Stalker to get us

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One time i lived in a neighborhood that was really creepy but also had some of the nicest people in the world. I had a friend that was really nice and liked me and my other friend i don’t want to say names so lets just go with Hector.

One time it was about 5 pm when my friend jojo came over and asked if i could sleep over i said yes but, not wanting it to get boring my and i went to hectors house and asked and he had said yes at about 6

We met at the park and went to jojos apartment. His mom was really nice but he neighbors were really mean and creepy. She would always go to the store whenever we came and when she got back, she would get ready and go to a club with her friend. So me and my friends  would stay alone.

She left at 7 and we waited 10 minutes after she had left to make sure she was really gone.

We went outside and it was the time when at 8 it would start to get dark. We went to all our girlfriends houses 2 or 3 times but when we had gone to my girlfriends house we noticed she was alone but we could see someone in her house with her.

I called her and she came outside, then we kissed and my friends had their girlfriends too so they all started to kiss.

We were about 15 when this had happened after that i can not stop thinking about what had happened after we have seen the person in my girlfriends house. When that was over we told her what had we had saw, and she was so scared she had me my friends check out the place but we had not seen something and the girls were outside when we heard them scream as loud as they could.

My friends went outside and i stayed in to keep looking when they even screamed i went outside because my friends had screamed and it was rare to here them scream they told me that the figure or creature had been following me.

I was pissed at that moment i went inside and started to yell at what ever was in their.

Her parents did not come back till the next day so they stayed with us at jojos house.

Then when we started to walk home with our girlfriends and then we noticed someone started to follow us, we started to walk faster and faster until we were sprinting and the person was sprinting after us but our girl friends could not keep up any longer so they got on our backs and we were running with them on our backs.

We got home and when we looked out the window their he was, it was now 7:55. After that at about 8:30 we went outside to run outside to get some exercise, he was their and started to chase after us we stopped and decided to stop this for once and when we started to go toward he left.

we went back and then at 10 a truck stopped in front of the apartment and they got out and stated to yell at us then from the front of the truck came out the same guy who chased us then we heard some police sirens and they left quickly.

I have not seen them since.

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