Wtf was that

This story isn’t too serious or really even that long.


It was April and it was a Friday night. It was a really nice night outside so my mom, little brother, and little sister decided to go for a night drive and maybe go get some ice cream.

We lived in NOVA (Northern VA). So there is a lot of light pollution so you can’t really see too many stars; however, there are a lot of planes in the sky because we live fairly close to the Dulles airport.

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Alien in my room

Hello I’m a fan of yours when I wrote this I was thirteen though I still might be 13. My name is Devon and Aliens scare me the most. Enough about my self time to get into the story.

I lived In if, I remember right Jacksonville Florida in a suburban area and this confused me because I asked around if anyone saw the bright light from what I assume was a the alien craft.

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Sunset Beach


The story I’m about to tell you is actually about two separate events, but given the subject matter and the fact that both took place in the same location, I usually think of them as two parts of the same story.

Anyway…I grew up in a small town on the southern Oregon coast. The beaches there are beautiful, but given the cold, wet climate, they’re usually only frequented by sight-seers and bored locals. The most popular of the local beaches is Sunset Bay State Park, or, as the locals refer to it, ‘Sunset Beach’.

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Mountain Desert Alien

I wasn’t one to believe in the paranormal such as ghots or aliens;but one night in late October changed my entire point of view. It was around ten or eleven at night when we were returning home from our grandparents house when we noticed some lights blinking above the mountain.

My sister, let’s say Lucy, was saying it was probably some airplanes coordinating with one another since we did live by a nearby private airport. I watched as the lights made a sequence of red, green, blue, and white pulses before joking that it was probably aliens coming to abduct us. Lucy and I luaghed. We came to our neighborhood and drove along our road;which wasn’t maintained due to the weather and extreme heat we received. We jostled over cracks, potholes,and uneven pavement in the black ford that Lucy drove.

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Creepy Babysitter Experience

*The Grey Man*
Being a mother is different, I never gave birth to my daughter because I was lesbian, and my wife wanted to adopt someone.

Our eight year old daughter, at the time, was always in need of attention. She wanted one of us to play with her or watch some television with her, being the only parent I decide to give in because well, she’s just too adorable.

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Alien Encounter

I’ve always been really in love with space in general. I remember when I was young we’d travel to the family farm and I’d stay up all night with my mum to watch the supposed UFO sightings. It was truly incredible, the lights would be flashing by and the sparkly colorful dots on the sky would zoom past each other leaving behind an odd trail of light.

Either way, this happened not too long ago, perhaps a year or so. I and my mum had just adopted a new dog. He had came from a very abusive place, so when he got here he’d tremble and shake a lot, his tail was always in between his legs and he’d mostly stay under my table completely avoiding both me and my mom, as well the sun. I think it was the third day he was here, it was during summer and only the fan I had wasn’t enough so I opened the window a bit in order for some fresh air to blow inside. However, since I’m a paranoid person who thinks a demon can sneak in and hang on my ceiling, I closed the window before I actually went to bed.

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Aliens Abducted Me During Sleep Paralysis

What I’m about to share with you is what I believe an alien abduction encounter that happened to me during sleep paralysis.

I’m a 17 year old male.  This happened to me on the hottest day in June of 2016. My mom and step dad were both at work. My mom usually left at around [7:30] A.m. And she would always wake me up before she left.

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Thing in my Window

This is a short story, but it took place when I was around 10-11 and I will never forget it.

First, I’ll explain the layout of my room. When you walk in the door, there is a window directly across from the door. My bed was on the wall on the right, with the headboard where the window is, so when I slept I was facing my door.

On this night, being the weird child I am, I decided to sleep the opposite way in my bed, facing the window. I slept with my cat Emma every night, with the window slightly open so Emma could sit in the windowsill and enjoy the breeze.

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60 TRUE Stories of Real Monsters | Bigfoot, Werewolves, Aliens and More

Aliens, bigfoot and werewolves oh my! These stories are a Real Monster.

This world is a strange one.

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