Bone-Saw (Revision)


Sure, there were tons of famous and some not so famous or more infamous skirmishes and battles for the South. The small piece of hilly terrain in somewhere eastern Kentucky butted us right into the mountain crevasse and the elements where hell. Three pair of socks at least every 6 hours of you could lose your toes to the black. Frostbite, famine and of course the enemy made our lives hell.

Our supply line had been broken miles back and ammo was becoming scarce as I witnessed men fastening their bayonets in lieu of what was surely to come. The air was quiet; the morning thick with dew and mist, whence even the squirrels had retreated this ominous morning. Every man knew it. No scuttle-butt pep talk from any Sgt. was going to shake the fear from these men, the Yanks waited only beyond the trees and the gully they currently formed in, probably breaking fast and applying their wares of death and terror. Oh God the waiting, the long tiring….on edge like a worm on a hook…waiting.

When dawn could give little more the drums and artillery started the barrage. Dirt, trees and men flew willy-nilly into the ditches and saplings surrounding us in the tight gulley. We struggled valiantly to bring our muzzles around and plant aim for just one enemy. The cyclones of impacted mortar fire churned the dirt relentlessly making visibility near zero at times. I crawled to the the parabola of the ditch, feeling exposed and indeed so, nonetheless I saw one: a Union soldier running full speed, bayonet fastened and leveled as he charged our embankment.

I brought the old muzzle loader around remembered my breathing as a shell exploded at what seemed only feet to my right, throwing me clear and no longer did I see the charging soldier. Now I had problems, well one problem…my right leg was mangled. The artillery shell had done its job and now mobility was impossible. Grasping the rifle and it’s one shot close to his chest he reached for the loose bayonet and managed to attach it upon the end of his rifle, and not a second to soon! Suddenly perhaps even the tenacious Union officer had persevered and dived over the fox hill embankment with murder and hate in his eyes, also there was a little fear, if I remember correctly. I raised my rifle in reflexive terror that did not mimic any form of ‘training’ he had received, this was brutal survival. The bayonet pierced into the diving officers exposed chest, his own bayonet plunging into the dirt inches from the Southie.

Out of raw fear and reflex, as the officer lie plunged, gravity his nemesis….the Southie shot the rifles payload. Surprisingly considering the early damp conditions the rifle bucked it’s flint and with a deafening ka-boom created an exit wound in the officer the size of a watermelon. The enemy was dead, but his leg was beginning to succumb to shock and there they were to pull him back from the lines…the corpsman. The General or Colonel of the Southern unit was able to break the back of the Northern hasty invading force allowing many southern casualties to be brought back behind the lines for ‘medical treatment. For all his lucid happiness to be alive and rescued, the trip was painful and no laudanum nor liquor was spared for his pain.

He lay in a row of patients in order of trauma and need. He was third, if the dr. didn’t break for potatoes, a smoke, or a much needed rest. No one wants to wait, no one is in a hurry, and no one wants a tired cranky doctor to amputate their body parts, yet he knew that was exactly what was coming. The non-discreet pile of sawed off bloody appendages still wearing their uniforms piled high as a man behind the surgical tent. And oh god the smell…so putrid, the flies and it seemed like pestilences waiting room….and so it was.

The surgeon sat on an old stump scarfing down a dry sandwich with dry bloody hands, besmirched in a bloody apron not very unlike a butcher back home. His hair was thinning and his brows were generous, but cruel or perhaps just jaded. He was large and over- weight, but he carried his weight like of an asset rather than a liability. An orderly stopped and quickly whispered something into his ear a s he polished off the sad sandwich and he nodded and stood to stretch to his full monstrous size. Maybe he just seemed so big from down here. They came and got Al, now I;m second in line and I really want to keep my foot. I prayed for the first time in 3 months as artillery shells exploded in the distance.

An old veteran sometime in the night left a small whittled crutch beneath my slumbering shoulder. I woke up and I was next. The orderly declared the wound, the most likely form of treatment, and desperately shot me a small weak smile while telling me, “ you are gonna be ok friend.” They lifted the litter and towards that house of horrors I was brought.

The surgeon did not look rested or in good spirits. I tensed immediately causing my pain to nearly and blessedly take me away from this, alas…it did not. I glanced at the tray of barely washed blood soaked instruments and used towels…I retched…then I saw the bonesaw…


Within in seconds I had been deposited on an operating gurney quite unceremoniously, followed by an emotionless, “Sorry buddy…” I glanced and gazed about. It was all they had said it was and worse. Screams, missing portions of living men, and so much blood. Dry blood, floor-soaking puddles and stains everywhere. This was a true charnel house. Within moments several orderlies insisting they were trying to help me held me down. I was powerless, even through the excruciating pain he couldn’t muster an inch of wiggle room…and the reason for this was unfortunately visible.

The ‘butcher’ stepped in drying his hands on a dry blood stained towel and immediately seized the menacing bonesaw from the soaking bucket.

“What’da we got her’? Another limb?” the surgeon muttered as he struck a match and lit a stub of an old cigar.

“Yes sir doctor. Lower right extremity no chance of saving the foot sir.” The nurse responded.
“Ok, lemme take a look corpsman.” The surgeon grimaced and nodded his head,

“Let’s do this. Hold him down…and good this time!” the surgeon said with exasperation.

Oh god! He’s going to cut off my foot and I can’t protest nor stop him. I’m pinned like claustrophobia, buried alive, unable to move….then it begins.

The first cut just saws the flesh right into the sinew and nerve clusters, the doctor dictated as he worked on me. As if I wanted to hear this. But even more so was the grind each time he would saw into the mangled leg bone. How deep was he at this point, surely just one or two more passes of the saw and the worst would be past, if infection didn’t kill him. Then a horror more terrible than he could have ever imagined….The surgeon, in order to avoid a major artery had to re-saw an inch higher to ensure the patients lack of blood loss and possible survival. After the mistake was overheard and the third sawing grind with the dull bonesaw, the southie found sweet solace in unconsciousness.

When he awoke the first thought beyond the speed of pain was the thought that mere yards away his leg and foot sat indiscriminately on a massive pile of appendages. Ready for the flames of tomorrow and the next set of casualties.

He closed his eyes, thanked someone for the bottle of opium, and cried as he fell into sweet, warm, addictive safety.

Sometime later he awoke to the fever and the tent flaps blustered with the cold Kentucky air. Through the burlap he heard thanks being given to the local pig butcher for helping out with the casualties. I thought I smelled the faint odor of a chewed cigar.

Mexican monster stories

This story is my dads. My old man was a poor child living in Mexico City in the 80’s. looking to make some quick cash he was asked to watch his cousins for the night while his aunt a uncle were gone partying or something like that. Well to give some layout of the place his aunt and uncle lived in a small house on the outskirts of mexico city.

So now that is out of the way he put his cousins to bed hoping the night will go smoothly little did he know that night will be one of the scariest night of his life.

Anyway he went up to his aunts room to sleep but right when he was drifting off he heard what sounded like footsteps on the roof jolting him awake he said he thought it was a cat or some small animal but The steps we’re to heavy to be any small animal. Terrified of a house intruder he went to his uncles closet we’re multiple guns were hidden he grabbed a 1911 pistol out of the safe and hurried to wake his cousins up to tell them to hide in the closet while he checked outside for anyone. Know keep in mind my dad was 16 and his cousins were about 8 so he wasn’t afraid to go out side and tell the intruder to “fuck off”. He called the police but since they were farther away from the main city the dispatcher told him it would take about 20 minutes for police to arrive.

But my dad wanting to be a badass he went outside and started yelling that he had a gun and police were on there way attempting to scare them off. So he went checking around the house but whenever he got to the backyard he caught a glimpse of the roof and what he saw he told me terrified him for months and still puzzles him to this day he described to me a extremely hairy huminoid figure with hoofs for feet and a hellish complexion. He wasted no time dropping the gun and sprinting back inside and closing everything praying for the police to come. He told me he was so scared he was crying and shaking next to his cousins in the closet.

Police finnaly arrived searching and taking statements from him and his cousins even though he was telling the truth no one believed him even having a cop telling him he was crazy. Now he’s 38 and living in hill country Texas hopefully safe and far away from whatever that horrid creature he saw while babysitting.


Thank you for letting me share my dads story of a true Mexican monster – Alex

A police officers paranormal encounter.

Hello My name is James Bunch and I had a crazy experience back in 2006. I live in South Central Kentucky and I had always wanted to become a police officer. After going through the application process I was fortunate enough to be hired. The Sheriff told me that I should start getting used to staying up all night because I was going to be starting night shift in 2 weeks.


My best friend and I decided to go out and drive around all night on the rural back roads and I was also needing to learn the roads as best as I could before starting work. It was in the first week of November and it was fairly could out with a clear night sky and a bright full moon. We were traveling on a narrow back county road out in the middle of nowhere and it was close to 3am. I came up on a long straight stretch and I noticed what looked to be a person in the middle of the road up in the distance. It was really odd because there were no houses anywhere close and it was extremely cold like I said.


My fried Eric asked what should we do, do you think something is wrong with this person? I looked at my cell phone and noticed that I had no signal. We kept getting closer and as we did we noticed that it was a woman wearing a white dress. I thought that either she was drunk, high or something had to be bad wrong with her. I told Eric that we will give her a ride and get her some help if she needed it. When we got within approximately 100 feet from her we noticed that she was walking like she was either crippled our really drunk. We got even closer and that’s when we both said “Holy shit she doesn’t have any fucking legs”! We could not believe our eyes, I never believed in ghosts and thought that only crazy people actually believed in them.

We were both in shock, I stopped the car as we watched her walk with her back to us. We were both freaking out at this point. My headlights were on bright and I had a powerful spotlight aimed on here. We realized that my lights were going through her body. She was translucent, I made the decision to slowly drive past her and as we went beside her she was only 3 feet from the side of the car.

Eric had a gun in his hand and he laid over in my lap as we passed by her. Her dress was tattered and torn and the dress and her legs both ended at her knees. She had her head down and we could not see her face because of her long black hair being in the way. When we were about 25 feet in front of her I told Eric to keep his eyes on her while I pulled off the road to turn around. There was a sharp curve up ahead and I took my eyes off of her to make sure no cars were coming. As I was looking away Eric was freaking out badly and took his eyes off of her for just a second. He looked her direction again and he said “she’s gone”. I pulled back out on the road facing her and she had just vanished.

We got out of the car and looked along the ditch line with my spotlight. Even if she had ran as fast as a cheetah there is no way she could have made it to the edge of the woods which were about 500 feet away. We drove up and down the road a few more times but she had vanished. We decided to go home and process what we had just seen.

A little over 2 years ago while I was working night shift I went into the local gas station to get a cup of coffee. I noticed a few older men were sitting in the back of the station and they were looking at a book and talking about ghosts in the area. I walked over and they were looking at a book that had to do with the paranormal happenings in Kentucky and they were talking about the ghost from Red Hill road. This really sparked my attention because this was the road I had my sighting on years ago.

As we kept talking he told me that this woman had been murdered by her Sister on her wedding day because her Sister was jealous of her and she wanted to marry her fiancé. She was stabbed over 50 times with a large kitchen knife. This explains her having a wedding dress on and it also explained why her dress was all torn and tattered so badly. Even though I had a witness years ago it felt good to know that sever people had sighted her in the past 100 years. One of the men in the group at the store gave me his wife’s phone number and told me to call and talk to her about my sighting because she had also seen her back in the mid 70’s. She described the ghostly woman exactly as I saw her.

I firmly believe in ghosts now and I always will because I witnessed it with my own two eyes. I have told people this story from time to time and I am always thinking that maybe they aren’t believing me because I am not sure that I would believe it had I not seen it. I will be on my death bed and I will still swear on everything that I love that this is real and if their was any way possible for me to prove it I would.

Thank you.

Also I give you my permission to disclose my name and the county that this sighting was located is Casey county Kentucky.

They were never the same again

This incident took place in the very early hours of April 24, 1980. Three guys that my two sisters went to school with at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, (a highly paranormal area), and who lived off campus in a rented home had an event happen to them that would change their lives forever.

As the three boys slept in their respective rooms there was a loud crash and one of the boys felt a body come crashing down on him. He at first thought it was one or both of his roommates fooling around and tried to push them off and told them to stop screwing around. Then he realized it wasn’t them and went into a complete panic. He was scared to death and started to scream bloody murder. At this time both of his roommates heard him screaming and went in to help him. When they turned on the light to his room they were faced with a charred body lying on top of their friend.

This freaked them out as well as the guy it was laying on. They said they could actually smell the burned flesh and it looked like it was wearing a flight suit. They thought it could have been a pilot from the nearby South Weymouth Naval Air Station who might have ejected. All of a sudden the body just disappeared in front of them. Naturally this completely terrified them and they couldn’t sleep. They had my sisters come over a lot after that and hang out because they didn’t want to be there anymore. Their minds were really messed up.

That morning the story hit the news that there was a failed rescue attempt of the American hostages in Teheran, Iran. (Operation Eagle Claw). There were 8 airmen that burned to death that morning when a helicopter and a transport plane collided in the desert. This really freaked them out. My sister said the boys were never right again and couldn’t wait to move out of that house. My sisters said the boys were truly terrified!

The Janitor

I was in 3rd grade at the time, and you know as a kid I never payed attention to most things, and keep in mind that I walked home everyday from school. I used to stay after school a lot because I was in a art program so I stayed till 3:30 most times, and there was this janitor who worked there, I don’t remember his name but i just remember what he looked like, he was a tall kinda chubby man, he had a mustache and was bald, but he wore a hat most of the time, when I think about it I think he was in his late 50’s, and everytime you’d walk past him you’d get this huge whiff of cigarette smoke on him.

So mostly everyday I saw this man and he was always friendly to me and would always say I reminded him of his daughter, I would just smile and go along with it. I’ve had some creepy vibes around him sometimes because he would just stare at me the whole time even if I was walking to class or something he just stared, so this is when it all started, like how I said at first that I walked home, this is where it comes off, I lived about 15 minutes away and it never bothered me.

So as I’m walking I’m about 5 minutes into it I hear footsteps behind me like dragging their feet in the gravel, so I turn around and there he is with a huge grin on his face, this grin was like not even right because it looked weird and freaked me out, I turned around and was thinking positive things like maybe he lives somewhere over here I don’t know.

So I started to walk faster and so did he and about 2 minutes later I hear him break into a sprint so I scream and throw my back pack at him and run as fast as I could, and I was about to reach my street but I didn’t want this dude to know where I lived so I went down a alley and hid behind this dumpster, i was holding my hand over my mouth so he couldn’t hear my breathing, and so I stayed quiet for about 10 minutes and I saw him walking down the alley breathing heavy and he started growling and barking and I was scared shitless

I was a damn kid it was like a horror movie so I watched him go all the way down the alley and waited till I couldn’t see him, so I started to run back to my house and my mom had a worried look on her face when I walked in because I was out of breath, so I told her everything that happened and she called the police, they caught the man roaming the streets and of course he lost his job, but I don’t know if he went to jail or not I was just glad I never saw him again.

I’m 21 now and out of all those years of me childhood, that was the scariest thing that has happened to me..