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don’t trust the cute neighbor!

This happened about 2 months ago. I’m a twenty year old girl and I had just asked my mom if I could move out into an apartment she of course went ahead and made sure the apartment was safe which it was so she agreed and let me move into it.

She helped me with the moving but my father couldn’t help because he had just had surgery and can’t lift any thing heavy which I was okay with me and my mom were strong enough.

A Special Cake

Let me start off by saying I am a female from Michigan, and this was one of the creepiest things that has happened to me. This is not shitting your pants scary, but if you had been in my place, it was scary as hell.

It was my 9th birthday, and I had my friends over for a party. I was a very babyish nine year old, so I had a “My Little Pony” party. I had five other girls, my best friend, Regina, this one girl, Holly, another girl, Kiki, and her sister, Gianna. Lastly I had my cousin, Fran. We had planned to have a sleepover, and as any nine year old girl would be… I was thrilled.