Creepy Babysitter Experience

*The Grey Man*
Being a mother is different, I never gave birth to my daughter because I was lesbian, and my wife wanted to adopt someone.

Our eight year old daughter, at the time, was always in need of attention. She wanted one of us to play with her or watch some television with her, being the only parent I decide to give in because well, she’s just too adorable.

My wife, Lexi, had to run out to her job because of someone not turning up, her hours were always all over the place and it usually ran until midnight or even one in the morning.

I started looking for a babysitter which is uncalled for, but work also had me coming in at off hours.

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Strange Awakening

Hi, My name is Mat, I’m from Canada, I’m a pretty normal guy who hasn’t really had many strange or paranormal experiences, I listen to this channels stories quite often and figured I’d share one of my own.

This happened to me about 3 years ago when I was 20 sometime in the summer. I was still living with my family at the time , and my bedroom was on the top floor and has 3 windows which is important to know for the event that takes place later on. I had a pretty normal day with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. However, when I went to bed that night something extremely strange would take place that would leave me terrified and confused.

I fell asleep after the rest of my family was already in bed and asleep, it was about 12 am Midnight. Everything was fine until I remember feeling tugging on all my limbs, and cold clammy hands wrapped around my ankles and around my wrists as well, they were kind of gently tugging me, I was still half asleep at this point and in a reflex fashion pulled my arms and legs back towards my body and groaned. That is when I heard a voice, the voice was calm, monotone and almost… Like inside my head if that makes sense, it was crystal clear.

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Trick or Treat – A Halloween Horror Story

Be careful when you Trick or Treat – Halloween is a Haunted Season where Halloween Costumes won’t protect you from the Serial Killers and Scary Strangers.

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