Stay Out of the Woods at Night

By ShyDarkness

Ok so this is going to sound weird,but here goes. The first time i was the thing was when i was 6 or 7 I was at our old barn with my dad. We were cleaning the barn because when were about to take the walls off to make it a car port or something. So we were walking through the barn. It was your normal creepy barn old falling apart weird noises the works.

There was a black oil barrel cut in half for water for when we used to have pigs. At of the corner of my eye i see something I turn to look and I see it. It was drinking old rain water that had been in the barrel. It had a head the size of a horses and eyes on the top of it’s head looking at me. It was a quick look then i looked back at my dad. As i just realized what i had just seen I looked back to were it was and of course it was gone nothing there but tall moving grass.

Fast forward to years later I’m almost 16 now and one of our house cats got out and went missing. I was looking in the woods behind the barn it was night so I couldn’t see anything. It’s December so its freezing so I went back to my house which was on the other side of the pastier which is up hill from the barn. It was fenced in by bob wire so you would ever have to walk a few feet to a small gate or a few more feet to the bigger opening.

When i got back into my house. I sat in my room watching TV warming up a few hours lateri got dressed and got a flashlight the only flashlight which was almost dead. Anyways i went back outside and started walking the the barn that sits just before the pitch black woods.

I started walking a few feet down the hill into the woods and called my cats name. An hour just standing there calling her name i gave up and started walking back to my house. Just as i turned and was shinning the flashlight to light the path there was a glow of an eye kind of like when you shine a light into an animals eye and it glows green.Well my dim flashlight caught that kind of glow but it was white and it was only one. It looked at me then ran into the room in the barn with the only standing walls. At first i thought that it was the cat and walked around to the door of the room there was a hole in the back of it from a stubber mule we once had.

I got to the doorway and looked in that one glowing eye just stared at me. I was kind of getting scared so without removing my stare on it i walked fast back up the hill after getting away from the doorway I would check were i was going to not fall on anything but always looking over my shoulder to see if i was being followed I wasn’t.

Ever since that i have always felt like something was watching me and my attitude changed from always worrying to not caring about anything. This happened a week ago now and i don’t leave my room much anymore,but i think whatever i saw when i was 6 or 7 is still here watching and waiting. It scared me to my every soul knowing whatever that thing was was staring right at me.

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  1. I’m just trying to take a shot at this but what if the thing that was staring at you was your cat but it got injured and one of its eyes was sealed shut and it swallowed something so it couldn’t meow at all. but it could of been something else I’m just trying to look at everything else it could of been

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