Sunday brunch

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Well it happened one day with my then husband and I heading to the inlaws for brunch. The day was a beautiful, (and we would rather have been fishing). Anyway my husband’s sister and her husband were there also along with their new baby girl.

We women where in kitchen getting food and coffee prepared as we chose to eat in the kitchenette. A comfy room with lots of sunlight and warm memories.

Soon it was time to eat, so we all chose our seats and began filling our plates, laughing, joking, talking about the newest addition to the family.

It already had been decided that after dishes were washed, there was going to be a mean game of poker!

We were all enjoying eating and being together when something caught my eye.

From where I was sitting I could see thru the foyer to the hallway leading to the only bedroom. I saw a black haired man, straight shiny black hair wearing a brown plaid light weight jacket with light blue jeans.

He was walking down the hallway towards the bedroom and I looked at my father in law and said, “that’s just plan rude, Tony (a family friend) coming in the back door and not even calling to let you know he was coming over and what’s he doing going into the bedroom?”

My father in law got up out of his chair, walked thru the foyer, down the hallway and all of us were expecting to hear a rash of shit echoing from the hallway.

Nothing, Silence. My brother-in-law got up and hurried to the hallway to find out what was going on. A few minutes went by and the 2 came back to the table. My father-in-law asked me just what I saw and I told him “a black haired man about 5 ft 6 inches tall wearing a plaid jacket with blue jeans.”

After a long pause he told us there was nobody in the hallway or bedroom or closet. Just as he got those words out of his mouth I see that man again in the hallway heading towards the back door.

I shouted “there he is again going out the back door”. My father-in-law turned back around and ran towards the back door. No one was there and the security lock was in place.

I looked at my mother-in-law and she was white as a ghost with eyes open wide as possible.

She didn’t speak a word but she waked out the front door with her purse and coat in hand.

She never set foot in that house again. They sold the house 2 months later and moved into an apartment complex and the experience was never spoken about again.


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