The Uninvited Stranger

This story happened to my mother back when she was just 14 years old.

From this point on, I will continue the story exactly how my mother told it to me:

At the time, my parents, my sister, and I were in the process of moving across the country, and when this incident occurred we were just days away from leaving our old home for our new one. This meant that just about everything we owned had already been packed and shipped off to the new house, so we ended up spending our final few nights curled up in sleeping bags on the floor.

My sister Roxanne and I were sleeping together in one bedroom while our parents slept across the hall in another. It was during the summer, and since we didn’t have air conditioning at the time, we would regularly leave our bedroom window cracked open in order to relieve some the stuffiness that filled the house during those months. Our house was a single story, and our bedroom faced the front yard. You might be thinking that this wasn’t a very wise decision given the circumstances, but we spent many nights before this the exact same way and never once had a problem. Not until this horrifying encounter.

I recall it was somewhere around 1 A.M. when I was suddenly jolted from my slumber. I was utterly confused as to just what had woken me, so I laid still and silent while slowly scanning my surroundings. We lived in a fairly rural neighborhood at the time, so this meant that there was hardly any light pollution outside nor any street lights to illuminate the inside of our bedroom. This made it nearly impossible to see anything clearly as it was almost totally pitch black. I remember feeling that something was off, the air just felt wrong somehow. That was when I glanced up towards the window and noticed it was now wide open.

Though I was sensing something wasn’t right, in my groggy state of mind seeing this only confused me. As I lay there trying to make sense of it, my heart suddenly seized in my chest when I heard the very clique sound of one of our bedroom’s floorboards creaking from a change in pressure. For a split second I was in a total panic until it suddenly hit me that this was probably Roxanne screwing with me. You see, she and I were always pranking one another growing up, and pulling a stunt like trying to scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night was definitely something she would enjoy doing. So I decided to foil her plans by catching her in the act. I ever so slowly made my way out of my sleeping bag and over to the wall with the light switch. After feeling around for a minute I finally located it and without any hesitation, I flipped on the light.

I couldn’t tell you then and I can’t tell you now what it was I was experiencing at this moment, but if I had to put it into words I would say that I was immediately flooded with complete and utter terror at what was in front of me. There, about 6 feet away, was an absolute mountain of a man. He was over 6’ and had to have been more than 200 lbs. The stranger was dressed from head to toe in black clothing, and was kneeling over Roxanne with his arms outstretched and hovering above her looking as if he were ready to strike any second… all while she lay there totally unaware of his presence. But the second that light filled the room, he instantly snapped his head up in my direction, his attention now fixed firmly on me as I stood there completely petrified.

I hardly had any time to react, because once his eyes fell on me he was immediately on his feet and lunging at me. The man slammed me against the wall with such force that it nearly knocked the wind out of my lungs, but thankfully the massive amount of adrenaline that had surged into my veins kept me capable of screaming my damn head off. He began aggressively ripping and tearing at my nightgown in an attempt to remove it, all while my sister sat up and began shrieking as well.

The man didn’t get very far with this before the bedroom door flew open and my father came charging into the room with my mom following close behind. He charged the man who was then forced to release his grasp on me, while my dad then attempted to subdue him. Unfortunately, the intruder was a bit larger than my father, and after several intense minutes of the two of them struggling, Dad was slammed against the wall hard… knocking him unconscious.

The moment he fell to the floor, my mother sprang into action. The intruder didn’t even see it coming when she rushed up behind him and jumped onto his massive back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began digging her rather long finger nails into the skin of his neck while simultaneously biting his shoulder as hard as she possibly could and locking her jaw into place. I swear that had to have been what she did, because it was unbelievable how long and how well she stayed latched onto this creepy stranger as he howled in pain and began flailing his body in circles, ramming himself into the walls around him as well as slamming his body weight on top of my mom in an attempt to get her to let go, but he failed repeatedly as she continued to hold on. The entire time Roxanne and I were huddled in the corner of the room crying and absolutely terrified.

It’s crazy how when you’re experiencing something traumatic, time seems to stand still. This encounter felt like it lasted for an eternity, when it reality it was probably only minutes. Eventually, the man was able to flip Mom off of his back before promptly and clumsily stumbling back out of the window he likely entered through.

This was obviously long before cell phones, and because we were so close to moving we no longer had an active telephone line. So my mother ran to the neighbors’ house to call the police.

In the end, we recovered from our violent encounter with the dangerous stranger. Luckily, the man was caught not too long following the intrusion. It’s so amazing to know that my very mellow, down to earth parents took on a monster of a man so many years ago, and ultimately won the battle. I’m not sure why he didn’t have a weapon with him, but I’m very grateful for that, because if he had, I might not be here today.

The Alpha Is Stalking Me…

Before I start this experience I just want you to know that before this i’ve been a huge fan of the fictional, and in particular.. werewolves.. they have always intrigued me in some way I can’t explain.. As a kid I wanted to be a werewolf so bad.. But now. I think I regret even thinking about encountering one.

Anyways, this happened approximately 3 months ago.. I’m still pretty shaken from the experience, since i’ve only told my closest friends only, and im not sure even some of them believe me.. I wanted to share this with all of you, too… So I live in a half urban half suburban area, there is alot of buildings but still some nice fields, and miniature forests around. I actually live nearby one of the smaller forests.

So i’ve been outside at about 11 pm ready to go home.. I walk past the forest but since there is a tree there with fruits on them I decided to go get a quick bite of the tasty fruit, while I was pretty confident being in the dark.. Something felt off.. The only light that was shining was the full moon.. The nearby lamp pole was not working. Even though it WORKED about two days earlier.. And all the lights on the nearby windows on the buildings that were surrounding the forest were turned off.. Like I know it was late.. But it wasn’t THAT late for literally everyone to be asleep.

While this did confuse me a bit I still wasn’t scared or anything. Im 15 and im pretty strong for my body mass. Im 45kg and 5 foot 8 but in my family genes we grow late so im probably gonna be 6 foot 6 like my cousins are. Anyways while I was eating the fruits something cracked behind me.. I looked around but nothing was there.. I assumed it was a cat or something.. Until I heard it again.. IN FRONT OF ME..I quickly grabbed some of the fruits and put it in my pockets, because I was getting pretty nervous at this point. And then I heard it.. The faint but clear growl from 15 to 20 feet away.. I turned to my left and was horrified by the sight.

It was large.. Probably maybe a foot taller than me on its FOURS.. It looked like a dog. But not right.. Deformed.. I was scared shitless and frozen. It had black shaggy fur, long ears that ended in a curved shape.. And BLOOD red eyes, with… and this is going to sound crazy.. 4 INCH canines. Mind you a tigers canines can reach around 2 to 3 inches which is about the size of a man’s middle finger..So by thinking logically I turned to my basic knowledge of dogs. Don’t run. So I slowly turned around trying not to provoke it.. And right when I turned my back I could hear 5 BIG footsteps running towards me..

I turned around the second I heard it but it was too late.. It bit me with its long dog like snout which was broad.. Almost too BROAD for any dog possible.. I swear it could have tore my arm off if it landed a perfect bite.. Which thank god it didn’t.. It bit me with its front teeth which were the smallest, even though they were the smallest, they were atleast 1 inch long.. It pushed me to a tree and I slammed to the ground. I was crying for help, YELLING as loud as I could. But to no avail. Nobody was answering. This creature was literally biting on my hand at such force.. But the scary part was that I almost felt like it wasn’t even using its full jaw strength. Don’t get me WRONG. IT hurt like HELL. Like hot coal in the form of 1 inch thick nails onto my arm..

I didn’t wanna die that night. After looking around me I saw a sizeable rock to the right of me.. I picked it up and started smashing it onto the thing’s head. First try, nothing not even FAZED. Second try, still nothing. Third time a piece of the rock broke off, And then the FOURTH time I hit it close to its eye. And then it let go.. And let out a sound that I will not EVER forget. A heart sinking snarl that was wolf like. But deeper.. Sounded demonic in a sense..

My arm was released and the second it put its head down it wanted to bash its hand into my skull. I quickly moved my head and it hit the tree breaking off a large chunk of it.. I got up and started running.. I thought I was gonna escape at that moment.. I was wrong. It gripped my left leg with a human like movement. It gripped it like a human would. No dog could grip its paw like that. It wanted to throw me back to the ground but I kicked it with my other leg as hard as I could. Not doing any damage my leg THANKFULLY slipped out of its hand.

I turned around to see a last glimpse of it getting on TWO LEGS.. It was huge. It was hunched back with short like tendons and with a terrifying muscle build. I have a friend that is 6 foot 5 and he’s a dwarf compared to this beast.. It was 8 to 9 feet in HEIGHT probably.. After I saw that sight, I sped up and ran faster than I ever ran before.. Blood was pouring from my arm. I was crying but was happy I escaped alive. When I got to a field I stopped to take a breath… I heard a sound I will NEVER forget. The creature howled with such a deep voice.. the texture of its voice was like a.. Wolf mimicking a humans voice but making such a disturbing sound as a result .. As soon as I heard it I started running.. When I got home my mom asked me what happened. I told her a big stray dog attacked me. Thankfully she believed me and took me to the ambulance..

There was alot of encounters of it later, and weird symptoms..I started sleep walking particulary on the last 3 nights of the full moon, increased aggression,hallucinations, and painful muscle and headaches that I should really check out at the doctor.. Although this is the first time it attacked me.. I saw it once before in the same forest a year and a half ago..

I was with my friend that I mentioned earlier, lets call him Carlos. We were walking through the forest with a flashlight.. It was nighttime, but NOT a full moon. We were walking and I just heard him saying my name, “Aaron… Loo-k” He said it in a shaky voice, I turned around and saw a creature with red glowing eyes about 25 feet away from us.. And the moment I saw it I said “RUN” We were running to the nearby park, and half way through I fell in the mud.. And as expected he laughed at me, my friend is a laughing maniac. He can’t take anything seriously and in any situation if something mildly funny happens he would laugh, I was mad at the idiot but he helped me up so I quickly forgave him and we made it to the park.. We were out of breath, but when we turned back to look at the forest.. We saw the creature run to the other side of the opening, seeing its big silluete with such speed was terrifying. We still rememeber that encounter til this day and we both speculate if it was the same creature.. We nicknamed the creature “The Alpha” Since it had red eyes, our theory is that alpha werewolves have red eyes and betas yellow.. We still aren’t sure about that yet but we’re working on it..

Now moving on to the encounter I had from it maybe a month or so after the bite.. I was heading home from the store at maybe 9pm.. I was nervous because I would have to pass the forest to get home.. I passed the forest with nothing happening. I always thought if I pass the forest i’ll be safe.. So when I passed it my anxiety was gone. I got to my building and I opened the door to get to my flat, the door on the building was a rusty door that closed after about three seconds.. So it always closed when I got to the stairs…

I opened the door and got to the stairs.. I didn’t hear it close.. I shook it off expecting it to close any second so I didn’t stop or turn around.. I got to the first half of the stairs and it STILL didn’t close.. I turned around…

IT WAS STANDING holding the door and breathing loudly.. I dropped my milk and eggs and I almost fell to the ground. I was shaking and starting to get a panic attack.. I wanted to get up the stairs but I was frozen in fear.. After maybe 10 seconds of it standing there it SLAMMED the rusty door shut and made a huge bang that it would echo through the WHOLE building. And when it closed the door.. It walked away.. Getting almost smaller each step it took.. Like it was turning back to human.. I quickly got back to the door and opened it.. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.. Like it was a hallucination.. And when I got home I concluded that it was a hallucination.. Since I started getting them after the bite.. When I arrived at my flat.. I was clearly shaken up.. And my step dad asked me what was going on.. I told him it was nothing and that I just saw a dog approaching and I got nervous because I got attacked by a “dog” earlier.. He believed me and we moved on.. 10 minutes later he asked me a question that made my heart drop. “Did you hear that loud bang maybe 5 minutes before you came home”? I was horrified, Then and there I knew it wasn’t a hallucination.. But after a 2-3 second pause I replied with. “No”.

Im not implying im starting to become a supernatural being or anything.. The sleep walking and hallucinations are probably side affects because I got attacked by the mythical beast itself.. And the aches are probably symptoms of shock .. So I will probably visit a doctor in the time being..

I still wonder today if it wanted to catch me would it succed? I mean it caught up to me in a second while it was 15-20 feet away.. It would probably had caught me if it wanted to which disturbs me the MOST.. What I don’t understand is.. I always visited the forest at night and day.. I don’t know what changed this night.. But I can assure you one thing .. I am not going back there EVER again when the sun goes down.

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