I didn’t believe in monstersNarrated! 

I never believed in monsters but I always enjoyed reading about them. Even a couple of days before my camping trip I was watching videos on 411 missing people. I guess the unknown and undiscovered really peaks my curiosity. This experience happened to me back in 2015 when my two friends Tony and Ryan and me planned a spur of the moment camping trip. We planned for the following weekend as we each had no plans of our own so it sounded like a good idea. We headed out late on a Friday evening to a spot a few hours from my house through the canyon and into the mountains. This area of Northern Colorado is known for its Bears and Mountain Lions but we were not worried. We were three big guys and two of us were bringing heavy firepower to deter and unwanted visitors.
We checked out a few locations when we neared the area we wanted to camp. A few spots were a bust with a lot of people out for the weekend. Luckily we found a spot more secluded and set up camp. It was supposed to be nice sunny weekend and I had planned on jumping in the nearby lake. Rain clouds began to form in the distance and the weather became cold as night neared. We sat around the fire telling jokes, a few ghost stories, really having a blast despite the weather.
As it approached midnight we called it good and put the fire out. Tony went to his two man tent and I went to the ten man tent that Ryan had set up. Once crawled in my sleeping bag I passed out within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. It must have been three in the morning when I awoke with the urge to urinate. I got up out of my sleeping bag but I found it hard to walk. I was stumbling around like a drunk not being able to find my balance. I kind of found my composure and exited the tent. Once I began to move around in the pitch black my vision began to sharpen a bit. Only it wasn’t pitch black, it was more like gray and my vision had become distorted like a bad television picture. With the strangest sensation I stumbled forward managing to alleviate myself against a nearby tree. I head back to the tent with an intense eerie vibe taking ahold of me.
I awoke the next morning not really giving what had transpired the previous night much thought. This was until Tony mentioned something around the breakfast campfire. He said the sensation of his balance had been taken from him when he exited his tent a few hours after heading to bed. It was the strangest feeling he said as he had not drank any alcohol that night. I concurred with him my experience but we both thought nothing of it as a one off and quickly focused on the days fishing.
After spending the day at the nearby lake we retired to our camp with our catch and prepared and nice fish fry. We sat around the campfire until close to midnight and then headed to bed. After a few hours of sleep I awoke with a sick feeling in my stomach. I was in disbelief that I felt like I wanted to throw up because it made no sense. I decided to turn over and try to go back to sleep and fight it but the feeling pestered me until I had to jump up and run out of the tent. Only I couldn’t run, I stumbled around again in a peculiar fashion while trying to reach for the zipper on the tent. I fumbled with the zipper managing to get it open and practically falling out of tent I staggered into the dark.

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A Target toy phone call

It was a week before Halloween my sister,mom,brother and i went to Target in a mall. As soon as we got there my mom,my sister and brother lets call my brother Alex and my sister Ava anyway my sister said that her and my mom will be looking at movies so Alex and i looked around. we got to the Halloween decorations we looked and looked but me being 9 or so and Alex being 12 nothing really scared us anymore.So my brother and i headed back to are mom and Ava.Then we heard ringing my brother and i looked around thinking it was someone’s phone.Then we saw where it was coming from a toy phone you know like those Halloween toy phones that ring when your close to it.But my brother and i were faraway from it like 20 feet away nowhere close to this stupid thing.Alex and i walked to it and he and i freaked out when a voice said your next he and i wondered what it meant.we prayed that it was a prerecorded voice.picking all the phones up hearing all of them but none of them did it.My brother and i ran back to my mom and Ava as soon as we got to them they asked what was wrong we never told them we said just messing around.The Target there is gone now its a Canadian tire I’m glad that store is gone.

The monster in my house

I’m a big gamer on the weekends and I love weed and alcohol I had just smoked 2 joints and was on my 3 bottle of beer and I kept hearing my name shouted by my mums voice from outside so I kept looking out there nothing and I thought that neither of my parents should be home for houses so I thought it was the weed so I ignored it until I fel asleep.

i was in the forest behind my family’s house and there was no noice at all and my the was these masive 8to9 foot things walking towards me in every direction and I got a phone call I answered it and woke up straight away to find out that my phones on my ear ringing I think weird but I answer it and [12:35] and I’m thinking proberly my mum saying we’re leaving now I didn’t look who phoned me but it wasn’t my mum this deep voice said we’re waiting and watching you look out your window and there they were theses 8to9 feet huge monsters looking all at me with there blacked out eyes there was proberly 6 of them 20 feet from my house and then they all walked backward until out of sight I called my mum then said we’re are you get home now and then

i dropped my phone when I remembered one was in my house i looked for about 30mins looking at locks in the house thinking were it could of got in from and were were my animals I told my mum and dad and they didn’t believe me and I told my grandfather and he said oh there harmless ignore them I said they took my dog he said oh yeh they don’t like animals a week after I made my parents stay home just in case I was playing my game when a German Shepard came flying through my window i called the police and m parents in and we moved shortly after and when I packed up in the car leaving I was looking into the woods and saw all of them looking and waving at me like it was a game to them

Bone-Saw (Revision)


Sure, there were tons of famous and some not so famous or more infamous skirmishes and battles for the South. The small piece of hilly terrain in somewhere eastern Kentucky butted us right into the mountain crevasse and the elements where hell. Three pair of socks at least every 6 hours of you could lose your toes to the black. Frostbite, famine and of course the enemy made our lives hell.

Our supply line had been broken miles back and ammo was becoming scarce as I witnessed men fastening their bayonets in lieu of what was surely to come. The air was quiet; the morning thick with dew and mist, whence even the squirrels had retreated this ominous morning. Every man knew it. No scuttle-butt pep talk from any Sgt. was going to shake the fear from these men, the Yanks waited only beyond the trees and the gully they currently formed in, probably breaking fast and applying their wares of death and terror. Oh God the waiting, the long tiring….on edge like a worm on a hook…waiting.

When dawn could give little more the drums and artillery started the barrage. Dirt, trees and men flew willy-nilly into the ditches and saplings surrounding us in the tight gulley. We struggled valiantly to bring our muzzles around and plant aim for just one enemy. The cyclones of impacted mortar fire churned the dirt relentlessly making visibility near zero at times. I crawled to the the parabola of the ditch, feeling exposed and indeed so, nonetheless I saw one: a Union soldier running full speed, bayonet fastened and leveled as he charged our embankment.

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Mexican monster stories

This story is my dads. My old man was a poor child living in Mexico City in the 80’s. looking to make some quick cash he was asked to watch his cousins for the night while his aunt a uncle were gone partying or something like that. Well to give some layout of the place his aunt and uncle lived in a small house on the outskirts of mexico city.

So now that is out of the way he put his cousins to bed hoping the night will go smoothly little did he know that night will be one of the scariest night of his life.

Anyway he went up to his aunts room to sleep but right when he was drifting off he heard what sounded like footsteps on the roof jolting him awake he said he thought it was a cat or some small animal but The steps we’re to heavy to be any small animal. Terrified of a house intruder he went to his uncles closet we’re multiple guns were hidden he grabbed a 1911 pistol out of the safe and hurried to wake his cousins up to tell them to hide in the closet while he checked outside for anyone. Know keep in mind my dad was 16 and his cousins were about 8 so he wasn’t afraid to go out side and tell the intruder to “fuck off”. He called the police but since they were farther away from the main city the dispatcher told him it would take about 20 minutes for police to arrive.

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A police officers paranormal encounter.

Hello My name is James Bunch and I had a crazy experience back in 2006. I live in South Central Kentucky and I had always wanted to become a police officer. After going through the application process I was fortunate enough to be hired. The Sheriff told me that I should start getting used to staying up all night because I was going to be starting night shift in 2 weeks.


My best friend and I decided to go out and drive around all night on the rural back roads and I was also needing to learn the roads as best as I could before starting work. It was in the first week of November and it was fairly could out with a clear night sky and a bright full moon. We were traveling on a narrow back county road out in the middle of nowhere and it was close to 3am. I came up on a long straight stretch and I noticed what looked to be a person in the middle of the road up in the distance. It was really odd because there were no houses anywhere close and it was extremely cold like I said.

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They were never the same again

This incident took place in the very early hours of April 24, 1980. Three guys that my two sisters went to school with at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, (a highly paranormal area), and who lived off campus in a rented home had an event happen to them that would change their lives forever.

As the three boys slept in their respective rooms there was a loud crash and one of the boys felt a body come crashing down on him. He at first thought it was one or both of his roommates fooling around and tried to push them off and told them to stop screwing around. Then he realized it wasn’t them and went into a complete panic. He was scared to death and started to scream bloody murder. At this time both of his roommates heard him screaming and went in to help him. When they turned on the light to his room they were faced with a charred body lying on top of their friend.

This freaked them out as well as the guy it was laying on. They said they could actually smell the burned flesh and it looked like it was wearing a flight suit. They thought it could have been a pilot from the nearby South Weymouth Naval Air Station who might have ejected. All of a sudden the body just disappeared in front of them. Naturally this completely terrified them and they couldn’t sleep. They had my sisters come over a lot after that and hang out because they didn’t want to be there anymore. Their minds were really messed up.

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The Janitor

I was in 3rd grade at the time, and you know as a kid I never payed attention to most things, and keep in mind that I walked home everyday from school. I used to stay after school a lot because I was in a art program so I stayed till [3:30] most times, and there was this janitor who worked there, I don’t remember his name but i just remember what he looked like, he was a tall kinda chubby man, he had a mustache and was bald, but he wore a hat most of the time, when I think about it I think he was in his late 50’s, and everytime you’d walk past him you’d get this huge whiff of cigarette smoke on him.

So mostly everyday I saw this man and he was always friendly to me and would always say I reminded him of his daughter, I would just smile and go along with it. I’ve had some creepy vibes around him sometimes because he would just stare at me the whole time even if I was walking to class or something he just stared, so this is when it all started, like how I said at first that I walked home, this is where it comes off, I lived about 15 minutes away and it never bothered me.

So as I’m walking I’m about 5 minutes into it I hear footsteps behind me like dragging their feet in the gravel, so I turn around and there he is with a huge grin on his face, this grin was like not even right because it looked weird and freaked me out, I turned around and was thinking positive things like maybe he lives somewhere over here I don’t know.

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