Summer killer

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Let me start on the backstory. A month before this happened, a women was kiddnapped in my neighborhood, no one knew what happened to her and her body was never found.

my Best friend Olivia and I always hang out every day during the summer.

We always go to this stream into a pond when we hand out. It takes like 20 minutes to get there but it’s really pretty and in the forest.  So around two weeks into summer break we went down to the stream to clean it up.

There was always trash and muck clogging it from flowing freely because the water started to change color. . So I was using a shovel to take some of the dirt out, while Olivia was using a pick like thinginside the pond. And let me tell you it’s at least three feet deep.

After awhile Liv shouted out to me that there was something stuck in the the pond. She couldn’t get it out.

So I went to help her out and get it out. Every time I tried to get it out or hit it with my shovel it would leak a weird liquid.

Soon we finally got it out and it was a gigantic mud covered bag. And it was leaking a brownish resish color. The bag had nothing inside, but like I said before it was seeping and leaking a liquid. Instantly my mind went to the kiddnapping a month earlier. I stood there shaking not able to move.

I remember taking Olivias hand and racing out of the woods leaving our shove and pick there. We did end up calling the cops and they went To go investigate.

About two days later Olivia and I were watching the news when it came up that they didn’t find the missing women’s body, but they found the murderer, hiding in a small cave right next to where he originally buried the body. And that cave was the one that Olivia and I decided to not go in.

All I know is that we could’ve died that day. But I’m glad we didn’t.


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