Creepy Babysitter Experience

*The Grey Man*
Being a mother is different, I never gave birth to my daughter because I was lesbian, and my wife wanted to adopt someone.

Our eight year old daughter, at the time, was always in need of attention. She wanted one of us to play with her or watch some television with her, being the only parent I decide to give in because well, she’s just too adorable.

My wife, Lexi, had to run out to her job because of someone not turning up, her hours were always all over the place and it usually ran until midnight or even one in the morning.

I started looking for a babysitter which is uncalled for, but work also had me coming in at off hours.

Eventually, I found one person who went by the name of Elissa, she was young probably around early twenties, so I gave her a call and she headed over the next day,

I left for work around five in the afternoon while Elissa was there.

While driving, I noticed something odd. I felt really uneasy leaving the house, of course when you’re a mother it’s normal to feel that way but it’s not when you’ve had this.. gut tingling feeling that something wasn’t right.

I turned back and slowly drove to my house, the window blinds were open and I could see Elissa playing with my daughter, the television was on and they seemed to be having a blast.

Then I saw something that really set me uneven, Lindsey, (my daughter), had stood up and hugged Elissa, and then she sat back down while Elissa went somewhere else in the room, assuming the kitchen perhaps?

So I continued to my work still feeling uneven, I decide to leave early. It was about eight at night when I start heading back, I see this odd light hovering in the sky.
I brushed it off as an airplane or something, but it seemed like it was right near my house.

I pull in the driveway and Lindsey is sitting at the window staring at me smiling, I rush inside and Elissa is gone.

I asked her how long she’s been gone and her response gave me shivers, even to this day.

“She left a few minutes ago, into the light in the sky.”

I quickly rushed back outside but I didn’t see the light I saw earlier, I started panicking and dialed the police.

About a week had past by, it was a Thursday night and we were watching a television show.

Lexi was out as usual and Lindsey was sitting beside me, suddenly she got off the couch and walked to the front door and pointed at it.

I asked her what she was doing and her response.. I still get terrified just by typing this.

Her exact response was, “The grey man wants to come in, he’s at the door, Elissa is with him too!”

I froze for a moment, once I got back to myself I quickly grabbed Lindsey and went upstairs and locked the door, I told her to tell me everything of what she did with Elissa the day she came over, all she said was they played with some barbies and watched some television and ate a snack, then she left.

I dialed the police once more but that’s where it gets much more scary.

On the end of the phone was nothing but static, and a unusual noise. I can’t describe it even if I tried but it made me sick, I hung up the phone and took Lindsey into the closet.

After about ten minutes she opens the closet and walks to the bedroom window, she can’t reach it because she was too little back then but she pointed up at the window and kept jumping.

I snatched her up and pulled her back into the closet, “The grey man wants to come in! He can see you mommy, he just wants to play.”

I started feeling utterly sick at my stomach to where I wanted to puke, I blocked the closet door where no one could open it and we slept there the entire night.
The next day I awake only to find the closet doors had been wide open.

I looked beside me and Lindsey was gone, I started freaking out screaming “No no no!” And ran downstairs, only to find that she was with Lexi having breakfast.

Lexi smiled and laughed saying that she came home to find us sleeping in the closet, as I asked her if anything was in front of the closet she replied back with No.

“The closet doors were already open when I got home.”

I looked to Lindsey and asked if she opened them while I was asleep and she replied with the most horrifying response.

“No mommy, don’t you remember? The Grey man opened the doors with his mind and took us into his ship! We flew around and came back.”

I grabbed my phone and left instantly after that without saying another word, I haven’t been home in a week since then but I finally came to realize.. Grey man, opening doors with his mind is impossible, unless.. he’s not human.

There have been so many alien abductions but this one.. this night was confusing. I don’t remember seeing anything or being on a ship, but Lindsey sure does.

I’ve kept this in my journal for years, she’s now nineteen and she still remembers it like it was yesterday.

To whoever reads this, make sure your house isn’t built near woods or a forest, because they sure do love those areas the most..

Strange Awakening

Hi, My name is Mat, I’m from Canada, I’m a pretty normal guy who hasn’t really had many strange or paranormal experiences, I listen to this channels stories quite often and figured I’d share one of my own.

This happened to me about 3 years ago when I was 20 sometime in the summer. I was still living with my family at the time , and my bedroom was on the top floor and has 3 windows which is important to know for the event that takes place later on. I had a pretty normal day with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. However, when I went to bed that night something extremely strange would take place that would leave me terrified and confused.

I fell asleep after the rest of my family was already in bed and asleep, it was about 12 am Midnight. Everything was fine until I remember feeling tugging on all my limbs, and cold clammy hands wrapped around my ankles and around my wrists as well, they were kind of gently tugging me, I was still half asleep at this point and in a reflex fashion pulled my arms and legs back towards my body and groaned. That is when I heard a voice, the voice was calm, monotone and almost… Like inside my head if that makes sense, it was crystal clear.

It spoke to me and said ” just go back to sleep, everything’s okay, you’re just dreaming and you’re very tired, let yourself go back to sleep”. The voice was eerily calming, and it was right, I was tired.. And thought I was just dreaming, I kept my eyes closed instead of opening them as I was nearly about to do and figured Id just try to fall back asleep, but something in me told me no, don’t listen, fight it and wake up, it was my instinct I guess. I remember shaking awake, freeing my ankles and wrists if the clammy cold grasps they were in and snapping myself out of the extremely groggy state I was in and sitting up in my bed opening my eyes. Then I saw them.

There standing at the end of my bed were 2 tall dark skinny lanky figures, I could really only see their silhouettes as it was pitch black in my room though I could make out a slight shine or glare in what I assume were their eyes. There was also 1 on both sides of my bed, the ones that must of been holding my wrists. They looked to be about 7 feet tall and humanoid, their heads were somewhat tall and skinny, shaped like a jellybean and they had long bony looking fingers. I sat there in shock, frozen in fear as they just stood there absolutely motionless and silent. The only thing I could hear was a low humming. It felt like ages but the very second I blinked and opened my eyes they were gone. Without any sound or anything, just gone. I didn’t know what was going on, did I just have the most vivid dream of my life or did this actually happen? I was freaking out.

After I somewhat collected myself, I got out of bed and started to walk to my parents room as I was still terrified, though, I quickly noticed it was morning as I opened my bedroom door, the sun was shining through our big front window… But wait… My room was pitch black a second ago and when I saw those beings? And I have 3 windows in my room… ┬áThis is where I got extremely confused… I either dreamed all of that and fell back asleep and woke up thinking that it just happened and went to go to my parents room or… It did happen.. And I’m not only missing time but I’m missing memory, that or I was unconscious..

That same morning I checked for any marks or signs of anything but found nothing, however I was extremely sweaty and felt very groggy still as if waking up from anesthesia or something.

Anyways that’s my story, I’m curious to see what others out there might think or if others have experienced something similar.

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