Strange Things at the UPS Building

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I was 19 years old and i had just moved out of my parents house and got a cheap apartment in west Virginia. and of course i needed to find a job to pay for the apartment. i was able to find a job as a security guard at the UPS shipping and storage facility it was basically a big warehouse where the trucks would come and pickup the packages to make there delivery’s the ware house sat on the edge of town right next to the woods. the pay was great i was making 20 dollars an hour. then one day my boss asked me if i would be willing to be the first one to work a night shift due to the fact there was an attempted break in the other night. I was skeptical about it at first but then he mentioned it would mean an extra five dollars an hour on my pay check so i decided i would do it.

The first night i met my boss outside the shipping facility at seven thirty right when it was starting to get dark. he handed me my keys to the building and told me that he had just put a shotgun in the security room for extra protection. And then it was just me all alone for the rest of the night it was pretty quiet for most of the night and i really enjoyed it i didn’t have to do much i mainly just watched Netflix on my phone the whole night. then at five o’clock in the morning my shift ended and i went home and slept the whole day after that one night i decided i really like the night shift. two weeks later im doing the same thing only this time i see something that changed my life forever. it was around midnight when i decided to take my lunch break then all of a sudden i hear a car alarm go off.
i jumped out of my chair it had scared the crap out of me i get up and go out to the parking lot to investigate. i open the door and i see my car sitting there and the windshield and driver side window had been broken i was extremely mad at first then all of sudden something darts out from behind my car and runs into the woods so fast i could hardly see it i run over to the woods and shine my flashlight into the woods and then the light falls onto this creature that was something unlike anything ive ever seen or heard of it was at least seven or eight feet tall and it had no hair on its body and its skin it wasn’t pink or white like a humans it was some what of a dark purple its head was hunched over and it had glowing red eyes and large teeth and claws on its arms. it stood there for about four seconds directly in the light enough for me to get a good look at it then it started to run i drew my ruger 357 magnum as fast as i could and fired blindly into the woods in the direction i saw the creature ran when the gun was empty i ran back to the building and locked the door behind me i ran into the security room and i was panicking not knowing what i had just saw i was terrified i was wondering if it would come back or not what was it and where did it go so many things ran through my head for the rest of the night. and i dont think i put my gun down the rest of that night. the next morning my boss shows up and asked what happened to my car i told him some kids had thrown rocks at it and ran into the woods before i could catch them. thankfully it was the weekend now which gave me time to reflect on this and it also gave me time to get my car fixed. i spent that weekend browsing the internet looking at all types of weird creatures and none of them looked like this creature it wasn’t a Bigfoot it wasn’t a werewolf and it wasn’t an alien it was completely something else. when the weekend passed and it became time for me to work again i was somewhat scared and didn’t want to go and part me was saying to quit my job but instead i sucked it up and went back to work and i didn’t see that creature again at least while i was working that is.

Several months have passed by now and it is now late fall i haven’t seen or heard of the creature since that one night. and i had somewhat forgotten about it and moved on. deer season was going to be coming up soon and i was excited to go and i was looking for grounds to hunt on i was hoping to find private land to hunt on so i didn’t have to worry about running into other hunters. i asked my boss if i could hunt in the woods that sit next to the shipping facility i was happy when he said yes it would mean i would have those woods all to myself and the shipping facility sits on about 30 acres of private land most of which is woods. the week before the season came in i put out three trail cameras hoping to figure out where the deer were moving camera one and two sat in a large flat area with few trees and i can see i far distance those two cameras where seeing the most deer and i even saw giant black bear too. camera three was in a spot where there was a lot thick brush and trees and i had hardly seen anything on that camera. i had talked to my boss and he allowed me to take two weeks off work to hunt. on the first day of the season i headed to the shipping facility where i parked my car and walked into the woods. i was sitting in this make shift blind i built that oversaw a great distance of the woods it was the perfect spot. on the first day i got lucky and was able to take a doe at fifty yards away i had made a great shot on her with my lee enfield sporting rifle. the first week of the season was pretty good i was able to kill another doe and i even killed a large ten point buck i saw on one of my cameras. on the last day of rifle season i decided i would stay there from sun rise to sun down it was quiet most of the day a couple of doe here and there but nothing exciting. it was getting towards the end of the day finally i had about forty minutes of light left. then all of a sudden i see something running through the woods. it was that black bear i had seen on my cameras. i quickly pull up my rifle and fire two shots at it. i didn’t know if i had hit or not. i wait for a little bit and then i here the bear do what is called a death moan its something that bears do when there dying. i felt bad for it i didn’t want the animal to suffer so i got up and tried to find the blood trail i found blood and a lot of it more then there should have been. i followed it for awhile then it eventually led to the bear but when i got there and looked at the bear something was wrong. it didn’t have any bullet holes there were claw marks all over the bear some where three inch deep cuts. it was horrifying i immediately knew what did this it was the same creature that i saw months ago. that i thought i scared off. then i hear this horrible roar behind me i turn around and there is the creature about twenty yards away standing it what little of daylight was left. it was staring right at me i believe that the creature recognized me from our last encounter. i raise my rifle to fire at it and it jumps away and behind the trees it starts running from tree to tree using it as cover not giving me a clear shot. there was little daylight left and it was getting to the point where i could barley see. its pretty far walk back to the car i put my hand lamp on and i fire another shot right next to the creature hoping to scare it. then i start running to the car i can hear it running with me its keeping its distance but it was toying with me it was hunting me. i get to the point where i can see the outdoor lights from the building i thought for a second im almost there then i here the creatures running get closer i quickly look behind me and there is the creature right behind me and it is about catch up to me. then i spin around and fire at the creature it stops and touches it shoulder where i hit it then it roars at me and then runs away i continue running to the shipping facility i finally make it to my car and then all of a sudden i hear another roar this one is different though its deeper its almost like a wail a wail of pain and i took some comfort knowing that the creature got hit and might possibly die from that gunshot.

About a week later i go back into those woods in the daytime to retrieve my trail cameras and to see if there was any sign of the creature there still. i checked for blood of the creature and possibly a body but i never found either of those a checked where the carcass of the dead bear was and it was completely gone. i grab all three of my trail cameras and head home when i got home i checked the SD cards on cameras one and two there was the usual deer on them but camera three had something else on it ill let you look at for you to see. ever since that one night i quit working the night shift at the UPS shipping facility and decided i was better off if i find somewhere else to hunt. im sorry i cant come up with a better name and description of what i saw but what i say is true it was a completely unknown creature. But if there is one thing ive learned from this experience is to keep a very open mind.

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