My  Grandfather Was A German Imperial Soldier, He Would Tell Me About His Experience In Combat And Many Other Things, He Grew Up In A Small Town Out In The Country Where He Would Here Peoples Encounters With Vampires And Werewolves. He Never Believed In Such Creatures Until His Encounter With  A Lycanthrope. the year was 1916 It Was Cool Yet Quiet Autumn Night My Grandfather Was Out On Patrol.

He Stopped To Light A Cigarette When Suddenly He Heard a Noise In The Woods In Front Of Him, He Looks Up And Quickly Picked Up His Rifle And Said “show yourself!” He Heard Nothing In Response. He Kept His Gun Raised For A While Then He Put His Rifle Down And Enjoyed The Sight Of The Beautiful Full Moon. He Suddenly Jumped When He Heard The Scream Of a Man He Pulled Up His Rifle,And just before He Climbed Out Of His Trench.