Summer Scare

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It was summer break and my friend, Ellie was spending the night, she had somewhere to be in the morning so we got went to bed. Ellie was sleeping I was drifting off, all of a sudden a my brother ran down the stairs to my room he asked me

“Did you go out the fire escape?”

“No i-its locked”, I said

” Someone just knocked on the slider” He said “Will you come upstairs?” He begged.

I agreed got Ellie and we all went upatairs . We sat on the couch for 30 minutes when we all heard it a fain knock. We all look out the slider door no one was there. My brother textetexted his friends that were all up asking them to stop they didn’t know what he was talking about the knocks went on for hours and whoever or whatever was knocking left as quick as we could turn our heads.

Later that week we went in my backyard Ellie and I, looking for foot prints I wasn’t that scared but it keep happening

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