Tragic History

My family recently purchased another farm, and we’ve been doing a lot of work cleaning up the old house, barns, and other outbuildings. The abstract for the property details that the land was originally settled and timber was cut down and cleared in 1852. While the original structures are gone, most of the barns and the old farmhouse are anywhere from 90 to 120 years old, so I figured there might be some interesting artifacts with so much history in one place.

After several consecutive days spent on the property exploring and cleaning, my parents left me there one afternoon to keep working alone while they went to unload a trailer of junk. After perhaps an hour of fixing a fence, I all of a sudden heard what sounded like muffled voices in the barn. I thought perhaps they had returned, but I soon realize there were no vehicles in the driveway. I asked who was in the barn (“perhaps a neighbor walked over?” I thought) and I walked into the door way realizing that whoever it was, was upstairs in the empty loft. This barn is massive, and it sounded like boots walking across and clanking on the floor at the other end of the barn, however the voices stopped. I climbed the nearest ladder and poked my head through the opening only to discover no one and nothing. I thought I was losing my mind, and shortly afterward my parents returned. We did another thorough search of the building after I explained to them what I had heard. Of course, we found no one and nothing.

There were no more strange occurrences until this past weekend. On Friday night we stayed in the house because it was clean enough to sleep in. I awoke to find what looked like a tall shadow standing at the other end of my room. I was totally frozen, but after several seconds or perhaps a minute of staring at it I stood up and it seemed to vanish. I decided that I wanted to do some more research into the history of the property and perhaps talk to nearby landowners who may have known past families that have owned the property.

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