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I live in a small town and i work at a Starbucks my job is pretty great because my friends and hot girls i know come to buy coffee all the time plus I work with a few attractive co workers so I thought this was the easiest job out there for me but little did i know this job was literally a highway to hell we had alot of regulars but after working there for awhile we got a few strange regulars this young lady would come in most days of the week she would always get a vanilla latte and would go to the corner and sit she would continuously look in our direction mostly at Jessica with a big smile on her face nobody knew who she was but to make things weirder sometimes this blind man would come in that know body knew I didn’t even know a blind man lived near this place he was an old man very Polite to us after a few weeks of seeing the blind man and the lady come in it became less strange because we felt like we knew them but I never got used to her creepy smile and glares anyway one day the blind man came in and ordered 6 different coffees and asked if one of us could help him put them in his car and that he would do it himself but his driver was very impatient Jessica being the sweetheart she is stepped outside to help the man i was just playing on my phone because today business was on the slow side i heard Jessica start yelling I dropped my phone and was going to go out there but the young lady was pointing a knife at me and my other co worker sara I could barely breathe i had never even seen a situation this bad on tv the lady was yelling “give me the money” we were instructed to just give up in these situations so i handed the money over not a second after the lady ran out i told sara to call the police and i ran outside myself yelling “the police are coming” there was a small car the lady was getting into there was a driver in the passenger seat there was the blind man in the back seat was Jessica my heart nearly stopped at the sight of that as the car was about to pull out Jessica was able to get the door open she jumped out of the car and sprinted to me i had never seen anything move so fast she hugged me as the car speed off i seen the blind man with his glasses off giving me the most sinister look i had ever seen Jessica told me when she was helping the man he hit her with his cane and forced her into the backseat I explained to her how we were busy getting robbed while that was happening the cops never found them that happened a few years ago and it scares me to this day to imagine them people in some other small town Abducting teenagers if they had put her in the truck I would have never seen her again just remember there are very bad people out there and you cant afford to be nice to them


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