Stalked by a Werewolf while on Drugs

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I live in Birmingham, England, i am 15 years old, male and i belong to a group of friends who’s favorite ways to pass the time are with hard drugs and other illegal activities (we are all just train wrecks basically). I have always been skeptical about the existence of creatures such as the ones i witness later in the story, but this experience has certainly changed the way i look at the world we live in. This story took place about 2 weeks ago and is completely true.

Also, i’m sorry if this story is a bit of a mess but there are a lot of details i felt it was necessary to explain and it was all thrown together in a couple of hours.

My story begins with me and 6 other of my friends going to our other friend’s house (so 8 of us in total), as her parents and siblings were not home. As you can imagine, our entertainment for the evening came in the form of 2 grams of Amsterdam’s finest (marijuana) and a few little baggies of pretty and colourful pills, also known as the love of my life. So, we had over £100 (10 pills) worth of MDMA which we would use to throw our lives further into the deep abyss of of substance dependency. But enough about our shitty life choices (don’t do drugs kids), four of us (my self included) had already smoked some weed earlier that day, and the other half had taken some of the ecstasy (MDMA) earlier also.

After a few hours of passed we all had come down from our respective highs and so the 6 of my friends indoors decided to re-dose, all taking a whole pill of ecstasy. Me and one of my female friends (i will call her Jade for the purpose of this story) were outside having a smoke and a deep personal conversation that i wont go into details about, i just thought it worth mentioning that because it meant that we wouldn’t go back indoors to take our pills for another half hour after everyone else.

Now for those unfamiliar with MDMA, it takes about an hour to fully kick in which is important later. The next 30 minutes go by uneventfully until i receive a call from my mom who is hysterical about my sister who, ironically, had taken some kind of drug which had my mom freaking out and wanted me to come home to help calm her down. I obviously wasn’t going to ignore this, even though i would be high as fuck by the time i got home i decided to bite the bullet and just go, god forbid that anything bad would happen to my sister.

It is now 12 at night and in the middle of Winter so it is pitch black and i am making my way back from my friend’s house when i encounter a problem. This is the first time i had ever been to this particular friend’s house and we arrived at daytime. Its now the middle of the fucking night and the roads are poorly lit and i come to realize that every one of the them i encounter looks almost fucking identical. Great, now i’m fucking lost.

Paranoia starts to kick in as every small insignificant sound i hear freaks me the fuck out. I’m not a big guy, i’m only 5’8″ and i’m not in any way muscular so i feel incredibly vulnerable as i poorly navigate the dark, cold and eerily empty streets praying i don’t encounter anyone with ill intentions, but what i saw next was way worse than anything i could have possibly imagined i would see in my life.

Standing on the opposite side of the street in a small alleyway that separated two houses stood a tall silhouette of a creature engulfed in darkness with only two beady eyes staring at me under the cover of the shadows. It must have been at least 7 and a half foot tall, had a widened chest, long arms that appeared to be both muscular and scrawny at the same time, legs that were small in proportion to its enlarged torso but were in no way small for a humanoid figure. All of these details i could vaguely distinguish from the darkness as we both stood there, frozen in motion and staring directly at one and other.

It could have only been 10 seconds but felt like an eternity. This continued until it slowly took a step out of the shade, closer to the glow of a nearby streetlamp. What i saw made my heart sink. Staring back at me was a man-like beast with close resemblance to a wolf or what i could only think of at the time, a werewolf. Its entire body was covered by thick black hair, its face extended forward to form a long appendage like that of a dog’s jaw and the arms were now in full view revealing human-like hands with long sharp claws.

The thing’s face looked only confused or curious at first which gave me a small sense of security, although i was still terrified to say the least. I slowly stepped backwards, maintaining eye contact with the creature as its head slowly followed me as i did. It just stood there, motionless, with the same expression as it watched me walk in reverse without watching where i was going. Because of this i fell backwards into a fence, causing a loud banding sound. In this very moment i knew i fucked up, watching the animal’s demeanor suddenly change from harmless curiosity to rage as its eyebrows raised, its head tilted further down to better face me and its lips formed a snarl revealing a row long yellow teeth. It released a quiet growl and took one slow step towards me, like it was taunting me and letting me know that it has no sense of urgency since it could catch me in a heartbeat.

My obvious reaction is get the fuck out of there anyway. I had been away from my friend’s house for about ten minutes, most likely going in circles, so i knew i couldn’t be far and that became my destination. I legged it back the way i came trying my hardest to retrace my steps, frequently looking behind me to see if that thing was following me. To no surprise i saw it every time, matching my speed while keeping a careful distance as if to mock me or to induce fear in me before killing me, just because it could. Lucky for me though, MDMA just so happens to give users an increase in energy. I’m glad that the beast was overconfident enough to let outrun it for a while as i reached a familiar sight. I now recognized the street i was on and i was a mere 30 seconds away from the house.

I made as many turns as i could until i reached my friends street where i was sheer meters away from her house. Before entering, i turned around to ensure that the creature was not in sight. It wasn’t because i had just turned a corner, but i heard loud footsteps closing in on me so i quickly bolted inside the house. I shut the door as quickly and quietly as humanly possible and almost broke down on the spot.

I now faced my next big problem, everyone was off their fucking nut. The drugs had kicked in for everyone else and would soon kick in for me too. I had been about 15 minutes since i left meaning they would positively kick in within the next 10 minutes and i too would be off my fucking nut.

A million things raced through my head in the 10 seconds i stood with my back against the door catching my breath until i was brought back to reality by the sound of my friends laughter in the living room and the alarming realization that the door was unlocked when i came in, prompting me to remember that the keys were lost earlier in the evening. My first course of action is to round up all of my friends and get them out of sight. I dart into the living room and try my best to convince everyone to go upstairs in the most frustrating minute of my life until their doped asses finally agreed. I was visibly panicked and Jade (the girl who took her pill at the same time as me) approaches me to ask whats wrong. I tell her just to wait upstairs but she doesn’t stop asking so i am trying my hardest to ignore her while i shut all of the windows, curtains, doors and turn off all of the lights.

I try my hardest to barricade the unlocked door but at this point the ecstasy has kicked in which makes this hard to do. Eventually i stumble up the stairs and keep everyone in the dark about the whole thing, who are conveniently too high to care at this point, something Jade quickly succumbs to as well. I try to remain as sober as i can, constantly peeking out of the window but i see nothing. Eventually i also concede to the drugs and everything from that point is mostly broken memories.

All i remember from then is waking up at 9 am where my friend’s parents had returned home finding her and her friends passed out all over the house, vomit on the carpet and cigarettes, lighters, you name it in various locations around the house. We were all well and truly fucked…

Memories of last nights events all began to return to me on the walk home when i passed the very location i had discovered the thing the night before. I don’t know if it was real, a hallucination or a dream but i never spoke a word of it to anybody until now. I have not seen nor heard of any similar sightings or strange occurrences in the area, but one thing i’m sure of is that i hope i never see that thing again.


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