The night freak

There was this one time i was returning home from a friends house alone in my car. It was Saturday and i stayed late at his house playing video games and watching anime so it was nearing 1am when i left. My house is a 20 minute drive away from his.
So i was driving through the mostly empty roads, when i noticed a man standing on the sidewalk signalling for a ride. At first glance,He looked fairly young, probably in his late teens, and was wearing a tight black vest with skinny jeans. He was extremely thin and pale. It made me curious what someone like him, dressed like that was doing there at this time of night.
Since I’ve always been one who’s willing to help people, i stopped my car and offered him the ride. He talked in a very weird high-pitched and squeaky voice, and he talked as if he was singing every word rather than just speaking normally. He told me that he lived just down the street, so i decided to take him there. He got into the back seat and we drove off.
While on our way, i peeked at him through the front mirror once or twice and Everytime i looked he was staring back at me with a goofy half smile.
It made me feel very uncomfortable. Atlast we reached his address, but then he said something else ‘Oops i forgot my wallet back there, can you go back’
I was seriously pissed and on any other day I’d have just told him to fuck off, but because i had a good day with my friend and i didn’t want my mood to go bad, i decided foolishly to drive all the way back for him. And again when i looked into the mirror, he was staring back at me but this time he was leaning slightly forward and his eyes were almost popping out. It felt like he was threatening and stalking me with his wild stare. I tried my best to not mind it too much, and just drove quickly to get the nightmare over with Asap. We finally got back there. He said ‘Will you wait for me, I’ll take just a minute’ It sounded more like a demand than a requet. And before even waiting for my answer he left the car and awkwardly tiptoed his way into a small dark building. Part of me really wanted to just drive away but i had a very hesitant feeling about it. Before i could even think any further, he came back, still tiptoeing like a complete maniac.
Again he got back into the car and gave me a cringy disturbing smile through the mirror . I couldnt bring myself to say anything so i began driving again. But only halfway through on an entirely deserted road ,he said ‘ Oh Wait, i forgot my pack of cigarettes, can we please go back’

Now i had reached my boiling point. I realized that this guy was just Playing a Bizarre crazy game with me at this time of night. Without thinking ,i turned around and grabbed his neck, but then the weirdest thing happened, His skin was ice cold, almost frozen and dripping wet . I impulsively let go of him out of fear and at that same moment he started laughing in the most loud and hysterical manner that you can ever imagine, meanwhile his eyes still glaring at me, as if he was making fun of me.
I was frozen with shock. After a whole minute of this absurd creepy laughter. He exited the car, looked at me and said with the same disturbing smile ‘ I hope we see each other again’, and then quietly tiptoed away into the dark woods on the side of the road.
I drove back home and couldn’t sleep the whole night. What was that man, was he even human. I still wonder

The Shadow People

I live in rural New England, a few miles from a very small town. Our area is mostly forest, and I live in a small clearing. Other than sparce crop fields, I am surrounded by forest.
For as long as I can remember, I have had a personal rule not to go into the forest on gloomy days. This is because when I was very young, on gloomy days, I could see people in the forest. They would hide behind trees and poke their heads out, watching me. I have never experienced a spirit trying to communicate with me. But I have always been watched. They terrified me.
It got to the point that, when I was eight years old, I refused to go outside for more than a few minutes at a time unless it was sunny- I was so scared of the shadow people. I saw many more strange occurrences, to which I will delve into later. But nobody believed what I was saying- I was but a child with an overactive imagination. Even I eventually accepted this as truth.
Until one dark afternoon.
We all have a witch phase; when I was twelve, I decided to become pagan. I ventured into the forest, unafraid, for I was convinced that nothing evil could possibly lie in a place so submerged in nature.
I was meditating by an old tree when I felt it. Something was not right. I couldn’t understand the feeling at first, but something was definitely wrong. I bolted up from my sitting position, looking wildly about. Nobody was there. I could still feel the presence of something… malevolent. My heart began to race, my palms grew sweaty and my hands trembled. I was in danger. I just didn’t know what kind.
I acted on instinct, leaving my meditation spot. I was waking at first but quickly began to run away as the harsh energy grew considerably worse. I ran home, (where I was alone at the time) bolted my door shut and made sure every window and door to the house was locked.
I could still feel whatever it was watching me. I live in a trailer, so there are limited places to hide in my home. My house is lovely, warmly decorated and tidy, but it felt completely foreign that day as if I was still in that forest with the presence that stalked me.
I decided to watch TV to get my mind off things. It didn’t work. The sensation of being watched grew stronger. Whatever it was had found me. My parents were due home in a few minutes. It was dark outside now. I crawled inside my closet, waiting for the knock on the front door. Praying that it would be my parents who answered.
It was a painful, terrifying wait, but eventually, they came home and I wasn’t alone with the thing from the forest anymore. I never told anyone what had happened that day. And I haven’t been in the cloudy forest since.

Don’t go jogging alone

I am seventeen years old. This story took place in my hometown, Arizona, last year around Christmas time. I live practically in the middle of nowhere; our house is surrounded my woods and great running trails. It was around 8 o-clock, and I decided to go out for my daily run. I’m on the track team at my high school and I usually run a couple miles a day to keep in shape. I usually run by myself or with my friend. However, this time it was alone. It was about a mile into my jog, and everything seemed perfectly normal. I decided to turn around because it was starting to get too dark. I had only jogged for about five minutes after turning around when I saw a short, dark figure in the distance. It wasn’t in the middle of the path, but more off into the side of the road. From what I could see, it looked a child. I walked up cautiously, and took out my can of pepper spray that I take with me for safety. When I got close enough to see the little girl, I noticed that her eyes were bloodshot. Her hair was an absolute mess, and her clothes were all ripped and torn. She had twigs and dirt all over her body. I asked if she was okay, but she just began mumbling under her breath. I couldn’t make out a single thing she said, but she repeated the same “phrase” over and over again. I backed away slowly and she reached out her hand and touched me. It gave me chills. I sprinted back home as fast as I could – too afraid to look back. When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking if she was possessed or insane or just needed help. I never told anyone about my experience because I knew they wouldn’t believe me. My family are skeptics. All I know is I will never go jogging alone ever again.


I was home alone at my house. my parents went to florida to visit my grandma. So i decided to download an instagram. I didn’t really know how it works. And the instagram was uploaded. So ones i sign up to instagram i got no followers. So i decided to follow 25 random person. A couple minutes ago a random person sent me a massage saying i will kill u. And i replyed back saying who is this do i know u. A couple of minutes ago. He or she. Sent me a massage saying what ur addrees. And i told him why! And i ask him are u a boy or a girl. She or he replyed back saying im a boy. And i relyed saying ok. So i ask y he want my addres and his said his gonna kill me. And i froze for a second. But i decided to block him. And i didn’t get any massages for an 1hour. But some random person followed  me he or she named kingofhell and i decided to follow back. And my phone  vibrates it says kingofhell sent u a massage. And she or he sent me a pic of my house. And i was like who is this and how do u know where i live. And i told him are u a boy a girl. And she or he told me his a boy. And he told me im the guy that text u earlyier. And he told me to open the door or he’ll   kill me. And i decided to open the door. I know its sound dumb but i dont want to die. And then is saw him with the chain saw and i told him i will call the cops and he said too late you’ll die. And i quickly close the door and i call the cops. And the cops is coming for like  5 min. and i heard a bang lucily i was on my parents room and trying to find a gun and thank god i found it and i sent him a massage saying i have a gun i will shoot the heck out of u then the cops came and i heard i gun shot  maybe the guy is dead. And i heard a voice saying hello im the cop your safe now. And the guy is not dead but he got arrested. DO NOT EVEN FOLLOW A PERSON U DO NOT KNOW AND KEEP YOUR INTAGRAM PRAVITE

Late Night Customer

This story happened recently. I’d rather keep my name out of this, for security reasons.

I’m twenty one years old, and I work at a Gas Station; the Graveyard shift. Now, I’m really into the Paranormal and had my fair share of encounters. I own several books on Demonology and how to banish spirits and such, and Cryptozoology is one of my biggest passions

I am six feet tall and weight two hundred and fifty pounds, that being said, let’s get into the story.

I recently moved into a new part of the city because the rent of the apartment where I was staying went up and I couldn’t afford it anymore, and the new apartment was way too far from my previous job so I had to resign and look for a new one. I got hired a gas station within walking distance and the pay was decent enough to pay for rent and bills. It was perfect!

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The Twin Skinwalkers

I had the great honor of meeting not one but two skin walkers at the same time. Before I get story telling, let’s go over the landscape. From where I stopped, to the right of me was an open grass field and next to the grass field was the community college I would be later attending. To the left of me was part of the golf course that intertwines with a small forest and path going around. I have been on the path several times before always getting the feeling something wasn’t right about it. It was off, just not right.

I was out doing what I usually do during summer nights, walking around listening to music. Because it was summer the nights were nice an cool. All I needed was a T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts plus my favorite hat and shoes. It was about 12:30 am when I was passing the golf course that is near my house. I got the feeling something was watching me. Stopping, I looked around several times seeing if there was anyone other than myself walking around. Spotting no one I took out my headphones to listen, hoping I could find out that way. It was then that I realize it was quiet way too quiet. I’ve learned that there should almost always be some type of natural sounds being made. I heard absolutely nothing.

I stood still for a moment thinking, remembering I had actually brought my flashlight. Being delighted that I had brought it, for I had the thought maybe it was an animal staring at me. Reaching down to my pocket I pulled out to my flashlight hoping to catch glowing eyes. I caught glowing eyes alright. I stood stock still as I stared at what was before me. I did not, did not expect two pairs of glowing orange eyes staring right at my being. Never have I seen glowing orange eyes before.

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It was a warm summer evening in mid July. I had just turned sixteen and gotten my  drivers license. We lived in the country and I loved going for drives through the woods. I thought it was relaxing, the silence, the solitude and the country music playing on the radio was all just a perfect way to spend an evening, in my opinion.

It had been a long day and so I decided to go for one of my drives. As I drove down an almost deserted road I noticed a disgusting smell, like wet dog but ten times worse. I figured it was just a dead raccoon on the side of the road or something, so I kept on my way. I came to a point where I decided to turn around and head back home to get some dinner and a cold coke. As I stopped to make a U turn I realized that disgusting smell was much stronger now than it was before and getting even stronger. So I figured I’d just floor it home to get away from the smell. But as I finished my U turn and started back I saw something odd.

A large black, splotch in the middle of the road. But, I just kept driving being the idiot that I am. I got close to the black thing and started to make my way around it. But then it moved. Curious, I stopped to take a closer look. To this day I still regret doing that.

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