Alien Robot Encounter

Recently, me and my best friend Kevin, who saved me from that humanoid canine creature a while back went driving on some back roads for fun, looking for abandoned houses.

The dogman encounter was in the back of my mind at this point. We found an abandoned house in the woods in rural Tennessee. We went inside.

The place was absolutely trashed. Alcohol bottles everywhere, a bong someone probably forgot, torn up furniture, smashed T.V.

We went upstairs and found mostly empty rooms, save for a bedroom that had an intact bed and used condoms. Then we looked around in the basement, and to our surprise, there were no creepy surprises.

No tools of torture, no signs of some freak or pervert being here. I went to the small basement window and froze when I saw it.

This thing was about 7 feet tall. Its waist was slightly thinner than its hips and upper chest. It was covered in some kind of metal. The feet were like that of a lizard. It had thin, but strong arms. I counted 6 fingers on each of its hands.

The way it looked, it evoked in my mind, images of General Grievous from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Except the thing had purple armor plates instead of white.

From what I could see, it had a gun-type weapon holstered on it’s right thigh and in its hands was a strange looking metal pole.

Whatever it was, it definitely had to be some advanced alien technology. Kevin came to the basement window I was looking out of and gasped when he saw it.

The thing jerked its head looking our direction, but it didn’t see us. That’s when I saw electricity emitting from that strange pole in its hand.


It slowly walked towards the house we were in, it was definitely a machine, because I could hear clanking with each move it made. I went to the small window, opposite to the window I saw it from.

I quietly opened it, and threw a screwdriver I found in a direction away from the house. Surprisingly, the thing took the bait and went towards the sound. Me and Kevin took that time to quietly get out of the basement, lock all doors and windows, and go upstairs.

Luckily, Kevin discovered this abandoned house had an attic. Kevin actually managed to get it open, and we went up inside and closed the door.

Just a couple of minutes later, we hear fast pace clanking, towards the house and on the front porch. The thing tried the door knob, but as soon as it saw it was locked, it simply busted the door down with its robotic strength.

We hear it walking all through the house. It felt like hours, but it was really about 10 minutes then it just left. Kevin and I go to the attic window.

We see it walking into the woods away from the house. We wait about 20 minutes and hear strange humming. We look out the window again and see fast moving lights across the sky.

We believed it was the robot’s ship. We got out of the house and into my truck as fast as possible. I tore out of that place, not even looking at the speedometer.


We were lucky to escape. I don’t think I wanna know what that thing would of done if it found us. The scariest thing is that it was intelligent enough to use weapons and even fly a ship, presuming it was the pilot.

Robotic alien, lets never meet again.

Alien in my room

Hello I’m a fan of yours when I wrote this I was thirteen though I still might be 13. My name is Devon and Aliens scare me the most. Enough about my self time to get into the story.

I lived In if, I remember right Jacksonville Florida in a suburban area and this confused me because I asked around if anyone saw the bright light from what I assume was a the alien craft.

So of course no one else saw it cause you know how these stories go. When this happened I was 11 years old and almost every night I would hardly get any sleep because of my pparinoua. I wwould beg my dad soo I could stay with him almost every night if a could sleep in his room, but the answer was always no. So when I went to bed (or I tried too). I lied in bed for about 3 hours, it was about 1 am.

The second I was about too drift to sleep a bright light came through my window revealing a black figure with thee steotypic big head and thin body. I saw no color but some how were its eyes were al I say was shiny black orbs. They seem to pier into my very soul.

I was frozen.

I coulden’t move a muscle till I thought of one thing to do. Role over, look away and stay still.It felt like eternity but I when I built up enough courage I rolled over and froze surprise at my will to do that.  Yet again the seconds felt like hours or even days. All the sudden I felt a prick on my left leg, then my back, then my by shoulder, and all over my body till it suddenly it stoped, the bright late faded, and then I passed out (probably of fear) and then I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

I was still petrified in fear of thee Alien still being there… yet again when I got thee courage I flip around as fast as I could and there was nothing just thee light of the rising sun through my blinds. Then my body relaxed and my freedom to move came back. When my Dad woke up I told him what happened and sadly he didn’t believe me…

Thank you so much for listening because i’ve been meaning to get this off my chest and let my story be heard.

P.S. after the event if I move my head to fast my left lobe begins hurting or aching.

Sunset Beach


The story I’m about to tell you is actually about two separate events, but given the subject matter and the fact that both took place in the same location, I usually think of them as two parts of the same story.

Anyway…I grew up in a small town on the southern Oregon coast. The beaches there are beautiful, but given the cold, wet climate, they’re usually only frequented by sight-seers and bored locals. The most popular of the local beaches is Sunset Bay State Park, or, as the locals refer to it, ‘Sunset Beach’.

It’s not a large beach…but it’s beautiful there. There are tide-pools to explore, countless nature trails and hiking paths, barbecue areas, a campground, etc. Having grown-up there, though, I eventually began thinking of the beach as a cold, wet, windy place that was often an awful place to visit. Still…in an area with nothing to do, I often got dragged to the beach by friends who, for some reason, still enjoyed it there.

It was on one such occasion when the first event occurred. I’d gone to Sunset Beach with a couple female friends of mine, and we were busying ourselves by exploring the tide-pools and taking photos of the picturesque views…when suddenly one of us (I can’t remember who, exactly) spotted a strange light/object in the sky. From where we were, it looked like a plane at first…but it wasn’t moving. It was just sort-of a pulsing light hovering in the sky.

Then it suddenly vanished and reappeared almost instantly in a different part of the sky…quite far from where it had been before. We watched it for a moment…then it vanished again, and reappeared somewhere else. It did this several times before vanishing entirely. We tried getting pictures and video of it, but given how high it was in the sky, our cameras didn’t pick it up. We thought it was weird and even kinda’ cool…but we weren’t 100% convinced that it was alien in nature.

Fast-forward several years. I had found myself homeless, and the only thing my family was willing to do to help me out, was to get me a tent and set me up in a campground. Since you can only stay in a campground for a week or two max., I sort-of bounced from one to the next, until I’d stayed at most of the local campgrounds.

While I was staying at Sunset Beach, I never saw any strange objects or lights, or anything out of the ordinary…but I did hear something that chilled me to the bone. While I was lounging in my tent one day, I heard this very loud noise that sounded like a jet flying over-head…only WAY TOO LOUD…like it was flying extremely low. Also, it didn’t fade-in or out. It just started…went on for a minute or two, then suddenly stopped. It didn’t seem to be moving, either. Basically, it sounded like a jet hovering 50 meters over my tent…which isn’t possible.

I sat there sort-of stunned until the sound stopped. I then regained my senses, and went outside…only to find NOTHING. There was nothing in the sky but clouds, and no vehicles around. Everything seemed normal. It was strange.

The next day (which was my last at that campground), I heard the noise again…but this time I wasn’t as shocked, and I hurried out of my tent to see what it was. When I got outside, I could still hear it…as loud as ever…but I could see NOTHING. Again, nothing was in the sky, and there were no vehicles around…nothing at all that could have produced a sound like that.

When I told my mom about it later that day, she laughed at me at first. She’s never really believed in aliens or the paranormal at all…but she then told me that several of the residents at the RV Park her and my dad managed (just a couple miles from Sunset Beach), had mentioned the sound, too, and were just as baffled by it. Mind you, these are elderly residents…most rather wealthy and reasonable people. Not the sort prone to flights of fancy.

I’m a 36-year-old intelligent guy, and also extremely familiar with the area where these events occurred…and I can’t think of ANY logical explanation…especially for that sound. I mean, it was like standing a few meters from a Boeing 747 as it starts, then stops its’ engines. It was THAT loud. A couple years later I started seeing reports online of people hearing strange, loud sounds that were seemingly coming from nowhere, and I now wonder if they’re hearing what I did. Anyway…Sunset Beach is a real place…you can easily find it online. Check it out sometime if you’re interested the unknown. You may just find what you’re looking for there.

Mountain Desert Alien

I wasn’t one to believe in the paranormal such as ghots or aliens;but one night in late October changed my entire point of view. It was around ten or eleven at night when we were returning home from our grandparents house when we noticed some lights blinking above the mountain.

My sister, let’s say Lucy, was saying it was probably some airplanes coordinating with one another since we did live by a nearby private airport. I watched as the lights made a sequence of red, green, blue, and white pulses before joking that it was probably aliens coming to abduct us. Lucy and I luaghed. We came to our neighborhood and drove along our road;which wasn’t maintained due to the weather and extreme heat we received. We jostled over cracks, potholes,and uneven pavement in the black ford that Lucy drove.

We came to a stop at the dirt lot next to our driveway where the truck was parked when not in use. The one good thing about our house that was nice, was the silence and room we had. To our left was our neighbors and to our right was endless, uninhabited desert. The only house that was out in the desert was the neighbor who lived past where the road transitioned into a dirt path, which was four hundred yards away from us. I looked up at the lights again as Lucy began turning the truck around to back it up into the dirt lot.

They began pulsing more frequently before a large column of blue light lit up the mountains. I began to freak out and moved back,closer to the driver’s seat. The radio began to fuzz out as another blast of light appeared. This time I saw a roundish silhouette above the light. My breathing came more rapidly as I screamed, ” Oh my gosh!” Over and over again.

Lucy looked up to what I was freaking out about. The lights disappeared from the mountain ridge followed with a loud crack. The truck stopped and my sister stepped out to see what she had fun over.

“Darn it! Look what you did!” She yelled at me, but I was shaking in fear. I would not leave the cab of the truck;I was clinging to the belt that was slung across my chest. My sister saw the fear in my face and climbed back into the truck. She turned the key and the truck hummed to life. The radio was playing smoothly like it usually did as my sister pulled out of the dirt lot and backed up into the driveway, which was closer to the front door. She turned the cab’s light on and turned her phone’s flashlight on. She climbed out and walked over to my side. Lucy opened my door and motioned for me to come out.

I unlatched the seatbelt with shakey hands. I slid out of the seat, hunched over with fear clenching to me. Lucy shone the flashlight in the direction of the door. It had to be the one night my mother had forgotten to turn the porch lights on for us.

I ran to the front door and huddled by it. My sister unlocked the door as quickly as she could. I ran inside, straight to the room where my mother and stepfather slept. They were both in a very deep sleep. I kept shaking my mother, trying to wake her up. “Mom, please wake up!”I said, tears in my eyes. She sat up, an irritated frown on her face. My stepfather woke up and was asking what was wrong. I quickly explained the experienced I had gone through. They both got out of bed and followed me down the hall.

I wasn’t brave enough to go outside, so I watched Lucy, my mother and my stepfather step outside to expect the night sky. They didn’t see anything, except that the truck wasn’t parked correctly and that we broke the small picket fence guarding my mother’s cactus garden.

To this day, nobody believes me with the exception of my grandmother’s friend who was a paranormal hunter. I still am haunted by my sighting, which I was sure to be other worldly.

Creepy Babysitter Experience

*The Grey Man*
Being a mother is different, I never gave birth to my daughter because I was lesbian, and my wife wanted to adopt someone.

Our eight year old daughter, at the time, was always in need of attention. She wanted one of us to play with her or watch some television with her, being the only parent I decide to give in because well, she’s just too adorable.

My wife, Lexi, had to run out to her job because of someone not turning up, her hours were always all over the place and it usually ran until midnight or even one in the morning.

I started looking for a babysitter which is uncalled for, but work also had me coming in at off hours.

Eventually, I found one person who went by the name of Elissa, she was young probably around early twenties, so I gave her a call and she headed over the next day,

I left for work around five in the afternoon while Elissa was there.

While driving, I noticed something odd. I felt really uneasy leaving the house, of course when you’re a mother it’s normal to feel that way but it’s not when you’ve had this.. gut tingling feeling that something wasn’t right.

I turned back and slowly drove to my house, the window blinds were open and I could see Elissa playing with my daughter, the television was on and they seemed to be having a blast.

Then I saw something that really set me uneven, Lindsey, (my daughter), had stood up and hugged Elissa, and then she sat back down while Elissa went somewhere else in the room, assuming the kitchen perhaps?

So I continued to my work still feeling uneven, I decide to leave early. It was about eight at night when I start heading back, I see this odd light hovering in the sky.
I brushed it off as an airplane or something, but it seemed like it was right near my house.

I pull in the driveway and Lindsey is sitting at the window staring at me smiling, I rush inside and Elissa is gone.

I asked her how long she’s been gone and her response gave me shivers, even to this day.

“She left a few minutes ago, into the light in the sky.”

I quickly rushed back outside but I didn’t see the light I saw earlier, I started panicking and dialed the police.

About a week had past by, it was a Thursday night and we were watching a television show.

Lexi was out as usual and Lindsey was sitting beside me, suddenly she got off the couch and walked to the front door and pointed at it.

I asked her what she was doing and her response.. I still get terrified just by typing this.

Her exact response was, “The grey man wants to come in, he’s at the door, Elissa is with him too!”

I froze for a moment, once I got back to myself I quickly grabbed Lindsey and went upstairs and locked the door, I told her to tell me everything of what she did with Elissa the day she came over, all she said was they played with some barbies and watched some television and ate a snack, then she left.

I dialed the police once more but that’s where it gets much more scary.

On the end of the phone was nothing but static, and a unusual noise. I can’t describe it even if I tried but it made me sick, I hung up the phone and took Lindsey into the closet.

After about ten minutes she opens the closet and walks to the bedroom window, she can’t reach it because she was too little back then but she pointed up at the window and kept jumping.

I snatched her up and pulled her back into the closet, “The grey man wants to come in! He can see you mommy, he just wants to play.”

I started feeling utterly sick at my stomach to where I wanted to puke, I blocked the closet door where no one could open it and we slept there the entire night.
The next day I awake only to find the closet doors had been wide open.

I looked beside me and Lindsey was gone, I started freaking out screaming “No no no!” And ran downstairs, only to find that she was with Lexi having breakfast.

Lexi smiled and laughed saying that she came home to find us sleeping in the closet, as I asked her if anything was in front of the closet she replied back with No.

“The closet doors were already open when I got home.”

I looked to Lindsey and asked if she opened them while I was asleep and she replied with the most horrifying response.

“No mommy, don’t you remember? The Grey man opened the doors with his mind and took us into his ship! We flew around and came back.”

I grabbed my phone and left instantly after that without saying another word, I haven’t been home in a week since then but I finally came to realize.. Grey man, opening doors with his mind is impossible, unless.. he’s not human.

There have been so many alien abductions but this one.. this night was confusing. I don’t remember seeing anything or being on a ship, but Lindsey sure does.

I’ve kept this in my journal for years, she’s now nineteen and she still remembers it like it was yesterday.

To whoever reads this, make sure your house isn’t built near woods or a forest, because they sure do love those areas the most..