Demon at my uncle’s house

A few years ago my aunt was driving me to my uncle’s place. Then she told me this are you excited to see your uncle. I told her yeah but here is the thing i never met my uncle before and this was my very first time seeing him. He lives in the country and he had a whole property for him and his wife.

My uncle’s name is Robert and his wife’s name is Becky and they was very nice and they both gave me a hug and welcomed me in their home.

Me and my uncle hanged out and he showed me every room in the house then i saw my niece in his in the girls room playing with her friends but i did not care. My uncle said that him and his wife have to go to bed because they have to work the next day and he told me i can stay up all night and i said ok.

I went to their basement and their was a PlayStation 3 down stairs so i sat down on the couch and played some games on the PlayStation 3.

I was playing GTA 5 and it was really fun then all of a sudden i heard knocking on the window downstairs and i got freaked out but in my head i was saying that it is my uncle playing a joke on me so i ignored it then i kept playing more GTA 5.

Then two minutes later i heard more knocking on the glass window then when i looked at the glass window all the blinds flew of the window then i ran upstairs really quick and told the girls that can they be downstairs with me and they said ok.

All four of us went downstairs and went to the room where i was at playing GTA 5 on the PlayStation 3.

Then i put on regular tv on we where watching some mickey mouse cartoons then me and the girls heard walking on the upstairs floor then i heard something by the basement stairs.

I told the girls to be quiet and turn off the tv and they did then i went to the to by the stairs then i looked and till this day this still scares the hell out of me i saw a shadow figure standing up it was six to seven feet tall it had horns on it’s head like devil horns and it did not have no eye’s.

Then it gave me the most horrifying smile and i still remember how the smile looked like it was a sinister looking smile then all of a sudden it was running down the stairs very quickly then their was a light switch by my arm i turned on the lights then it disappeared.

I looked at the girls and they were crying with fear and i was frozen for two minutes then i snapped out of it then i ran to the girls i told them this. Do not tell nobody about this and they told me ok and they stayed downstairs with me the whole night. When i woke up it was morning and my aunt was at my uncle’s house then she told me am i ready to go home i said yes.

Then we went in the car and she told me this. Did u like spending the night at your uncles house i said yeah but i told her that lie so she would not know i was glad to go back home and i am sure as hell happy that i am not ever going to my uncles house again.

The Demon in The Corner

A long time back, around the time I was 6 or 7 years old, I lived in a neighborhood about a half hour out of Appleton, Wisconsin. To say this place was built on some old grave site would be disingenuous but a lot of the homes and surrounding area had an uneasy and oppressive atmosphere noticeable especially when alone. Though my own home was as subject to this unease and I had many frightening experiences there the home of my only friend at the time was where this story takes place.

One afternoon in the early fall, just before the heat of summer made its way out of the region, I was spending some time over at my friend’s home, which was a little log cabin up the street from my house. For the first time since meeting my friend we ended up going down to play in his basement, given that the heat made playing outside less than ideal. At first I was hesitant, after all my own basement was creepy and empty and I never imagined I could have any sort of fun somewhere like that, but it turned out not to be what I had anticipated.

His basement was pretty average in size, carpeted, and the insulation on the walls wasn’t even visible. It was by no means unfinished yet it was far homier than the concrete pit under my house, so I thought this wouldn’t be as bad as my young self thought.

After a good while playing with some of the toys down there, the one I distinctly remember the most being Rock-em-Sock-em Robots, we were having a good time. In the middle of one of our little boxing matches my friend’s mother called him upstairs for a reason that escapes me now after 15 years, now if only the rest of this story was forgotten with it.

As my friend hopped up and made his way up the stairs, I remained on the floor toggling the little plastic man in the ring right up until the door at the top of the staircase clicked shut. In that very instant the air in the room seemed to drop from a comfortable 70 degrees to a chilly 50, while the lights, few that they were, struggled to even bask the room in a dim glow. Now confused and slightly distraught I looked up to the lights to see if they were going out though this wasn’t the case. They looked bright as ever, yet their rays seemed to be getting choked out mere inches off the glass surface. This was when I noticed the ‘man’ standing in the far corner of the room.

Across the light clutter of boxes and old furniture was a tall man leaning into the corner of the room furthest from my position, seated about 5 feet from the bottom of the stairs. His skin was a pale grey, his clothes and hair were so black that it looked as though he was wearing a void itself. His arms were crossed over his chest, the fingers of his hand were thin and came to pointed blackened tips. By far, his worst feature of all was his face. His eyes looked unnatural, the whites were much darker than a normal person would be and his pupils looked like heinous black pits, I could see what I can only describe as pure malice and hatred for me when I looked into them. This was the first time I had ever experienced true dread as well as the day I knew demons truly existed, and he knew it. He stared me down and began to stretch vile and sinister grin, revealing sharp, needle-like teeth that looked like the fangs of a feline.

Finally, the severity of the situation dawned on me, I had to get away at all costs. I turned away, stood up, and made a break for the top of the stairs. All told, I had to have made it up in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds. With my small hand on the door handle and the door wide open, I glanced one last look at the bottom of the stairs. He was there, standing at the bottom arms at his side and palms facing me. He appeared like he was laughing at me bearing his ghastly fangs and blackened throat, yet I heard nothing at all, and I wasn’t intent to wait to hear it. I shot through the open doorway, bringing the door to a close behind me but just before it could latch on it’s own, it slammed up against me and threw my body into the wall across it.

In that moment I lost the little composure I had left and broke down, crying as I lay on the floor in pain and traumatized. My friend’s mother took me home where I prayed with my Dad who was unaware of the ordeal. It took me many years before I was able to tell this story to my friends and family, not for worry that no one would believe me but because of the impact it has left me with. I get shaky and cold whenever I recall this event, and on occasion I’ll hear someone relay a similar encounter, down to his appearance.

College Haunting

Everyone in our town knows that the college campus is haunted. It is one of those things that you grow up telling spooky stories about at sleepovers, making all the other girls squeal when you suddenly pull out the jumpscare. It wasn’t anything a lot of people really ever worried about, unless you went to the school.

I started college there back in the fall of 2010 as an art major. That meant I had to spend a lot of time in the humanities building. According to rumor, that was the most haunted building on campus. I have always been sensitive and over the years of doing things at the campus (it was the largest auditorium and what not in the town so a lot of plays and recitals happened there) I had felt many things over the years, but nothing much had really felt dangerous to me. I would get bad feelings around backstage and on the stairs that led down to the basement, but I generally shrugged them off as me just being a paranoid little kid.

After the first month or so, I got involved with a small group of people that enjoyed going ghost hunting on the weekends and they had gotten special permission from one of the art professors to stay in the building late that night. I was invited to go on this little hunt as my first tester trip. They wanted to make sure that I would stay calm.

We get there, go through a little safety spill, and break up into groups. Nothing much happens for the first little while, but then I suggest we head to the dark room on the 2nd floor. Earlier that week, I had an experience in there and thought that maybe we could find something. Two of us out of the group go inside while the other two wait in the hallway. We begin a bit of radio scilence to start the EVP session. During that time, I kept feeling something touching the back of my shirt and gently tugging on the hem. I stay quiet and ignore it, hoping that maybe a voice was caught on the recording.

We started to ask questions and the tugs on the back of my shirt become harder to ignore. I told the person I was investigating with and he began to ask who it was that was tugging on my shirt. I began to feel extremely warm and uncomfortable in there and told him that I really wanted to get out of there. I am quite claustrophobic and two people in a small darkroom was pushing it for me. However, the thought of an unseen entity wanting to mess with me while I was in such an uncomfortbale position made it worse.

We went out into the hall and listened to the recordings. There was nothing there but white noise, our voices, and some whispering that we couldn’t really make out. We chalked that up to the AC units in the building kicking on (it was still hot as hell, even though summer was wrapping up).

The rest of the time spent in the two small groups was rather uneventful. We came back together at about 2 am so that we could all go down into the basement together. I wish I had never gone.

We all took our positions in the prop filled basement (costume and prop storage for the drama department) and turned on a UV light. One of the guys said that he had read somewhere that entities might be attracted to it. A volunteer went and shut off the lights for the basement and we began to wait.

Once the lead said he was ready to turn out the lights, I got this distinct feeling that doing that would lead to a bad time. I told him not to, basically begged him not to, but out went the light.

That is when I felt something cold close around my neck.

I couldn’t breathe. It felt like something was pulling all of the air out of my lungs and I could not stand. One of the guys caught me and that ended the night’s investigations.

I had red marks on my neck that faded after a little while, but the guy that caught me had very tiny scratches near his eyes.

There were no investgations for the rest of the semester.

The following semester, we all decided that we needed to have one more go at the building and see if what had happened was just a fluke. We broke up into our groups again and had a rather uneventful night until a little after midnight.

While I was inside of a piano practice room, with one of the others, the peace of the building was shattered.

We heard a scream, the sounds of running down the stairs, the door to the stairway opening and closing, the door to the outside opening and closing, and then the stairway door opening and closing again. The only problem with the second opening and closing of the stairway door is there were no footsteps to go along with it.

We were all called to the auditorium for a little meeting. Turns out, that the two that ran out of the building had been investigating near the 2nd floor darkroom. While near the darkroom, they began to hear noises from inside the room and gentle knocks on the women’s restroom door. On an EVP, they heard something say MY NAME right before something inside the darkroom fell. That is what sent the others out of the building.

Because of this, I was asked to leave for the safety of the rest of the group. I was really bummed about that of course, but I left. One of my friends in the group said they would come and see me after.

The rest of this story was told to me by this friend. I have no recollection of this and that really freaks me out.

My friend came to my house after the investigation was over and he found me sitting in the middle of my living room floor with papers covered in weird ramblings and drawings spread all around me. He freaked, called a friend of ours that practiced Wicca. She came over to smudge and bless the house, hoping to rid it of whatever was there. He said I was pretty out of it the entire time, but I seemed normal the next day. I am so grateful that he came to see me instead of going straight home. There is no telling what would have happened if he hadn’t.

Now, all these years later, I still sometimes feel something dark in my house. I’m not sure if this entity followed me from the college or was latched onto me before all of that. All I know is that I now sleep with holy water and my father’s rosary beads beside my bed.

Possible Ghost In The Basement

Now, this experience happened to me about 5 to 6 years ago, so some of the details might not be there, anyways, here it goes. I had just recently moved about 6 months ago. I now live in a development fairly close to my old home and it was on a corner of a fairly busy street.

I moved for reasons unrelated to this story. I’m a 15-yo male and this happened to me when I was about 9 or 10.

My brother 8, my cousin 12 and I were all in my small, musty cluttered basement just playing around with the toys because we were bored. And literally out of nowhere we heard a toy fall from the other end of the room.

Now, there was no gust, just the fan blowing on us from this side of the room because is was very musty and humid down there, and from what I can remember, both the windows were closed. Since we were all fairly young, we scare easily and I, personally was and still am a firm believer in the paranormal.

So, I suggested we just go outside and play basketball or something because I was not comfortable at that point. They agreed, and we walked to the up the stairs.

We then heard a box of toys fall off another closed box. Now, the fan was indeed facing the the box of toys, but the box fell towards the fan. My cousin said run and we sprinted up the stairs and made sure to lock the door behind us and that was it. This is the only significant happening I can recall. These kinds of experiences had not followed me to my new home.

And I believe that if there was a spirit, it had no intent of harming us. And one more thing, my old home was rented out to multiple people after a family had lived there for years before then. I really only have one explanation for this, paranormal activity.

The Basement

I am not a stranger to the paranormal. Ever since I was 12, I noticed we were not alone in this world. The story I am sharing is not my first experience, but the scariest so far.

I was 16 at the time. Due to my parents being divorced, I had to go see my father every other weekend. He recently moved to a new rental. This rental has a bit of a story. You see, the previous owner of it just let his animals die. We would always find bones in the yard. Being in the country side gave me very little things to due, and outside was not an option due to the landlords’ business was run on the same lot. Shortly, my right to stay upstairs in the living room was taken away by my step-mother. My room became my sanctuary.

My room was in the basement. As time went on, I started to notice a presence near my room. The presence slowly grew over time, but never bothered me during the day. I would always forget about it as I went to bed, but the presence was stronger when all the lights were off. I slowly became paranoid, so I turned on my favorite rock station to ease my nerves each night. Then the presence became over baring. I made the mistake of looking at my door as I tried to sleep.

Through the crack, a bright, golden orb appeared. I blinked, thinking I was just tired. The orb slowly turned into an eye ball. I made contact with a creature’s eye. The malice that came from that one contact was enough to force me to stay awake all night. The creature just stayed there, watching me. Each time I would move, the eye would follow. I could not turn on the lights, for the switch being right next to that door. Being the fool I was, I forgot my cellphone charger at my mom’s house. I was not able to reach my father. I was frozen in fear. No one would be able to help me.

I was awake for what seemed liked days. Not sleeping well the night before did not help me at all. I started to hallucinate without knowing, the laughter from the hallucination brought me back to reality. I was seeing spiders everywhere, this was a great shock due to my extreme fear of spiders. That is when I knew I had to get out of there. Not having a flashlight, I took a weird disco stick I got at some event. I ran for the door and turned on the lights. The creature was still there, but I had to get upstairs. The fear was getting worse by the second. I swing the door open and run for the stairs, the automatic lights tuned on as I ran up. I fumbled as I opened the door to the upstairs. Dread began to fill up. Once in the upstairs, I slam the door shut, locking it in the process. I looked out the front window to see the sun beginning to rise.

The after shock from the event kept me awake. I sat on the couch, with a small blanket on me. I doubled checked that all the doors were locked. Not that would help with anything, but it helped my mind calm down a little bit. I was out before my father got up, and they were all shocked to see that I was on the couch. I told them something was up with the basement, but they never believed me.  I would never get enough sleep for three months after the incident, but my father got another divorce and lives in a better place.

Recalling this experience is not kind to me, nor my memory. Only event that is still  completely vivid is that golden eye through the small crack of my door. I never felt fear like that before. I honestly have no clue what that thing was, or what it wanted with me. Who knows how long it had its sights on me. I will give my deepest sympathy to who lives there now, but hopefully my old bedroom is just a storage space like most basements should be.