Summer break

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I live in a rather nice area it’s a small neighborhood of only condo buildings, my building happens to be across from the pool which is open until 10pm every night in summer.

A little information about us, we are both females around 5’5 and between 120-135 pounds. Anyway My cousin decided she wanted to spend the night and like the good older cousin I went to pick her up and back home. It was around 8pm now after we had ate dinner and got ready to go swimming. Being 19 and in charge of a 16 year old I took my phone and the keys to the pool along with a medical kit just in case something happened.

Now I had the key to open the gate to the pool but it was open from the people who went in before us, it was a fun time nothing scary happened until they left around 9o’clock. We didn’t think much of if and kept swimming and messing around. Until we noticed a man walk into the pool area but didn’t have a key the gate was left open again and he sat down in a chair by the pool wearing normal everyday clothing not swimwear which my cousin immediately found creepy, I told her a lot of people come down here to relax and just to continue swimming.

He kept watching us and finally spoke to us asking us “is the water cold” which I responded “no once you get used to it it gets warmer” he kept asking us more questions about the water and the pool and then asked us ” so when does the pool close?” Which if you live around here you should know it closes at 10 which I told him it did. After that he kept smiling and looking up at us while texting on his phone and at one point looking like he was taking pictures of us. Around 945 I started to get creeped out as he started walking slowly around the pool like he was waiting for us to get out of the pool. I told my cousin to stay in the middle of the pool as it could be safer than the walls. About 5 minutes later it looked like he was about to leave but he just stood by the only exit of the pool and smiles and said “looks like you ladies will have to get out soon” I was frightened by his smile and nodded swimming around and to my cousin to tell her to act normal to make sure we don’t make it look like we know this situation is off and I grabbed my phone from the side of the pool and texted my mom “hey there is a creepy guy at the pool and you need to come here right now”

no reply as her phone was in the bedroom so I texted my moms boyfriend the same thing and she had said to him “can you check your phone something doesn’t feel right” which it wasn’t and she came out to the pool telling us it’s time to come in. The weird part she didn’t tell us is when she said that he walked out of the pool area straight to a parked car around the side and drove off into the park we lived by. To this day I have no idea what his intentions were for us or if he just enjoyed watching girls. I still wish that I would have called the police to have one less creep watching young girls, because who knows what he would have done to us.

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