The Barbie radio…

So, this encounter happened when I was probably 6 to 8 years old. I am now 21 but I can remember this like it happened yesterday. I lived in a middle of no where town in California, and I hated the silence of this crap town. So I always slept with the TV or the radio on. My tv had broken a few days prior so I brought out my old Barbie dream radio from my closet. God I hated that closet.. But that is for another time.

This night was especially quiet and very Erie. It was a school night and late so I had to force myself to sleep. I turned on my Barbie radio which was already programmed to the FM station that I liked, then I crawled into bed. It was probably about 40 minutes later and I still was not asleep. My room felt odd all of the sudden and changed from the simicalm feeling, to cold and frightening one. I should tell you this was not my first paranormal experience and I was very perceptive to changes within a space I occupied. Realizing that a entity was probably around I stayed laying in bed staring at my ceiling hoping it would go away. When I Hurd the click of my radio changing what program it was on. On this radio it had the ability to change from FM to AM as well as tapes and CDs, however ,there was a little lever that had to be pushed in order to make it change the program.

After the click the sound of white noise filled my room. The volume was being turned up ever so slowly and I could hear a man talking. Barley audible this mans voice crept out of the radio leaving a sour taste in my mouth, as I huddled under my blanket in fear of getting off my bed to shut it off. I did not want to let this thing know I was even awake. A few more minutes go by of the sound of white noise and a faint male voice which got louder as my radio’s volume continued to climb however, I was not able to make out what he said at this point. The max of this radio’s volume was not loud enough to wake my mom on the other side of the house, just loud enough to creep me out and make my room sound like I had my tv plugged in on a station I did not have.

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