Werewolf Of WW1

My  Grandfather Was A German Imperial Soldier, He Would Tell Me About His Experience In Combat And Many Other Things, He Grew Up In A Small Town Out In The Country Where He Would Here Peoples Encounters With Vampires And Werewolves. He Never Believed In Such Creatures Until His Encounter With  A Lycanthrope. the year was 1916 It Was Cool Yet Quiet Autumn Night My Grandfather Was Out On Patrol.

He Stopped To Light A Cigarette When Suddenly He Heard a Noise In The Woods In Front Of Him, He Looks Up And Quickly Picked Up His Rifle And Said “show yourself!” He Heard Nothing In Response. He Kept His Gun Raised For A While Then He Put His Rifle Down And Enjoyed The Sight Of The Beautiful Full Moon. He Suddenly Jumped When He Heard The Scream Of a Man He Pulled Up His Rifle,And just before He Climbed Out Of His Trench.

A Soldier Came Sprinting Out Off The Woods, He Jumped In The Trench And My Grandfather Noticed that He Was Stained In Blood. My Grandfather Asked Him ” What Happend!! And Where Is Your Rifle?” The Soldier Did Not Say A Word His Eyes Where Widened And He Was Panting Heavily. Suddenly We Hear This Loud Heart Stopping Howl. It Sounded Like The Scream Of A Man Mixed With Howl Of A Wolf.

The Howl Was So Loud That It Woke Some Off The Soldiers. My Grandfather’s Heart Raced. And The Young Soldier Spoke Saying “It Found Us…”  My Grandfather Picked Up His Rifle And Waked Some Of The Soldiers And Gave An Extra Rifle to The Young Soldier,He Didn’t Take It.  A Soldier Asked  My Grandfather “What The Hell Is Going On Are We Under Attack!” Right When He Finished His Sentence We All Heard The Same Howl  Again…

But This Time It Came From Behind us. We All Formed A Circle Watching Each-others Backs. Suddenly One Of The Soldiers Gasped,We looked In His Direction And We Saw A Huge Figure Standing In Tree With Red Eyes And Black Fur. One of The Soldiers Shined His Flash Light On It And We Seen more Then Enough. It Was An Upright Wolf With Pointed Ears, Pitch Black Fur, Glowing Blood Red Eyes,  Large Teeth ,Claws  As Long As Bullets,Very Muscular Torso with Hind legs.

My Grandfather And The Soldiers Were All Frozen In Fear They Noticed Blood Dripping From Its Mouth, All They Did Was Stood And Watch As They Were Frozen In Fear. One Of The Soldiers Snapped From The Fear And Yelled “It’s From Hell!” He Quickly Opened Fire, Quickly Other soldiers Fired As Well  The Werewolf Didn’t  Even Flinch, They All Stopped Shooting After 7 Seconds.

The Beat Roared A Loud Deep Roar, Then It Took Off Into The Woods At A Great Speed… My Grandfather Nor Did I Believe In Werewolves until that Very Night.  I Decided To Share My Grandfathers Encounter here. Due To Private Reasons I Will No Reveal My Grandfathers Name Nor The Men Among Him.