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My name is jamal .I live in a small town at this time I was around 13. My friends who were involved were Hayden and ryan. We are a group of three that are like brother we stick together. When the incident occurred it July when we were riding to go to some mountain bike trails now let me remind you this was a walking trail that had drops into valys.

And to mention we are a group of skilled riders that like to push the limits.

As we were racing through the woods going on 8:45 I’m as we entered its a good 5p minute ride if you are going fast. At the time we were riding bmx bikes. But as we enter the trail there was a large truck and trailer older rusty but normal in this area the one thing that raised a red flag was there was no one around but with a 14 year old mindset we didt bother.

As we got half way through the trail I noticed a fire but no tent or anyone around .

This is when we got worried that we were being watched we flew through the trail to the road but it was a 12 mile ride back home. We had taken the short cut through the field and cemetery. There was a road connecting to my road at the end but we turns around looking to see the truck.

This was the fates we had ever riden down the road into my house and when we got there we were freaking out we never said anything to are parents because we wanted to be able to still ride late the flowing week 32 kids with there bikes went missing never seen again.

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