot in the Summer, so picture a 13 year old with a book and a dead phone, with the AC of a Van trying to keep the car cool and on top of that having not eaten lunch yet. It wasn’t very pleasant.

Finally we pulled up in the driveway of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. They had a 2-story house if you count the basement. I loved their house because I love going out into the woods and just plan having fun, so their house was perfect. Me and my Grandparents started unloading the car while my Aunt and Uncle came out of the house to see us. They gave me a big hug and told me that I would be sleeping in the Living Room on an Air-Matrass.

Once I put my stuff on the Air-Matrass I asked my Aunt and Uncle if I could go outside to play, since my Grandparents wanted to catch them and to my relief they said yes. Thus I began my adventure through the woods close to the house. Now and again I would leave a trail marker so I wouldn’t get lost because I did have a tendency to get lost. I had left my 5th trail marker when I had remembered that I had a sandwich and a water bottle in the backpack I had on. After walking a few steps to a log, I sat down and ate. While I ate I got this feeling like I was being watch, but told myself that it was just the animals watching me eat.

But the feeling wouldn’t go away, even after I got done eating and just sat on the log doing nothing. Then I got a new feeling, more of a thought more or less, to look over to my left. I wished I never did. To my left was a huge tree structure. There was one large tree in the middle, with 2 slightly smaller trees crossing the one in the middle.

“The heck is that?” I asked myself as I walked over to it, looking it up and down. Now I’m not a small girl, as back then I was 5″7, but this structure towered over me. As I stood in front of it I got the feeling of being watched again, but it was way stronger and I was starting to get goose bumps. That’s when I heard it, its breathing to be more accurate. Then I did something really stupid and looked behind me.

Standing there, towering over me, was a 7 foot tall, brown furred, human looking monster not even 5 feet away from me. I froze with my mouth hanging open, while this thing looked at me. Then it reached out for me and my arms and legs came to life. I never ran so fast in my life, trying to get away from that beast that could easily out run me. I did yet again a stupid move.

I looked behind me, which while running as fast as you can while not looking where your going is a recipe for disaster. I ran straight into a Holly Brush, which really hurt. The creature stopped in front of me

Something In The Woods

When my father passed away I inherited the family farm in the more rural area of Ohio just as he did when my grandfather passed. I was raised on this farm and spent the better parts of my childhood on this farm. Since I was child, and even still today, I feel uneasy being all alone on the property.

I consider myself an outdoorsman, growing up on a farm with my father we were either working on the daily chores or we would be hunting, fishing, and camping.

I eventually left home and traded home life for military life in the United States Army. That being said I was trained and drilled to pay attention to details. Details that most would overlook and consider “unimportant”.

While I was going through my fathers belongings I came across his old hunting shotgun. I figured as a tribute to my late father I would harvest one last Whitetailed Deer with the shotgun before the hunting season ended.

While I was out scouting the area the area I would be hunting over I had the strange uneasy feeling that I felt as a child overcome me. I felt as if I was being watched by someone or something. I could barely make out a figure moving between the trees 10 yards in front of me. Whatever I was seeing was breathing very heavily and the ground was shaking beneath my feet with every step it took.

My blood ran cold at the mere thought of what I was seeing. When I eventually got the nerve to leave I left the area as quietly as possible. I played it off as something as trivial as my mind playing tricks on me.

The next day when I went back to the area I had chosen for my hunt I noticed the woods around me were eerily quiet. There were no animals running around no woodpeckers, no deer. A few hours passed and as I got comfortable against the tree I had chosen to watch from I became overwhelmed with the worst smell I have ever experienced not too long after that I noticed something odd in the distance.

I saw with my naked eye what can only be described as a giant hairy humanoid figure walking towards me. I determined that whatever this was at the time was no less than 60 yards away. I looked through the scope on my fathers shotgun to get a better look at the creature. What I saw is an image I will never forget.

Whatever I saw had a human like face, broad shoulders, long reddish brown hair all over its body. The creature had to be at least 8ft tall and its arms went all the way to its knees. I ultimately decided to shoot just over its head to attempt to scare it off. After I shot it let out the most blood curdling yell/roar that made my body freeze up

I waited for the longest hour of my life to get up to ensure that whatever I saw was gone. After I got my nerve back I got up and went to investigate the area I had seen the creature come from and I saw the biggest footprints in my entire life. My fathers shotgun has a 28 inch barrel and these footprints came within inches of being as long as the gun barrel is.

My grandfather and father told me stories about The Ohio Grassman when I was a child.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Grassman they are Ohios Bigfoot more or less. Both my father and grandfather always told me that these creatures lived here on this land long before our family did. Whatever it was I saw that day I no longer go to that area of what is now my farm. I will also no longer wander the property unarmed.

A true Sasquatch sighting

This happened when I was 11 years old. I used to have this old little electric mini bike that went about 20 or so miles per hour and had a small little light on the front of it so I could see in the dark. I used it to get to and back from my friends’ house. On one particular summer night, I drove over to a friends house on my mini bike at around 5 or 6 pm to play with him on his Xbox 360, I believe we played Call of Duty 4, or World at War, I’m not sure which one we played. All I know, is that I stayed there till around 9:00 at night, and since my parents were easy going parents and we lived about 2 miles away from this friend, they didn’t mind that I’d come home late or drive to my friends house on the little mini bike, since it went at a decent speed.

When I went outside of my friends house after I said goodbye to him, I went to go on my mini bike to drive back home. Keep in mind the whole way there, around his house and mine, too, is are largely wooded area, so we would always hear creatures moving around and always hear crickets. When I hopped on my mini bike, I heard nothing at all, not even any crickets. It was just silence. This was very odd because we always hear them and there are thousands of them in the woods. There was something that made them quiet. Take note that the mini bike was electric and didn’t make much sound when it accelerated.

Since it was summer, and pretty early in the summer around Mid July, it was still pretty light out at 9 PM, not too light but enough to make out someones face from about 10-15 yards away. As I started heading home, I felt very uneasy, as if I was being watched, and still heard nothing of the crickets. I was coming up at a T Junction where I would have to turn left and continue down that road for about a half mile and make another left at an unlit intersection and continue going straight until my house came up. As I was approaching the T Junction, I could barely make out something in the trees straight ahead of me. I saw a pair of eyes in the trees. My first instinct thinking it was maybe an owl or something because we get quite a few owls up where we live, until, I saw it had blood red eyes.

When I got closer, I could tell that whatever the fuck that thing was was not an owl and it’s eyes were 9 feet off the fucking ground. Before I go on, I must say that there is a legend around where I lived that late at night, Sasquatch would come out and hunt.. which was obvious (or so I thought) bullshit. I never believed in Bigfoot or any cryptids, but, when I saw these eyes and how far they were off of the ground, I immediately thought of this legend. I pissed my pants when I saw this, because I was a very paranoid person at the time (and still am) and would always assume the worst. I was terrified and knew that I would have to make this T Junction very fast and and book it the fuck home.

When I turned left I was going as fast as I could on that mini bike. I lost sight of the eyes and thought the thing had just fucked off, until I heard in the woods that whatever this fucking thing was was easily keeping pace with me. I started crying at this point and kept just driving as fast as I could down the road. I started approaching the intersection where the trees stopped and there would be a bit of a clearing on all sides of it, and saw a 9 and a half foot tall hairy, disgusting looking beast come out of the fucking woods that was coming straight for me. I made the left as fast as I could and I’m not sure if it was a miracle but I saw a pair of headlights coming down the road. I turned behind me and saw the beast step into the woods, because it knew it would be illuminated by this person’s headlights. As soon as I passed the person, I heard the crickets again, and hoped that this beast fucked off.

When I got home I shut the garage door, and locked every door and window in the house. My mom saw me obviously uneasy and pale and asked what was wrong. I never told her, or anyone what ever happened to me until now. I don’t know what that thing was, possibly a ‘Sasquatch’, but whatever it was, I hope I never see it again. I have since moved into a dorm at my college and seldom visit my parents who still live where they did when I was 11. I hope no one ever has to endure the fear I was in and I truly hope no one ever sees what I did.

My name is Jack, but I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you for your time.

Bigfoot camping storie

My storie takes place in Canada.

It was the summer of 2015 and I was in 12 grade.

me and two other friends went on the camping trip in Alberta Canada the drive up was normal. We got to the campsite. And oh yeah one of my friends who

we will call Jeff  brought his girlfriend who we will call Jane . So when we pulled up to our camp spot we unloaded our gear then had lunch then we went for a hike around 3 o’clock  we came back around 5:15. For about 4 hours we sat around the campfire telling stupid stories and stuff.

But this is when shit gets to real. We started to get the felling we were being watched were being watched wich is weird because the was know one around us for about a kilometre. So we thought it just might be a fellow camper so I yelled out hey. No  response so we just ignored it. Later that nite I woke up to the sound of snapping twigs. I looked out of the tent curiously. What I saw was a creature

about 20 meters away from the tent it was about eight feet tall with nut brown hair. And that’s all I could see in the moon light so I woke up my friend. And he went pale he slowly closed the tent zipper and looked at me and said it’s right outside. I told that impossible because it was just 20 meter away.