Stranger from the deep web

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<> I am an 18 year old girl – at the time of this story I was 17, this only happened last year. I was browsing my instagram – I have a furry account so it is not uncommon for me to get follow requests from people I don’t know , usually I accept them – I see a new message from someone I hadn’t met before, like a dumbass, I replied as nothing had rung any alarms, he was just saying hi. I was very lonely at the time so when I got random messages I got quite happy, it didn’t happen often. So of course I replied within seconds of his message coming through. We chatted almost all night and when I did finally decide to log off – or rather fall asleep – I didn’t tell him as I didn’t think I needed to. I woke up to 50 texts from him all asking what had happened to me and how.. worried he was. For some reason this didn’t strike me as odd.. as this is probably how I would react.. even now. So I continued to speak to him.

After only a few weeks he and I had gotten rather.. close. If you catch my drift. To me it seemed like mild flirtation at most but to him it was more. So when I started expressing interests in other people he got mad and started telling me that I was cheating on him. He’d Call me things like baby and tell me he loved me. No matter what I did or said he would still make heavy advances. But I ignored him and continued talking, because as I said.. I was very lonely and without him I’m not sure what I’d do.

Another few months went by and he was still pushing hard on me being his girlfriend. I was getting seriously pissed and decided to get my best friend Dawn involved. She told him to screw off and leave me and anyone else alone because now he was getting creepy.. not to mention all of his Instagram posts. He was claiming things like stabbing people.. and being proud of it. He told us he was in a gang and they would often do this sort of thing.
Dawn continued to tell him to leave us alone until eventually he took things into a whole new level..
this man sent Dawn a link to a website from the deep web, it said things about hitmen and even had photos of what they had done.

That’s when I decided to stop messaging him completely. But he pressed on. Somehow he had gotten my phone number and started messaging me on there. He told me my address , I hadn’t given it to him, and even sent me picture of my house.
Then he started sending me photos of his.. member…
I changed my phone number and he hasnt contacted me since then.
I don’t know who he is but I hope he never finds me again. I’m still unable to walk in the dark alone.

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