Strange Creature In The Forests Of Mexico

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I recently went camping in the forests of Mexico. I was with my cousin and little brother lets call them Kyle and Alexander I am not using their real names for privacy reasons. So we set up our tents and we just ate junk food like Cheetos as a snack. We we’re also telling some ghost stories for like 30 minutes or so to get the mood of camping on. So it was turning dark we decided to head out with a flashlight and try finding some wild life since my brother wanted to see a deer or basically anything really badly we always heard noises like sticks snapping around us. Until we got a eerie feeling so we went back to our tents and called it a night.

Then that’s when things went from exciting to horrifying we we’re awoken to hear a screeching noise at the middle of the night it was loud around half the noise of a lawnmower it sounded like a possessed bat mixed with a cat but, my cousin decided to check it out a few minutes later he freaked out and we heard him running to the tent he came back crying and scared of what he saw.

He said he saw a dog like creature with very pale skin, no hair and he said it had no tail or ears.  And it made the same noise we just heard but the thing he was most scared of is how the thing or creature whatever it was had a very skinny body and long bony fingers and how he said it just turned and stared at him dead straight in the eye. He wanted to get out fast but I really could tell he wasn’t lying the way he was acting did not seem like he was lying but part of me thought he was so we packed up

When we started to head out of the forests we heard something coming at us and my cousin forgot his Colt AR-15 at our house he left it under the bed. Now I was scared to see what he described and there it was, looking at me my cousin and brother from a tree it screeched and ran away it seemed like an hour of staring at this thing.

So we packed up quick and ran to the car I will never forget what I seen and I never want to see it again. So that’s why when we go camping again in a few months i’ll make sure my cousin does not forget his Colt AR-15 and we go to a different location.



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