Creepy Neighbor

Okay first let’s start of with a little background. I am a tall 15 year old girl and I’m strong as well as extremely paranoid. I just moved into this new house when I first noticed the neighbors watching us move in. I waved “Hi” to them, after all I am really friendly. Then I saw a guy probably in his thirties staring at me.

I of course waved “Hi” to him as well then I noticed this very wide grin on his face which made me uncomfortable.

So I went inside and looked around the house it was a large house after all we did need seven rooms. Here let me explain my family I’m a fifteen year old girl who has three brothers who are older then me and one sister I did have two sisters but one of them got cancer and died at the age five and then my over protective mom and my dad who looks after me the most.

I went to my room which had a perfect view for me to see the front yard which made my mom uncomfortable but of course I stayed in that room. It was summer vacation and my mom was begging me to come outside and play baseball. Which was my favorite sport and plus I was starting to look like a zombie.

So I grabbed my baseball bat and played baseball with my brothers, dad and sister.

Then I look at the apartments a cross the street from our house and saw the guy that was watching me move in and I felt bad because he was all alone so I went and asked my dad if he could come play baseball with us and with my dad being chill he said sure.

So I crossed the street and ask the guy what his name was and told him mine. He told me his name was well let’s just make one up I can’t even say his real name.

He said his name was “Austin” and I asked him if he wanted to play baseball with me and he said this “As long as your playing.” We had a very violent German shepherd mix and so I wasn’t that scared. We crossed the street and played baseball for about an hour when the man told us he had to leave so he left and I went back inside.

I was looking at my family playing baseball when I felt my stomach drop I felt like throwing up. I looked around and then saw Austin waving at me so I waved back keep in mind I was a boxer.

The next day my family went to get the rest of our stuff from the house and I stayed home so I went to my moms room and watched tv. It was the only room with a working tv. Then I remembered that I forgot to lock the door and I heard the door open so I peeked outside of my moms room and saw Austin inside he knew where my room was and that scared me because I had all of my stuff already packed in my room.

And I saw go into my room so I silently shut my moms door and locked it.

I heard him walk to the room I was in then he left and went into the bathroom.

After thirty minutes he left the house so I unlocked the door and then went into my room and got really uncomfortable I saw that all of my bras and panties were on the floor then I went into the bathroom and found that he took my brush for my hair. And I had no idea what he would have done to me if I wasn’t in my moms room with the door locked.

I jumped when I started hear my dog honey the German shepherd mix barking nonstop like something or someone pissed her off. I ran down stairs and just about threw up when I saw my neighbor still in the house with me. He looked at me with a grin growing bigger every second.

I wasn’t even thinking, I was so stupid because it was clear that Austin could have grabbed me and could have done what ever he wanted to do to me.

But I did it anyways I ran passed him heading for the back door where our dog was but he grabbed me. I was crying uncontrollably I closed my eyes he wiped my tears and I got grossed out and kicked him not even as hard as I could and ran.

Then I heard my parents car drive up Austin got scared and ran out the back door kicking honey away from him and jumping the fence. My mom and dad were so shocked to see me curled up in a ball crying uncontrollably.

I told my parents about Austin and my parents called the police and they couldn’t find him.

I am getting goosebumps writing this story and I couldn’t sleep for two days straight after all that happened honey slept in my room for the rest of the week.

The creature in the forest

There was this forest that I used to love when I was younger because I always felt that this forest was a refuge away from trouble…but apparently not….I was 12 when this happened and was with a friend. My friend was also kind of like me. But we were out walking in the daytime through this forest…

When suddenly I heard branches shaking and their leaves rustling above us. We stood still like statues and looked up to see nothing at all. We were confused and terrified but we were lured to go further ahead….we were curious. We came up to a black pool.

We couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. My friend grabbed me by the shoulder and pointed out across the pool.

I was shocked at what I saw. It was pale, small torso, long limbs, at least 7 feet tall. It was drinking from the black pool. I pulled my friend by the arm and ran. When we had reached the edge of the forest treeline we looked back through the trees to see a slim figure not far behind us. It pointed a long scaly talon at us and let out a mangled screech. We bolted back home and told my parents.

They said it was a load of bullock and laughed. We got mad…My friend and I went upstairs to bed realising it was late in the evening just then as we were closing the door I swear I seen the monster across from our room put a finger to its lips and make a shhhh sound. The next morning we vowed never to go back. A note from me before I go…..

if you see this creature send me an email at

The Pervert

Let’s start off with my background I’m 17 years old and I have anger issues I have beautiful golden brown hair and light brown eyes and this story has haunted me ever since it happened. I was 14 when it happened. I got expelled from school and my parents were mad they sent me to somebody that would help me (little did they know he made it worse) One of my grandmas younger friends said they would help me so I met up with him and went to his house (let’s just call him Mark for now) Mark asked me if I was hungry I said I was. We got in the car and started driving “Where are we going?” I asked him He told me we were going to McDonald’s. I wasn’t that hungry so I just told him I wasn’t that hungry. Everything got weird when he started tell me I keep good care of my body. I was very uncomfortable he kept telling me I was cute and asked me if I had a boyfriend this guy is in his thirties and is hitting on 14 year old. Then it got weirder. He started grabbing my arm and holding my hand like my dad always did. Then it got gross he told me he has never Felt someone so soft. I was wearing short shorts and I realized that was a horrible idea. He started rubbing my leg sexually and I was mad but I didn’t want him to hate me. His hand got higher and I stood up a little (I didn’t mention this but I look a lot older then I really am. The way I moved must have told him I was getting uncomfortable. Finally we got to McDonalds and we ordered are food at that point I wasn’t hungry at all. He sat by me in the booth he put his hand on my thigh and started moving his fingers awkwardly. “Uh I have to go to the bathroom I’ll be back!” I said quickly I stood up and went to the bathroom. We finished eating and got back to the car for more awkwardness but this time I sat in the back. He took me home and right before I left the backseat and into my house he made this gross comment “I wonder what younger girls feel like.” I was about to throw up. I ran out of the car and into my house as fast as I could and told my mom I never wanted to ever see that man ever again. Mark I never ever EVER want to see you ever again!